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>Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020:

>UHNWI aka Mellon:

>Kendra Hill:

>Other Insider:

>Other Other Insider:

>Bank of Canada Insider:

>Conference Anon:

>33 million XRP anon:

>Judy Shelton (Trump Fed nominee):

>The Myth of Market Cap:


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Repost for those who missed it in last thread.

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That was written for Trump by mnuchin and Craig Phillips.

It's actually happening.

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Repost reply
>Appendix A • Participants in the Executive Order Engagement Process

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Dub dubz ;-)

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How much BTC do you guys hold? Is China's dam actually in jeopardy of breaking or is that a schizo meme?

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All of Insider/UHNWI references to Jesus and scripture:

Insider/UHNWI Youtube links:

>I am leaving this thread now, God bless you. There is nothing more important than finding Jesus Christ.

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I have an announcement.
I now have over 50,000 xrp.
That is all.

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What are you going to keep inside your mansion?

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What are you going to keep inside your moonsion?

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you're not a madman

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Less than 1 BTC, dam really could break, would you trust the Chicoms to build you a house?

Based, I envy your stack.

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I want a gold fish & maybe a wife or two.

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Early thread appreciation

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>pic related

src: https://dex.xrplapps.com/

Anyone seen this? I check this every other day, first time seeing any digits next to euro. always only ever been usa and china with digits

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Can you explain what it is please?

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BASED. HOLY SHIT. has this been seen before? I’ve only ever heard of it.

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Well fellow schizos I now have 400k xrp. Either I make it next level or die trying.

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Nice stacks. I'm working towards 10k

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positively stupendous.

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Checked based Marduk. I found it on twitter researching 222.

Can I be your assistant when you join the illuminati?

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its like looking at the stats for binance or uniswap

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Sorry fren, not going to join. Have to stop playing their game and help as many people as I can. You will be welcome on my compound.

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>july 2018

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I knew it existed and basically this just confirms what I know but I’ve never actually had the pleasure of reading it. KEK.

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alternatively u can go full schizo, infiltrate them and rip them apart...for the good of humanity of course

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Skimmed it a bit. Will end up reading the whole thing tomorrow since it's late right now. This is mostly about de-regulation. Crypto is not really mentioned but it looks like the de-regulation that they want to do with this EO will be a big step towards what we want. It's happening.

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Craig Phillips is an interesting man.

Blackrock to Ripple BoD to the Federal Government to...tokenized real estate?

Out of all the people in the world, he's high on the list of people I'd like to have a drink with

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That just makes XRP more bullish. That confirms that Ripple has been heavily involved in the talks about changing how it all works. Exciting.

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how many other coins have banks writing reports about how they play a key role in 'the bank of the future'


(in 2018)

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Crypto twitter is a mixed bag now...many pros are saying bullish, other pros saying bearish

bulls are saying
- holding 20 week avg as bull market support

bears are saying
- price action is bearish

macro environment wise
- inflationary expectations good for hard assets
- yet potential blackswan event wrt RBG incident and a stuck supreme court

what do anons?

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look at the top of the painting. a phoenix?

is that Hamilton? ie the guy who established the American banking system as we know it

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Buy more XRP

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the price action is obviously irrelevant, look at the macroeconomic factors i.e. the fact that the entire financial system is obviously about to crash when lockdown phase 2 happens in mid-october, which will engender the switchover to the new financial system (brought to you by Ripple, based around on-demand liquidity in XRP tokens, which in order to work would have to be worth tens of trillions of dollars)

literally beg borrow and steal every dollar you can and put it into XRP you moron. also ALGO and XLM because ALGO will be the blockchain of the digital dollar and XLM will be the international money, or rather, the Lumen. get em while they're cheap

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Hold and don't fucking day trade XRP, friend.

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>Alex Hamilton

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i could buy more if price dips due to stock market or btc going down tho

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They'll kill me. Lucifer takes full control no matter what.

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once fucking popeyes pays a nigga ill get another 4k

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already have a 'not selling' stack but question is whether to add now or wait for correction (if any)

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>Lucifer takes full control no matter what.


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can I expect realistically 100$ EOY

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Yes temporarily. But mortals aren't the ones that stop him.

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i've been trying to exercise self-control and dca, but i wonder if .23-.24 is the floor

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Who are the 144,000? Were they once mortal men?

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seriously bro, im on the verge of renting my asshole at this point kek

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Fair point...

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Checked but it was a question.
t. brainsmooth and new to Christ

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will i make it with 10k xrp?

>> No.22655724

100k is makeit stack

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Kek. Yes they were once mortal men. I thought you were saying *we* as in the 144000 would help take out Lucifer. I do not believe it as such but you got me thinking about it. We are here for a reason and I assume some of us are part of that number. We will be welcome in Gods kingdom when the time comes. For now we must believe in Jesus, not take the mark, and help others find salvation.

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>I thought you were saying *we* as in the 144000 would help take out Lucifer.
Would be a blessing to fight alongside Jesus.
>For now we must believe in Jesus, not take the mark, and help others find salvation.
Based. God bless.

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so wen moon?

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how long do you think it will say sub 30 cents? if the moon is on november then i'd expect a lot of insider trading on october

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How does your own moon colony sound?

