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>chinks clownwick LINK
>stop losses trigger dump to $8.50
>fud bot threads spawn
>fud bots respond to the fud bot threads
>/biz/, unironically worse than /pol/

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yes, by now, simply yes. same mechanics, similar actors, it never stops. Not old enough to remember /b/ that fondly, but it was probably the same with porn spam.

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/pol/ is better than like 60% of the boards on 4chan because sometimes people have discussions there.

/biz/ is just pajeet shilling and bitches giving each other bad advice because they're asshurt they lost money so they want other people to feel the pain too.

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we just need flags. It would make this board so much better. I know a lot of anons say if you can't work out whats spam then you deserve to lose money, but we're all buying the same shit, so if newfags sell we all lose profits. This aside, I don't want to have to sift through slide thread after slide thread for something I do recreationally . It's just not fucking worth visiting the board anymore. No doubt this thread will get 404'd despite thotpost time-wasting '1 post by this id' slidethreads being active for literal days.

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Yes. It's musical chairs. Now imagine this without the MicroStrategy or Grayscale money.

It's fucking gay though. The shill bots were going hard to try and get anons to walk the price up before the shorting restarted and one wick sends the FUD side back to work.

>Token Not Needed
>Oh Linkies
>Gun to Head
>I'm Ruined

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Half the board is already American/European shithrowing anyway, having flags wouldn't change anything except we could see all the fucking Pajeets shitting up the board with scams.

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What's the cost to call the price Chainlink API?
Asking here, because as LINK holders you guys probably know that and I can't find it mentioned anywhere on Chainlink website.
What's the ethereum/gas cost? How much LINK do you have to pay per API call?

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flags would just show you what you already know. Fud and spam gets posted by chinks on canadian vpns and slavshits, aussies and scandis ironic shitposting, Germans and Brits angry seething and a lot of mutts hard to pinpoint

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It really tells you we are onto something when biz has even more shills then pol

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Flags would make this shit board even worse.
Half of all comments would be
>muh leafs give the worst advice
>shut up pajeet
>a swede would tell me to buy cuckcoin

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What does it mean? Why would (((they))) care about some poorfag neets?

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they set the bots to pump @ $8.65 but its of no use it keeps dumping

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Now thats a cuckold swedepost

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They believe the larps and anon posting random chainlink wallets to get new friends to buy. They don't get irony

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from the website, not sure if this means anything to you.
contract CoinGeckoConsumer is ChainlinkClient {
address private oracle;
bytes32 private jobId;
uint256 private fee;

uint256 public ethereumPrice;

* Network: Ropsten
* Oracle:
* Name: Omniscience Ropsten
* Listing URL: https://market.link/nodes/57587577-8ded-4d56-bb89-14da301e71cb
* Address: 0x83dA1beEb89Ffaf56d0B7C50aFB0A66Fb4DF8cB1
* Job:
* Name: ETH-USD CoinGecko
* Listing URL: https://market.link/jobs/d630df4f-1ed1-449b-8c0b-c27ab7a581a2
* ID: 93547cb3c6784ec08a366be6211caa24
* Fee: 0.1 LINK
constructor() public {
oracle = 0x83dA1beEb89Ffaf56d0B7C50aFB0A66Fb4DF8cB1; // oracle address
jobId = "93547cb3c6784ec08a366be6211caa24"; //job id
fee = 0.1 * 10 ** 18; // 0.1 LINK

* Make initial request
function requestEthereumPrice() public {
Chainlink.Request memory req = buildChainlinkRequest(jobId, address(this), this.fulfillEthereumPrice.selector);
sendChainlinkRequestTo(oracle, req, fee);

* Callback function
function fulfillEthereumPrice(bytes32 _requestId, uint256 _price) public recordChainlinkFulfillment(_requestId) {
ethereumPrice = _price;

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Thing is i don't mind flag banter. If it cleans up the board even a little it's worth implementing it.

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>flags made /pol/ better
custom flags was already a mistake

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Ah, so it's 0.1 LINK + gas fees per each oracle?

Since it's in the smart contract I assume that I can customize the fee if I were to launch my own price feed?

Thank you for help, anon.

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just foreign cunts using data to make as much money as possible. Because crypto is small relative to other markets, many of the tools used in wall street such as margin trading, options, leverage, limits etc can be used to manipulate the price of a token quite effectively. This should get better as more money from diverse sources move into crypto.

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>I assume that I can customize the fee if I were to launch my own price feed?

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I believe so. This way more difficult jobs can charge more, since the risk falls on the node operator.

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