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>be recent college graduate
>make 75k/year, after taxes/rent/bills/grocery I have maybe 2.5k left over
>live pretty frugally, don't go out to eat that much, cook a lot of my meals, make my own coffee, live in the suburbs (1.2k rent for a solo apartment), budget appropriately and hold off on buying shit if it breaks my budget. Right now at 1.3k left over due to buying some language learning services and a new laptop
>still feel like I'm barely getting by, can't afford to buy all the nice things I need unless I dip into my savings

How the fuck do people who get paid less live a decent life? I feel like I barely make enough to have a comfortable existence, anyless and my quality in life would make me seriously depressed. I don't even live in an expensive city either (Houston), how do people in bigger, more expensive cities do it?

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Welcome to late stage capitalism

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Shut the fuck up pussy commie. None of you niggers do anything to the rich jew families that hurts their wallets anyways.

Dear OP I make less than you and my rent is just under 1200 as well.
I’m investing and doing just fine as a single lad.
You’re blowing your god damned money somewhere so maybe grow up and look at your spending habits and see where you’re going wrong...

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I mean I get takeout 2, maybe 3 times a week and sometimes like to go to the museum or visit my friend in another city. Don't feel like going full autism just to save $200 more, still want to enjoy my youth and life in general

agreed fren, the current system is untenable

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Bootlicker fuck detected

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Imagine being a communist and calling /other/ people bootlickers

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>the only way not to be a bootlicker according to you people is to surrender all your property and give communists complete control over your life, including what you can say or believe.
That's a yikes from me dawg

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I bet you don't even know what communism is
>anime profile picture

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That's their strategy for some reason. Just makes them look more retarded to everybody outside of their circlejerks.

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>point out problems with capitalism

I guarantee these posters are americans

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nigger I make 1/3 of what you make and I have double your yearly salary. It all depends on what you do with it.

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Retards lmao I didn't even say anything about communism but your mind is so cucked by neocons your immediate thought is communism because your sub115 IQ faggots

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Holy shit am I really gonna make it?
I make enough of staking to pay my rent

t. AKRO and NEC and yStablecoin holder

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Certainly you must be buying a ton of shit. New car? Student loans?

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post proof or larp

no student loans
paid off car
only because I have upper middle class parents, I'm very privileged

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Calling people "bootlicker" like that is a shibboleth. By that alone, the odds are good he's a communist, or at least some variety of leftist that hates capitalist.
The phrase "late stage capitalism" itself is a communist idea.

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3 times a week? What is that $60? So $240 a month. Jesus

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Bullshit. You spend like a retard somewhere. I’m putting lots of money into investment and have been saving this year something is wrong on your end or you are lying about how much you make.
You’re a subhuman faggot who is subservient to kike industry and you want to be controlled from cradle to grave by a powerful and multi layered centralized government hell.
But hey keep licking brown dick while you’re down there groveling to the jews for your chance at being party uniform designer #2645...

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its true, im basically a commie myself and thats the vernacular

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Because 75k is nothing these days. Less than 100k a year is poverty in any decent sized city unless you are a 22 year old zoomer with no responsibilities.

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>keynesian monetary policy implemented by a private bank you have no representation in

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Im a commie and own it. this guy is ashamed. guys worst part of the left. i just think we fucked either way and leftism will slow shit down. i realize the utopia is batshit. i just think capitalism will kill us faster

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nope, once or twice a week I go to chipotle/chickfila because I run out of leftovers. On Friday or Saturday I like to check out a local restaurant but those restaurants aren't expensive

so basically like $30 a weekish unless I go to a more expensive restaurant

I haven't started investing since I just got my job and the economy is going to crash soon. If you're believeing the USA covid numbers you are a huge brainlet beyond saving, shit is more fucked than you think
>brown dick
>muh big government
yeah, huge /pol/tard detected, opinion disregarded from here on after

I'm literally a 22 year old zoomer with no responsibilities. If 75k is nothing, then how come it's above average? Why aren't wages going up so people aren't living in abject poverty?


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>make 40k/year
>save about ~500 every month

I have an irrelevant meme degree and was a NEET for 3 years so my very mediocre job is more money than I've ever had. I've been applying for better jobs too but covid has kind of screwed that up. 75k would be enough for me to save 20k a year lmao

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> How the fuck do people who get paid less live a decent life?
This seems like a perspective issue. If you grew up in a home where your mom didn't work and your dad had a simple 50k/yr job, you would get accustomed to a simpler/cheaper lifestyle than a kid whose parents both worked and made 200k+.

FWIW my numbers out of school were almost identical to yours so I get where you're coming from. My first apartment was also 1.2k/mo in the suburbs but I also didn't have much of a social life so saving a few thousand every month built up quickly. It starts to snowball once you get into compounding interest.

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Thanks fren, I appreciate your honesty.

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Fake and gay

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commies also the only ones against israel. for some reason, conservatives think muslims are worse than (((them)))

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Stay poor and die in debt. You grew up upper middle class but your parents failed you on preparing you to have the same success.
You’re like my ex, makes me think you might be a bitch in fact as well. Women are terrible with money and never look at their finances in depth to figure out how to save their own skin when in deep.

Anyone believing in COVID is a retard that deserves to die from it as rare as that is. Ex was a nurse and the people being wiped out from it are old people in hospitals and nursing homes because NIGGER CNA’s get it and spread it around without giving a fuck. There’s also the fact they DONT test like they’re supposed to and many, including my ex’s last job wanted her to come back after three days from testing positive because they were short staffed.

COVID is a way to test how far they can control people without push back, and slaves like you deserve to be controlled.

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75k is below the median in most major cities. To be affluent these days you need to be making 300-500k.

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>1.2k rent for a solo apartment
Is there seriously no better option?
I live in a decent Milwaukee Suburb between the river and lake michigan, a mile from downtown. My GF and I rent the top floor from a friend of mine for a total of $600/mo all utilities included.

I make 95k/year and put 20% towards my 401k and still have plenty to actively invest. Granted paying 300/mo is a lot better than 1200/mo, but still.

I think you could make an effort to live more frugally, and paying 20%+ of your take home pay for rent is a lot. Get some roommates?

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We're still in early stage communism. Capitalism hasn't existed since the federal reserve was created

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>2.5k left over
per year? literally how?
75k ~> 55k (estimate) after taxes or 4,600/month, then conservatively: 1,200 rent, 500 food, 300 utilities/internet, 200 insurance, 150 gym, 200 car, 500 random entertainment, you have 1500 a month left over not counting investments. unless you meant you have 2.5k left over a month, then I don't know why you're complaining

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Dude, I make half of what you do and I save at least $5k each year. Stop overpaying for rent, pay off the damn car, and save.

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No wonder. You're a retarded commie in a liberal city

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I live in Ireland
My yearly income from working 46 hours per week is €22k
My yearly savings are set to come to €15k
I don't own a car and I have cheap rent and my diet consists of pasta and chicken, I also get some meals free where I work

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Israel is an illegitimate state
I don't want to be affluent, I just want a comfy life where I can buy the nice things I want and not have to stress too much. I could make a million bucks and I probably wouldn't change my lifestyle that much.

what the fuck? you are a lucky motherfucker, not even my shitty hometown with 350k population has rent that low. You must live in a shithole or something, or just be extremely fucking lucky
Nope, did that shit for college, absolutely hated it. Willing to spend more to have a place to myself, 0 regrets whatsoever.

per month, but I want to save at least 1.5k a month which makes budgeting pretty tight if I want to actually do shit.

car's paid off and this is literally the cheapest 1 BRBA in my area that isn't a shithole. I'll gladly pay $1200 for modern amenities and no roaches.

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saving 2.5k a month at a young age is really good, what's the problem

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You make 75k a year and are a recent college grad.
What did you study and what do you do? 75k seems pretty comfy after tax for a 22 yr old.

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>blue lives matter

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>The people who want a large authoritarian government to decide their whole lives aren't bootlickers

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I guess people are missing the entire point of the thread, and I'm partly at fault for my tangential and a bit egotistical replies. I'm not complaining about my situation, I'm just saying that if at an above average pay in a low COL city I'm barely living a comfy life, then what about the rest of Americans that make average wage or less? God forbid minimum wage? I don't want you all to feel bad for me, I'm just trying to point out the bleak reality most Americans face.

Aerospace engineering and I'm a patent agent trainee. DESU I find no fulfillment in my job helping large corporations hoard intellectual property, but with COVID times I'll take what I can get. It's not a bad job, just need to find fulfillment elsewhere.

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Based. Enjoy the stay before the hour strikes midnight. Precarity will only get worse.

>muh b-b-but it’s not capitalism

Right on cue.