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Why is the thread dead?

>> No.22656990

my amerilard brothers are resting for their next day of neeting and eating

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Didn't you know that its rosh hashana.
Dont you know about XRP?
I'm glad I could answer your question

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It’s always quiet around this time, once the amerischizos are back on it’ll be pumping.

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where should i store xrp? is coinbase ok? coinbase vault?

i wanna be clean when i make it, so i'd prefer to not keep it on standard wallets, otherwise i'll get my coinbase account blacklisted or something once i move a couple of xrp there to withdraw

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>> No.22657395

thumbdrive secured with some encryption (veracrypt?)

wrap in heavy duty aluminium foil (many layers)

>> No.22657415

Why the foil?

>> No.22657436

extra protection from emp or solar flare? hehe

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>i'll get my coinbase account blacklisted

>> No.22657640

i will dump everything in a year or 2, so i have to keep it somewhere where the jews can see it and tax me eventually, so no hardware wallets or wallets in general.

coinbase look the safes bet

imagine suddenly withdrawing milions to you bank account, and the source is a random ass crypto wallet. either the bank will flag you, or coinbase will flag you, but you'll get flagged either way and the tax man will want to know all the history of how you bought each xrp or something. then they'll discover you didn't paid tax on the uniswap airdrop and seize everything or some shit

if on the other hand you put like 10k of xrp on coinbase, nobody gives a shit, and if it moons then you can just say you exchanged currencies on coinbase and it mooned.

>> No.22657651

i dont trust exchanges with cold storage holds

>> No.22657662

The Mayflower landed at Plymouth on Dec 18 and the last day of Hanukkah 2020 is also Dec 18.

>> No.22657670

Amen, anon

>> No.22657673

i trust my pc even less, and if i'll store it on physical media i'm afraid my house will catch fire or something, plus you risk writing it down wrong or some shit

>> No.22657692

put the usb/ledger in a zip-lock bag in the foil

>> No.22657707

you are going to end up on tax evasion charges

>> No.22657723

no u but unironically. i wire money to coinbase, bought xrp and it mooned. i'll be super clean unlike you who will have to launder your internet meme money

>> No.22657727

>i have to keep it somewhere where the jews can see it and tax me eventually
Dude... A wallet is software that accesses private keys. No matter where the keys are stored (exchange, paper, hardware wallet, computer) it is on the ledger.
>imagine suddenly withdrawing milions to you bank account
You call them to tell them it is you
>and the source is a random ass crypto wallet
Report your taxes?
>if on the other hand you put like 10k of xrp on coinbase, nobody gives a shit, and if it moons then you can just say you exchanged currencies on coinbase and it mooned.
and if you don't pay your taxes, they'll come for you

>> No.22657755

Guess what, you'll have to pay taxes no matter if it's XRP or a shitcoin, who would've thought!
>I wire money to questrade, bought x shares of y and it mooned
You don't seem to understand how it works

>> No.22657768

i'm not american, and in my country buy crypto on coinbase is considered a foreign currency exchange and it's not taxable

>> No.22657810

>imagine suddenly withdrawing milions to you bank account
Is this even possible? Don't all exchanges have like a 25k daily limit or something?

>> No.22657815

i'm sure you can raise it up to 1m on coinbase

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And what country is it that I will be moving to?

>> No.22657845

>Bitcoin is an alternative currency to the traditional one
>the purchase and sale of Bitcoin in exchange for Euro are to be considered a currency exchange operation, therefore not subject to VAT
>Companies dealing with Bitcoins may gain or lose from foreign exchange activities, and such gains or losses must be reported on the balance sheet
>as an alternative to closing the financial statements, any gains or losses are calculated and recorded
>in the case of private individuals, if the speculative purpose is missing, no taxable income is recognized.

>> No.22657861

many of you are implying that banks won't eventually be exchanges themselves

>> No.22657890


Lol more like 2 to 5k xrp make it

>> No.22657908

Cough cough -- Kraken cough cough

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If you hold it on coinbase the irs will have access to all your crypto with chain analysis.

>> No.22657999

I have a mil on kraken and binance.us
Only shekel base is cucking me currently

>> No.22658026


Maybe Kraken is the best place to hold this?

>> No.22658037

I'm starting to think so.

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>tfw slowly piling on week by week
>at 2,459.32 XRP
Soon... soon.

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Dont they report to the IRS as well?

>> No.22658194

I see. My grandfather comes from Italy.
Guess I'm going there to escape the taxmen

>> No.22658226

How's QOL there?
Ital Anon please give pros and cons and if you recommend

>> No.22658228

i suggest you look into the tax liabilities of expats

>> No.22658287

Aww shit, I though Canada didn't have those laws.. Fuck

>> No.22658293

>How's QOL there?
depends if you live in the north or in the south. i live in the middle so it's a mixed bag

life is comfy, bureaucracy is fucking garbage, health system is good, it's full of normies but most people are friendly, food is good, government looks ok for the next 5 years at least

but if you are planning to move only to evade crypto taxes, then portugal or singapore would be better option, italy will eventually regulate them in a couple of years, and probably add the flat capital gain tax of 26% to everything

>> No.22658321

Where you hold it won’t affect yo it tax position. Hold it in your hardware wallet and when it’s time to sell, send it to CB and sell. Your tax obligation only crystallises when you’ve sold.

