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The BAT thread is dead, long live the BAT thread.

How low can we go? I feel bad for not swinging at .42 earlier. I don't have any hope for thing improving until after the election.

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The browser hardly blocks ads anymore. And they cut the amount we get paid I’m starting to lose hope for this shitcoin

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Just use the browser across all you devices. Once this shit moons just buy yourself an rtx 3080 or ps5. Dont even think about buying this shit.

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Not sure what ads you aren't getting blocked anymore, it's fine on my end.

But to your second point, what precisely did you think would happen as the browser gets bigger and bigger? The larger user base continues to get compensated at the same level as one half its size? Of course not. Smaller rewards are, unironically, bullish.

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Not looking to go all in on these or anything at this point. Bought a small amount for Brave and it's been fine.

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i have like 3 bat from last month

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stay strong brothers

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That's cool, make sure to listen to the newest podcast.

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who cares. free tokens.

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why do you care so much about people listening to the podcast

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It's going to dump back to $0.1 then pump past $0.3 next year AND dump again. Rinse and repeat. I managed to sold my stack at $0.35, but I bought back in at $0.25 like a retard. No one is interested in BAT, Brave is constantly growing and yet it does jack shit to BAT. I won't be surprised if one day they completely scrap BAT and replace it with another currency. Fuck this shit, almost 4 years soon and BAT is still going nowhere. 50th mcap and still dropping.
>missed LINK
>missed UNI
I wonder what I'm going to miss next because I'm obsessed with this trash.

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i sold recently and people on /biz/ are obsessed with me so now it has to pump

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1. To bump the thread.
2. So people can listen to the newest BAT news.
3. For new people interested in BAT but not sure where to start or what it's all about/ general info/ more info.
4. Brendan Eich.
5. I'm invested in BAT myself and want to see the community grow.

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me too :(

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fuck brave, as soon as another company starts giving out tokens for ads im switching, which theres going to be since its such a simple design to copy and brave hasnt done a single unique thing so far. everyone will keep using zoom or have their own internal programs, and nobody wants bat because its fucking useless. jenny deserves to get raped violently

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.25 stable coin

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nope now its going to $1 because the discord groups have decided and they control everything in crypto because they own everything, like always

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based, and fresh new meme, keep it CUMing bat bois

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>buying a .25 cent stablecoin for .42

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What will you guys buy when you make it

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Yeah I'm thinking we're back batfags.

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but really who cares about the money, its about being right, and to rub it in /biz/ face and my ex-friends faces
22 CENTS LETS GO, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MONEY TOWN

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interesting. i dont care about any of that, i just want a nice quite cabin in the middle of nowhere with a gym and a sauna. thats it.

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I bought the coin at .14 retard, by swing we mean "sell to buyback".

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youre never going to have that.

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Based. Same. And a smoking room and library.

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something like this isnt even that expensive. i could almost afford it now but then id be broke

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okay then get it and go broke

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holy fuck im really going to throw acid in her face fuck brave fuck eich

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Not everyone here has zero impulse control

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what are you so angry about anon i think you need to do some meditation or something

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are you the anon that said he just sold after a year of holding and if it pumps you are going on a rampage?

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thats definitely him he keeps talking about throwing acid in peoples faces. seething. probably sold to buy some illiquid shitcoin that he will attempt to flip but will end up losing all his money on.

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Gentlemen how do I transfer bat from mobile to myself?

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Uphold. Gemini too I think. But just wait. Price go up soon

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>Use brave browser
>Finally get 2 BAT
>Go to withdraw to wallet
>You need to have minimum 25 BAT to create an Uphold account. Please try again later.

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>if you know you know

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you have to use it in 6 months or else it will disappear too

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How in the FUCK is that possible? I have the ads set to the maximum per hour too, and the shit takes forever.
Is this a scam?

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the rumor is: all ad sales thus far have happened out of treasury coins. Once self-serve ad market is released will happen from general supply.

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thats false they buy them all on the exchanges

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That's only true for token grants which are random bonuses they give out. BAT paid out for receiving ads should sit in your account until you take it out.

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the fact that youre bearish is bullish

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so you're saying that advertisers are buying ads on open market yet token price is collapsing...
and you conclude thats actually bullish?

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I converted all my BAT into ROT and it's already 2x today.

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its still too early for the amount of bat being bought to pump the price yet

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....so users have less incentive to click ads....thus bearish

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what the fuck are you even talking about? you dont have to click the ad to get paid anyways

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Based reason 4

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anyone from the whale discord want to comment exactly where they are pumping the price to?

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