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You sound like a similar situation to me, 22 and I make a bit more but overpay in rent (1600) so it evens out. That's why I'm surprised you feel squeezed, I have an extra 400/month in car and student loans but I feel fine and have similar extra income. Really, 2.5k is like half your gross posttax paycheck

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>I want to be affluent

What you described is affluent. These days if you want to buy a house in a relevent city in a non shithole part of town, eat out regularly, buy the latest tech bullshit, AND save enough to retire you need to be making 300k a year or in that ballpark.

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You might honestly be retarded. You make 1450 a week before taxes and somehow you manage to spend everything except 120 a month?

>> No.22525421

fwiw i don't think this is super true but i do make 300k and i do all the stuff you mentioned so...

my rent is retarded though, 2600 a month :/

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I promise you, like me, live in a nicer apartment with granite counter tops, SS kitchen appliances and big sink, in unit laundry, key code entry, elevator when it doesn’t require it, underground parking, vaulted ceilings, modern look, close to shopping/malls/shit to do, etc...

You don’t need that and you are retarded to compare yourself to people who make less and save more because they understand paying out the ass for a nice modernized apartment is a waste of money. Or you’re baiting hard af.

Like I said you deserve to be poor and while I have high rent for an apartment my finances are in order and I don’t want a house right now.

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yeah, a couple of years out of grad

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Yeah, you're doing something wrong.i went from 75k-120k in like 8 years and ended up with 400k net worth after traveling to 20 countries, 2-3 ski trips a year, paying off 50k in student loans. I maxed out my Roth IRA and 401k as well.

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if you get 80k a year but only work 9 months a year, your tax refund will cover 6 months of living expense.

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I lived through communism, it's nothing but breadlines, misery, and cognitive dissonance. I also lived right next to an open sewer.

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I'm not going to pay less to live in an apartment that doesn't even have a washer or dryer with sketchy owners. I can afford not to and I'd rather spend a little more to have a washer and dryer, dishwasher, oven, etc. Saves me a lot of labor and time, 0 regrets

I don't cons00m though, my laptop was just an upgrade from my shitter from college so I can actually work remotely. Also not even the point of the thread, see >>22525314

I have 1.3k left over and this month was a heavy spending month. Learn to read. Also not even the point of the thread, see >>22525314

see above. My retirement things are like 50%, I'll max them if I decide to do this job long term (probably not, I hate Houston)

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Your slav shithole's dictatorship was only nominally communist. Just like modern America isn't really "capitalist."

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Haha the amount of triggered REEEEEplies is perfect.
Socialism or barbarism bitches.

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People in the larger cities usually get paid more, simple as.
I'm guessing the take home pay after their taxes and cost of living is fairly similar to someone in less expensive cities.
I lived in San Jose for a short time, was pretty amazed by how people with such high paying jobs weren't able to afford any breathing room. Shit sucks. Your pay scales with the cost of living of the area (if you have a genuine reason to be there, if you're a McDonalds cook in SF you're asking for trouble).
Though in fairness saving 30k a year in your 20's is pretty good, provided you invest it properly. You should probably look into buying a house instead of renting, so that money doesn't get sucked into a black hole and instead can be added to you home equity.

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>see above.
See where? Your numbers don't add up.

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Yeah I actually read the thread and you're a retard.
This guy gets it.
I live in one of these right now and it's great. Not ready to commit to a house right now because it's like 700k+ if I don't want to live with a bunch of joggers. Plus I fucking hate this commie state - ny

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Its amazing how much communism is a religion. Late Stage Capitalism is a pseudoscientific statement that correlates with apocalyptic end game scenarios of numerous cult. Many cults have their supposed end of day prophecy, that is just inevitable gonna come.

Marx said late stage capitalism was when industrialization was beginning. It never happened

Then they said late stage capitalism was occurring during the first world war. It never happened.

Then they said late stage capitalism was occurring during the great depression. It never happened.

Then they said late stage capitalism was during WW2. It never happened.

Then they said late stage capitalism was during the post-WW2 Soviet world. It never happened

Then they said late stage capitalism was happening during the 1960 crisis. It never happened.

Then they said late stage capitalism during the 70s fuel crisis. It never happened.

Then they said late stage capitalism was during the early 80s. It never happened.

Then they said late stage capitalism was during the 90s. It never happened.

Then they said late stage capitalism was during the war on terror. It never happened.

Then they said late stage capitalism was during the 2008 recession. This inevitable collapse of capitalism that never happens. All socialism is a genetic disorder.

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>this guy gets it
>quotes the blatant /pol/tard
>muh commies
>muh "joggers"

but I'm the retard here, ok

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Where does the 75k go, I exist on 1k a month and have plenty leftover to pay for my cat, a gym membership, and a few trips to a local coffee shop each week.

>> No.22526129

This dude is a LARP guys. I lived on the exact same income same rent WITH student loans and had 0 issues

time to stop getting plastered at the bar

>> No.22526131

>doesn't pay rent
>OP why are you spending so much?


>> No.22526242

Except that has nothing to do with the ownership of capital though. Stay poor.

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Rent is $350 a month where I live.

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File: 94 KB, 1024x659, purchasing-power-of-the-us-dollar-1913-to-2013_517962b78ea3c_w1500-1024x659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>22524450 >>22524529 >>22524825 >>22525116 >>22525319 >>22525752 >>22526014

>Welcome to late stage capitalism
Kill yourself this is the fault of late stage central banking.

>> No.22526343

>Rent is $350 a month where I live.
ok, you live in the middle of nowhere, congrats

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A central bank supporting commie bootlicker calling anyone else a bootlicker lmao

>> No.22526382

>Im a commie and own it.
Why are you even on this board if you're this retarded?

>i just think capitalism will kill us faster
It won't. There will be a crash soon and it will be the result of central banking and government, not "capitalism".
It's you retards who have destroyed wagies purchasing power and blame it on capitalism.

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>central bank is gommunism!

you can't get more retarded than this

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>Why aren't wages going up so people aren't living in abject poverty?
Because central banks and government intervention keep them down.

>> No.22526429

>>central bank is gommunism!
Marx legitimately supported central banking and every socialist country in history had a central bank.
The only times in history we didn't have a central bank were free market america during 1865-1913 when we had an industrial revolution and living standards for the working class massively increased because they had many more goods and services than before.

>you can't get more retarded than this
Except you know, being a communist.

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>> No.22526450

What I rather meant was
>USA central bank is gommunist
Show one iota of proof that this is in any way true besides /pol/ images and MUH BIG GUBMENT IS SECRETLY GOMMUNIST

>> No.22526461

>spending peoples wealth through debasement of their savings and wages because they're ignorant of your sophistry to stop the collective economy shrinking

don't forget things likes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_6102

>> No.22526516

central banks redistribute wealth from individuals to the collective economy via debasement.
Capitalism is where we facilitate and want people to accumulate wealth because it creates a moral society where people can't be compromised because they don't live pay check to pay check

>> No.22526525

>>USA central bank is gommunist
No because capitalism/communism is a retarded dichotomy that simplistic low IQ people fall for.
There are simply free markets vs government intervention. Any country can have any degree of both, it's complicated.
Central banking(an institution which communists support and has printed money to give to the working class) in america has resulted in massive inflation, malinvestment, debt and poverty.
This is why the working class is poor. If we had free banking instead, we would see FALLING PRICES, deflation, our wages would constantly gain value, our savings would constantly gain value etc.

>> No.22526541

You are so fucking retarded. Return to reddit retard.

>> No.22526554

Find a gf move her in and make her pay for half of everything. 1200 solo apartment turns into a 600 solo apartment etc. Also it helps if you live in the south where everything is cheap

>> No.22526564

the real redpill is central banking is war time economics. There will be no capitalism until foreign autocrats cease to exist and maybe there never will be because the military industrial complex fueled by central banking may have gotten beyond control

>> No.22526587

I make about 45k, live alone and still have $700 every month to blow on alcohol and video games after saving $500 a paycheck

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Marxists retardedly think that any time the capitalists do stuff this is "capitalism" and any problems that happen are instantly capitalism's problem.
They claim we make this fallacy(but vice versa) but they literally do it ALL THE TIME.

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>> No.22526636

USA is a shit hole we were born into this hell on earth

>> No.22526644

gold standards are what allow debasement in the first place.

denominate price in gold and it doesn't matter who issues currency or what currency is used.

>> No.22526651

I've enjoyed seeing OPs commie thread get picked clean by ravens

>> No.22526667

>gold standards are what allow debasement in the first place.
You're partially right.
We simply need free banking.
Get government out of the business of creating and issuing money. Free banking worked historically when it was allowed to operate.

>> No.22526669

>redistribute wealth from individuals to the collective economy via debasement.
show proof that the US bank is doing this. I'd like to see some fucking redistributed wealth, where is it?
>moral society
ah yes, the system which openly promotes screwing over your fellow man is ripe for a moral society. Maybe if your idea of morals is sociopathy. Tell me, why is every rich fuck basically 10 out of 10 times a sociopath?