What you need to do is keep a record of what price you bought at and what price you sold at. The tax man doesn’t give a shit if you’ve got another 30k XRP sitting in a hardware wallet - he only cares about the XRP you’ve sold.

>> No.22658327

just be careful. don't blow a windfall by trying to sidestep the tax man

>> No.22658380

You’re going to be ‘withdrawing millions’ regardless. And the millions you withdraw will not be from your hardware wallet - they’ll necessarily be from an exchange as you’ll need to sell them there. All you have to do it keep a record of what you bought, when you bought it and at what price. When you sell and crystallise a tax obligation, you’ll use that info to determine your profit for tax purposes.

Have you never tax before?

>> No.22658432

I planned on doing tax evasion until I sat down and really thought about it. What's the point of making it if I'm sent to jail.. So I'll suck it up and pay my capital gains

>> No.22658457

How could that happen?

>> No.22658463

It's all getting reported. But you only have to pay when you withdraw gains. Or trade up. I have done neither.

>> No.22658487

Can I make it with 500xrp? Asking for a friend

>> No.22658502

Mayflower landed on 11/11

>> No.22658518

the xrp ledger is public. all transactions are transparent. governments will likely pay attention to the movement of an asset that explodes in value, or at the very least be curious of the new millionaire that moved into town.

>> No.22658523

Too bad trump doesn't read anything

>> No.22658546

How are you here and still think the power that be are inept.

>> No.22658547

Exchanges will likely report everything to the tax man on demand. The tax man in turn is likely to demand when he hears news of multi multi millions in profit for people who adopted XRP early.

You might get away with it, but why risk it? If you get caught, you’re fucked.

I’m making sure I pay everything. Unless that is, the uk changes the capital gains tax like has been proposed (will go up to 40% top level), in which case, I’ll look at moving for tax residency.

>> No.22658614

Power shifting from West to East

>> No.22658634

I didn't feel like responding to him.
You are better than me to take the time

>> No.22658641

move anyway, fuck the UK, they steal from us in the name of cronyism, we should have no loyalty to them. UK will be well on the way to becoming a 3rd world country in 10yrs

>> No.22658669

keep in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg. the end goal is to make everything trackable (which is currently a bitch when dealing with cash) under the auspices of "preventing illicit actions and money laundering". the end game is control. keep your fucking noses clean, brothers.

>> No.22658845

Your ID says Moo kek

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come over and milk me

>> No.22658889

I hear you mate, but my kids and soon to be ex wife are here, so I’m stuck for a while.

If you can get out, get out. You’re absolutely right about the way we’re going.

>> No.22658891

100k is a bit much, but the more the better

>> No.22658904


More into man milk than anything ;)

>> No.22658987


Mayflower was an English ship that transported the first English Puritans, known today as the Pilgrims, from England to the New World in 1620. After a grueling 10 weeks at sea, the Mayflower, with 102 passengers and a crew of about 30, reached America, dropping anchor near the tip of Cape Cod on November 11, 1620.

The Puritans believed that the Church of England was beyond redemption due to its Roman Catholic past, which forced them to pray in private. In 1608, they left England for Holland, where they could worship freely. After remaining there until 1620, a number of the Puritans purchased boats to cross the Atlantic for America, which they considered a "new Promised Land," and where they established Plymouth Colony.

>> No.22659004

The Pilgrims had originally hoped to reach America in early October using two ships, but delays and complications meant they could use only one, the Mayflower. Arriving in November, they had to survive unprepared through a harsh winter. As a result, only half of the original Pilgrims survived the first winter at Plymouth. Without the help of local Indigenous peoples to teach them food gathering and other survival skills, all of the colonists may have perished. The following winter, they celebrated the colony's first fall harvest along with the Indigenous people, which became the first Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims created and signed the Mayflower Compact while on the ship. The Compact was an agreement made among the passengers before going ashore to establish a rudimentary form of democracy, in which each member would contribute to the safety and welfare of the planned settlement. As one of the earliest pilgrim vessels, the ship has become a cultural icon in the history of the United States. Celebrations for the 400th Anniversary of the landing have been planned during 2020 in the U.S., England and the Netherlands; however, the coronavirus pandemic has put some of those plans on hold. The U.S. Postal Service issued a new "Mayflower" stamp which went on sale September 17, 2020.

>> No.22659065

anyone have a link to the doc?

>> No.22659081


>> No.22659169

No other SCHIZOS freaking out about "Morningstar"??

>> No.22659197

Linkies say
> Chainlink is the future ... The key

Weird I don't recall seeing them on that list boys.

>> No.22659268

How about I lost my fucking coinbase wallet key phrase since I quit using it in august. And that's the wallet I would have got uni airdropped. Started using metamask for uniswap on Sept 1st. What the fuck. I could have stacked my xrp. Fml

>> No.22659384

Sold some uni and ordered a Trezor, feels comfy

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>coinbase wallet key phrase

>> No.22659445

Thanks anon

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Could it be that Antarctica has glaciers breaking off, something that is known to cause a tsunami.

Also BG posted picture of a ship that looked like it was arriving at an iceberg....

