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Hi, I'm here for the job interview.

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Imagine being this fucking stupid. This asshole is going to have gigantic holes in his face when he's trying to drink his fucking prune juice when he's 65 AAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH YOU FUCKING CLOWN

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tfw he would probably have a higher chance if getting a job than me because he wasn't unemployed for 2 years

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Now he can suck three cocks at once.

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Probably gives awesome head

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The depression/self-loathing and desperate need for attention that is required to do this to yourself means there is a 0% he's making it to 65

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What can you contribute to our company?

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The facial hair and fedora top off the absolute smelliness of this guy's aesthetic. Also, how the fuck does he even eat or drink?

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some of those piercings look seriously infected, more specifically the white u-bend connected between under his nose and above his mouth. id say he will live until 40 before dry mouth and infection takes his stupid ass

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Where was his dad to beat him?

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this. the amount of self-hatred is off the charts. can you imagine if you could communicate with an animal and trying to convince it to do this to itself.....

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Well I mean, he already fitted those holes with rings, if he can do that he can seal them with caps. But yeah its fucking disgusting

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>this is someone’s son
max oof

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You mean like a buffalo?

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If your son starts doing stuff like this is not only a right to beat them but your responsibility.

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yea or a chipmunk

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BBB bu buut is aaaartt !!

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What the fuck compels someone to do this to themselves?

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3 glory holes in his face

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Built for bbc

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kekd underrated

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