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I know you're too stupid to understand what's happening right in front of you, but it's so damn good you at least deserve to know. Know how Steve Ari and Sergey always seem to be the smartest guys in the room? Well they've also got the biggest balls.

Let's start here: you're on the cusp of defi and all of the important projects depend on your price feeds. Eth is also clogged AF with rugpull uniswap faggotry which is making your nodes insolvent in gas prices. You have a fully diluted 8bn project with ~1.5bn liquid warchest.

What do you do?

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i have 1300 LINK

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Poo in loo

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Is this another Arbitrum thread?

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Fatoshi betrays

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Are you suggesting they crashed the market until Arbitrum is ready?

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1300 x $81,000 = $105300000

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holy shit i'm gonna be a billionaire with a b

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Mouthbreathing idiots just like I thought
One post that is even REMOTELY close to right and I'll keep going

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They buy arbitrum?

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I dump the price so people open shorts and then I stop suppressing so they all get liquidated for the lols

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sergey dumps more stinks and purchases the uniswap exchange, then shuts it down so it stops clogging eth and fucking gas prices

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>What do you do?
Ask you what you think should be done and why and tell you to fuck off

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Manipulate the market
Crash eth once and for all

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Absolutely hopeless
You tards need a hint: arbitrum is a l2 solution that would drastically cut link/uniswap etcs gas use
What is a chainlink native solution that would only affect their nodes?

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Give me your cum, mr. nazarov

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you build a scaling solution to create competition among l1 while moving economic bandwith to l2.

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Please tell me its gonna dump again i missed the 7.31. Fuck why am i so bad at this.

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You release threshold signatures and let Arbitrum run on link nodes to take over the entire l2 ecosystem

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t-t-t-t-t sigs? Plz no bully breadcrumb senpai all I know is we need lower gas costs before we can pursue greater enterprise adoption

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Band Protocol?

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Get lost! Stay gone. If you cant make athread beyond jabbing and vomiting and asking a retarded question, don't make a thread at all

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You haven't formulated your post in a way that makes anyone want to try to figure out what you're trying to say. You want to say it way more than anyone else wants to put up with your "gather round fucktards" annoying nonsense. If you want to make a thread that engages people, try not to be the typical piece of shit talking down to everyone. It's just tiresome.

There's a reason people like Assblaster were legendary larps. And it wasn't because of insulting and egging people on to guess your crackpot theoretical scenarios.

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ETH is outdated garbage, AVAX and Athereum make it obsolete and solve the gas problem at the root.

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fucking kek

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big macs??

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Now let's continue the story: Right now all of defi is getting fucked by gas costs
And it looks like all the Chainlink team keeps doing is
- Releasing more price feeds
- Giving higher link rewards per execution to keep their nodes solvent
- Dropping the price of their link warchest in so doing

Looks like a bad strategy? Why are they doing this?

Looks like you're just stupid

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Fuck off, how hard is it to get
If you have just 08/15 shit, don't make threads and mine for opinions with a retard question

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big macs???

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Once l2 scaling is complete they’ll be poised to profitably take over the entire space, everyone else will be left in the dust while they sit on their hands because it’s not affordable to build this business right now for most of these companies.

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I'm a little fucktard short and spout!
Here is my asshole and here is my cock!

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Said the shitcoin peddler for the 50th time after being wrong 49 times in a row over the last 3 years

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I think most people understood everything would run through LINK nodes because of Arbitrum.

>Looks like a bad strategy? Why are they doing this?

Why don't you just tell us...

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They want defi apps to continue to function and become dependent on link nodes until t-sigs are ready?

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>he doesnt know
and thats why you will stay poor.

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Two things come to mind:

1. They could build their dex. Unlikely and would be counter productive imo. They're business model is middleware why would they waste time doing this

2.They could airdrop gov tokens ala Uni. This would explain why they are first distributing all their tokens to have a fair distribution of gov to users that actually use the system

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Link wouldn't kill ETH.

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To make it as comfy as possible for defi to adopt chainlink?

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chainlink governance token airdrop?
I highly doubt it, would blow my mind though.

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Link will launch a uniswap competitor but will support a much broader range of defi products than paneer rugpulls by leveraging deco to support financial products the require KYC

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Athereum will kill ETH

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distributing link to invested parties in order to decrease link payouts and implement staking (eventually) with Tsigs and arb

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anon there is no point in pointing them in the real direction. Even pulling off a believable larp and SHOWING them how it is done is hopeless. They are twitter posting narcissistic faggot zoomers

The carbon copy what the jeets do and think it works

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At least a few people actually trying to think
Try this- the current effect of releasing more price feeds with higher link rewards is:
Eth demand and price up
Eth costs for link and all of defi up
Revenue to SC team increasing (as projects pay SC for price feeds)
Link sell pressure up (because nodes getting those higher link rewards have to sell them to buy eth to keep nodes running)

Now a few questions:
In an early stage project what is its "runway"?
What is link's runway? What asset or assets is it denominated in?
What happens to the above market forces when threshold signatures goes live?

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there used to be a dex task listed on the pivotal tracker. they probably built one already

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big macs...?

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tsigs are already obsolete.
Athereum is same thing as Ethereum, same tools, same language but is faster and can scale thanks to the new Avalanche Consensus.
Even Vitalik already bent the knee.

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>What asset or assets is it denominated in?
cups of coffee?

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Threshold signatures + arbitrum = overall reduced gas costs on ethereum network in general but higher reductions for Chainlink network
Materially lowered sell pressure

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You miscounted by 900 million.

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Cup of coffee?

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finally a decent thread
thank you OP I needed hopium

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Ava Labs?

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So it’s runway is the dev tokens, denominated in $link, which is mostly traded as ETH, USD and BTC.

If you drastically reduced gas costs via threshold signatures, there is less sell pressure on the distributed link to purchase eth which should cause the $link price to rise. Theoretically you also have increase buy pressure on link being locked up for use of threshold signatures and arbitrum

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Chainlink + Athereum = an Ethereum that can Scale and where gas doesnt matter anymore at all


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Doesn't fucking matter... What is chainlink doing right now ? 35 nodes spending $1mil. monthly to provide some price feeds ? We all know Arbitrum will cut this cost down and then what ? 35 nodes will spend $1000 monthly to provide the price feeds ? WOW...

