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First for haha funny NKLA line go down hehe

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red today if this is dub.

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thoughts on relief therapeutics holding AG? should i buy as much as i still can or are we at the top of the hype?

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VIX is rising bros...

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APPL buy the news

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Spy isn’t looking too good and is looking like it made a higher bottom

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>US futures are green as fuck
>europe opened green but slumped into crab territory
What does it mean?

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i suppose just about anything seems like a good buy in comparison to NKLA
even a blatant pnd scam being run by the chinese government

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VIX is looking like it is making the higher bottom.

>> No.22477263

My dubs tell you to fuck off

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daily reminder, that spy will crab for the forseeable future (320-340), upside will resume when it becomes more apparent who will be the next pres

>> No.22477322

Hope ya brought yer diamond hand game fer dis one cause she bout to drop to $5

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>tfw TQQQ puts

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Theta gang wins again baby

>> No.22477342

NIO at least has working cars

>> No.22477361

true story
china also has working escalators

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Wh-what if the Fed printed money to pump up the stock market so the rich can escape before the real crash

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oi lads, are these stocks worth buying for a 2x ?
if not give me your tips

>> No.22477380

do we AAAAAAA or OOOOOOOOOO today? I am talking about chad stocks like AMD, TSM, WDC, etc. meme stocks not welcome.

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then there would be a huge uptick in other liquid assets, money always has to go somewhere

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old news, we already knew that Oracle is buying it.

>> No.22477425

But you can't ignore that Chinese tech is beating ours now. Their phones are cheaper and just as good, if not better. They have a version of most tech products that are just straight up better version of ours. Yeah, fakes are mixed in, so it's nowhere near perfect, but it is possible for them to make cars.

>> No.22477435

today is an NVDA day

answered you in the last thread, but I'm expecting an announcement that SE is approved for Singaporean digital banking license this month. I don't like PTON because they only have 1 product in a limited market, and it's very cost-prohibitive to new buyers. I don't know anything about NNOX.

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well that volatility was short-lived...

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>Pre: +1.5%
These aren't the futures I saw on Friday

>> No.22477453

Horse and diamond the past few days holy shit
I imagine a drop at some point but its no doubt gonna keep sky rocketing
Keep your eyes open for dips guys

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>Chinese tech is beating ours now
you can't seriously believe this

>> No.22477461

>MSFT red premarket
they never get a break
They're back at July valuations so TikTok shouldn't be priced in anymore, but it looks like it's going to red today on the day that everyone else is massively green

>> No.22477462

/nq and QQQ tracks a bit differently - especially over the weekend, it should normalize soon

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Shut the fuck up Chang

>> No.22477472

>line go down
>surely line go up now

>> No.22477474

Absolutely have never used or seen anything better from China, including stocks.

>> No.22477476

fsly flyin too

>> No.22477479

>pre-meme where only (((them))) are allowed to trade
wait for the open

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What's the deal with NIO? Valued at 17.97 a share and up 39% in the last month. Will it shoot up?

>> No.22477490

more jewish stocks lmao
this and NNOX
oh vey

thanks m8, if SE gets that license its a game changer, i spent time in South East Asia and Shoppee and all the other subsidaries of SE are used everywhere, imo it could be the next Alibaba and Amazon for SEA region, do you also agree

>> No.22477492

aka everyone except rh'ers

>> No.22477501

pnd powered by the chinese government
have fun

>> No.22477508

its weird, im on IB and cant trade premarket
do you have to enable a setting or something?

>> No.22477518

>jewish stocks
Israel has good corps, advanced tech and huge brain power, soda stream was also from Israel. Check KMDA, it really is a legit corp with a huge potential, tgt 20-30 in 6 mos at most.

>> No.22477524

Shitbikes for THOTs
Shitboxes desired by the pajeet simps of THOTs
Cheap furniture for THOTs
THOT: "What the FUCK is an OS?"

Where were you when you realized this is a THOT rally?

