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>only 7k links
How should I kill myself?

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Answer my question you buttfuck

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not a bad stack anon

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>not a bad stack anon
It’s not even a suicide stack, stupid. And I had three years

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Just swing them down to 400 and the answer will reveal itself.

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>700 links
>will have to settle for being only a millionaire

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Bro thats a ton of cup of coffees think of it as life blessing you with a starbucks card thats good for 3 years. Lots of people would be thankful for that plus you can save all the money you save in coffee and use it to invest in other projects

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mass delusion - the thread

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This is the problem with you guys you are so greedy and unthankful nothing is ever enough. Spending $4-6 on a cup coffee everyday is already a luxury the majority of the world cant afford. Life gives you free coffee for 3 years and instead of thinking what you can do with the money you save you act as if its the end of the world because you got coffee instead of a lambo.

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https://uniswap.info/token/0xe5868468cb6dd5d6d7056bd93f084816c6ef075f just dump it in here big guy suicide is for traps and queers

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Crushed by five tons of gold when it moons.

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ungrateful faggot.

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Suicide stack is 1k, I know because that's why I bought 1k in 2017

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its ok OP, I only own 1 link

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How does half of the price of a PlayStation 6 by 2023 sounds like?

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You mean $56,700,000

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Its 7 you faggot and you know that too. I only have 20K which means I still have to wait like 12 months at least.

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Before I go I might kill you faggots first for being retarded

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