We need staking and a high value return, we need thousands nodes earning at least 5%, we need a network usage, we need a customers willing to pay MILLIONS for the decentralized data to feed those nodes with their 5% ... nothing else matters, the LINK in the current state can work priced at $0.1per LINK and will be the same with the Arbitrum.

Lets say LINK+Arbitrum will cut the gas price and will be a viable L2 solution. How would that effect LINK price ? 35 nodes will provide a price feeds/t.sig data/vrf numbers... with the LINK price of ? The network does not need a high value and even if its going to capture the whole ETH network... It wont get to its marketcap because this market is RETARDED and LINK token/network is missing its value (staking nodes and the customers to provide the returns for the nodes)

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Lol, would be quite smug if they just casually built one and released it as if twas nothing some day

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who is this FUCKING NIGGER?

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Uniswap moves to Arbitrum and fees are paid in LINK. Other DEXs will follow.


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Its not Chainlink that is the problem, its Ethereum.
But good for us Athereum solves all these problems.

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There are a loads of other l2 solutions based on rollups ready to deploy. Uniswap loopring and snx wont use arbiturm. Arbritum will be a damp squib and you know it. It's another rollup copycat that missed the boat.

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So does this result in ETH's price plummeting as there will no longer be massive buy pressure for ETH from LINK nodes selling LINK to buy ETH to pay for gas costs?

>> No.22782996

>Link sell pressure up (because nodes getting those higher link rewards have to sell them to buy eth to keep nodes running)

Well they will be buying LINK to keep running nodes basically right? Or at significantly more LINK because of Arbitrum than ETH at that point.

How does runway fit into the equation? How long can Chainlink be solvent without turning a profit? I'd have to look how much the node payments are eating each month I guess

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ding ding ding

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This was my thinking or at least its primarily in LINK. ETH would still be used a little I believe in the process.

>> No.22783041

Uniswap devs have publicaly stated that v3 will use a different rollup solution. Ed Felton was talking out his ass

>> No.22783046

So these dime a dozen “ETH killers” are just swapping out one letter now huh? Not even trying anymore desu

>> No.22783058


Ed Felten already said Uniswap will be using them

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Why are you schizo with commas?
1,300 x $81,000 = $105,300,000

>> No.22783072

Well if they dump 500k tokens every week and there were 350 mil dev tokens, they could keep it up for 70 weeks. When did Sergey start dumping on us?

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>tech comes from IC3 like Chainlink
>EGS is #2 of IC3 (Ari Juels is #1)

Sure, bet against IC3 you dumb nigger and see what happens (hint: you stay poor).

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Globally correct but you missed the point of the question- tsigs are node eth costs only
Arbitrum works for everyone with solidity contracts
The difference is what makes this move so damn smart

Strong anon
Remember the team have been dumping link at intervals and have their runway in basically two things: cash from selling link and lots of team reserve link
Best guess given the amounts and price of link they've liquidated is that they have 2.5 years of runway (current team/burn) in cash alone. That's independent of the ~1.5bn of link they would have if they market sold the lot.

OK, so now you're a startup that has the whole of crypto/defi addicted to your price feeds, you have 2 years of runway and you have the previously posted market forces at work (that you partially control given your project)

1. What do you do if you just want to be an average startup?
2. What do you do if you want to rule the world?

Here's a hint: does CL/SC supply price feeds to defi only, crypto only or defi, crypto and traditional finance projects?

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Is there a real source? video or link

>> No.22783187

>OK, so now you're a startup that has the whole of crypto/defi addicted to your price feeds, you have 2 years of runway and you have the previously posted market forces at work (that you partially control given your project)
i suppose if you want to rule the world you stop liquidating the "corporate owned" LINK and lock everything up

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THIS. so much THIS

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You sound like a Twitter SJW

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>Hoping a general purpose smart contract rollup project LIKE @optismismPBC is able to deploy mainnet by the end of the year.

It sounds like they are hungry for any working project

>> No.22783401

Reply to this Arbitrum shills. Who are you gonna believe? Ed Felton or the Uniswap Lead dev?

>> No.22783445

1. have a diversity quota
2. only hire men

>> No.22783446

big macs?!

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Forget ethereum and uniswap rugpulls. Traditional finance is where the serious money is. Baseline is doing some interesting things leveraging ethereum, but the majority of enterprise development right now is looking at private blockchain implementation using something like hyper ledger. This is where Chainlink being blockchain agnostic is so important. You are already seeing wrapped link show up on other chains. BSN is about to go live. If a consortium of companies agrees to leverage a private blockchain for settlement, they will still need a trust less 3rd party oracle platform to bring that data on chain. Tsigs will lowers the cost per call to a point it is attractive for large scale enterprise adoption

>> No.22783793

Crickets from the arb shills

>> No.22783844



Read the tweet. In no way did he say they are using optimism and literally said they will use whoever deploys first it sounds like. He only referred to them because a collaboration they already did.

>> No.22784054

As an example look at Centerprime, the private hyper ledger based blockchain providing the Chainlink network with access to Korean bank APIs. Part of their stated roadmap: Establishment of P2P investment system through collaboration with Korea Financial Group Open Banking

Sounds a lot like a defi for real world financial products. I wonder what oracle they will use?

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arbitrum is launching beta next year not even 1.0 so there goes your first mover advantage

>> No.22784093

Based 1553 reporting in, so close to breaking into top 10,000 holders

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Forget aritrum, this thread is about tsigs

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OP can you give us some crumbs? Feeling bullish

>> No.22784204

seriously doubt even close to happening.

no tsigs commits on github

>> No.22784223

And that’s a wrap folks, was a good thread!

>> No.22784255

Good thread boys time to pack it up

>> No.22784259

Oh. So link wont solve l2 scaling after all it will just make it it easier for the 20 nodes (the entire chainlink ecosystem) to sum a few numbers together.

>> No.22784263

Thomas said soon, I believe
Also, Ed said arbitrum this year

>> No.22784274

Op already gave you based crumbs

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OP keeps stringing anons along so let me try to make a decent post with all of the information you need.

Read through this image when you have five minutes.