US central bank isn't even socialist. It doesn't redistribute wealth, it hasn't taken over any means of production, it's just a neoliberal tool to prop up the bourgeois. Also, imagine thinking the central bank is the main problem and not the big banks, military industrial complex, and neoliberal economic theory

yes let me find a long term gf right now, should be easy. sigh...

>picked clean
>a bunch of /pol/ images and non sequitors by LOLbertarians

pick one

>> No.22526733

Living a good life will soon be out of the pictures , the western world will a shithole before we die

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I'm more right than you.

keynesian economics controls the supply of money to maximise employment. This is the same thing as saying we stop you accumulating wealth so you can't stop working.
>where's the redistibution
pic related.

>> No.22526759

>proof of redistribution
>shows a le epic gold to USD chart from some random website

Ron Paul lolbertarians are mentally ill

>> No.22526766

capitalism gives you the ability not to spend, to not get screwed over

communism forces you to spend as the government wants you to

>> No.22526774

He’s a gay man though

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>where is it?
Look how high the stock market is, look at Bezo's net worth, look at all of the Boomers with their million dollar "houses".
>which openly promotes screwing over your fellow man
It promotes wealth creation and mutual benefit, but seethe harder. Your system relies on authoritarianism.
>Maybe if your idea of morals is sociopathy.
You people support mass killings and forcing people to do things against their will lmao

>US central bank isn't even socialist.
It doesn't matter what cute names you have for it, what matters is it's function. It does the same things that countless socialist countries have some historically. Debase the currency, impoverish the people, grow the size of government etc.

>taken over any means of production
lol it basically owns the government
Also wait until the fed starts buying stocks, then it will literally own the means of production.
not a real thing
more cult language lol
>not the big banks
They only exist due to the central bank, they would have gone bankrupt long ago if not for them.
>neoliberal economic theory
not a real thing, imagine thinking the greatest increase in the size of government in history with the largest debts is "liberal" in any way

Look at this bootlicker SEETHE

>> No.22526807

>I'm more right than you.
Then join my side, we essentially agree.
You're Austrian, right?

>> No.22526847

>Ron Paul lolbertarians
I love how we do nothing but make you seethe and you bootlicking wastes of life cannot refute us.

Tell me, when is that "rate of profit" going to fall like marxists have been promising for ages?
You people enjoy your own enslavement.

>> No.22526855

the USD is designed to be liquidated into other assets, I don’t know where this obsession with holding the USD indefinitely comes from, that’s literally not what it’s meant to do, and it performs its intended function pretty well

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you are the perfect 20/21st century slave. The kind of retard that would believe a field is getting longer if you redifined the meter smaller ever year

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>Look how high the stock market is, look at Bezo's net worth, look at all of the Boomers with their million dollar "houses".

Are you seriously using THIS as fucking proof of wealth distribution? you are fucking mentally ill

> promotes wealth creation and mutual benefit

Yep, that's why wages have stagnated, unemployment is skyrocketing, wealth inequality is the highest in the USA than anywhere else, etc etc etc

>You people support mass killings and forcing people to do things against their will lmao

Oh no, he swallowed USA propoganda

>dude US Bank is socialism!

please show me where they distributed the means of production or wealth to American proletarians, or even just one shred of solid proof. I'll wait.

>means of production = owns the government

good job, you just showed you're talking out of your ass

>neoliberal isn't real

see above retard. my god, read some fucking books

>borugeois is cult language

hates commies and hasn't even read Marx, just has a visceral reaction due to being forcefed Anticommie propaganda

Congrats, you all have further cemented my view that all lolbertarians are inherent retards. Enjoy wringing your hands over gold like a huge group of retards while the bourgeois laugh their way to the bank.

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File: 72 KB, 672x505, a85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based anti authoritarian

>debasement of currency is random
Big retard

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I believe there should be a free market for currency but I also believe we wouldn't have defeated the nazis the ussr without debasement. Now we have china

the usd is the unit of account (which really means the cpi is the unit of account), the majority of people are too dumb to understand the scam and use it as a unit of account in wages and savings. It is not wealth to live in a society of people that are on an inescapalble hamster wheel where objectively the only way they can see to get a head is to be criminal.
keynesian economics does not work if there are no savings to steal you can be sure the usd is designed as a way to maximise the work an economy can do

>> No.22526956

>no arguments.
>a slave defending his own enslavement
you're either a shill or someone that will never make it which is what you deserve for your deliberate ignorance. either way it doesn't matter

>> No.22526978

Post nose

>> No.22527042

>Are you seriously using THIS as fucking proof of wealth distribution?
Yes, the wealth is being redistributed from the economy to individuals who do not deserve it. I never said it was going to the working class(although some of it is).
>you are fucking mentally ill
You're a communist lmao
>that's why wages have stagnated, unemployment is skyrocketing, wealth inequality is the highest in the USA
We have literally explained why this is happening this entire thread and have explicitly fought against it. You have no argument lol
USA has the world reserve currency meaning they can endlessly create money, you don't even know what that is
>USA propoganda
no lol, it's literally what you retarded tankies actually ADMIT and support
Also even if 100 million weren't killed and it was more like 35 million, that's still a massive amount of people. What kind of a bootlicking serf would support that kind of slave system. You people want to live in North Korea unironically.
>distributed the means of production
I never said they were socialist, I said they were doing things that would be done in socialist shitholes and I am objectively correct. Central banks are not a function of capitalism. You people can only think in binaries.
Also taking over the means of production will not actually benefit the workers because they already receive virtually all of the end product of production in terms of consumer goods/services.
>read some fucking books
You people always say this as if people want to read your bootlicking brainwashed books. Why don't you read Mises, Rothbard or some criticisms of your delusional religion sometime?
Neoliberalism is a meme.
>hasn't read Marx
I have, I know the main points. I've been debating you children for a long time.
Have you read Mises? Do you even know what a free market is?
>Anticommie propaganda
Because I actually read history and understand economics.
Imagine worshiping state control and thinking anyone against this is the brainwashed one.

>> No.22527058
File: 13 KB, 366x298, gold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Enjoy wringing your hands over gold
lol okay, I'll keep getting rich on gold and gold mining stocks while you stay a poverty stricken marxist pseudointellectual in your parents basement constantly waiting for that "Rate of profit" to fall

>> No.22527068

I don’t make nearly that much and am still able to save about 1200 a month. OP is either larping or lying about his expenses.

>> No.22527075

>I believe there should be a free market for currency but I also believe we wouldn't have defeated the nazis the ussr without debasement.
Why ever give the government that power in the first place?

>> No.22527082

gold has no return.
the dollar is going down.

peter schiff has fucked so many people. gold is not an investment it has no risk

>> No.22527083

i want to beat op to death with a power cable. What an oblivious cunt.

>> No.22527100


>> No.22527108
File: 12 KB, 240x362, Karl Marx_Bawerk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hasn't even read Marx
Have you read Bohm Bawerk's destruction of Marx?

>> No.22527109

Crypto currency is inherently anti state and anti communism. It’s so funny how commies and leftist retards think they are going to get rich while unknowingly supporting An inherently libertarian platform Hahahaha Hahahaha

>> No.22527120

> the majority of people are too dumb to understand the scam

like every other economic theory it works great in a vacuum, the problem as always is human behavior. it every person was hyperrational and optimally invested their capital as soon as they received some liquid usd, the economy would be way more efficient and the standard of living at rough parity for most everyone. the problem isn’t just dumb people but predatory actors who tolerate systemic inefficiencies because it gets them more wealth comparatively, and who manipulate government to perpetuate those problems. Not the least of which is keeping people retarded and uneducated. I’m not going to shit all over gold, it has its merits, but as a currency it also has serious geopolitical weaknesses that are what led to the rise of fiat to begin with. the gold standard doesn’t exist in a vacuum either

>> No.22527125

>gold has no return.
It does, but gold mining stocks have a massive return and have already outperformed. You're going to see some serious shit in the next year.

>> No.22527159

Inflation you fucking chump.

>> No.22527160

because debasement is the weapon of autocrats and we need to fight fire with fire for freedom to exist.

when you take peoples wealth via debasement you get more productivity out of them.
Freedom is the ability not to work, a free man is not as productive as a slave.
Autocrats economies like the nazis, the ussrs and now chinas never stop accelerating because no one can accumulate wealth.
If we allow ourselves to be over run by tyrants freedom disappears. We may already be fucked though as our own military industrial complex may be in complete control and be completely corrupt

>> No.22527193

I'm so tired of explaining this shit. You don't get it, go watch another peter schiff podcast

>> No.22527207

>because debasement is the weapon of autocrats and we need to fight fire with fire for freedom to exist.
meh, I disagree
The government never goes away and we lose all of our freedom. We could have fought ww2 on taxes alone(the taxes would have purchased more because no currency debasement)
>you get more productivity out of them.
No, you just create malinvestment.

