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ITT we laugh at everybody who didn’t use Uniswap at least once before Sept 1st

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this is really the ultimate newfag test

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fuck you bitch there were only shitcoins on uniswap, only pajeets and scammers used it

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Actually just about every popular coin was on that platform.
pick one newfag, anything new and spicy was on there. what the fuck were you trading before this week?

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Cope, nigger

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Hey tell me more about your 25% gains on $2000 anon, it's really impressive and I'm sure there's a girl out there who will appreciate it as much as I do! Size doesn't matter!

You're a dumb faggot, stay poor.

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False. I used it buy Foresight(FORS)

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also this was my portfolio say something nice about it

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I wanted to buy PNK, but then I missed out due to gas fees. Oh, well. Maybe in a future I'll get my chance.

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>newfags don't know that there was a time before ridiculous gas fees and when uniswap could be used by regular people just like you and me. >newfags don't know how the ecosystem has changed just over this summer due to insane gas fees.

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Those gas fees are too much for a poor fag like me but in making gains on uni so fukkit

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based. Don't fuck it up now

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>he didn't put his net worth into unaudited digital food ponzis and get his shit pushed in by outrageous gas fees on failed transactions.

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I used it to buy $waifu
What coin did you use to get it?

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I invested $15,000 at $3 and never used Uniswap.

Who laugh now?

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the money you "made" from the airdrop is just a drop in the ocean compared to the gas prices you guys paid for swapping shitcoins. in the end of the day you're still in the red. dumb fucks.

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I bough axion

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Are you retarded? It's 0.10 and headed anything between $1.50-$8.00.....and you think you're late ffs

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