Do you think JP Morgan and PWC etc, go through the same exchanges you use when they want to get their feet wet? They don't there will not be another dip, because if there was SmartContract would essentially have to start over on a global scale; everything would come to a halt - money markets would dry up causing zero liquidity in a matter of weeks. DeFi's economic climate would completely freeze before being able to crash to zero. Time is running out, I won't argue against that. People argue dark vs light, sharding vs plasma, but realistically neither of those sides could afford to let the market crash. It's all about which project can get their nodes online first to manage/back everything. China dropped the ball on that with BTC and BCH - they tried but the chinks are too stupid and lack creativity. Russia is a 3rd world country and isn't even a contender even though Putin has publically stated multiple times that whichever country successfully launched the AI will rule the world. Trump is doing that right now and will succeed. BSV is the only solution, and even Trump's foreign opponents know that. Which ever country can freely manage BitCoin will rule the world. If you really believe that BitCoin was all about decentralization, you feel for the meme that is applied to the stupid people. The block cap will be lifted in 2020 and DeOS quantum/AI global operating system will be running in 2020 with the help of the NSA. If a country wants to avoid collapse, they will have to move their shit to BSV. It's a zero sum game, no matter how much people will deny it. You need to use your brain and realize the true reality: if we were not capable of traveling back to the past to the change the future - humanity would already be extinct. Think about that. You're welcome.

>> No.22784308

Which is what? Wait for arbitrum and t-sigs? nothing new......

>> No.22784320

>solid team
>great tech
sounds like a new paradigm anon. This will surely be the one to dethrone ETH. You cracked the code.

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>> No.22784331

ed said arbitrum q1 2021 in beta
so... not even 1.0

>> No.22784352

Arbitrum will solve scaling issues, but scaling Ethereum is small potatoes compared to providing cost effective data to any and every blockchain.

>> No.22784361

fuck off to your threads you crazy delusional faggot

>> No.22784368

right on time. everyone watch as the thread is derailed or unreadable due to schizophrenic posting.. by design. fuck you faggot

>> No.22784387

>use Ethereum and pay 50 dollar gas
>use Athereum which is pretty much the same thing but dont pay 50 dollar in gas and your transaction is hundred times faster

hmmmm what system will be used in the future?
really hard to figure this one out.

>> No.22784396

>muh bread crumbs

this shit is still literally vaporware and the OP is just a faggot shill trying to string you retards along for the next 500K doomp.

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Someone needs to add Arbitrum to their website I don't see it listed

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>You have a fully diluted 8bn project with ~1.5bn liquid warchest.

is Ari and the Chainlink Research Team finna make a Chainlink DEX?

>> No.22784419

not again

>> No.22784422


one of those exists and is actually used currently. you're literally delusional.

>> No.22784438

My point is at this rate arbitrum wont have first mover advantage for scaling. And proto link staking depends on this.

>> No.22784443

sell reserve tokens to institutions and enterprises so they have as much skin in the game as you?

>> No.22784462

Staking is the only way the price goes up and it would be very significant.

>> No.22784473


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The OXT train is leaving the station.

>> No.22784489

and once the C chain on AVAX is deployed and Athereum starts to work everyone will switch over. simple as.

>> No.22784500

> he believes in the fag craig wright
ngmi bro
you would be better off as an XRP bagholder

>> No.22784505

Arbiturm will be the Band of L2 scaling solutions.

>> No.22784514

>70 weeks.

700 weeks, actually

>> No.22784584

big kek

>> No.22784604

Sorry typo

>> No.22784616

ETH def, been around longer

>> No.22784641

>whichever country successfully launched the AI will rule the world. Trump is doing that right now and will succeed. BSV is the only solution, and even Trump's foreign opponents know that.
The levels of stupidity that crawl out of the woodwork here never cease to amaze me.
What the fuck are you ranting about?
The T-Systems post, that part was interesting. But what the fuck is the rest of your gibberish about?

>> No.22784681

takes under 2 minutes to deploy Ethereum contract on Athereum.
same thing, same function but FASTER and can scale without any tricks.

>> No.22784710

holy shit

>> No.22784734


So you're saying that they have defi and traditional customers, good

42 truly is a human parasite


OK everyone is pretty far off, so here's the punchline:
Chainlink can keep adding demand to ETH which hurts everyone in the ecosystem
This seems like a bad idea on face, but their runway is in cash

1. If they were a traditional startup they would say "the space needs lower eth costs, let's focus 100% on arbitrum"
This is what a faggot like Vitalik would do
But remember Sergey is a ruthless capitalist
2. So if you're Sergey, you keep pushing the price feeds until the projects that pay you start to border on insolvency (remember they don't have your runway) and then you roll out part of your long term plan (tsigs) that benefits ONLY the people who have already bent the knee
While the rest of the world burns

What SC is doing right now is the genteel version of selling fire insurance and then burning down every business that doesn't buy. Once tsigs go live the nodes are safe. And the price of link will go up while the rest of the space is dying from crippling gas costs.

Once they have lost the will to fight and are begging for staking and arbitrum, they'll roll it out for partner projects and pick the winners and losers (who will all be long term value contributors to link's value)

That's how you rule the world.

>> No.22784741

this is where all the fees paid link to nodeoperators (any crypto/fiat) gets converted to link and paid to node operators? it all makes sense now

>> No.22784742

Underrated and bingo. Where did OP go?

>> No.22784745

Until you start running traffic at scale. How many nodes are running Athereum today? What computation resources do those nodes have available?

>> No.22784814

excellent posts

>> No.22784846


>> No.22784859

I wish sergey would do it faster though I've been holding this shit for like 3 years and I'm still poor gonna die soon

>> No.22784893

Athereum runs on AVAX which can scale because it uses a new consensus.

>> No.22784921

Does Eth's price go up or down during all of this.

>> No.22784943

So..... Wen moon? Will 8k be enough to make it?

>> No.22784944

but where do the big macs come in? i thought they were an important part of the ecosystem?

>> No.22784949

This is quite possibly the gayest thread on biz currently
>in muh opinion
>I think this is what they’re doing
>this is what you would do

Fucking SSAGE

OP, kys, 42 kys.

>> No.22785009


>> No.22785026

I was saying that it is highly likely that the vast majority of defi transaction value will not occur on Ethereum. Arbitrum is interesting and can solve scaling and reduce gas costs for Ethereum projects, but that won’t be the long term buy pressure on the link token. The $1000 EOY and $81,000 link memes are looking at securing markets that most likely will use other blockchains.

