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I have no friends, no girlfriends ever, spend most of my time on 4chan, and quit my last job after 1 day because it seemed like too much work.

im 25 and im worth 750k.

i have nothing in my life besides money..
was it worth it?

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What are you doing with your money now? I would just be a boomer and invest in safe dividend stocks with at least 5% yield

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the money you possess is not what you're worth :( you'll find a girldfriend one day I'm sure

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go travelling

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>im worth 750k
kek I hope you have that money in link or eth or bitcoin, because you're still a poorfag

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Get married and have kids before 30

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if you had 750k you wouldn’t be whining like a faggot. come back when you aren’t a lying poorfag.

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Buy a fat LIBERTAS stack and start fighting for freedom, money won't fix anything, only a true passion and fight for something greater then yourself will.

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Why before 30?

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750k is still poor in a first world country. Keep waging

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why do real poorfags with only 20 dollars in their bank of america checking account say this?

you are akin to the 4'11 200 pound foid making fun of a 5'9 guy because he's not 6'0

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You are 25 with 750k from crypto gambling and no income. Better to be a high earning wagie than some cuck with a few hundred thousand and no marketable skills

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The vast majority of women who will make good wives aren't still single after 30. Also what's the point of marriage if you aren't gonna have kids?

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to you king

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kek, this is so false. First off that's not OP, second it's 1000000000x better to be a 25 yo with money. There are like a half dozen 25 year olds with a high salary in the entire USA because most people go to grad school to make money nowadays.

OP if you're still here just be smart with your money and learn to do some trade/skill you can live with. Programming or carpentry or something not too stressful. If you play your cards right you can unironically live off of 750K for your entire life.

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you think its impossible for someone to have 750k at 25? are you retarded? kys

fell for the traveling meme and i ended up just in a hotel room shitposting and getting drunk. it was cool seeing shit, but not worth the money.

>holding BTC or ETH in 2020
I get passive income from my investments and hold crypto on the side.

thanks friend

not really faggot

i will never fall for the marriage meme. i would love to have a son though.

my investments make more money then some wagefaggot with muh "marketable skills"

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if you live to 70 that's about 17k per year if you want to retire from 25.

it's a fat chunk. but not enough. several million is where you truly fuck off.

OP doesn't seem like he has the chops to properly invest his money or use it to buy/start a business. if i was a betting man, i'd say this is his high point.

t. small biz owner, older than OP and with a comparable net worth.

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this. Depending on how you live.. you could make it last roughly 20 years, which isn't gonna be long enough or you could be broke in a year or two.

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lick my balls old man.

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Most 25 year olds making money are at FAANG pulling in 300k a year with a BS in CS

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25 is still young enough to turn things around. Having money already gives you a big advantage too.

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Hey I'm in your situation but am 23 and have like 35k. How can I invest it to at least have money, I'm not sure the loneliness is going anywhere.

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why u mad tho?

is it cuz have no friends, no girlfriends ever, spend most of my time on 4chan, and quit my last job after 1 day; i have nothing in my life besides money.?

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¿Basado en que?

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>29 yo NEET here with a 250k net worth
>have bachelors in IS
>waged for 2 years and said fuck this rat race and decided to drop out and grow pot
>13k Link stack
>4 BTC and 12 ETH
I’ll be a multi millionaire within a year and there’s nothing hook nosed yids can do about it.

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>you can't marry a younger woman

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sell the btc for eth so u can run 4 nodes when 2.0 comes out

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you guys think so normie like, anyone with half a brain would put the 750k in index funds and then just use the 7-8 % percent interest they make per year to live, 53k a year is plenty to live in a median income state and will essentially last forever without ever touching the principal. All you really need is about 1m to be good forever, buy a 300k house and put the rest in index funds or just put the whole 1m in index funds and get a mortgage at a good rate, the latter is smarter financially because you make more putting the extra 300k in index funds. But some people hate having a mortgage, so either way works.

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More people = more pollution. Thank you for not breeding!

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>fell for the traveling meme and i ended up just in a hotel room shitposting and getting drunk. it was cool seeing shit, but not worth the money.

I...think I remember you from a thread like a month ago or some shit? Someone posted a thread that they were in...idr some beach area because their mom always wanted to go there but then they just ended up getting drunk and staying in their hotel room. People recommended they go to a youth hostel iirc

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wasn't me..

traveling is a literal meme so someone else probably posted something similar

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i know what thread your talking about though...

thats how much time i spend in this fucking place

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you need more than $750k. buy a business with cash flow or apartment complex to rent out

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No he needs to keep making money, so does the guy with 250k. Wait for the next recession and then put downpayments on multiple houses like a boomer and rent them out to have the rent pay for the low low mortgages and keep most of your money to buy stonks at low low prices

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Dont listen to this idiot, you want to have passive income, not chase around your fucking tenants hoping to get a check. The average ROI of being a landlord is about 10-15% at best, with tons of headache. Just put it all in index funds and basically retire. Your mental health will thank you.

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By Azura!

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Yes just take time. Your your Anon. Live your life get fit and healthy. And take chances at taking to people weed out the bad ones.

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you need more than these nuts faggot

whats your net worth?

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