>> No.22527215

as in peter schiff has no idea what he's talking about

>> No.22527222


It literally is by definition

>> No.22527224

>I'm so tired of explaining this shit.
What have you explained, and how is Schiff wrong?

>> No.22527227

i make 40k a year, eat out constantly, buy whatever i want whenever i want, cover all my bills/rent no problem at all, and invest still plenty each pay period.

you're clearly spending a ton of money on something that you're not mentioning.

>> No.22527230

it's not money it's productive capacity debasement creates.
If people are rich they are idle, debasement means they can never afford to be idle aka maximum employment

>> No.22527232

too tired to read either apparently
I don’t want gold and you haven’t explained how free banking could ever work when you’ve already acknowledged that geopolitical competition makes it impossible

>> No.22527273

Ah another MMT “we haven’t tried real socialism” Bernie bro Faggot. Reddit is probably more up your alley.

>> No.22527291

Pick up hobbies that save or make money. Cooking and fitness are obvious and easy choices. Both can be practiced outdoors with friends. If I had all the money in the world I would go to exotic places and eat good food with friends. Not hard to do that at home, too.

I'm learning an instrument and I play vidya. Thinking about taking up Spanish. Pretty low cost stuff to keep me growing as a person without spending money on stupid consumer bullshit.

>> No.22527297

>it's not money it's productive capacity debasement creates.
But this is just malinvestment, not actual production for consumer demand. It can work when the government needs to fight a war I guess. But that's a terrible thing in general.
>If people are rich they are idle, debasement means they can never afford to be idle aka maximum employment
lol ohhh, you're just a keynesian
idle resources meme

>> No.22527320

Also a refutation to the "full employment" meme.

>> No.22527322

m8 yer paying 15k in rent on 75k/yr you should be saving at least 32k no prob and still living well lmao

>> No.22527323

gold is not an investment it is money because it's value changes the least with time.
gold standards are the thing that facilitates debasement not solve it.

schiff thinks gold is an investment or at least he shills that to maximize his profit selling gold. Him and maloney think debasement was just some fuck up. Every country debases its currency in existential war because the alternative is death. The problem we have has the post 1913 system created something orwellian

I want freedom, there will be no freedom until there are no more autocrats

>> No.22527337

Money is a commodity. When the government prints a useless commodity and forces you to use it, inefficiencies arise in the market and in the allocation of capital. We don’t have free market capitalism you ignorant nigger.

>> No.22527355

>gold is not an investment it is money because it's value changes the least with time.
Schiff agrees. But a lot of people are treating it as an investment right now due to the fuckery of the current system.
Mining stocks are definitely an investment.
>gold standards are the thing that facilitates debasement not solve it.
>Every country debases its currency in existential war because the alternative is death.
Okay sure, but why should we have central banking and fiat currency debasement now?

>> No.22527362

you are a fucking moron if you think I'm a keynesian
>needs to fight a war I guess
there you go, ww1 became ww2 which became the cold war which became the middle east petro dollar wars which is now probably becoming ww3 with china

the usa would not have won the cold war without debasement. There was no more gold in 1971 because they spent it ffs

>> No.22527384
File: 216 KB, 1920x1080, 1600099294231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22527413
File: 797 KB, 649x769, schiff baby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was never really wrong(except his timing, he will be right in the end though).

>> No.22527455

>redistribute wealth from individuals to the collective economy via debasement.
>show proof that the US bank is doing this. I'd like to see some fucking redistributed wealth, where is it?

You clearly don't understand the exact thing you're quoting, do you?

>> No.22527459

if I denominate your wage as $1 and the dollar is defined as 1/20th and ounce of gold then in 1933 I redefine the dollar to be 1/35th an ounce you just lost 42% of your wages and savings but your wage has not changed
if I denominate your wage in gold I cannot do that. then when they redefined the dollar you would now be paid $2.3 in 1934

denominate price in gold and it does not matter what currencies exist

>> No.22527485

>and the dollar is defined as 1/20th and ounce of gold
I don't want the government to define the dollar as anything. I want a free market in currency and banking.

>> No.22527490

>he doesn’t know
The Federal Reserve has shareholders. The top shareholders are the big banks: JPMorgan, Goldman, HSBC, Deutsche. They create policies to benefit themselves. Watch a fucking YouTube you fucking retarded nigger.

>> No.22527499

then you do not want a gold standard because they are what allow debasement

>> No.22527537

stocks are voting rights whether they are an investment is dependent on interest in control of that company. they also have that ponzi factor as they will inevitably go up traded against fiat
irrelevant to this conversation really

>why now

>> No.22527562

>then you do not want a gold standard because they are what allow debasement
True, I want to end central banking and let basic contracts and the free market decide what is currency.

>> No.22527590

then you will get over run by a country that does not value freedom and treats its citizens as resources to be used towards maximising the productive capacity it controls to conquer the world and have endless slavery to the will of an emperor or whatever

>> No.22527629

You forgot our ace in the hole; rerouting shit skins to new lands.

>> No.22527660

>then you will get over run by a country that does not value freedom and treats its citizens as resources to be used towards maximising the productive capacity it controls to conquer the world and have endless slavery to the will of an emperor or whatever
What? lmao
We literally had my system in USA from 1865-1913 and it resulted in the industrial revolution and a massive increase in living standards.
Sweden had the same thing during this period.

>> No.22527723

here we have the psyoped american who blames his problems on race due to the AstroTurfing of divide and conquer propaganda by communists. or a shill

I obviously meant in todays context. there's been many good periods of civilization in history.
it's 2020 friend and china does not believe you should be pursuing happiness they believe you should be put to work for the party and only own what is necessary to that end. same as the ussr and the nazis

>> No.22527775

maybe I'm just nuts and it's not a conspiracy maybe people actually just fell for the keynesian meme and have cognitive dissonance with the fact the morning shoes keep telling them they're better than ever despite producing more than ever for less than ever

>> No.22527950
File: 176 KB, 447x591, 1567232940125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's 2020 friend and china does not believe you should be pursuing happiness they believe you should be put to work for the party and only own what is necessary to that end. same as the ussr and the nazis
Then why should we adopt portions of their economic policies to "fight them"?

Read more austrian theory bro, especially on the history of the miracle of the gilded age and the massive increases in living standards it created.
We had a deflationary free banking system this entire era.

>> No.22527984


75k/year = like 30k/year in 1980's money. inflation of all the things that matter (housing, education, healthcare, transportation) has completely fucked us. and it's only going to get worse.

buy bitcoin like your life depends on it.

>> No.22528031
File: 1.75 MB, 2575x2726, 1563840250295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>inflation of all the things that matter (housing, education, healthcare, transportation)
not to mention government intervention in healthcare

>> No.22528090

people who cannot accumulate wealth work more, the economy has more productive capacity.
the greeks did it to fight the persians and the romans did it to fight barbarians

the industrial revolution was about a massive increase in the efficiency of labor it wasn't an increase in living standards.

>> No.22528109

i vote for communists, IE; democrats, because i dont want to work or wage slave anymore. i expect them to take the money from those who have it, and give that money to me. if you have a problem, vote against me, but there's more of me than there are of you.

>> No.22528129

Knowing that non-whites (or whatever races are not native to a country) do not belong is not falling for a scheme. It's simple fact. Communists welcome outsiders as a weapon to be used against opposition.

>> No.22528150

>it wasn't an increase in living standards.
It objectively was, especially in america. See the image I posted and the book I linked.

>i vote for communists, IE; democrats, because i dont want to work or wage slave anymore.
But this isn't going to work lmao, it's just going to increase your prices and force you to work harder.
The only people who can make you work less are people who want to end central banks(LIBERTARIANS)

>> No.22528317

>democracy is the cause
>demography is the cause
no, foreign autocratic enemies are the cause

it's an increase in living standards the same way a keynesian or klaus schwab defines living standards

>> No.22528353
File: 390 KB, 987x885, hours.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's an increase in living standards the same way a keynesian or klaus schwab defines living standards
No it's not.
Workers got to consume a lot more while working a lot less.
How is this not an increase in living standards?

>> No.22528429

Only a nigger or an oligarch benefits from having more non-whites in his country.

>> No.22528452

It's more than one thing you fucking simpleton.

>> No.22528459

you're larping go back

>> No.22528484

That's an interesting chart. Can u sauce me?

>> No.22528512

Write down every single purchase you make in a notebook. Look at it after a month. Fix it. You shouldn't get take out two or three days a week that can easily be $50+ wasted. Eat rice and beans if you have to. You're a fucking idiot. I have no college education and a net worth of $200k from fucking bartending. No debt. $20k liquid that I made in the last 4 months as everything else I dumped into crypto in preparation for the bullrun. I stopped spending like a degenerate at the start of the year and within 2 months I had quadrupled my cash on hand.