>> No.22785049

better be cause I have 7.5k
moon next year

>> No.22785064


God what a fucking waste of everyone’s time. The fact that you strung along so many replies to your gibberish shows how starved for hopium we are after that brutal dump.

>> No.22785086

Link is blockchain agnostic retard. $1000 Link is in definitely in the future

>> No.22785117
File: 236 KB, 1858x841, screencrop_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

source on this???

>> No.22785120

Near future *

>> No.22785123

buy more fruit rollups

>> No.22785139

If there is one thing to take away from this thread. In less than a year and a half, probably shorter with eth gas price, chainlink will be INSOLVENT. All ico money will be gone and the project will fail. They finishing nothing on time, and have too much shit going on and too many ideas.
>we flashboy gang gang

If they would have just stuck to goal they would succeed, instead these ADD and ADHD retards can’t finish anything and will be insolvent end of 2021

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> If there is one thing to take away from this thread, In less than a year and a half, probably shorter with eth gas price, chainlink will be INSOLVENT, All ico money will be gone and the project will fail, They finishing nothing on time, and have too much shit going on and too many ideas.
>we flashboy gang gang

> If they would have just stuck to goal they would succeed, instead these ADD and ADHD retards can’t finish anything and will be insolvent end of 2021

>> No.22785249

Did you read any of my comments? Blockchain interoperability was my entire point (see Centerprime hyperledger example).

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Oh, hai Sean. Let’s rob an old folks home for more link.

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the entire crypto space seems like its projects waiting on other projects to deliver

>> No.22785358


I don't have the image but he was asked in TG I think it was

>> No.22785361

Do they have good hair we can harvest for oil there?

>> No.22785388

that's because everyone is waiting on someone to deliver a reasonable and workable scaling solution

Its the one item everyone pushes off to a later phase of the project thinking it can be resolved later, but not really accepting hte fact that it is THE greatest challange of the entire crypto space

>> No.22785416

Mostly they do.... mostly.

>> No.22785478

I have actually 8,5k

>> No.22785728

The Arbitrum presentation stated that they are not ruling out having their own token. What then? If Chainlink were buying Arbitrum this makes sense. Otherwise you're just depending on another group for a piece of critical infrastructure, for which they aren't getting an adequate pile of cash, and just hoping that they are so purely academic that they don't start crowdfunding and opening this up to everyone.

In a world where a native Arbitrum token is off the table, I agree with what you're saying.

>> No.22785800


What's the cutoff?

>> No.22785864
File: 717 KB, 1054x782, Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 1.36.06 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you faggots are missing the bigger picture with layer 2. it doesn't matter if it's optimism or arbitrum or anything else. if only you knew the sheer breadth of uses about to be added.

>> No.22785878

You're up against the sunk cost of a multi-billion dollar market + the sunk cost of developer time + the network effect of all existing DApps and talent. You sound like one of those teenage geniuses who went all in thinking "Nano gonna flip Bitcoin".

>> No.22785979

such as?

>> No.22786078
File: 3.35 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit, surely these projects have caught wind of this?

>> No.22786241
File: 31 KB, 755x708, 1524518154607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you sergey

>> No.22786245

Its crypto. Everyone here is retarded

>> No.22786296

1. Don't take advantage of leverage you attain given the market conditions of utilizing these nascent technologies. Plateau on feeds, reduce request frequencies to nodes to not clog the ETH network.

2. Bring the fucking pain to crypto/defi and put them in a trough of despair. Increase feeds and frequencies of requests to congest the network. Shine a huge spotlight on the issues of ETH... and once it gets really bad send the life raft - thresholds for node operators (they are feeling extreme pain too) and arbitrum for the developers.

>> No.22786338
File: 1.63 MB, 1372x1249, 1600456574078.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spot on. Also, look at Offchain labs investors: compound, coinbase and pantera. Not exactly philanthropists if you ask me

>> No.22786349

Yo mong, staking already exists. It's just not open to neets. How the fuck do you think the nodes currently operating take jobs? They're staking collateral to do it. Right now they operate at a loss because of ETH prices but LINK is supporting them by feeding them free stinkers. What OP is saying is that this is the true power of LINK. LINK is opening up the DeFi space and making ETH gas prices untenable, and can continue to do this and starve out ETH dependent businesses as long as they need to. They literally control the price of gas and the ability for businesses to function on ETH.

>> No.22786351

my fucking sides
beautiful work anon

>> No.22786399

I have zero doubt arbitrum is going to be a massive disappointment. 100% I’ll bet my full link stack on it.

>> No.22786432

Yeah me too man
I’m fucked

>> No.22786454

You guys are bad at thjs Bc you’re fucking lazy. Go look in a mirror you’ll see what I’m talking about. Go getters are the winners ok

>> No.22786730
File: 2.61 MB, 1125x2001, CDDF3295-E9E6-4F34-AAF8-96C85060C1B1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks a lot OP, I was on no fap.

>> No.22786754

only a bored linkie would take the time to make this... I hope

>> No.22786760

Off topic question, but what do you think about band protocol op?

>> No.22786967
File: 175 KB, 769x656, 1551663339152.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks sergey

>> No.22787127
File: 79 KB, 588x504, UniLinkSwap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No more 'Flash Boys' on Uniswap V3.

>> No.22787164

delusional bullshit but posts like this show what biz used to be: the generation and discussion of ideas

>> No.22787169

>we da flashboyz

>> No.22787201

5 reporting in. Am I going to make it?

>> No.22787207

Thank you for the hopium

>> No.22787506

whitelisted nodes don't need to stake anything.
also bump for good thread

>> No.22787527

I just went through it. Two of them are more into flipping equity in companies. Two of them are into tokens.

Best case is they think they can make a 100x on their stake by flipping the company. Worst case, they have patents + get the market involved in their solution then tokenize it.

This is a bit morbid unless Arbitrum gets acquired, but there's no way a company backed by VCs to the tune of over 3 million dollars goes for less than 100 million. SC doesn't have that kind of fiat.

>> No.22787530

typical 110 IQ 2019 link buyer thread

sage, retarded OP go back to twitter

>> No.22787557

That doesn’t sound like Sergey. He’s all about helping developers develop. That’s it.

So larp

>> No.22787577

They don’t stake dumb fuck, they’re just being paid otc by Sergey

>> No.22787591

How many things have to happen and perfect line up for this unicorn scenario? Including countless variables outside of their control?