We also have the new AI Mayflower deployment to consider especially with all of the ship references

>> No.22659559

You know the 12 word poem. Yeah I know precisely how gay I was for using Coinbase wallet. Hence why I ritualistically destroyed my seed phrase in an attempt to correct my faggotry. But in the end, I was still a faggot.

>> No.22659613

You must be talking about the coinbase wallet?
I did not know the exchange had a key phrase.

>> No.22659662

Yeah they have a wallet that's retarded. It's seperate from the exchange.

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>> No.22659729

Who is Tiffany Hayden and why is baba twitting about her?

>> No.22659847

Just looked into her. She’s a nobody. Weird hat he’s taking her bait.

>> No.22659866

Had to look her up. Apparently she used to be pro-Ripple but flipped on them after the Twitter trolls got to her. Now she’s basically militant anti-Ripple. Fuck that roastie.

>> No.22659890
File: 105 KB, 420x331, BG123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the significance of BTC in this picture? Is it going to moon during the reset before getting shut down by regulations? Is BSV the real BTC?

>> No.22659928

Full speed with nobody in the driver seat

>> No.22660265

Bump. Schizos sleeping in today

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File: 287 KB, 1080x1575, IMG_20200920_110158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at BG ship behind left

>> No.22660459

Next look at the ship name

>> No.22660626

which ship? there has been refences to three ships so far, mayflower, persevere, and that submarine on the adobe photo

>> No.22660692
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Its pretty much confirmed XRP = Janus.
Here is Babacug's liked tweets

>controller of time and existence
>more powerful than all of the Greek gods and is one of the Deities with no planet assigned to him
>was the official currency of Rome at one point
>Janus = January

>> No.22660713

How are you guys storing your XRP? Keeping it on a wallet or exchange seems wasteful... Do you think that keeping at least a large portion somewhere like on Nexo, to earn interest on it is a good idea? I feel like I got burned on nexo during their last dividend so I wanted to get some opinions before I make my move.

>> No.22660759
File: 17 KB, 553x244, 589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.22660774

You thought you were being smart by burning your seed phrase so you could never use it again??

Are you fucking dense??

>> No.22660843
File: 340 KB, 2412x1084, contact.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 357 KB, 1200x1200, Ripple Chan4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No offense to you personally, but CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A WALLET GUIDE IN ALL THESE OP'S?
Every single schizo thread, 20% of the posts are dedicated to
>how do i store my XRP
No one has a absolutely correct answer. You probably want to diversify between wallets (30% in Ledger Nano, 30% in paper wallets, 30% coinbase vault, etc)

Can we please clean up the OP of the schizo threads to have an official wallet guide already??

>> No.22660920


the chad move:

>get crypto visas, all you can get (theres bunch of providers)
>start withdrawing from ATM's with all of them

max you can get like 1000$ per day, thats 30k in a month.

>> No.22661002

I’m giddy

>> No.22661016

Well im not asking how to store it, I know how to set everything up. What Im asking is, do you think it is a good idea / safe to use a service like Nexo to gain interest on your XRP stack before any price increase / flare drop. Its an entirely different question than "Hurrr how do I set up a wallet." Notice that I didnt ask for any info on what wallet to use, or how to use them, simply looking for opinions on the interest gaining services...I mentioned Nexo specifically because they have insurance on your deposits.

>> No.22661148

This desu If i'm playing at the 7-8 figure level no room to play around just pay what is owed, render unto Ceasar and move on and enjoy the rest

>> No.22661199

sub 20 cents when

>> No.22661210


>> No.22661260
File: 67 KB, 630x423, MSG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22661274

that may not happen, i don't think it will go below .23 anymore

>> No.22661326

Oh god XRP shizos attracked /x/ shizos and now they are investing

>> No.22661357

Do any of my fellow /XSG/ schizos also follow pol's /3gDg/?
There is a schizo rumour of the dam collapsing. precious metals exploding, Jesus mad at China, time travel (?). Anyways long story short some of that general is now investing into XRP because it's somehow related

BDanon for anyone interested

>> No.22661478

have you guys put together baba's recent tweet?
Lead the Blind

Enlighten the Deaf

Illuminate the Darkness

a New World awaits

first letter of each sentence. David s tweeted about princess LEIA

>> No.22661482

I was in the first few threads, didn’t even realize they were still going on. QRD on BDanon? Looks like another schizo rabbit hole to fall into.
The collapse of the dam would probably cause a Bitcoin crash. It was originally part of Charlie Ward’s theory of the rise of XRP, but then he began to fud XRP and said his sources told him they won’t be using it any longer. So Charlie Ward has basically been dropped since then as well as none of his predictions regarding Swift going offline coming true.

>> No.22661516

any link to that general?
any prc anons there?