>> No.22528546

I'd define standard of living by wealth
I'm sure our consumption/work hour is higher than theirs but we have the worst fertility, savings, income, assets of any previous generation

>> No.22528555

I don't know how accurate it is, and what the agenda of the study is.
For a decent explanation of why and how living standards increased, see:

>> No.22528599

Your problem is that you are spoiled and your standard of living is higher than others. As you said, you could live on less but that lifestyle would make you depressed. Other people are happy to eat 20c noodles every day.

You have 2 options: increase your income, or learn to be a cheapskate like everyone else.

I fell into debt on a 200k income, because I couldn’t cut my spending habits. The problem lies in your mentality, not your income.

>> No.22528619

>we have the worst fertility, savings, income, assets of any previous generation
central banking is the primary cause of this
We would have deflation, higher interest rates, higher saving, lower debt without the federal reserve.

>> No.22528666
File: 29 KB, 500x500, 60c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Totalitarian inefficient states are late stage Communism. All Communist states ends up this way because you give too much power of resources and distribution to a single centralized entity.

Corruption and decay is inevitable for Communism. It is Communism.

>> No.22528680

I earn 1500 biweekly paychecks doing pizza delivery, and earn most of my money on naked weekly calls. Life is good here in Seattle

>> No.22528736

>live in the middle of downtown in a huge megacity
>WTF why is my rent so high? this is gabitalism's fault!

>> No.22528760

I just want to live comfortably and enjoy my youth and hobbies. And also save a little at the end of the year.

>> No.22528783

how many times does socialism have to fail before you idiots stop trying to force us to try it again? jesus fuck.

>> No.22528792

I understand that my point is consumption/work hour probably isn't a good definition of living standard, but I'd have to go and see how they define it and cbf.
No one wanted to leave their farms and become a factory workers with smaller dwellings etc same way no one wants to be made redundant by mcdonalds kiosks share a vehicle or be emailed by work 24/7 on their financed iphone. The industrial revolution should be categorized as an increase in the productivity of labor not an increase in quality of life

>> No.22528800

oh, there it is, the obligatory 'you dont know what REAL communism is' post, often seen in response to 'why does communism fail every single time'?

>> No.22528827
File: 57 KB, 962x700, real wages gilded age.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not an increase in quality of life
but it literally was, our life expectancy rose as well

Real wages doubled in the gilded age.

>> No.22528836

>no student loans
>paid off car
>1200 for 1 br apartment
wow, i had 50k in student loans and my car was stolen and totaled. insurance only gave me $4k for it and i'm left with $4k to buy a replacement when my car only had 100k miles as a 2000 civic. and a 1 br apartment here in the bay area is like $2000-$2500. you really dont have it that bad anon, like not even in the slightest

>> No.22528843
File: 43 KB, 915x680, 2020-09-16 01_11_26-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22528894


>just got graduate degree this year
>live with grandfather
>he doesn’t need to pay a mortgage anymore
>he doesn’t even charge rent
>house in super convenient location in major city
>we both live an ultra-frugal lifestyle

>> No.22528918

>37k/year gross
>31 years old
>own house, no mortgage, valued around 220k
>25k savings
>30k stocks
>50k pms
>30k guns/ammo
>1k crypto (qq)
>tiny 4.5 inch penis
>no girlfriend, kids, or responsibilities of any kind
>did i mention no car payment since i own that too
>live comfy
>just bought a new gaming laptop
>my phone is an old LG, screen has been cracked for years
>my message for OP; you're wasting your money somewhere friend, figure out where.
>protip; learn to cook, tacos, stew, italian stew (tomato sauce/sausage/ground beef), slow cooker recipes, etc.
>that will save you ~$300/month probably, more if you're actually eating out 3x/week.
>invest that 300/month into random shitcoins.
>convert to cash when you see a 100% profit
>rinse and repeat
>you can do it OP, i'm doing it on less than half your income.
>last protip; everyone pays a mortgage, except me, but everyone else. do you want to pay yours, or your landlords?

>> No.22528932

I make like 300k a year and spend 25k.

>> No.22528937

Cuba's doing fine

>> No.22528976
File: 123 KB, 960x720, 1582250293844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cuba's doing fine

>> No.22529019
File: 202 KB, 1974x756, 5445g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we'd have to agree on what actually measures quality of life before we did this argument. you're playing keynesian games
the man before the agricultural revolution was taller had a larger brain size had no one gaming his existence for material gain.
It's irrelevant to trying to become independent today

>> No.22529048

Those statistics in your image are manipulated bullshit.
>you're playing keynesian games
No, keynesians would ignore real world data like this.
>the man before the agricultural revolution was taller had a larger brain size
bull shit lol
How can people with fewer calories be taller and have bigger brains?

>> No.22529077

supposedly they were all on shrooms so maybe that?

>> No.22529096

what about the rest of us who live in places where 220k pays for 1/5 of a house?

>> No.22529136

You deserve it fucking faggot, now stay in your beaner loving shithole and let it collapse on top of you.

>> No.22529181

I know they are but I don't know your's aren't and I can't be fucked verifying it because I don't equivocate a like for one tribe of economics and it's correlative case study to a complicated period of history to an evaluation of that tribes ideas and so need to die on the hill of the industrial revolution being an increase in the quality of life either way.

some relevant stuff here after 4min https://youtu.be/IEq1xMaGhyw
the agricultural revolution was the same thing although more fundamental, they weren't growing food they were growing labor.

>> No.22529233

I deserve it, yeah okay. Thanks for the insight buddy. By the way, you probably live in some hick state like Tennessee. I probably make more money than your entire family combined, and your mom and dad are siblings.

>> No.22529241

Move. Or, live in a shit box apartment and use it soley for sleeping till you can afford / find a better job, or, find a fixer upper.

>> No.22529268
File: 1.10 MB, 2362x1492, 1591002925681.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22529305

If true, this is an evolutionary result and not the result of our current environment(meaning if you took modern humans and raised them from birth in the woods, their brains wouldn't be any bigger than ours. Also it says our brains are more compact now, so we have actually gotten smarter while having a smaller, more compact and efficient brain.

>> No.22529333

hmm, i'm in the final stages of recruitment for a new job where i'd be getting a nice raise from where i'm at now. so i'm a bit trapped location wise in order to stay close enough to the job
i dont really want to pay rent for too long but i also dont have enough money for a down payment on a decent house around here without having a hefty mortgage payment.
i only have about 60k in liquid savings, a shithole house or a house far away would be like 500k, an average house in an average neighborhood is closer to 700-800k, and a nice house would be 1m+
i've thought about moving to cheaper cost of living areas but everyone i know, family and friends, live in this area. it would suck

>> No.22529343

watch the video from 3:33 to 12:23 and stop jumping to conclusions

>> No.22529375

I don't have time.
We're clearly more intelligent than 20000 years ago so I don't see your point.

>> No.22529401

Tennessee is great. You sound like a faggot.

>> No.22529423

>I mean I get takeout 2, maybe 3 times a week

>> No.22529424

No, I was from CA. Multi generational, not your boomer ass parents that ran here from Ohio or Michigan in their 30's to escape the snow and raise their little special cucklord as a "Californian, born and raised :)".

You ruined it, you took everything from me and made it brown and broke. But one day, after the fires have finally had their turn at revenge...I'll show up and take back what's mine.

>> No.22529432
File: 4 KB, 253x104, no time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're starting to sound like a shill bro

>> No.22529451

Tennessee sucks donkey dick. And I might sound like a faggot, but you've 'already outted yourself as a 80 iq racist faggot. Guess what? I'm white, I make more money than your dad, and I love fucking white women and black women alike. Does that make you mad?
Back to porking your sister, you hillbilly racist faggot.

>> No.22529470

Where did you run off to? Couldn't handle a little adversity? It's called having balls. Try it some day.

>> No.22529486

Anyway, i'm off for the night. Toot-a-loo faggots.

>> No.22529487

yes. just a second, I need to give up all money, property, firearms, and individuality before I lick your boot, chairman!

>> No.22529522

this is one salty mulatto lol^

>> No.22529643

>Makes more money
>Can't buy 3/5ths of a home
Dare I say... Based?

>> No.22529657

I live on about $2.5K a month in San Francisco without roommates in a decent area (Telegraph Hill).

How you ask? Well, I find cheap units on Airbnb. I got a decent place on Airbnb for $1600/mo during the pandemic. Booked 6 months lmao. Before that I was living in a slightly worse area (Nob Hill) for $1750/mo.

Since I'm centrally located and work in the Financial District, I don't need a car. So, I spend about $700-900 average a month on other shit. Like food, eating out, transport, nightclubs, electronics, books, doctor visits, etc...