That's that thing... people can make plans, life laughs.

>> No.22787651

Link will purchase Arbitrum bringing it under its umbrella. They can easily pull it off the have fiat + link reserves.

>> No.22788043
File: 102 KB, 1200x1600, aclp5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No idea what is going on but sounds good.
t. 20k link

>> No.22788341



staking solves the insane ethereum transaction fees while arbitrum will address more complex things

>> No.22788470

wipe his eyes

>> No.22788547
File: 169 KB, 956x1366, 1595957349239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, one can dream. Would be extremely based if they did.

Do you guys think leshner will leak Sergey's buy offer on twitter like he leaked his personal email last time, for old times sake?

>> No.22788565

how does 1300 billion sound?

>> No.22788567

Something about layer two and layer three and cornering the entire market? All I know is that something big is coming and Link is at the middle. Comfy AF with my 7k Stack. Please tell us OP

>> No.22788681

nulinker spotted, only a newfag would care this much about muh "defi"

>> No.22788781

I’m an OG but I’d rather be a linklet considering we can do fucking jack shit anymore.

>> No.22788807

trade stacks with me

>> No.22789146

yeah i know what you mean Thing is i was never going to spend the money anytime soon anyway so the swings up and down are slightly annoying rather then world shattering

>> No.22789179

I can’t take anything you say seriously with that name lmao. 2edgy4me

>> No.22789287

based and Crassus pilled

>> No.22789372
File: 104 KB, 736x960, A1EF4627-48EB-4365-99FB-EA45EE8DB6E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22789570


>> No.22789800

Spicy. We know Ari solved the front running problem too. Big if true. Seriously vitalik must be seething that these guys are solving all of these major issues while eth team can't do shit.

>> No.22789948

I'm going to take so much cocaine and viagra and fuck so many Vietnamese ladyboys bros

>> No.22790286

Threshold signatures

>> No.22790315

Thanks for wasting my time you fucking faggot

>> No.22790577

WE ARE PUMPING and this thread is full of dripping hopium. We are going to make it boys

>> No.22790664

thats bullshit how did it do 30% plus in one day or less?

It's like 2013 btce bitcoin in here

>> No.22790715

Thank you. You've made me fell better about my 60

>> No.22790762

This is addressed to that larping cum guzzling faggot that kept saying Linkies were going to $2:

Fuck you faggot, also get fucking shit on


>> No.22790918


>> No.22790960

This thread made the price go back up

>> No.22790985
File: 110 KB, 2540x3176, 1517073004066.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based thread. Sergey is literally going to choke the space then provide salvation

>> No.22791087
File: 636 KB, 828x806, 3CE70217-1001-48DC-93A1-F0902A955377_1_201_a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have a clue about the jargon and terms used in this thread. Can someone, in plain English, just tell me if what OP is talking about will cause a price increase soon?


>> No.22791112
File: 54 KB, 900x900, 1590028147120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slanders based 42
>makes Sergey out to be some bitter virgin crony capitalist and not a 2000% BASED Philosopher King
>doesn't even get digits
get a load of this know nothing faggot

>> No.22791136
File: 185 KB, 1000x1000, pppp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

poo poo pee pee, pee pee poo poo.

>> No.22791233

eat shit and die

>> No.22791296


Nice try 42. I know that's you from the image you posted.

>> No.22791349

>were going to corner the market with incompetence
Imagine believing this

>> No.22791395
File: 252 KB, 1066x600, 1600038493581.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He has you people screaming at shadows. That's the main reason I love the guy.

>> No.22791552


Imagine basing all your hope on an ultra leftist sjw project

>> No.22791615

Scaling is scaling, I don't care if a head in a jar implements a working solution.

>> No.22791640
File: 730 KB, 2560x1707, 19ACE96B-CAD8-4BE5-8B7C-FB57D76DC6D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Please let me know if what OP is talking about is bullish or bearish. I don't care about the underlying technology, although I think it's smart contracts and DeFi related. Been in LINK since 2017.

Seriously, can someone ELI5 or just tell me if what OP is talking about is good or bad?

>> No.22791772

just sell your link and live a good life anon

>> No.22791919


>> No.22791976


There are occasionally good/interesting threads by link larpers. This is not one of them. OP spent too much time on /biz/ and fantasized about being cool and interesting, and people giving him a cool nickname like other larpers, and people being excited to read his posts. But, he's actually pretty dumb, and only has cracked out conspiracy theories instead of any useful insight, so it's completely failing.

>> No.22792205

I’ve had a 1000+ link short since mid july, shortly after Zeus report came out. Took me a few days to fully DYOR and commit, my avg sell price ~80-100ksat (no clue what that is in fiat, dont care). I started posting on reddit and twitter about why LINK was a bubble with no underlying value, I was accused of everything under the sun - being on drugs, being a paid Zeus shill, being ADHD, being plain stupid, being poor, being butthurt etc. My liquidation price is around 240ksat. Not gonna lie, when we shot past $15+ I went through some nervewrecking stuff but like many oldfags told me in 2016, hands of steel.

Hey guess what, my LINK short just became profitable. Will probably start taking some profit in a few days.

Happy “trading” everyone, just make sure you have enough buffer if you’re going short.

>> No.22792222


>> No.22792230

They provide zero collateral and even if, they are bunch of a fucking KYC centralized nodes... Muh Arbirtum muh gas costs muh runway... WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FUCKING DECENTRALIZED ORACLE NETWORK ?

Its true that currently, LINK can work being priced at 0,01$ because there is zero demand and zero usage and economic incentive to buy and use the token.

The only function of the LINK token is to be given free to 35 centralized nodes so they can dump them to cover their gas costs. Thats why it dropped from $20 and will continue so for months. (Thanks for the pump)

>> No.22792379
File: 70 KB, 728x724, A4FE6DF4-A6F3-478E-B0BA-37B5BBC97348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22792470

>The only function of the LINK token is to be given free to 35 centralized nodes so they can dump them to cover their gas costs
Yes, that will be solved by Arbitrum. So what does that mean ? Price of the node feed will be 100x lower so LINK will lose its only function (sell to feed the nodes) and it will go to sub $3 as its been before the defi/eth gas bubble.

The LINK token has been pumped so it could be offloaded in lower quantities. If the token was still at $3, Sergey would need to dump 3mil. LINKs weekly and not 500k. Do you see the reason for the “completly out of the nowhere” pump ?

