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are we having another lockdown?

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it is going to do the exact opposite you idiot.. Too many people expect it to crash again.

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just 1x short bro

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We still have lockdown, or can you go to parties legally?
I know what you mean tho and yes its likely.

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i have almost 12 btc. would it be worth paying the taxes on selling or should i just hold through the bleed until it pumps back up?

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>thinking the fed will not throw on the money printer if anything happens
Cnn watcher are so tiresome

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So that's it, a nice summer of alt bull and back down we go? ffs we still haven't recovered since the 2017//2018 highs, was the whole market a scam all along?

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>I know what you mean tho and yes its likely.
uh no. Not going to happen. Do you not know about the (((vaccines))) (((they))) developed and (((approved)))?
exactly this
just wait until the election idiot.

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OP is a faggot he doesn’t know shit

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Gee I'm convinced

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I'll take that hopium thank you frens

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thanks haejin

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What a fag

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Dumb poorfag

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covid sequel? its only going up from here

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The defi/ food farming killed it.
Normies came in and got stuck underwater in coins like LINK DGB VET ZIL SXP while everyone dumped on them chasing the next pump.
They will sell at a loss and won't come back after getting burn't so quickly.
Twitter and telegram is full of them.

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>He still believes that a seasonal flu crashed the stock market

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Everyone thinks it will dump. What do you think that means?

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>Link, vet
And another ngmi

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One of the faults of humans is their obsession in looking for patterns when they don’t exist.

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Yes but no one is selling as for we are all in this fight against the ZOG together

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>I know what you mean tho and yes its likely.
I thought Trump said no more lockdowns

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It will crab to spite the contrarians AND the bobos

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What you saying?
I don't own any of them

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I finally have 0.1 BTC. If it dumps, I'm going to be in heaven because I'm going to buy the absolute shit out of it and then just wait.
If it dumps, I'm cool.
If it pumps, I'm cool.
You people forget BTC is long term. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. It's not the a DeFi degenrate foodcoin.

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No one here thinks that retard.

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Why would i be holding falling assets asshole?

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thanks bought 1 (one) bitcoin

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So bitcoin just follows the stock market now.

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>>225254 68
Just a (you) farmer. Short the dumb do it the /biz/let way

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Based autocorrect

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If you're certain it will crash why not convert to a stablecoin and just convert back to BTC during its low point for even more BTC?

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My only regret is not selling last time my coin pumped cuz I thought it might have been recovering. Then literally next day it's down $.70 and it's not stopping.

If I just fucking sold I could be rebuying right now and making huge fucking profits later. Now I'm stuck holding the bags until the bears fuck off, kill me.

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You can go to parties legally what shithole do you live in?

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Anon's first swingie temptation.
Welcome to the club newfag.

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Why did you came over from reddit? Are they banning everyone for spamming

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>tfw coins locked up for 21 days
It will probably go up by then to dump on people who bought the dip

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>Can you go to parties legally

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ah yes, the textbook pandemic lockdown formation, happens everytime the chart looks like that

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Check the calendar date

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Good. We want the drop Thanks for the info

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Use your BTC as margin to open a short if you're sure it's going to crash. No taxable event unless you profit from the short.

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why do you post this retarded shit? do you honestly believe you will influence the price of bitcoin through /biz/?

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This is most likely

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if you haven't noticed this summer, we did one of the longest consolidation ever in bitcoin, 3 months of fucking sideways, right under resistance, right under the bear trendline from fucking 20k, and this consolidation broke up, no way we go below 9k unless major FUD

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this thread isn't aging well..

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Lol you're so gay
Just having to pay taxes on trades
Lmaoooo get fucked burger

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Lol it will dump 30 % at most ...taxes ? How does 45% sound?

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I expect Canada will because of all the kids going back to school.

Calgary's numbers are a big HMMMM right now.

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i think its aging perfectly. There is usually a small pathetic pump bfore the dump.

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Just give me 0.5 btc bro so you're worry free

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In Europe and Asia probably
In America and Africa unlikely
Oceania continues permafucked

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As if any of you spotty neets go parties

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Idk might be a cup and handle.
If it falls it's too late for me anyways. My coins are locked

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What muslim country do you live in where parties are forbidden?

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No lol, everyone thinks we are on the cusp of the next bullrun

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Holy shit that the most low effort dump FUD I've ever seen. Like, you just stuck red meme lines there for no reason at all. Are you really this desesperate?

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>it will be this wednesday for sure, it's black wednesday!!
>it will happen this tuesday for sure, it's after Labor Day!!

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They are THIS delusional

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Are you kidding? if it dumps hard Im just buying more LOL

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it literally just happened like i said and now its going down

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