>> No.22661527

Ooooo nice find. Also if you run “onion relish” through gematria, you get “gold standard” and “nesara gesara”

>> No.22661535

wow...u are right

>> No.22661573

https://paulfurber.net/bda2/faq.html Just saw this. Anyone else looking for a QRD here it is

>> No.22661623
File: 61 KB, 561x450, 1597947917242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22661627

The dam will fail, more than likely the pins on the bottom. It is just a matter of when, they have already flooded out 7 towns just to prolong it, killing thousands

>> No.22661669

Guys stop what you are doing and go look at "Trump on Joe Rogan Brings in SciFi world"

Do it now

>> No.22661682
File: 17 KB, 461x286, d01ad561329e294760caf958a41ea9c4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read the protocols of Zion lol. This is their plan.
Corrupt the world and let everyone feel disillusioned and when the world begs for a leader they will step in as leaders. A beacon of light. They are gonna expose all the corruption, jail all the masons who know to much, expose some conspiracies (Q), give free energy, clear all the debts, stop crime by camera's and AI, tracking all the money on the blockchain. And people will want to serve them because they give UBI etc

>> No.22661711 [DELETED] 

ive heard this for years and done this for years. now all my credit cards are past due and im negative in my bank. just waiting on that xrp moon that has literally only lost me money during the time ive been invested.

fuck you

>> No.22661729









>> No.22661749

Buy low, sell high anon.

>> No.22661756

if you know this
the patriots know this as well

you are watching how the zionists are being stopped

this show started screening in 2016 even though preparation was way before

>> No.22661769
File: 2.51 MB, 500x500, 1548978925129.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Charlie Ward
>He was fed information to test his discretion, and he rushed out flapping his gums.
OR (and more likely)
>He took on the role as a dummy to intentionally be wrong and throw people off the plan. Note that he usually toted around QAnon paraphernalia, so people would think "well, he was dead wrong about the death of Swift, so that Q stuff is probably wrong."

>> No.22661806

piece of shit, just like the rest of em

>> No.22661861

CW is potentially anti psyop
Q has never mentioned a QFS (at least not even in puzzles) although the few clues we got from Q for the money system are:

- Gold will end Fed

- not literally, but 'structure' of the Fed

(this happened earlier this yr when Treasury was allowed to buy assets (managed by Blackrock) on behalf of the Fed. Powell has been playing ball since then by not raising rates)

>> No.22661929
File: 532 KB, 589x747, goldstandard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the Gold part hasn't played out in public yet though but pic related makes you go OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


>> No.22661940

>it’s everyone’s fault but my own that I’m financially irresponsible

>> No.22662142

Trump has also been using the term “gold standard” much more often lately

>> No.22662236

Imagine burning a wallet because of "social pressure" to not use a "gay" wallet. You deserve to suffer for those normie tendencies

>> No.22662502


>> No.22662627


>> No.22662636

It’s so hard waiting for the end of this year. We’re going to be filthy fucking rich

>> No.22662699
File: 258 KB, 500x500, Radioroom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for those wondering how 1=13
use this from now on

>> No.22662801

that gif gave me a stroke, asshole...
Charlie ward hasn't dissapeared, he just became shy and frequents livestreams as "Mister N" incognito

>> No.22662817

>schizos take another W
Holy shit guys. This is the critical point

>> No.22662864

Seeing all the scam threads, all the bearish threads, all the "oh no my coin is dumping how could this happen to me" threads... it feels we are the only ones who truly believe in the coins we hold. Stay comfy frens, we all gonna make it.

>> No.22662874

i barely have 7k how tf did u get 50k??

>> No.22662912

and anons outside of /XSG/ claiming this is astro-turfed, man if there is one thread on /biz/ outside of pmg ans stg that has real roots its this one...

>> No.22662917

got a quick run down anon?

>> No.22662941

Good stuff

How is this applied? What is the significance?

>> No.22662953

just have more dissposable income, I earn enough to buy loads of XPR but I am also taking care of my parents and I can't leave them hanging to buy more XRP
>It might my worth alot later, but later doesn't matter if I betray my parents

>> No.22663014

the final price switch will take place in the 13th month of 2020 AKA Janaury 2021 (masons gunna mason) but I'm guessing XRP's price would already be in the dollar range at that point

>> No.22663044

Wow imagine putting this much effort into an XRP shill. are they paying you like 5 / day or something?


>> No.22663051

in a lot of babas riddles opposites always come in to play, some of the numbers you get after solving need an opposite
doing the riddle in this one, every capital letter, LBEDIDNW, you get 7, opposite of 7 would be 1 on a clock, but on a maritime clock, it is 13

>> No.22663080

Old news anchor into remote viewing ( before you throw shit, go look at how invested CIA is in this)

He drew a sketch of a man with Donald trump in a pod cast studio ( I think before podcasts were a big thing, but fact check me). Turns out it was trump and Joe rogan in joes old studio. They are now saying that there will be a debate between trump and biden and Joe would be the host.

>> No.22663108

Good man. WAGMI.

>> No.22663137


Love you guys (in the biblical sense)

>> No.22663162

Also gets into collective consciousness much like what we have here.

>> No.22663236

I have long believed in Global consciousness, i have had many experiences with it and my friends. The more people believe something will happen, the more likely it is to happen

>> No.22663314

I've had this smart "schizo" co-worker, she was all about Gaia, and was taking with current astrological signs a global consciousness shift will come due to the changing frequencies in earth or something? I get the feeling all this stuff is connecten somehow...

