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shit man, somone tell me what the fuck is goin on, I mean feels good man like fuckin 72% in my portfolio, but how long? theres goonna be a dip? what happens at 6th of june?

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>what happens at 6th of june?
da dump

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any arguments?

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Newcoiner here, so I don't claim to be certain about shit, but this is what I think about the matter.

A june 6th dump due to citibank's T4I demo day is a likelihood, but if every coin was made obsolete by a single dump, there would be no value or faith in cryptocurrency at all. The whole reason why there is speculation on the coin being dumped that day is due to public exposure increasing its value, which should have a greater impact on its long term value value than a bunch of people selling because the price spiked. At least that's what I hope.

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you can allways sell it and buy again at the deep, maybe even more

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Yeah, certainly, I just keep seeing people claim that june 6th is the day that DGB dies. If that's the case, then its application as currency must be undervalued, so either it's too early and it still has a chance, or it's too late and it's going to stagnate. DGB seems too application oriented to perma-dip. Best of luck in your future endeavours, anon.

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i thought it was june 9th?

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Shit, you're right.

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June 9th is probably going to be a day where this coin surges to heights never seen before.

Just watch it happen.

This thing is in a league of its own.

DiguSign is going to revolutionize useful niche aspects of business, and DigiByte itself is going to continue to spread like wildfire through the gaming community.

Reminder that gaming is a bigger industry than the film and music industries combined. I have heard a few guys in the CS:GO match chats talking about Digi and other cryptos already.

Wait until kids figure out how to use it to make cross-game purchases.

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ooooo shiiit mate

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shit its going fast

im afreid the dip anons

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Keep those granite hands steady brother, we're in for a ride

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forogot the pic

and next fucking captcha, fuck

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to when? 6th june 10th???

im afraid to sleep

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Your guess is as good as mine, I'm taking my bags to the grave

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Also, I wouldn't sweat it until june 9th, then I'd set a sell order for some fraction of your holdings that will go if it dips below whatever you're willing to sell at. Personally I would not sell all of it. I'm just holding out that this coin won't get massively pumped and dumped.

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This is exactly right. Followed by a slight dip, and then I figure a steady increase to Jupiter.

I see good things in the future of this coin.

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We're in a gold rush

Asians are buying anything that sounds good

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I guuses I will live it in hands of God of KEK

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who the fuck is buying this?

why is this 1300??

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