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The YFI Chef


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my biggest loss yet. first crypto landmine i stepped on and I fucking put all my weight on it

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Just wait for Clover42 you brainlets.


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Did you sell? It's not completely over until you sell

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XMR is about to have at least $7m in buy support.
Probably a lot more than that too. People are finally waking up to the fact that the defi emporer has no clothes.

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>coin worthless
>"it's not TRULY worthless until you sell"

kek. He will be the king of that new mmo.

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>kek. He will be the king of that new mmo.
im unironically going to play it

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lol, they will call me King Invalid EMN

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calm down spergs

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look at this whale lol just dumped over 100 million for 10.8 eth, he put in over 100 eth HAHAHHAHAHHA

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hacker fucking with andre by sending him part of the funds is the best part

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>he still doesn't get it.
Do we have to spell it out for you?

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This pisses me off. Retards threw money at a project with zero documentation and no product because of a retweet and then they freak the fuck out when it goes tits up as if such an outcome is completely beyond the pale when it comes to extremely high risk investments. Andre you poor man.

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Yes I’m sure a hacker sent 8mil for the lulz and not because of an inside job

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he fucking planned this. you think the scammer just sent him half back by accident? no motherfucker. andre stole the full amount, gave himself back half and is using it to partially "refund" fucked investors, pulling off the scam with a massive profit while portraying himself as a good guy so that he can leverage his reputation to scam you all again in the future. jesus fuck

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Bought before I knew it was a hack, guess I’m fucked.

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cronje has an iq over 130 and knows doing that will get himself killed. he's a bigger victim than any of us in this situation

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when are you people going to learn to avoid yield farming like the plaque? I really would like to see the total dollar value you fuckers collectively have lost to this kind of shit. It's got to be millions.

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>I really would like to see the total dollar value you fuckers collectively have lost to this kind of shit. It's got to be millions.
Did you just realize that crypto is a negative sum game?
The total losses in crypto are in the vicinity of $50B. Most of it due to mining and exchange fees.

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how is it andre fault when all he does is retweet and didn't even publish the contract address? people dig the address on their own

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Okay you dumb newfag.

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What happened
I was just about to buy some YFI. Should I not?

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Is that a threat? No? Thought so. No one will do shit to him. He stole your money and will do it again and again with impunity while you retards keep riding his dick for YFI.

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Andre rugpulled. No hacker is sending back money $8million at that. He’s going to get away with the though.

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This is what happen

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This guy is like the CZ of defi.

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