>> No.22663346

just renounce your canadian citizenship and become an italian citizen by descent (grandfather) it will take you a few months max and you can enjoy italian tax law, which is just as shit. (kek)

>> No.22663372

spent enough time on X to know about remote viewing. Will likely watch later.
Thanks anon

>> No.22663434

isn't Italy also a crypto-bolwerk in the EU? like alot of italian banks already experimenting and such.
>just fight for the early pensionrights
over here they're blaming italians for our national-collective pensionfunds going to italy because "Lazy italians get pension at 50 meme"
>early retirement is based.
why work to death if you cant spend and enjoy your time?

>> No.22663443

I’ve been meaning to into my Italian citizenship. This makes it easy for me to own property anywhere in the EU right?

>> No.22663477

yup in the whole schengen-area, but look towards the east, I've been eyeing up Polish and Hungarian land, cheap, beautiful and kind people.
>I WILL repect their customs and culture.

>> No.22663494

Cope. I guarantee XRP wasn’t mentioned in that doc either.

>> No.22663536

run down on why any ripple progres is good for XRP

here is an analogy
>You have radio towers (Validator nodes) and you want to broadcast a signal (money transmission in the case of XRP)

>You can rent broadcasting space on a one frequency in the limited band of frequencies(Total circulating supply of XRP) and pay a 10 drop fee (1 drop == 0.000001XRP ; the smallest divisible unit of XRP) to transmit the asset you want (this is like a financial institution making a remittance payment for a customer and charging a fee for example)

>You can also "Reserve" the frequencies themselves (control Pure XRP in your wallet)

XRP is nothing more than a Frequency on AM/FM. It is space on a protocol and if the protocol itself is used, the Token is used with it. That is why Ripplenet is tied to XRP and why the success of XRP is tied to the success of Ripple.
let alone the usage of XRP when the XRPL gets the FLARE upgrade

>> No.22663543

Portugal still doesn’t tax crypto gains, allegedly. Hopefully it remains like that when I cash out my zerpies

>> No.22663544

>been predicted by xrp schizos for months
>finally happens
Alright buddy boy

>> No.22663596

yeah, I think EU countries are waiting on the EU-parlement (Oligarchry) to decide I think. watch what the ECB and EU-commisions will say our PM denies this all the time, the evil Mark Rutte, but when push comes to shove they bows to any diktat the EU sends us.
>While we're one of the biggest funders of the whole project
the dutch really get the shitty end of the deal.

>> No.22663947

I thought i read somewhere that you can now invest in ripple stocks with xrp, I can't seem to find it now, does anyone know what i am talking about?

>> No.22663996
File: 50 KB, 600x400, 33w8uqroitxz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys, are we going to have a yacht party or what?

>> No.22664015
File: 443 KB, 960x948, 1600303327037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will never forget you guys, but it's for the better to not let anybody know about my wealth in the future.

>> No.22664076

I appreciate the invitation and will never forget this fantastic group, fren, but I'll be in my private woods, chilling. We could exchange pictures though.

>> No.22664079
File: 50 KB, 359x499, b3af3c3d6c57b0a6c7fc7ad200a38699--illuminati-symbols-new-world-order.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if this doesn't work out though, then we can all hang out on my suicide livestream

>> No.22664156

Honestly this is like the coziest thread with all my frens and a couple of occasional degenerates who pop in just to see what all the hub bub is about, leave a small fud turd, and then quietly bow out.

Love you guys ( in the biblical sense)

>> No.22664216
File: 34 KB, 488x681, 1600601202573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not converting your entire XRP stack to Loopring

>> No.22664227


i love u too anon

>> No.22664310

you know about R3 Corda anon? It looks like Italian banks will be leading the way with digital currencies because the economy is extra-double-fucked after Corona


>> No.22664314
File: 802 KB, 903x1692, 1598540204318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's make this thread more interesting.

Staff sergeant reporting in!

>> No.22664335

which is a good thing? i'm not trying to evade the taxman, i don't want to get all my shit seized. i think that's part of the point of this whole switchover, is to eliminate tax evasion and fraud

(and also the black money economy that funds the deepstate cabal but that's a whole different can of worms)

>> No.22664362

Fellow staff seargent!
Just made it!

>> No.22664388

Staff sergeant since yesterday reporting in

>> No.22664411

12k Master Sergeant here. I don't think this is a make it rank at all. No one makes it unless you're at least a Captain.

>> No.22664441

Sergeant Major - Packed and ready to ship out!

>> No.22664448

First lieutenant here,
> I don't think this is a make it rank at all
that is not true.

>> No.22664461

Msgt as well
i think we're gonna make it

>> No.22664469

Staff sergeant o7

>> No.22664717


>> No.22664786

How many of us were born in January

>> No.22664802

Became staff seargent today! You guys better not shit on my pillow as a haze.

>> No.22664875
File: 11 KB, 184x184, FF09A188-5B1D-48BF-8CE4-99C0F7B8DCD5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck! Sergeant.

>> No.22664887



>> No.22664905


>> No.22664910
File: 65 KB, 1920x960, 1920px-PascalTriangleFibanacci.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what a nice way to wind down the week. We've been putting in tons of work lads

>> No.22665016
File: 100 KB, 1024x768, 1596135223541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Newman says that 2020 and 2021 will be geared around the development of the new service. General availability is slated for November 2022

>> No.22665098

Guys what do you think SPARK will cost when it drops?