>> No.22792472

How did it possibly become profitable?

>> No.22792585

Fuck bros...hes right...arbitrum ruined link...just sold all my link

>> No.22792644

There will be layer 2 solutions before this - you are wishing for a world that will never come to be. This is an 18-24 month plan, L2 solutions are already on our doorstep (raiden, optimism, ZK). Gas prices are going to get better by mid-2021, eth2 or not. This is a wish and a prayer away.

>> No.22792649

>But remember Sergey is a ruthless capitalist
>2. So if you're Sergey, you keep pushing the price feeds until the projects that pay you start to border on insolvency (remember they don't have your runway) and then you roll out part of your long term plan (tsigs) that benefits ONLY the people who have already bent the knee
>While the rest of the world burns
>What SC is doing right now is the genteel version of selling fire insurance and then burning down every business that doesn't buy. Once tsigs go live the nodes are safe. And the price of link will go up while the rest of the space is dying from crippling gas costs.
>Once they have lost the will to fight and are begging for staking and arbitrum, they'll roll it out for partner projects and pick the winners and losers (who will all be long term value contributors to link's value)

thats fucking retarded. thanks for that OP. Its not like there arent alternatives to all this shit that has a similar timeline to arbritum. its not like there are other platforms that will also be going live with many of their projects. if you notice, everything is moving lock step with each other.

>> No.22792707

Didnt ruined you faggot, its just killed its only reason why it has to be priced so high. There is no staking/collateral/economic incentive for LINK to go higher... even with t.sig and Arbitrum running

>> No.22792736

$3...so about the price of a cup of coffee....fuck bros, the whitepaper was right all along, we knew this all along

>> No.22792754

The link token will be used on arbitrum and collateral for nodes. Huh nice.

>> No.22792838

Eth will most likely still fill its head room with transactions, even though the vast majority of the profitable work will be done off chain.
Think of it like putting a GPU in a computer. It takes a huge workload off the CPU but instead of just not running the CPU instead you just biuld more and more powerful applications until the headroom is filled.
That's assuming the don't do fully off chain settlement with Arbitrum in which case who knows.

>> No.22792861
File: 87 KB, 940x890, 26486.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chainlink is only pretending to be shit

>he wants to form a monopoly with technology he doesn't have or control

>> No.22792875

This, some random not even a good/price related news shill posted almost as if its been posted around the big dead cat bounce to fuel it as much as possible because muh Arbitrum muh runway. Let anons read some random shit so they fomo back in, thats how you rule the world and dump back on them

>> No.22792883

>The Arbitrum presentation stated that they are not ruling out having their own token. What then?
Then you go 80% LINK 20% ARB.

>> No.22792925

why the fuck do you stupid niggers make threads like this then fuck off when you get a certain amount of legit responses

>> No.22793042

Bought at 8.12, sold just under 10, and goodbye forever

>> No.22793064

Thanks for this comfy thread OP! It was interesting

>> No.22793078

what are you on about? it's 92k sats right now...

>> No.22793924
File: 314 KB, 1423x1431, 1570577388608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you two are too smart to read this God forbidden board.

to summarize this thread, LINK went from 2018 crumbs SWIFT, MAERSK, INTEL, GOOGLE, INSURANCE COMPANIES ETC. to shills talking about serving ETH prices and fixing gas problems within blockchain.

Like who the fucks buy this level of delusion, because for sure it's not the early buyers.

if we talk about fixing shit on some fuckin blockchain, 20 different fuckin side-projects and solutions, i lost count honestly.

like mixicles, deco, tsigs, town crier, gas prices, my nuts, libya food crisis, black lives matter.


3 fuckin years, millions upon millions of dollars, literally a fuckin 5 BILLION EVALUATION, and this looks like a motherfuckin circus.

Like really think about it. Once per quarter there is some other shit, on top of other shit that 99% of LINK holders won't even understand because there are some fuckin math graphs on top of crypto buzz word salad on top of another technical bullshit talk.

Like who the fuck will change legacy systems for this kind of bullshit ?

Its just a fuckin ponzi, and will be forever.

Nobody fuckin cares about Ari Jewels or whatever his name is, and his 10 fuckin students who sell every fuckin summer project to Chainlink.

Like go pitch this fuckin shit to AXA, and push deadline away quarter after quarter, blockchain this blockchain that, and meanwhile dump 500 000 shares weekly because you need to keep the "network" from shutting down, because nobody is fuckin using it from REAL WORLD after 3 years.

Like after all this shit and money, this is a circle jerk(blockchain is the circle) project, that nobody gives a flying fuck and using.

Like who the fuck uses smart contracts, and if they are so smart and technology is fuckin game changing there would be jumping on this shit, and getting rid of backoffices etc whatever the example is.

Its all so tiresome even reading about it, just fuckin release staking or exit scam

>> No.22793957

See that blip up in the chart?

That's what OP was trying to accomplish.

He sold or went short...

>> No.22794071
File: 202 KB, 1223x598, yahoolink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its motherfuckin 2021 almost and theres no single fuckin company at least dipping their toes officially with like 1% of their traffic to smartcontracts.

give me one fuckin example that we for sure know about. like even a fuckin Europe company thats not showing Proof of Concept or giving "oracle startup" data cloud service or some other shit validation.

this fuckin pic related is most funny and most accurate shit ever about Chainlink.

when you step aside from /biz/ and crypto twitter, this project is literally non existent.

3 years
5 Billion evaluation
literally fuckin lost in space

think about that

>> No.22794166

42 is a newfag like you faggot.
this is going to be like that didn't believe in Vitalik screencap. The writing is on the walls dude if a virtuous cycle is created that makes doing business cheaper and more efficient the literal who cryptos will become household names.

>> No.22794314

This. Optimisim, xDai, etc. OP's theory would only work if Chainlink was the only option.

>> No.22794337
File: 2.07 MB, 498x396, 2586BECC-E343-4E7F-9650-23E0206883D0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m thinkin yeah, we’ve made it

>> No.22794411

That pivotal tracker man. September 26th is a few days away.

>> No.22794421

OP, did you open up that short yet? ;)

>> No.22794445

>this fuckin pic related is most funny and most accurate shit ever about Chainlink.
How fucking slimy do you have to be to steal a meme and then post it >>22784405 in the same fucking thread?

