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This is an IQ test
Back in the 70s they had an IQ test where researches set a marshmallow in front of a child and promised to double the marshmallow every 15 minutes the child could go without eating the marshmallow.
Studies found that shitskins and niggers nearly all immediately ate the marshmallow, whereas the white and asian children delayed gratification in order to double their reward.

Anyone that had sold uniswap is a nigger. Whites all know this is pumping to $10+ by EoW

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haha enjoy your $0.50 tokens by eow

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I just pulled it out and put it in Statera. I waited a day, and I don't regret my investment at all. If you're not in on sta, you're missing out on the next great invention in crypto.

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I sold half at 3.8. Will sell the rest at $100 eoy

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Enjoy your PS5, nigger.

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>delayed gratification
I sold for BTC, so I beat you by an order of magnitude in delayed gratification test

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>half seller
Worse than than PS5 guy

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Well, you haven't sold, you reinvested, so you are not a nigger.

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Will sell at 10$ and buy 9xPS5s. I don't even play games just want to front on that one anon.

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I sold but reinvested. Then rolled all my losing shitcoins into UNI. Does that count?

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Some whale is going initiate a rugpull soon. I guarantee it.

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There was no racial component to that study jackass.
Also what happened to the kids that cut the marshmallow in half and ate one of the halves?

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There's no way you justify that as being worse you dumb cocksucker.

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$10 is fucking fud

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we found him

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Except IQ is racial.

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They grew up to become world leaders and successful CEOS.

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>Some whale is going initiate a rugpull soon. I guarantee it.
>a rugpull
How retarded do you have to be anon? There's going to be 100 whales providing liquidity, and surely dozens of other defi projects plugging in too

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they grew up and made the news for cutting their parents in half and eating only one of the kidneys while acting confused about why they were not being granted an additional kidney/daddy after 15 minutes.

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Except a whale couldn’t start a rugpull on the “marshmallow” Held by mostly degenerate gamblers and pajeets

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>tfw sold half
>cashed out
>spent it on a hooker

thanks hayden, literally got me laid

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Easyfinetwork is a low cap defi gem.
Teach team from India. Team is quite experienced and backed up by Matic.
Easyfinetwork have released their whitepaper. It's one of the most detailed whitepaper I have seen in a long long time. Easyfinetwork working on the concept of dual farming. It means if one farms easyfi and stake it then he will be rewarded with both easyfi and matic token. Partnered token will change from time to time but as of now matic is partnered token.
No public or private sale. Direct listing on exchange and farming.
Looks a good project backed up by Matic. Easyfinetwork is coming up on matic network which has layer 2 solutions.
Tg: easyfinetwork

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>he thinks if you sell it must mean you sell everything
this is your brain on false equivalencies

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you unironically have a point.
only a tiny fraction of the total supply is circulating and most of the dumbasses getting their airdrop haven't claimed yet.
and they'll definitely dump for an xbox series s

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This is what video game violence moms actually believe

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reinvesting is different from noggers buying gaystations. ill be buying sta with this as well but I'm waiting because I think it has more legs short to midterm

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delicious kidney

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Make clear in whitepaper it’s nothing

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>ill be buying sta with this as well

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lol, imagine spending all that gas and fees to sell your uniswap token at, let me guess, you sold 200 tokens at 2.50 each for a playstation

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Souwce? Souwce? Souwce? Do you have a souwce on that?


A souwce. I need a souwce.

Sowwy, I mean I need a souwce that expwicitwy states youw awgument. This is just tangentiaw to the discussion.

No, you can't make infewences and obsewvations fwom the souwces you've gathewed. Any additionaw comments fwom you MUST be a subset of the infowmation fwom the souwces you've gathewed.

You can't make nowmative statements fwom empiwicaw evidence.

Do you have a degwee in that fiewd?

A cowwege degwee? In that fiewd?

Then youw awguments awe invawid.

No, it doesn't mattew how cwose those data points awe cowwewated. Cowwewation does not equaw causation.

Cowwewation does not equaw causation.


You stiww haven't pwovided me a vawid souwce yet.

Nope, stiww haven't.