>> No.22665181

I have 24 xrupes.

>> No.22665188

this guy's videos are the best.

>> No.22665208

how does 48 trillion USD sound?

>> No.22665246

can someone explain to me what the fuck XUMM and the XRPL are?

>> No.22665337
File: 55 KB, 775x400, zzzcommonsense2-775x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh and off-topic,
any good musical additions to our playlist?
nice one I am enjoying right-now whilst playing some EU4

>> No.22665343

In the lunar calendar, the 13th month starts Dec 14th.

>> No.22665366

Tropical xrp meetup yacht party sure, who ever loses the jet ski race pays for diner

>> No.22665391


>> No.22665422

better not be a ultra-high elite dinner
>fuckers will buy dinners worth more thjan the median-income of a US citizen each
nah just kidding ;)

>> No.22665467

fuck anons, i need a jet ski race so bad...

>> No.22665520

2nd LT here - quad dubs says you’ll make it kid.

>> No.22665521
File: 207 KB, 1078x1582, IMG_20200920_150130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends your style
"Liquid and Beyond #36" - Kasger

>> No.22665547
File: 177 KB, 1079x1614, IMG_20200920_150058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh baba...silly goose

>> No.22665720

good stuff anon, I have broad musical taste
>unironically likes stuff like
will I ever make it?

>> No.22665938

is this is? is this the official schizo coin?

>> No.22666050
File: 9 KB, 214x235, tinapu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heck ya

>> No.22666097

i was

>> No.22666158
File: 2.83 MB, 5896x3416, C21CC30D-7AE9-4B2E-A8A9-15EBCF5474B7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22666178
File: 143 KB, 900x696, EVaii00XkAQiG1j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone notice the map behind the clouds?

>> No.22666214

Let’s guess what the price will be when you get to schizo general #100. I’ll start: $.15

>> No.22666251

Captain reporting in, ready for the switch to be turned on anytime now.

>> No.22666270

Captain here and checked.

>> No.22666379

Nice guy if these are the types who are investing it makes me awfully bullish

>> No.22666391

are you into dick picks? no homo

>> No.22666464

there is like 3 of these per day so... near beginning of phase 3 / EOP2.
probably not much different. price moves in phase 3.
I'll be bullish and say $5. speculation driven and no switch flipped.

>> No.22666570

Convince to to buy XRP, schizobros, why are you stacking it?

>> No.22667046

read the threads faggot

>> No.22667098

They make fake meat. Cannibal company, same with memphis(egypt) meats and beyond meats

>> No.22667161

Don’t know if this is bait. They’re a financial company. Not a hugely well regarded one (not in the sense that they’re bad at what they do - just that there are a lot better out there)

>> No.22667189

buy link

>> No.22667260

Guys edited the photo to see what was written on black ledgers the far right appears to say "MICROVAST" . They do batteries..

>> No.22667352

another book leads to a twitter of battery stations

>> No.22667378

thinking of upgrading to captain.
my money is pretty useless just sitting in the bank
what are your thoughts schizos?

>> No.22667423

looks like the buyback meme is gaining traction, bearable bull just talked about it on his video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkHVc5PHujk

about 8 minutes in

>> No.22667436
File: 2.76 MB, 1768x1044, XRPjew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checking in

>> No.22667502

Are you serious ?/
I couldn't read the others

>> No.22667526

Literally no evidence whatsoever for this taking place.

>> No.22667548

cnvaeth, that is what is on the last black book on the far right

>> No.22667594

What's wrong with CB wallet?

>> No.22667622

corporal reporting!

>> No.22667634
File: 166 KB, 1242x1565, Eh0GL6TXYAEaezt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have theory for why XRP will moon in October.

Babacugs says
>regulations then price
phase II is regulations and ends at the end of September.

Baba also tweeted this (pic) and im pretty there was a deleted tweet from Baba saying hes deleting his account end of September.

Another thing, Babacugs constantly says
>overnight, no one in the world will even know
Well, Baba has hyped the fuck out of September, November, December, and January
but Baba has never once hyped October. In fact, October is the one month Baba does not mention at all and is radio silent about.

Finally, Baba says he gives no price predictions at all. This could mean, October is the price rise, hence why baba doesnt give it out.
people also keep saying XRP moon is coming very soon. (granted, many say that)

I think October is going to be the price rise.

>> No.22667640

of course there isn't, its dot connecting. If there was evidence everyone would be talking about it

>> No.22667722

Good insight anon, I thought I was the only one thinking this.

>> No.22667753

Eth< xrp<btc

>> No.22667777
File: 557 KB, 2710x1514, 1600477505929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which month is missing?

>> No.22667804

The XRP FUDster's stages of grief:

Denial - "It's nothing but a dead shitcoin"
Anger - "This piece of shit stablecoin has done nothing but crab for the last 3 years"
Bargaining - "Ok, XRP might moon eventually but you won't get to keep the money" <--->you are here
Depression - ????
Acceptance - ????

>> No.22667815
File: 2.39 MB, 383x200, ODL.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22667816


>> No.22667828
File: 391 KB, 740x640, 1513235866152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

of course, im just waiting for some faggot on twitter to say
>october price rise
and baba will say "no" so dread intensifies

>those digits
youve really done it now

>> No.22667829
File: 789 KB, 1280x720, 1600473947509.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incredibly based digits. Kek has blessed us again

>> No.22667857

Holy shit.

