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Best financial move I've ever done.

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use wildcards *

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based, thanks fren

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>browsing /biz/ but filtering link
>Just newfag things

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based XRP <3

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Yea great financial move not buying Link 3 years ago

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when you evaluate the field, you should not only evaluate its development, but have a look at leading and unique solutions on the field. I am fond of supply chain and that's why I am truly excited by what Morpheus Network is bringing - real cooperations, bold tech, experienced team etc. Have a look at their website, curious to discuss

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not interested in your shitcoin, move along pls

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if you like RARI, SHROOM is a must

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What’s about SHROOM? https://medium.com/@shroom.finance/a-defi-protocol-for-in-game-assets-608517fea314

Fucking bullish and the only one with a nice background idea.

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Wait is sta bad

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Falconswap, layer 2 solution on uniswap, which aggregates orders, resulting in: much lower transaction fees (and thus the ability for smaller orders) and anonymity.

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friend you need to get out. a literal tranny/nigger coin, you can make faster gains in literally anything else

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>he groups Rari, XSN, Link
>with fucking XRP

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$SHROOM is the next BOOM! Look it up

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again, not interested in your shitcoins, move along pls

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Tell me moar...

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Add 'xmr' and 'monero' for top.

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Updated list, anything else?

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No. Monero threads are some of the few decent threads on this abomination of a board.

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>He thinks LINK is the same as Statera
DYOR dumbass

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another stinky linky, sho sho, no one wants your shitcoin move along to your containment threads

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What are your current holdings?

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Thats why you dont 'hide' monero threads but 'top' them.

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> filtering out link
Why you even here ?

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don't worry about that anon, you can go back to your stinky threads now

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based fren!

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again, no one is interested in your stinky coin, move along

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Lmao at all the linkers seething because their shit threads are hidden.


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What is that x72 regex?

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The magic filter, filters most of the spam here.

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Biz is link exclusive , Google Reddit and stay there

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again, not interested in your stinky coin, move along.why are stinkers sperging about their threads being hidden?

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Lmfao "Biz"

Fucking giant faggot choke on a nigger dick

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> Self Projecting
You clearly dream about nigger cocks like a lil fag. Suck my bwc little cuck, you clearly priced out and jelly about linkees
Also fuck out our board new fags

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you smell bad friend, please go to your containment threads sho sho

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If your balls ain't smelling like rotten cheese while checking link price you ain't making it son. I am out of this shit thread also fuck your self

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finally, please get out, this is a no LINKERS thread

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don't forget to wildcard YF and .finance anon

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For a different reason you are, little hype monkey.

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based, thanks friends. already looking much better

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this list is based af

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What are the formulas for ?

I'm looking for a way to filter out the liiiiiiinkyyyyyyyy
shitposts, that vary in 'i's and 'y's

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>buying a nigger/tranny coin

enjoy your slow bleeding till $0, please all shitcoins posted stay out, go back to your containment threads

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Lurking linkers seriously stink

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>super mad that someone is filtering his shit coin
>posts rage in the filter thread
shoo go begone get later bye sayonara

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checked fren

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look for the filter elements starting with S or L

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kys dude LINK already mooned and then crashed. It's where it should be and you cultists are fucking cringe.

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>Anything I'm missing?

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