If I really Jewed it, I could probably live on $2200 a month without roommates, or $1000 a month with a roommate. I could easily get $1200 minimum to share this place.

>> No.22529723

I've been posting in this thread for a while replying to people. You are dumb.

>> No.22529730

holy fuck man that's my point

>> No.22529760

doesnt mean im a shill

>> No.22529855

That is a question that plague us all.

I live with my parents in a very expensive region in the US. Finally got a good stable job at 40k, but with me hitting my numbers I reasonably make 60k. I "waste" about $300 on myself each year, that covers eating out, video games, all non-essentials, etc... Everything else goes to Taxes, Roth 401K, and Home purchase savings account.

I do the numbers each month and they worry me. I got a projected monthly home buying power of ~$450, but even the cheap stuff I look at goes for ~$1200 per month, and I don't have good figures on utilities bills (although I am very frugal). I am pretty sure I could make it work, but it would be difficult. Move out deadline is in a year or two, when parents retire to Florida. Could easily do it, if I stopped maxing out my Roth 401k, but I got only myself in the future so that is last resort. Hoping I get a roommate for my new house as even at charging 85% market rate would work out fine, just don't want someone trashing me or building. Still a lot of details to workout.

People see me squirrel every dollar away and working endless over time. Going to break the $100k mark soon and everyone is questioning my sanity and mental state. I try to explain two simple things to them so they hopefully stop bugging me. One, buying a home is expensive so I need all the money I can because the bigger the loan the more I lose. Second, I had had horrible mental health issues as a kid and been homeless for 2 months, relatively speaking this level of stress even with COVID-19 is just an annoyance to me and if it got too bad I have robust fail safes from years of real depression in place so I am not worried about that.

That likely doesn't answer your question, but that is how I am doing it. I also managed to cut a notable amount of spending by changing my hobbies. I specifically went out and found hobbies that cost next to nothing and I make no delusions these new projects of mine will be profitable.

>> No.22529864

High iq post

>> No.22529867

genius. Im graduating soon so this may be an option.

>> No.22529871
File: 138 KB, 890x1066, wagecuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Which has nothing to do with owning capital and paying wagecucks to work it for you. No wonder you're poor.

>> No.22529887
File: 81 KB, 1024x1024, 0006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22529915

only people that save pics of those freaks are 99% of the time pedoqueers

>> No.22529923
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>> No.22529957

>can't see the difference between paying people and pretending to pay people

I'm not poor

>> No.22529965

55k stuck in houston,$1800 a month leftover and I hate my job and want to move

>> No.22529987
File: 301 KB, 2000x1333, -1x-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i'm not poor :^)
Are you financially indepedent from owning capital and property that makes you money when you sleep? No? Then you're poor.

>> No.22530000

You should look months in advance, and spam message to negotiate down the price in exchange for a longer stay. Also, dont pay through Airbnb past the first month.

>> No.22530014
File: 293 KB, 894x894, coztanza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>retard without a budget
>literally can not comprehend where his surplus earnings are going
>capitalism has failed

>> No.22530067


My thoughts exactly lmao. Imagine being salty over having 1.3k of recreational income. Like literally just find an investment hobby and dump it in that. Buy PMs idk.

>> No.22530200

Who the fuck are "they" and how come ive never heard them make these claims or read about them?

>> No.22530239

it's the absolute state of youth today. very sad that even those with decent incomes, and 75k for an under 40 in the US is above 90% of his peers since 2/3rds of millennials/zoomers are on welfare, still cant make a spreadsheet and learn to budget.

>> No.22530264

just general socialist/communist/leftist statements, made collectively, over the decades. every now and then they actually succeed in getting their way, and then wherever that happened turns into venezuela. then they say that wasnt real socialism/communism/leftism, and start trying to make us try it again. it's all so tiresome.

>> No.22530330

It’s cornyism and not capitalism.

>> No.22530343
File: 198 KB, 850x567, corn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22530350

it's not a question of that though it's should the people that are too stupid to figure out the scam be scammed to the benefit of the collective economy

>> No.22530360

>criticizes the consumerism the system he advocates for causes

>> No.22530390
File: 2.82 MB, 1066x1600, 1593222020232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how come with your ability to "budget" and "make a spreadsheet" you're all still poor?

>> No.22530392

>recent college graduate

Pick one.

>> No.22530408

full of shit dude, OP's 100% correct
I make around $60k which is decent for my area, renting a 1bedroom apartment is around $950/mo, all my utility bills, phone, internet, electricity, plus food (I cook 100% at home, don't eat junkfood ever), it basically takes up like 85%+ of my income altogether. I have no vices either, I don't drink, I don't do any drugs, hell I quit drinking coffee a year ago. I only drink water/tea, all my meals I cook at home. I barely have any hobbies and the ones I do have are cheap/free (outdoors shit mostly, camping/hiking/kayaking), and I pirate all my at-home entertainment like movies/tv/music, have zero tv/movie subscriptions, etc.

It's impossible to get very far ahead. Yea, I can save, like $3-5k/year if I'm lucky, and that's if I have no emergencies or unexpected costs.

So what, I'm gonna work 10 years to save $30k? Surely that's not the path to making it

>> No.22530441
File: 322 KB, 2048x1376, 279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean the successful system that just minted double the amount of billionaires? Of course you need consumerist cattle to maintain that, it's a zero sum game after all.


>> No.22530452

i guess i'm poor, but i have more than ~90% of my generation, which is good enough for me lol. most millennials are whining little bitches wondering why they have nothing while sipping a starbucks that costs their hourly wage. i'm 31 and paid off my house years ago. i'm the guy the 30 yearold boomer meme is made for, the one in ten of these bran damaged idiots who actually understands the concept of 'live within your means'. but whatever, i'm on track to retire at 50, like a typical boomer, and then i'll kick back, relax, and watch CNN or something just to laugh at the seething leftist 50-somethings who will still be whining WOE IS ME while sipping their starbucks and still being incapable of making a spreadsheet.

>> No.22530473

>what is compound interest
>what is only investing 3k/year on an income of 60k/year, literally investing 1/5th of what you should be investing in that income bracket.
>what is you're paying your landlords mortgage instead of your own, congratulations.

>> No.22530488
File: 2.59 MB, 800x450, 13512367435.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The prototypical wagecuck. Thank god NPCs like you exist. Couldn't keep society running without you robots.

>> No.22530491

>devalue the dollar
>increase the percentage of people who are now billionaires
who would have thought

you're like a boomer who thinks he got rich off his house

>> No.22530500

yes, quite prototypical, homeowner with no debt at 31 and a steadily ballooning investment portfolio. nothing pleases me more than the seething of my peers.

>> No.22530505

if you are on track to retire at 50 projected from 2020 you will never retire

>> No.22530511

many boomers did lol. imagine buying a home in the 70s on the outskirts of some minor city. you think it's still minor in 2020? real estate averages around 5%/year increase, but in any kind of metro area, it can be much higher.

>> No.22530513

oh you have investments please disregard

>> No.22530524

why not? because investments wont show the same return as they have in the past? simply adjust your portfolio accordingly and continue investing. it's not rocket science, which is why i find it so amazingly sad that 90% of millennial's, and nearly all zoomers, fail to do it.

>> No.22530536

some, but i did focus on getting my house paid off first. i'm now all-in investing, stocks, some PMs, recently some exploration into crypto, etc. we'll see how it turns out, but i think i can make it in the next 19 years if i continue with my current level of contributions.

>> No.22530539

>wagecuck thinks being a homeowner is an achievement
>he thinks having debt is bad
>his "ballooning investment portfolio" is "projected" to let him retire at 50
lmao. spouting literally every single retarded poorfag talking point.

your IQ is too low to ever be anything other than a cuck. at least you know your place in life, wagie.

>> No.22530547
File: 22 KB, 590x348, Homes-USD-1890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no their wealth stayed the same

because cpi is not a useful measure of wealth over time. it's like trying to land on the moon with a meter that's value is a function of the stock market

>> No.22530568

dude get a first house buyer home loan with how much you pay you could afford a 3 bedroom on a 30 year mortgage that you can get out of if you ever wanna move if you sell.

>> No.22530577

Alot of bootlickers in this thread.

>> No.22530578
File: 300 KB, 929x1175, 1599115613183.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it turns out that we're already living in a deflationary paradise provided that you own capital assets and don't worry about purchasing power like the rest of the consumerist cattle. You ARE part of the owning class right? You DO own cash generating assets...right?

>> No.22530592

you are sending us to an orwellian hell. You're probably a hedonist or a pedo or something

>> No.22530685


>> No.22530762
File: 151 KB, 1100x513, floatingcity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shouldn't have chosen to be poor then. The owning class will continue to live amazing lives in luxury floating cities, while the poor die scrambling for clean air and water. And that's just the way it should be.

