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I know literally nothing about crypto. The technology, market, anything. I cannot even do basic maths with percentages, and I have a meme major. I made 30k in the last two months fucking around browsing /biz/ and reddit.

You don’t need any in depth knowledge of any of this shit, just common sense.

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bump, shower me with praise losers

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Okay I'll bite, what gives you the audacity to make a post like this on /biz/? You think people 'round these places give a darn about you? You're out of your mind, kid, now scram! Scram boy!

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this is unironically the saddest thread ive ever seen

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here is the validation you seek, its clear you cant get it anywhere else.

Wow anon! You are so cool and talented! I am jealous and impressed!

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>thinks buying tech calls is a viable long term strategy

wait until Jpow's printer jams

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I’m lonely
idk what anything you said means

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cringe bro if want people to like you you gotta be a shill and halp the biz bros

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but congrats actually on the profit hoping to do the same :D

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oh shit bro you're being serious aren't you. congrats I guess, keep up the good work. takes money to make money, but it takes skill to keep it.

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You are gonna make it. Fuck all those spergs that read the whitepaper.

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Just get lucky theory

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Show trades or didn't happen

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oh no, i think he's being serious, anon. He's just accepted this part of himself by now and no longer feels any shame for his desire to obtain external validation.

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I validated your moms pussy last night

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haha nice! have a hi-five, champ!

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Show the trades bitch...you WONT

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Join the club. Retard haven here

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