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Which is better frens? I think ETH has more potential than BTC

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Hold a bit of both. When BTC holds a long term stable/bullish trend, shift more into ETH, it has higher upside. Same idea for downside when BTC is bearish. I currently hold a 40/60 ish BTC/ETH split.

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ETH 2.0 has potential to rise the price. If it happens.

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3 btc and just hodl
Rest in eth, either play eith shitcoins or wait for 2.0 within the next few years

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- Long term (6m-1y+)? BTC
There is no argument that matters more than its stability + the fact it has already historically paid off amazingly for long-time holders. Still should do 75%BTC/25%ETH to not stay too pinned down.
Short term? There is too much talk and pressure on one side as to BTC dumping, and another side believing it will suddenly pump. So, reality? Right now it will probably not do either and stay frozen for 2w-1m and just be boring. So leaving assets frozen like that means losing opportunity. ETH was having more interesting movement until 2, 3 days ago, and will probably regain that as soon as its BTC-induced dump recovers, and it begins defining its own price again. So if you go all in on ETH, get your profits out into BTC (for the long-term plan mentioned above), while keeping a good stake into ETH current more lively movement.
Then, if you're good with analyzing new stuff and avoiding the scams, use 30-40% of your ETH stack to daily or weekly short smaller coins tied to it, feeding profits right back into ETH or all the way into BTC for long term as well.

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I'm 70% BTC 20% ETH and 10% others. This is the safest stack I could have while ensuring I make it.

If you need more gains with a bit more risk go heavier with ETH. If not losing to 0 is more important, have more BTC.

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I'm 40/30/30 split between BTC ETH and LINK. LINK seems like a pretty safe investment at this point with more gain potential than either BTC or ETH.

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go all in eth for 6 months or so, or until btc goes above 13k, then move everything into btc.

the farmers are getting stronger and everyone needs eth moving tokens around. it's only going to get worse as 'normies' try their hand at defi. btc run probably after election or late next year, so still plenty of time

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That's fair. I'm really close to making the jump into link. For me my accumulation period has kind of ended though now that I reached my eth and btc targets and I'm just sitting back and watching at this point. Maybe as I earn some more free cash I may add link to my stack.

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