>> No.22530788
File: 55 KB, 640x750, 4d0b56f7ceb91cffd6e8679bdc731479a4d886ea6a41e6bdd25b5458530efe51_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>luxury floating cities
>he's such a virgin he hasn't got out of materialism

>> No.22530824


sounds like your problem is just that you haven't had enough time to accumulate savings, and that's being countered by wanting/needing things that people don't have when they're just getting started in life. it will take several years before you feel like you're making progress, but just stick to it. one thing to keep in mind is that it's fine to spend money on things that will last a long time, especially a lifetime (i.e. good cutlery), but don't spend much on consumables or made-in-china tier trash.

>> No.22530890
File: 57 KB, 1526x1003, 1585457423822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More poorfag resentment. Don't worry, when you're dead maybe you'll finally get to live a non-shitty life. Probably not though.

>> No.22530955

>floating cities
good chuckle. the racecar bed aspiration of the rich

>> No.22531064

A piece of paper not backed 1:1 by government assets is inherently worthless. Hence why I'm in crypto and gold coins because all central banks are now accelerating the collapse.

>> No.22531069

The rich are already living ultra extravagant lifestyles anon. They don't even need to "aspire" for shit like floating cities.

They are very, very good at making sure the public eye is NEVER on them. They got massively richer while the world was on lockdown. There is really nothing you can do.

>> No.22531082

>Wannabe wolf of wallstreet thinks his loans are real wealth
>He thinks he owns anything

Year is 2030
>*knock* *knock* SIR OPEN UP It’s the bank we want our property
Lol you people are pathetic. You’re owned and your imaginary wealth will soon come crashing down. HAHAHAAHAHAAHAH

>> No.22531118

t. coping poorfag wagie

>> No.22531135

that's why I'm laughing at mr rockefeller here >>22530890
>there is really nothing you can do
what do you think I want to do?

>> No.22531138

I'm saving more money than you getting drunk every night, on half the salary. What the fuck are you doing?

>> No.22531149

>t. Future legally owned slave in walmart concentration camps ready to take the mark of the beast
I’ll be laughing in the clouds

>> No.22531215

This. Ffs why don't you guys get it?
Mmt and qe in the form of money maker go brrrrt is taking away from you the rightful opportunity to buy into a consolidated market. The recession is a chance for young people, you can adapt and adjust, 50 year old boomers would have problems. Instead we are forced to save boomer's assets ironically with our own tax money and will eventually be forced to buy from them their inflated bags in he form of housing and stocks. It's a giant scam on the younger generation. We pay the debt for decades that will help to obtain the wealth of the people in power now, which are: 50-70 year old Babyboomers.

>> No.22531238

>what do you think I want to do?
Change the system?

I'm just saying. Be realistic. There are too many rich people now. It's not like the old days when there was a tiny number of wealthy people in the world.

There are literally millions of millionaires in the top 10 most prosperous countries. The rich will never allow the system to have any significant change.

Hell, just look at the great recession. Poorfags got BTFO and the government told them "you're on your own" meanwhile the rich got richer throughout the entirety of the "great recession". The only people who lost their money and jobs were middle class and lower class wagecucks. Nothing happened to you if you were in the 1%.

It's not about being a bootlicker or not. It's about being realistic.

>> No.22531249

And why would boomers give that up? Cope some more.

>> No.22531280

devaluing the dollar doesn't stop any generation losing wealth it stops them noticing they did.
Boomers have been more fucked by central banks than any other generation and they may never change as the system may change in millenials life time

I don't have a problem with rich people I have a problem with socialists and communists

>> No.22531285

Wud? Didn't you get what i wrote? Of course they won't give it up. Mmt and qe will continue, but the reasons should be understood.

>> No.22531304

>blaming it on boomers
who could be behind this post

>> No.22531308

That is wishful thinking. You are buying into and supporting boomer's inflated assets right now also in the form of low wages. I should add that i mean baby boomers with the word boomers, not the meme definition of 30 years and older which are basically gen z / x

>> No.22531325
File: 12 KB, 590x351, USD-1900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.22531342

Sorry if you don't grasp the information and implications. With all logical sense of course boomers in power put us into that situation, ang again, i don't mean meme definition of boomers 30 years or older, i mean real baby boomers. You must close all eyes to overlook that they lived largely above their limits and are leaving massive debt problems to younger generations.

>> No.22531374

Your chart shows dollar devaluation? So again sth that is in line with what i'm telling you. What is even your point and what do you want to say?

>> No.22531376

Being an asocial schizoid helps
I have almost 0 expenses

>> No.22531381
File: 68 KB, 700x877, 1597361052062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sigh, why did I waste time trying to explain things to a retard? Devaluing the dollar CREATES wealth you dumbfuck. It literally pumps your bags for free. Provided that you're a capitalist that owns capital.

What the fuck did you think would happen if the banks didn't print money, that the rich would just give you their wealth? Fucking retard.

>> No.22531394

the more you make
the more you spend
it is quite a strange idea but seems to happen

>> No.22531401

read the thread
the fed was established in 1913 to issue bonds to fund ww1
ww1 turned into ww2
ww2 turned into the cold war
the cold war turned into controlling the supply of oil
now we have the rise of china

the boomers are the generation that was most exposed to this debasement there has been no opportunity to stop the debasement because war has never ended for a good reason or because it is a racket

>> No.22531423

it's not free it takes money from individuals and redistributes it to the collective economy. it's not capitalism it's a scam.
If they did not do it the economy would shrink and we would've lost one of the wars we won

>> No.22531425

Lol, you don't get anything. Inlafted assets based on a devalued nominal currency is a zero sum game. The value of your stocks are still the same. Are you completely retarded?

>> No.22531459

organ harvesting you and your fat whore single mom is the point of crypto.

>> No.22531487
File: 254 KB, 334x506, 1581926061923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Life is always a zero sum game. Your failure to admit to that most basic of principles is why you fail at life.

>> No.22531494

I get what you're saying, you put it into a larger context which i like. But that doesn't change the mechanisms pressuring momentary young generations and putting boomers as owners of assets that inflated afterwards in position of power. Painting boomer's as the bad guys is too easy, you're right here, but young generations are fucked. I don't know OPs situation and if it's laziness or other reasons that put him into this position, but the mechanisms i described are real.

>> No.22531508

No it's not. It may be a minus game for some, especially for people with fewer intellectual capacity.

>> No.22531519

it's very obvious you don't get it bro, which means you are victim to it

>> No.22531522

That's just retarded lolberterian boogeyman thinking though. The fed has been pumping money into the economy for a long time.

Hint: you being a poorfag has nothing to do with it.

You either ADAPT and gain valuable skills thereby securing your place in the 1%

or you are lucky enough to be born to rich parents.

All of the wagecucks and NEETs on this board who think they will make it via playing with internet coins like the lazy fags they are will be left in the dust.

>> No.22531539

basically this^. too many people try to live in the world that they think should be, rather than the world that is. for those of us who live in the world that is, 'making it' is relatively straightforward, and really is as easy as using the boomer logic of 'buy the dip', 'hold', 'dont get that avocado toast, instead invest that money, you dumb ass fucking child'.

>> No.22531550

boomers haven't benefited from it. It's not debatable, they would be orders of magnitudes wealthier without it.
boomers are not part of the mechanism. Debasement is war time economics

>> No.22531554

Google m1 and m2, than come back and leave. You lack basic knowledge about economic topics.

>> No.22531568

You are a poorfag. Your attempt at trying to rationalize your low status in life and low IQ will not change your reality.

You need to accept.

>> No.22531586

That's just wrong. Yet i'm still apologizing to you in due form grandpa.

>> No.22531608

Lol, actually i don't have any problems with my financial situation or status. But you're just ignoring or not understanding basic economic developments.

>> No.22531612
File: 68 KB, 888x894, 1551234698397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mmt and qe in the form of money maker go brrrrt is taking away from you the rightful opportunity to buy into a consolidated market
This is how wagecucks cope

>> No.22531648

I'm not poor and completely understand how as long as I have property rights I can live off the decreasing cost of living priced in actual assets
It's not wealth to live in a society of slaves, debasement causes degeneration as everyone is too poor to not be compromised and we spiral into autocracy where nobody gets property rights

it's not the rate of debasement hasn't changed, boomers have lived longer than you at that rate. If you were born in the 50s you would not be going to jail to not pay income tax and trying to take down the fed you would've lived as they did. Blaming boomers is a psyop to cause divide

>> No.22531652

Lol, just because your robinhood meme stocks and etfs have been rallying lately doesn't mean you're a great profiteer of the situation. I assume this is happening some leagues above you.

>> No.22531677

>just because your investments are increasing in value
>doesnt mean you're making it

actually that's exactly that it means, and if your investments arent doing that, you need to make a change.

