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I don’t know what the fuck to do.

I find a coin I like then half the people say it’s good and the other half say it’s a scam and useless. Someone posts good news about it and then other people say it’s bull shit or not happening or doesn’t mean anything.

Idk what the fuck I’m doing it’s all too hard. Was link like this in 2017-2019 before it blew up?

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The trials of not thinking for yourself

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As far as I see it, every coin is bullshit. They're all fucking ponzis.
I'd wager that a small percentage of people who put big money into Link - especially the people that got in super early - genuinely believe in its ability.
Same with Bitcoin, Ethereum, all that shit.
Same with Request Network, where the people who honestly believe in the tech are holding huge bags whilst the people who got in and out early knowing it's vaporware made big money.

What you're looking for with all of these ponzis is hype, and Link has unreal amounts of it.
Not because everyone believes in the tech, but because they overwhelmingly believe it's going to make them rich.
That hype makes more people buy in which raises the price. It's all a ponzi.

So of course you had people calling Link vaporware back then. You have people calling it vaporware right now. But that's missing the point. Whether the product works or not is not what's going to determine its price - only the hype matters.

Link had such immense amounts of completely autistic hype on this board for so long that it was obvious it was gonna do numbers.

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Protip: all coins are scams, but that's not the point.

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Put your money in what you believe in, longer term holds. There will always be another one, remember that. If you need to sit on the sidelines and watch how shit goes down for a couple months on a coin then do that. There will be plenty more. Only put a small amount in at first and see how your picks are. Dont be in a rush and dont pick based on emotion.

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Find a different site then compare the comments here with the opinions and reporting that you see elsewhere.
Unfortunately I have no recommendations as I exist purely within this increasingly aggressive Zionist infiltrated autistic echo chamber.
But any suggestions would be most eelcome

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I’m just dumping $100 into like 20 scams and hoping 1 will MOOOOON at some point in the future.

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That's because most of biz are Pajeets trying to shill their bags

>Bro [your coin] is shit, buy [my coin] it's guarantee moon do the needful sir

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I believed in both

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Also all the information that comes in is good information. Be objective on how you take it in, and research the fuck out of everything. Just watch and if you make a bad call no biggie, just dont put every fucking thing into one coin unless you can afford to lose everything and deposit more.

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The most youll get like is like $1000 so you’ll lose money anyways

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It’s called taking a risk you homo

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>invest in project that I like
>new and unproven, with a solid contract and good dev vision (ie, the kind of shit you should be investing in)
>tell people here about it because I care about you guys
>get called a pajeet pump and dump scammer, even though I'm staking and actually don't really benefit from other people staking
>coin 10x's
>/biz/ buys the green candles
>50% correction
>/biz/ sells
>token stabilizes

I only lurk /biz/ and shitpost now, I'm done trying to help you idiots

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this... ive posted good tokens before in the past some that have gone onto 3-10x and yet same thing hurrr shiteet scammer gtfo and buy my bag of (actual shiteet scam coin) its gonna 10x (doesnt 10x and barely maintains price or dumps -25% or more)

yup done helping you 2019+ nuqueers on this board that are just tons of gimmedatmonies and scam lovers

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I literally pointed out an absolute gem at rock bottom the other day that has the potential to give like 100-200% apy sustainably. I was then called a scammer by someone recommending fucking $ORB (a 10000000% apy open source ponzi scam on steroids), and told by another that those were "shit returns". Apparently 100%+ dividend-style returns on a token with another 10x EOY potential is "shit". This board is a joke

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It can take a few years of experience to get good at "value investing", and for many intents and purposes you might not have the technical CS background that would be required to actually do due diligence on the technology.
But value isn't the only strategy, you can also ride the PnDs without any attachment whatsoever to the project. This too requires practice, but it's a different skill.
You just have to put in the time to learn to read market signals, understand what may or may not sell well, and what kind of technical and financial dynamics are involved in the projects. There may be interesting takeaways from VC investing, but ultimately it's a very different space because valuations work nothing like in traditional companies.

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its pathetic desu... I came here hoping to talk crypto and business with like minded people but instead its babbies first day off from 8th grade with moomies credit card and uniswap. add in all the shiteets shilling their scams with their obvious posts in those threads and its like wtf is the point anymore.
Ive actually had better luck picking random wallet out of a token in the top 9-20th slot and than picking a random token from it to invest in than listening to these baby dick investors and shiteet scammers

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> shills a coin with shit returns
> gets FUCKING DUNKED ON by innovative project allowing for highest returns ever recorded through layered investing cycles
> shrugs it off as ponzi scheme
Anon, you are the scammer in this story, not the person that called you out.

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As other anons have said every coin is a scam, crypto hasn't achieved wide spread adoption in over a decade and has less people now than 3 years ago, you can still make money by dumping on other losers who ignore the obvious signs that it's unironically ogre

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This is midwit cope. The truth is btc/eth/link are the only legit projects in terms of having a chance at capturing the market beyond degenerates currently in crypto looking to get rich quick. You're missing the forest for the trees.
Yes, right now most of what drives the price is speculation, but there's speculation in the stock market too. The problem is people like you will look at btc/eth/link, and think "damn I missed it", when they were the only real projects in the space. You'll go hunting bullshit tokens that serve no purpose but the one you're complaining about (hype/get-rich-quick schemes), but because you're a midwit, you'll tell yourself you see something in their tech that others don't, and complain people won't buy your token.
And then btc/eth/link will do another 10-100x over the next few years, and you'll still be here crying about how bullshit crypto is.

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It literally is an open source ponzi scam lol. I mean, have fun gambling I guess, but if you think anything with returns higher than like 300% (and even then, that's insane) is remotely sustainable and built to last, you either have a room temperature IQ or ulterior motives

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>i have to actually research and think for myself
>it's too hard
You're definitely going to make it, anon, you should go all in right now.

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You're both dumb if you think any sort of 100% apy return is sustainable and built to last. "My ponzi isn't as scammy as your ponzi" is a shit argument. I hate this fucking place.

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This. I don't believe in the tech, didn't read the whitepaper or any of that spergshit, yet I have a huge amount in LINK. Why? Because I can dump it on retards in the future.

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>taking a risk

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Thanks for the advice, I just bought 10,000 REQ

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You have to start making your own choices. If you listen to other people you WILL get rekt. They all have their own motives and I guarantee making you money is not one of them.

if someone shills a coin go do your research, look at the hype, product, usecase, community, developers, wallet holdings, audits, and make an educated decision.

If you still lose money doing this then trading is not for you. Stick to just holding BTC / ETH / LINK in a 33% split.

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>Your choices matter in a market dictated by what other people believe

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Just start gambling and embrace the fact that you have no idea what you are doing anon.

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Lurk moar. Learn to decipher the chancode matrix.
But since you are struggling. I'll give you a breadcrumb. It starts with "chain" and ends with "link"

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If I didn’t get chain link under 20 cents I don’t want it at all.

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Why not just NOT invest in scams and then your odds go up dramatically?

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>If I cant get bitcoin under 20 cents I don't want it at all

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I bet all 3 of em could suck a mean dick

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Sirs do needful
>where buy?
uniswap sirs

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