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Bought at 0,4$. Feeling comfy and buying more now. Stay strong linkies, fuck this weak handed piece of shit fuckers stupid fucks. 100$ EOY is minimum, buy now or stay poor.

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Fuck off

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Fuck off deluded fool

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Holy cope

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> dump hot loads on my hairy chest
> thank you master partnership confirmed

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I just bought more. Mad?

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LOL fuck no. Go ahead and buy more and we'll watch.

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you will watch him driving Lambo bought by Linkies

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Has your post cooldown finished yet? Get back to work spamming demoralization threads, bug boy.

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Hey anon yes you reading this post. You ever wonder why for ever person saying kys Cope there is another saying fucking weak hands . Do you even know what you’re holding, it makes middlemen obsolete. You don’t know how much financial organisations spend on middlemen do you anon. Guess what I do, $1000 eoy

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no but I still compulsively fud link since 2017 and can't stop even though I'm all in

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>$1000 eoy
>a-any y-year now

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You'll be singing $10 EOY in a couple of months you emotional gal.

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Youre a Sad cunt

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We are reaching levels of COPE that shouldnt be possible. you could have doubled (soon to be triple) your stack

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as above so below faggot learn to enjoy the experience of these emotions because when it's over life becomes boring. checked

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do you have nothing to do besides shitpost on 4chan all day?

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not really. I do other things but shitposting here is still comfy no matter how much money you have

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I will never sell either. It can go ahead and go to zero. I believe in the project 1000%. IF it went to 1 penny, I would believe it would rebound to infinity.

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I dislike you

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There are teams of chinks and trannies viciously attacking us every day to try and get us to sell. Don't do their job for them. You are better then a chink or a tranny.

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I am aware of the shills and have been fudding their stupid one liners for weeks. I'm not here to help anyone. no hand holding. praise kek; believe in chaos. we will make it.

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hmm I was keeping my small second trading stack aside but after bzrx failed me, safe was an impetuous and poor choice, almost entirely garbage posts on the catalog. Already have some xsn. A little falconswap in case they launch well. Perhaps i should give up 'trading' and put my usdc all into link now and go back to my other hobbies and wait. Thoughts gentlemen?

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digits confirm

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checked Sergeypilled and double confirmed

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