I just wooked thwough aww 308 pages of youw usew histowy, figuwes I'm debating a gwowmpf suppowtew. A mowon.

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>White and Asian smart
How about being both? I will have all the marshmallows.

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pump those numbers anon

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>fat burger wanting to eat more
peak america right here

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yep. I'd like to break 500k sta. is that a bad thing?

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it's not a fucking portfolio manager. the only purpose of that coin is to provide liquidity with it. you can do it with ANY coin

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>he STILL doesn't know

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sold at 3.2, bought back at 4.8 and making moneyy

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based and kekpilled

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>he's still a fucking dumbass

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chad with 4 meta masks here, i sold 200 bc why not, hodling the rest forever.

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Stop being greedy fagoot, save some races for everyone else.

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Everyone is selling their bleeding shitcoins for uni now this thing is gonna absorb mc of the market it's gonna do antshares

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fuck blm niggers im holding uni until $50

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Bro i know i am the same i never did and now broken

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You can have the niggers and les nigeurs de sande.

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I have 2 metamasks aswell. Do I have too just switch accounts? They’re under the same private key/login so idk Does that mean both those accounts are technically 1 account and won’t let me claim more uni? Help

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>I literally used it to buy pnk and coom.

T-Thanks guys...

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We have dozens of valid eth addresses anon. We’ve been given 20k-50k for being a normal user over the past year or so. I sold half. :)

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This is literally an exchange shitcoin see LEND or BZRX .You idiot have no idea what marshmellow test is. You get guaranteed more marshmellows after a certain time, there is no certainty this shit will go up in a short time frame. But keep using the concepts you understand to look smart.

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Imagine being this fatally narcissistic to think you know how this will play out.


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The difference is that UNI continuing to pump isn’t really a promise. There’s a lot more risk involved than waiting for more marshmallows. You could increase marshmallows, but you could also watch most of your accumulated marshmallows vanish before your eyes.

That being said, I sold 400 and I’m holding another 400 from another wallet for the time being.

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Just because uniswap is popular, people in the discord think it's governance token is going to $100. What the fuck. It's an ethereum token based defi exchange's governance token and these retards think it's worth more than ethereum itself.

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Could this test have to do with trust and not instant gratification. How do we know that the kids who ate the marshmellow first, didn’t trust the adult?

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taking half is for trannies who do not trust their own judgment.

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So, just like linkies?

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Based. Never half ass two things. Always whole ass one thing

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Pajeet mentality. Poor you will stay.

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Statera fucking saved me.
Bit the bullet a couple weeks ago after seeing the Thanos memes and reading about what it does and finally bought some by using Uniswap for the first time.
That was on the 30th of August. I was that close. God bless, /biz/

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>put 75% in eth
>left 25% in uni for moon
>wake up, it's over $5
I can't even begin to describe how comfy I feel

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The only chart in crypto that matters rn

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based uniswap saving my portfolio

>> No.22595192

The virgin cup of coffee vs the chad PS5

>> No.22595442

there will be more opportunities like this for us in the future, r-right anon?

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Link is a marshmallow test.

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Oops, looks like your pile of marshmallows just reached its expiry date faggot.
Better eat quick.

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made 6eth so far off the orginal 400 airdrop
have it all in eth atm
should i fomo back in?
fuck im a nub someone help

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>$5.01 from 2.60 yesterday when faggots panic sold for a PS5

oh nooooo

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Dude I only made half of what you made selling mine, if you do, don't put it all in, I about 50 uni back at 4.50 to see where it goes

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>Studies found that shitskins and niggers nearly all immediately ate the marshmallow
>Anyone that had sold uniswap is a nigger. Whites all know this is pumping to $10+ by EoW
Based. Good thread OP.

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We're gonna make it.

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Offering advice to someone who out traded you, hmmm

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give me your advice then

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Sold at $5 then it went to 5.70 rip
Still made 11 eth though so I'm smarter than the average sony nigger.

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>It'll dump to .10 cents within 6 hours of launch, you'll see!
>It'll dump to .10 cents by tomorrow once everyone has claimed and sold, you'll see!
>It'll dump to .10 cents by the end of the week, you'll see!


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