Just googled Janus.

Baba saying duality in that message, new beginnings, beginning and ending of conflict...god of transition

>> No.22667933
File: 121 KB, 1024x681, CE2A9237-871A-4007-A288-8CFC3F7B92AF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>October Surprise

also ‘2022’ would be ‘2 2020’ with the military clock/rules of opposites

>> No.22667974

>More cryptic LARPery
XRP has been a dead project since 2017.

>> No.22667983
File: 28 KB, 707x422, patriotic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22667996

>Mom I posted it again!!

>> No.22668004

i love when digits out the fudsters

>> No.22668033

Then show me some actual evidence that it's going to "moon."
Hard mode: No twatter LARPs or cryptic /x/ tier shit.

>> No.22668091

It's all archived up top for you to see. I'm not in the financial advice business, i'm too busy not taking my meds

>> No.22668102

of course theres no proof dumbass, if there was proof the price would already be 100+

>> No.22668128
File: 51 KB, 413x243, 1597410738812.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22668134
File: 59 KB, 885x744, A129C721-813D-4466-BEAB-EC945818D1FD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22668154

All I see is /x/ tier shit. XRP needs widescale global adoption for it to ever rise in price for the simple fact that there are 100,000,000,000 fucking tokens, and Jeb keeps dumping millions of them into the market on a regular basis.
At this point, it's basically inflationary.

>> No.22668168

ofcourse not dummy, all coins above 100 will morelikly to be zapped wehn the Grim reaper of regulations comes

>> No.22668178
File: 257 KB, 1800x1578, 1600298181600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22668196

regulations need to get passed first, literally 60 iq response. try harder pajeet

>> No.22668200

Just look at some of the connections of the people at the top of the company. Look at all the regulations that are being fast-tracked into law, and the wording of those regulations. Spoon feeding days are over, DYOR. I couldn't care less whether you get rich or not.

>> No.22668202

>All I see is /x/ tier shit
yeah, we're fucking schizos dude get with the program

>> No.22668210

New thread >>22668199

>> No.22668303

Well guys that settles it. Digits have spoken

>> No.22668320

I don't own LINK either. I'm all in on BTC. Ya know, something with actual value? Also, not mad at all. I just don't understand why you guys follow this no-name company with a shit tier token. You'd be better off dumping money into all the 30x DeFi scams. At least then line would go up occasionally.
>Muh regulations
Never going to happen. Not with all these corporations buying up billions worth of BTC right now. Do you think they're going to allow their little political hacks to go off their leash and pass regulations that would effect the price of what is essentially Gold 2.0?

>> No.22668428


>> No.22668435

Breeding cow. Nice

>> No.22668466

one company

>> No.22668470

is it enough if I have seperate bank account for crypto transactions.

You can see there how much I send on exchanges every month and how much I take off.

Or do I have to actually provide all the crypto transactions aswell?

Common sense says that since we pay taxes in FIAT they don't care about crypto transactions.

>> No.22668557
File: 122 KB, 959x630, 1594867164058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this babchugsballs faggot is the biggest niggerfaggot goddamn, stop follow the words of the snakeoil salesman you retards
>t. all in on xrp but in no reason due to this faggot

>> No.22668566

>Do you think they're going to allow their little political hacks to go off their leash and pass regulations that would effect the price of what is essentially Gold 2.0?
Doesn't matter, China controls more than 50% of the BTC mining operations which means they can perform a 51% attack any time the communist party feels like it.

>> No.22668677

Nice Quads
Also did you catch some of the MrPool Drops? There was one pic with a scorpion and moon. Scorpion in Zodiac falls under October. Also October is getting two moons

>> No.22668743

Bitcoin is a sinking ship. Majority is Chinese owned and mined. Ridiculous fees and validating times. Yes BTC is the pioneer for the space like the Ford with the model T. But there are better things now. Crypto has been improved. Why would you want to sick with something that is dated?

>> No.22668973

It was the proof of concept - times have changed
>Yes BTC is the pioneer for the space like the Ford with the model T. But there are better things now. Crypto has been improved. Why would you want to sick with something that is dated?
100% this

>> No.22669176

Those digits are looking comfy to me. Also, Sgt. Slaughter made it, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

>> No.22669200
File: 22 KB, 400x400, 1599352280365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You seem really upset man. It's okay buddy, they talk a lot about Bitcoin on reddit, maybe you should try hanging out there a little bit.
You'll be just fine buddy!

>> No.22669225

/pmg/ anon here who bought in a few weeks before /XSG/ started but when the theories were around. Macfag, but I also have several raspberry pis. Former early BTC adopter, but out of it since the Bitcoin Cash hardfork.

Right now I have an AtomWallet wallet, a CoinBase wallet, and a wallet made on XUMM, with my iPad offline at the time. Should I keep my XUMM wallet as the main one, and set that up for Spark? Is AtomWallet safe? Should I buy though coinbase or Atomwallet? Is Atomwallet's coin membership thing a scam?

Thanks, spoonfeed me please.

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