>> No.22794467

yeah okay hit me with Eth 2017 ICO mania screencap, when i was talking about LINK 2020 "life after pump to 20$" situation aka 3 years development - dont have anything fuckin done, but went top5 situation

closing the fuckin tab, its literally pointless to respond to brain fucked population of biz.

1000$ from 2018 threads was based on motherfuckin conqurering of the world of finance.

not being a bitch of blockchain fuckin useless transfers, and not delivering core cogs of this motherfuckin project after 3 years.

Sergey can fuck off back to reading Aristoteles in his 3 millie flat, and drive around with his dad in Lambo. Maybe he was the one creating every fren thread out of spite because of BigMac memes.

Maybe hes the ultimate Liberal villain on 4chan.

See i just did a speculation in speculation thread about speculating the price of a fuckin token.

its not asset, its not regulated, they can literally dump millions of $ worth every week, and say this in 2022

- Yo guys we lost all the funds, other projects solved the oracle problem, and network will be shut down. We are moving to another project tho, the Initial Coin Offering will start ......

And that could be the end of Chainlink fairy tale about Lambos and living in expensive flats, but it only ends good for the team, not 5000 LINK holderrs itt :)

>> No.22794485


>> No.22794510

i had it saved for days you mong, its not original content from this thread you fuckin retard, as you can see he got chan ID in filename you fuckin newfag

>> No.22794570
File: 175 KB, 840x861, 1595150208584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



See you in a few minutes in a different style under a new mobile IP.

>> No.22794612

>as you can see he got chan ID in filename
kek, you stick out like a sore thumb
Seriously, why are you here?

>> No.22794652


>> No.22794659

>Like who the fuck uses smart contracts, and if they are so smart and technology is fuckin game changing there would be jumping on this shit, and getting rid of backoffices etc whatever the example is.

There is plenty of enterprise adoption of private blockchain implementations on hyperledger to reconcile databases/streamline systems and reduce costs. These are much easier to implement because a single party can decide on trusted sources of data.

This will eventually evolve toward blockchain adoption between enterprises, but this introduces trust issues and brings us to the much discussed oracle problem. The reason we haven’t seen much public adoption yet is 1. Limited dev resources for blockchain 2. Still establishing trust/familiarity with blockchain based on internal implementations 3. Extremely high cost for oracle data feeds.

Tsigs and layer2 scaling are critical to making this attractive to enterprise use cases

>> No.22794667


>> No.22794704

Why would they use arbitrum when there are other L2 scaling solutions that are being adopted right now such as xdai?

>> No.22794773


>> No.22794844

Dear diary,
Today OP was not a faggot.

>> No.22794914

Yeah they could go another way I guess like how maker refuse to use Chainlink oracles and have now been overtaken by new defi platforms.
xDai is an erc 677 transfer and call token used for "fast and inexpensive stable transactions. xDai is used for transactions, payments and fees, and STAKE is used to support Proof-of-Stake consensus". Their token standard is the same as link's meaning they could be blockchain agnostic too.

Arbitrum is a zk rollup toolkit designed to be blockchain agnostic for scaling and capacity building. xDai seems to be tps focused while arbitrum focuses on a bunch of useful features. https://offchainlabs.com/

>> No.22795191

actually since the pandemic hit gas prices have been awesome here.

>> No.22795224

How can you look at that?

>> No.22795296


>> No.22795461
File: 250 KB, 1859x553, wwwwwwwwwww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah i know they have limited dev resources thats why Sergey is basically saying that they are hiring and they built "network" and wait for devs to build their shit, since they are open source.

we can go back and forth, with IF's , WHen's and They Will Coms, but it has been 3 years and there's actually ZERO fuckin rock solid cases.

Tsigs was great concept, just like decentralized oracle network was a great concept 3 years ago.

3+3 equals 6 so, get ready for staking,tsigs,working network and first client birthday party cake in 2023.

Ofc cant guarantee that date, and cant guarantee LINK price by then but for sure it will be between 1-1000$.

we are doing MMO RPG Astrology simulation. basically exchanging our money to enter the game, we buy digital currency that can only be used within the game ecosystem, and maybe turning it for profits.

game may be dead, we might switch to different one.

ponzi (at the current state of world usage).

2018 was the shit, fools talking about what can project achieve, and quite frankly, it didnt achieve alot apart from reaching high value in USD so far.

NO FUD just real talk. so far - 20 different pivots in some other ongoing issues etc. meanwhile Band and other so called "competitors" stealing oracle money, and doing 18 cents to 18$ run in 5 months with no tech, no mixiciles no ari jew, no tsigs, no deco, fuckin.

whatever, lets hear some next fuckin bullshit in next couple of weeks, if they even bother announcing anything
>muh no price talk
>muh no announcments of what they buying for money
>muh silent project no hype

>> No.22795576

nice blog post faggot

>> No.22795594


Reddit spacing idiot doesnt know it makes his position so much less persuasive

>> No.22795604

So xdai can make arbitrum useles? Thus making Link become worthless

>> No.22795655

> multiple solutions to problems can't exist
> branding to signify minute differences isn't a thing
> cow shit is better than cow urine
kek nice rational Ranjeet

>> No.22795743

reddit spacing was a term used by 4chan cheetofingers low lifes fuckin shutins who had multiple piss bottles next to their mushroom and cig buds filled desks on /b/

so if you want to identify with those rules, fuck off back to /b/ but you are probably newfag, who before posting here, was googling rules from every thread because you dont understand shit

you dont know who boxy was, you dont know prostiute anon from biz , you dont know how this board looked couple of years before.

just like you dont know how confidentiality is solved in deco and mixicles whitepaper because you never read it you fuckin brainlet.

just like i said before, 99% of this board population is a waste of time

just remember, in crypto, you are playing against people way smarter than me, and im way above
you fuckin mouthbreathers on IQ scale.

fkin imbeciles trying to force rules made up by 40 year old fuckin overweight burgers who shat under their desks with timestamps for 5$ paypal donations back in the day

>> No.22795797

>yeah i know they have limited dev resources thats why Sergey is basically saying that they are hiring and they built "network" and wait for devs to build their shit, since they are open source.

I wasn’t talking about Chainlink dev resources. I was saying that enterprises have challenges recruiting devs with blockchain experience due to a limited talent pool which is slowing adoption of blockchain.

