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>people on this board actually hold XRP

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I doubt it

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this, it's all a larp

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Holding XRP is like being nice to your grandparents. It costs next to nothing and there's an offchance they'll leave you a fat wallet 20 years from now.

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no one actually owns any XRP, it's just one guy with 2 million wallets

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>It costs next to nothing
Yeah we know

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2k usd eoy faggots. Cope harder.

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Take your fucking meds you lunatic

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>It costs next to nothing
calculated down to btc supply
1 xrp costs $582.12
then calculate the opportunity cost that comes from holding it rather than monero or eth

you are literally losing money holding this shit retard

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>people on this board actually DON'T hold XRP

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>Holding XRP is like being nice to your grandparents
That’s why I moved out ASAP

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I don't have any, my grandparents are all dead.

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kkkkkk yeah you tell him, fren

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>what is opportunity cost?

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Thread is full of smug linkies as usual. Weak fud

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bankers are not going to buy any of your bags at a premium

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They are bots anon. If you ignore them they will go away: https://news.bitcoin.com/xrp-sentiment-manipulated-by-thousands-of-bots-analyst-claims/

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>missed xrp
>schizos were right
imagine this scenario lmao
not gonna happen right g-guys?

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I still got time right?
hoping for some pumps so i can swap over to XRP in the coming weeks

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I'd rather give my money to homeless junkies than hold any XRP.

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Thats also the reason why you'll always be poor, fucking pajeet.

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I call my grandmother at least 3 times per week

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Better to give your money to the poor than to give it to Jed McCaleb who literally owns billions of XRP and keeps printing and dumping more loads all over you every month you pathetic cuck: https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-co-founder-jed-mccaleb-sold-54-million-xrp-in-april

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There's a reason why the price is being manipulated you absolute braindead nigger. Shill more but don't come crying when XRP takes off in a few months or years. You had plenty of chances but you decided to waste your time crying about how a POS coin it was, when it's actually isn't.
>b-b-b-but this particular person buys and dumps!!!
Nobody cares you poor retard.

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Is it common for grandparents to leave money to their grandchildren when they pass? All of my grandparents are dead and none of them left me or my siblings anything. All of it went to my parents and their siblings.

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It's obviously going to moon. You fags were crying when it broke $3 in 2017 and you'll cry again when it goes even further beyond.

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lol the fud has ramping up recently, stinkies on literal sui watch after not being able to hold above $10 KEK

imagine coping by attacking other coins, literal losers , shouldve sold the top

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Literally this. The amount of fud has been increased recently, which only means something is coming. No actual person would click on a post about a coin they can't stand and waste their time shitting on it. Must be bots and pajeets who are too poor to but XRP and probably will miss the boat.

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Or it could just be because it's so fucking funny to laugh at you cripple schizophrenic retards, I personally make at least 3 threads shitting on xrpoo daily.

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>I personally make at least 3 threads shitting on xrpoo daily.

thanks for admitting how much of a copelet you are, holy jesus wtf
>he spends his much time fuding something he hates, which only means one thing
>inb4 "i feel bad for you lol, so sad, much wow"

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Just think about it. The amount of hours, days, maybe even weeks you wasted by "laughing" at us could've made you rich. Maybe not by buying XRP, it's a bit too early for that, but by investing in other coins. Yet here you are, poor like always, the shame of the family. A double-chinned jobless retard that nobody likes.

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I usually buy 100 dollars worth of these schizo shitcoins on the offchance they're right. RSR shills are the only reason I ever used Uniswap and got 400 free UNI, so I owe it to these fags.

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t. XRP holder that probably got excited over 6% gain

stay poor

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>muh price manipulation
Ultimate cope. Literally every shitcoiner says the price is being manipulated every time it goes down. You got scammed kid.

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You realize you’re on 4chan? This isn’t your xrp echo chamber plebbit sub where all opposing thought gets censored. When I see bullshit I call it. STA, FTM, XRP, you name it I will make fun of the retarded bag holders all I want. If you don’t like it just go back to where you came from you fucking cuck pussy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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You're so angry lmao. You bought at its highest and sold at the lowest price, didn't you? Absolute mongoloid.

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It boggles the mind

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