>> No.22531688

Ok, so we are arguing on the same topics. Good. Again, you're right that it's not boomer's fault as individuals but political decisions and framework of that time caused a situation not favorable for young people today.

>> No.22531698
File: 24 KB, 590x347, SP500-1871 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


there are more opportunites to by market bottoms with the scam the fed promotes

>> No.22531711

I earn less and save more than you faggot LMFAO

>> No.22531723

Of course stocks rally, mine too. But it's peanuts in comparison to people that are 60 years old, own a nice house in a decent town and got a middle class stack of stocks together in the nineties. Your gains are laughable and you won't be able to ever play in that league as assets are too inflated to reach that status for middle class young people. Keep calling it cope but the mechanisms are real

>> No.22531734

there was no alternative to those policies >>22531401

just as there was no alternative when it happened to rome or greece.

There can be an argument about whether the military industrial complex is completely out of control now and both sides are being controlled by the same entity to sustain the racket but existential war requires debasement

>> No.22531747

this is nonsense there is more speculative opportunity now more than ever. It's part of the degeneration debasement causes dissociating work and value

>> No.22531843
File: 101 KB, 1080x701, Wealth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The real cope is how massive amounts of wealth is being created with banks printing money, but think that if the banks didn't they'd magically be able to get a slice of wealth when they can't get anything now.

>> No.22531906

Lets see
Income taxes : 22%
>off the top- 75k becomes $59k
>rent $14.4k/year
>utilities around $2400
>food around $10k/year.
>$27k toff the top, leaving $32k
> car insurence, gas, maintenance $600/month, $7200/year
>health insurance - $4800/year
>random subscriptions - $3000/year
$17k left
>$1.3k savings
>$3k on laptop and software
$12k left
>Sales taxes: $4k/year
$8k remains
>Are you self employed or paying ira/roth/etc?

>> No.22531937

That's like saying slavery creates wealth.
by not allowing people to accumulate wealth you maximize employment increasing the productive capacity of the economy at the expense of lived experience.
same way slaves create production because you do not allow them to stop working at the expense of their suffering

>> No.22531957

Late Stage Capitalism is a term that was coined by Ernst Mandel in 1975, you fucking retard. Nobody cares about your regurgitated talking points about the communist boogeyman who lives in your closet, you dumb faggot.

>> No.22531976

that's not true though, millennials had plenty of opportunity to buy stocks and see massive gains, all through this decade. that they didnt is a reflection on poor spending habits and a lack of financial discipline, not the fault of boomers or anyone else. the under 40 crowd needs to get their shit together, learn to dollar cost average, learn to buy and hold, and generally suck it up. most boomers started working in their mid teens and stopped working in their mid 50s. that's 4 decades of solid working and saving. boomer wealth didnt come out of nowhere, and millennials/zoomers are never going to replicate that success by whining constantly about 'muh circumstances' and 'muh wage stagnation' and 'muh pls gib me gibs', they're either going to replicate it by working hard for decades, or they're going to fail and be eternal poorfags.

>> No.22531993

unfortunately the communist boogieman consists of tens of millions of young, borderline-retarded, american youth who think government-gibs is a sustainable life strategy.

>> No.22532002

in what world is food 10k/year lol. learn to cook. food should be $10/day at most.

>> No.22532012


>> No.22532036

Wtf are you talking about? Should the ten year old millenial have put his pocket money into stocks? You should assess the situation right now instead of giving financial advice mixed with boomer glory

>> No.22532044

wealth has been distributed. If you are not fortune enough to have wealthy parents and grandparents you will never make it. Wealth is build through generations. The money is already distributed and large piles of money attract more money. This is literally late stage capitalism. The revolt will happen at least in the next 20 years.

>> No.22532071

yes plenty of speculative opportunity but there's only a minority in each generation that can do that. Current trends show the idea of owning a home or having a partner and children you can afford are going to dissapear. There is going to be no freedom just debt and work

>> No.22532102

Millenials will be eternal poorfags since boomers are going to retire soon and demand their pension since they 'deserve it'. Also, boomers are living an inflated lifestyle which isn't sustainable. It will be fucking expensive to pay all those boomers

>> No.22532104

Boomers could literally pay off college loans with a shitty McDonald’s job and the cost of living was much lower. You also didn’t have to compete with hordes on non white immigrants coming driving down wages. Then 2008 happened because the government gave retarded loans to black people.

You grew up in a society that valued honest work and white men weren’t considered Nazis. It was easy mode but you decided to ruin the country and create a demographic nightmare and poison females with toxic feminism

>> No.22532122

This is completely false. You are just rationalising your inadequacy by stating you were born “disadvantaged”.

You think 200 years ago you could open an internet business and start pumping 7 figures overnight? Social mobility is the highest it has ever been.

>> No.22532133

don't fool yourself. It has been also possible 200 years ago but back then it meant to dig in the mud and find some shiny gold nuggets. This made you a millionaire over night.
Social mobility is a meme and everybody who doesn't see this is fooled by the 1%

>> No.22532149
File: 107 KB, 602x578, 1597010134143.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slavery does create wealth, it's why they do it in the first place. And wealth accumulation continues at an accelerating rate.The cope is that you don't want to recognize that any wealth generated will go to make the wealthy even more rich and exclude anyone else from having that. Because for every Bezos or Musk, there's an army of slaves wasting their entire lives to maintain their owner's lifestyle. If you didn't have the slaves, you couldn't have the rich.

>> No.22532168
File: 157 KB, 765x988, 1590082977200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Social mobility is the highest it has ever been.
So why are you still poor?

>> No.22532179

Digging in the mud compared to sitting in the comfort of your home, and before was better? We have all become so fragile and entitled.

You are right the system is rigged, but it always has been. These beliefs are counterproductive.

>> No.22532219

Don’t assume. I am one of the few that got struck by dumb luck, but you can’t get there without trying, even if the odds are against you.

>> No.22532225

> physical labour is harder than intellectual labour
yeah, thanks for another boomer meme. Working on a desk can hurt your mental health for decades. You clearly have never had a stressful IT job

>> No.22532270

I know it does but the only people that want to live material hedonistic lifestyles at the expense of nations of slaves are pedos and psychopaths
No, the problem is the fed is a scam that is taking peoples wealth without their knowlegde or at least knowledge of the extent.
I don't give a fuck what people spend their wealth on so long it is their choice. The fed is no different to those scammers around the effiel tower preying on tourists, it's just a scam robbing people because of their ignorance.
It is the sole cause of societal degeneration and is leading us to global inescapable socialism by corrupting everyone.

Wealth creation does not require slavery. We are on a rock spining around a perpetual explosion in an infinite void we do not need to create more wealth at the expense of suffering for more hedonism. It will end is autocracy anyway

>> No.22532335

Can we just get rid of property and income taxes so you can keep what you make and own what you buy?

>> No.22532439

>Wealth creation does not require slavery.
No, it does require slavery. What kind of fairy tale world do you live in? Amazon has 798,000 employees. That means for every billionaire you need almost a million slaves. And with more billionaires than ever before, that means the number of slaves will only keep growing. Because it's a zero sum game. And part of the zero sum game is the principle of exclusion. If I didn't hire you as a slave, and you didn't sacrifice your life working, then Bezos would have to give up wealth in exchange, find someone else to do the job, or do it himself. Guess which option he's going to pick?

>> No.22532440

No because then the pope wouldn’t own you through corrupt governments anymore

>> No.22532482

Work is not slavery, working without the ability to own and accumulate wealth is slavery.
Voluntary exchange of labor for money is not slavery

taking everyones wealth via a scam so to stop the economy ever contracting is slavery

>> No.22532498

its not a zero sum game you fucking moron there are infinite resources not in our economy

>> No.22532553

agreed. i make 60k per year and my rent is 1250. i can still save 15,000 per year no problem. they're wasting lot of money on shit like coffees and other nickle and dime items, i guarantee it.they probably never take the time to buy things on sale or to negotiate prices. i'm going to go get in my audi that i bought for half the price of new.

>> No.22532576

>450/month rent
>150 minimum/month savings
>Money continues to go up in current account

>While making ~£15k/year
>Have almost 40k in savings from this
I wonder what the fuck people do in these threads to be making 25k+ (nevermind 60k+) and not be literally swimming in money.

>> No.22532589

>buy things on sale
>allowing capitalist slave drivers to make decisions for you

Why accept living like a rat? What’s the point? Increase your income and spend away. Sad

>> No.22532738

>infinite resources on a finite planet
I truly am talking to retard.
Keep coping about why you suck at life.

>> No.22532772

we are in a universe you fucking communist shill

>> No.22532807

and we have not depleted the earth. You're like a caveman who refuses to acknowledge the existence of the next valley so eats his own children because muh zero sum game

>> No.22532934

no, only a few commies and we got rid of them

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