>> No.22795824

Dunning Kruger thinks he is smarter then autists.

>> No.22795839

I'll ask again: Why?
Are you paid? Are you practicing your English?
Why spend the day writing a dozen blogposts fudding Link?

>> No.22795853

it will eventually, be big mac's. i believe in you anon.

ALSO OP: good thread, im like a quarter way through. thanks.

>> No.22795862

I've been here since before reddit existed and can tell you this is astroturf kek. Tumblr were better troll targets but they made good p0rn
go and make a medium account and blog post there simeon

>> No.22795935

You exit scam 500k links a week

>> No.22795948

It's really shameful astroturf, at that. Incredibly bullish, frankly.

>> No.22795985

what the fuck are you talking about, those are the same languages used by coders all around the world, where do you think all those devs came from ? Hogwarts ? Harvard bootcamp ?

devs came from money, updated their knowledge in matter of weeks/months and they are all set.

implementation of fuckin working product is far easier and made possible by Chainlink itself, its not like end user will have to engineer their whole system and create a infrastructure.

i can hire 2 pajeets for 1000$ and have a working model of Chainlink connection to insurance contracts but negro nobody from the TOP will pass this shit technology to handle anything in current state.

50yo boomers on top will not even showup to pitch meeting, yet alone talk about anything crypto related. unregulated wild wild west market, decentralized bla bla bla, nobody to sue in cases of breach suck my tits.

stop talking technicals, when we are failing pitch meeting by a mile negro, we are not even in the lobby to be honest.

outside of the building, screaming that we have great idea and want to meet the boss

>> No.22795995

dude, please be patient. not yet. you will know deep inside when its big mac time.

>> No.22796056

You are a MANIAC!

>> No.22796110

dude so are YOU! you're in every thread posting exactly the same thing
> the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results

>> No.22796117
File: 523 KB, 689x720, chanID881243663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my fucking sides
I changed my mind, please keep posting. I want to know more about the time you stood screaming outside a VC's office

>> No.22796160

Do you realize how expensive and in demand legitimate coding talent is right now? Let alone people that have extensive experience building on hyper ledger or coding in solidity for ENTERPRISE applications. These companies aren’t hiring random neets who built a shitty Dapp in their basement.

>> No.22796182
File: 188 KB, 680x680, cluck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22796196

yeah so called "autist" literally created this thread with astrology theory prediction, and another one invented >>22795797 dev with blockchain experience because onboarding takes years and C++ and other langagues are forbidden knowledge.

yall snorted my 200+ replies threads back in 2018 but those days are long gone.

you cant have reasonable discussion with devils advocate here anymore.

3 digit LINK holders, deluded 4 digit LINK holders, and -50% from top does that to you.

yall just fishes, and you smell.

IM OUT. Keep playing kids, 2 more spaces


>> No.22796226

uncle oldfag what happened to your trip?

>> No.22796272

You could hire 2 pajeets to read solidity contracts and change variables and have them keep trying until it works. That's after they spend half a year learning how to run a fork so they can break it in isolation.

A proper pajeet makes approximately 5000 USD per year programming. This would be maybe equivalent to your 80000 mill programmer. An elite pajeet is going to run you at least 15000 to 45000 per year.

>> No.22796331

yeah i do realize motherfucker, and you are using scale thats not even in talks here, because not a single company nor department even will go full on blockchain from get go.

we are talking slow testing, months, years within the company, with couple of % traffic, maybe even non-sensitive data, fuckin lawyers involved, approval of everyone on top etc.

not only you twisting the code world, but you are twisting or missing on informaiton about corpo enviroment.

i just responded to you, because at least you trying to be reasonable. out for good

dont be deluded. peace

>> No.22796552

Bypass ETH with my own system seems the most logical solution.

>> No.22796850

I think you are misunderstanding me, my point is that this is going to drastically slow adoption by enterprises, not that Chainlink somehow fixes that.

> we are talking slow testing, months, years within the company, with couple of % traffic, maybe even non-sensitive data, fuckin lawyers involved, approval of everyone on top etc.

100% agree.

>> No.22796947

>he thinks it's the same two people in every thread.
That's cute.

>> No.22798045

what about DMG?

>> No.22798516

Holy fuck based

>> No.22799191


>> No.22799229


>> No.22799276

>2. So if you're Sergey, you keep pushing the price feeds until the projects that pay you start to border on insolvency (remember they don't have your runway) and then you roll out part of your long term plan (tsigs) that benefits ONLY the people who have already bent the knee
i don't understand, how is this beneficial for link? what do you mean by 'bend the knee'? isn't this just killing a bunch of projects that are already paying you?

>> No.22799328

The full realization of OCA through SGX trusted hardware

>> No.22799486

jesus game theory perfection sergey really is the chosen one

>> No.22799487

Sat gang is really salty. Nice

>> No.22799495

it's the great burning of all the pisscoin ico scams. based Sergey is bringing the great cleansing

>> No.22799501


>> No.22799541

go back

>> No.22799652
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kekkkk Defi on eth is rugged now. Layer 2 Defi protocols popping up .Just saw a post on a defi protocol called easyfi network defi protocol on matic network and 10 M supply.
Interesting point farm with stable coins make is looks interesting.
Then i read in details it had no tokensale only via farming .
layer 2 farming starting soon kekkkkk its the start dont miss this seem good yields

WE are gonna make it bois we will be rich soon farming on layer 2 solution

>> No.22799674

didnt read
not selling

>> No.22799706

checked. genuinely disappointed in /biz/ rn

>> No.22800045

Checked an reasonable-pilled.

>> No.22800064

so your take on what he's saying is that the strong projects will survive and the shitty ones will be purged? that generally makes sense but that isn't the vibe i'm getting, that would be more dependent on those individual companies successes no?

>> No.22800253
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nothing makes me harder than some furious, priced-out plebbit mouthbreather like this guy trying his hardest to make shit up as he goes along to cope with the fact that he missed out on the last 3 years because he obviously only just found biz like a month ago
you seem to have confused your own verbosity for cleverness, but unfortunately you've ended up looking like a really loud nigger instead

it's not even debatable at this point, which is why you had to bow out after getting blown the fuck out multiple times
the absolute state of fudders

>> No.22800319

Discord the usual suspects

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