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Why is everyone so against self improvement here? Sure it doesn't work, but it gives me hope.

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You don't hold LINK.
Most are Link holders and Link holders are per definition fat lazy suicidal degenerates

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You had 3 years

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>Why is everyone so against self improvement here?
this board pathologically misleads people, it should be no surprise that it would pretend to be against something so fundamentally important for your health and well-being

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Self improvement works, which is why we have to discourage people from following it.

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You are not OP but you seem to be a triggered Link holder. How many liter of Soda have you pumped into your veins today?

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Nobody's against it, it's just the people that keep talking it up constantly are pretty cringe

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the thing about self-improvement: normies do not need it, never use it and still coast through life seemingly never suffering.
they go through school, college, then uni without serious setbacks, marry and reproduce and nothing seems to actually harm them. the only time i ever hear about self-improvement is here on 4chan and i don't think most of you are happy or even normal functioning people. i also have never seen it work in practice. successful people seem to have their winning strategies built into them, they are generally not acquired through willpower or an act of overcoming.

i'm not trying to demoralize here, i am simply stating that everyone around me that i see go through life without suffering simply got there automatically, and the only people talking about self-improvement are sorry, lonely spergs that spend 80% of the day in a dark room in front of a glowing rectangle, posting pictures of frogs and racial slurs

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>Self improvement works
Not for you it didn't.

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Anon that never has or will hold LINK

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But self improvement lets me pretend things will get better, even if there's zero evidence for that to happen.

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Buy xcm

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>virgin pic envelops the entire post with the bubble
you fucked up

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Self-improvement can be good but it's been turned into this weird consumer-driven marketable psuedo religion.

>You gotta GRIND
>Go on 12 day fasts
>Get up at 3 am and stare at a hammer every day
>Never stop sucking Jewish cock
>Study languages to places you will never go to
>Sell your computer for dry beans
>Slay. Grind.

People who fall into that are mega gay.

Also this anon>>22578891
is 100% right.

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I haven't had soda for years.

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>he thinks normal people have a good life

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sounds like an american problem. goodnight

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>I'm an oldcel now
Or in our terms, great wise man to listen to

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> "posting pictures of frogs and racial slurs"

Sounds like the self improvement worked though?

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All of these.

Unironically kill yourself, shill. Here's a (((you))).

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everyone i know is married with kids and they are basically drowning in joy.
none of them know about science, finance (they all live way above their means but nothing ever happens to them for it) or anything meaningful.
they have no ideals whatsoever that transcend their own ego apart from maybe the importance of their family (also ego-driven instinct) and it seems to always work out perfectly.
i am not sure what exactly is wrong with the world, but not having ideals, only living for your own enjoyment, knowing nothing and smiling all the time seems to be where its at.

you can post funny frog pictures, but yes, dear anon: the normies ARE happy

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shill for what? i don't think you even know what that word means

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>everyone i know is married with kids and they are basically drowning in joy.
Bcause normal people are known to go traditional ways without worrying too much, especially nowadays.

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These people only wear a facade. Also they will never hold Link

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human brain incapable of drowning in joy even with drugs there is a duration limit and side affects.
If you really crave for more happiness, try to make money enough to buy comfort and free time which you may spent with exploring your environment or with hobbies.
Married dudes pretend to be happy otherwise they will be punished by their familly so they must pretent to not make things more shit.

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Because you only see the image that people choose to project, not how their lives actually are. Seriously how don't you know this? For someone who rails against "normies" you fall for every single basic normie "propaganda" like believing the highlights reel of their life instead of their actual life.

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imagine developing into an adult without knowing any of this shit already

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It's all about your personality which is a function of your facial structure.

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All the data and studies show that they actually are happy. Most people don't have depression. Most people have girlfriends.

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>as above, so below
lookism posters act like the truly enlightened ones, when they're millennia too late to the party and still fuck things up

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>All the data and studies show that they actually are happy.
Yes, the conservatives. The majority of people that are boomers.

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It's pronounced gallons you street shitter.

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look only matter if you competing with same class,
without doubt i prefer being rich ugly bastard with good clothes to mega handsome wagecuck.

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Then why does your life still suck?

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More like yours does faggot, get a life

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They think they do

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You're not saying the self improvement meme is just a big cope for losers are you?

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Completely wrong. Normal fags are constantly self improving, that's why 4chan losers are way behind. Chad spent 4-8 years of his high school/college life getting up at sunrise and working out every single day. The shit that 4channers are trying to learn now are habits that successful normal fags built as children. It absolutely is self improvement and its even more important to normal fags than it is to 4channers.

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describing me perfectly won't stop link from mooning!

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yeah imagine blaming world for not being fair and refusing self improvement. World especially not fair for people in poor countries, yet they can achieve way more than lazy fags

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hope sucks it makes you sit on your ass doing the same thing every day just dreaming about change

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Loser cope deteted

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Loser cope detected.

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Don't forget cold showers and working on your side hustle

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>tfw higher net worth, better hairline, and more children than chico

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u r loser for not changing your shitty life. I can be wagecuck as with way above average income.I can CHOOSE ordinary roasties and they try their best to take care of them :)
I wasn't born like that 3 years ago i was planning my suicide.

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SIRs our loos have poop decks

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Everything you do has to be a pursuit to make money for kikes. Fuck just enjoying things. Keep grinding and eating raw oats for breakfast, one day you're gonna make it. Buy my onions protein powder and GRIND hoodies for only $49.95.

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It's almost like they figured out a way to turn young impressionable losers into simping paypigs they can sell false hope to.

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There are degrees of normalfagness.
It’s also not all sunshine with them but they have different ways of going about challenges and hurdles. I would say the most worst thing that can happen to an adolescent is spending the formative years in introspection. It’s the worst und most difficult to undo the damage especially if it has been tolerated by parents. At that point you have to realize to cut losses the hard way with them an move on, which is in many cases the hardest again

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You just described the average 4chan user.

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What is with this defeatist loser attitude on biz. Its fuckin sad. Self improvement does work, I only started fucking girls when I got fit. I improved my state of mind from meditating regularly. I could go on. Whatever mental gymnastics you want to play to convince yourself effort and working to improve yourself is self serving nihilism and shouldn't be told to other people. Stop being a lazy cunt and try improve yourself

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How come it didn't work for you?

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Most people in real life keep their problems to themselves and their families. People are a lot more open online as they're anonymous.

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Not this again

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delete this right now

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I don't understand that design

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>comparing sentient to non-sentient or barely
The most hyperbolic piece of copium fueled drivel i have ever seen. Normies aka NPC's get mad they can't afford the newest iphone every year on their cashed out credit card riddled in debt, happy on the outside, cooking inside or too retarded to cook inside at their own stupidity and pettyness because they have no self awareness besides being good goy trendy. This is often remedied by resort to substance abuse as their cope. Typically a mix between substance abuse, consumerism, as a cognitive dissonance barrier between themselves and clown world.

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> the only people talking about self-improvement are sorry, lonely spergs that spend 80% of the day in a dark room in front of a glowing rectangle, posting pictures of frogs and racial slurs
Rude, I'm only on here for half my day from 8am to 8pm.

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