>> No.22477525

IB Lite premarket is available from I think 8am est onward. You need a pro plan to trade earlier.

>> No.22477531

Markets are fucking boring lately no moves just crabbing

>> No.22477535

i have ibkr too, when opening order you have to put in the execution time bracket GTC i think and boom

>> No.22477540

Do you understand what the significance of semiconductors are and how fucked China (e.g. Huawei) is right now that they're cucked from getting vital semiconductor equipment from US and Europe?
7nm is a pipe dream for Chinese semiconductors right now, even 14nm is a fucking struggle. The west is tired of china's bullshit, covid was just the final straw, but no one is blind to china's IP stealing bullshit.

outsourcing is going to other countries like Vietnam going forward, e.g. NA Nintendo Switch production was switched to there

>> No.22477552

what's the benefit of ibkr lite? the comms on pro are pennies and if you generate at least $50 in comms then all the data is for free. Straight up the best broker in town.

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Right here anon, when the thots got into trading it was time to exit.

Timed the dump perfectly

>> No.22477561

thanks m8
with jews you don't lose,
what is your opinion about NNOX the x-ray isreali company then

>> No.22477562

Chinese are pretty sloppy when it comes to making products t b h. modern China itself is pretty dystopian though, no one holding cash, everyone using their phone to pay, AI face detection everywhere you go.

>> No.22477567

so much this
> generate at least $50
* a month

>> No.22477578

They make up numbers and economy growth, people think China is booming and invest billions in China, China uses the money to invest in foreign companies and steals their tech, they use the tech to produce good products.

Crazy that nobody did a thing for so long..

>> No.22477585

them peleton bikes will take off hard next year whenever they expand to australia and europe, its literally gonna be the next status symbol for instagram sluts

and this is why i'll buy PTON

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>one of my boyfriends
this is all so very tiresome

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Any of you fuck with CEF's at all?

>> No.22477601

no idea, havent paid attention to health tech corps, i don't know if their product has the urgency factor, like are x-rays a tech in demand?

>> No.22477606

Write covered call on DAL, or sell?

>> No.22477627

what's that

>> No.22477628

if $UAVS and $AMZN announced a partnership, what would a realistic price for $UAVS be?

>> No.22477642

>GME $6.90

>> No.22477644

In all honesty NVDA is overpriced, regardless I can't afford it

TSM or AMD as my next massive investment, my time frame is 5 years+
TSM rarely ever moves while AMD is making bigger moves.


>> No.22477645

Christ sake mate. I been hearing this partnership since for months.

>> No.22477648

Closed end funds, my man.
I'm thinking of going full divvy. This market is too retarded to keep up with

>> No.22477651

they're making a medical as a service
(SAAS) giving firms discounted equipment and charging them a fee

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>really good at charts
what does that even mean

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What happened Bobo? I thought you were the badass. I thought it was the culling of the BVLLS. I thought it was ogre. Hmm..

>> No.22477661

not going to happen

>> No.22477668

GNUS touching the $1 line again today boys. If it closes in penny stock territory get the FUCK over to the stocktwits page.

>> No.22477670

That he draws meme lines like no other

>> No.22477674

solid hold, the bottom (on regular mkt conditions) is around 68.
solid, but has political risks (Taiwan), why not buy both?

>> No.22477676

i'm sure this post will age beautifully

>> No.22477679

One can dream. Regardless Drone tech is a good investment. $UAVS is a solid company.

>> No.22477696

it's the one good thing that came out from Trump.
I hate Trump because Im a leaf and NAFTA being dissolved was bad for us, but there's no way Hilary would have been able to bring China down to the negotiation table.
Biden won't necesarrilly be a bad thing for the US either if he's not retarded enough to turn it into basically a bad cop good cop sort of thing to make a good deal against China. Too much tension not too good for my TSM stocks

>> No.22477697

Lmao bagholders still pushing that fake shit.

>> No.22477702

just buy SOXL, or an unleveraged semi ETF

>> No.22477705

and what's their moat? do they have something that makes their product competitive with any current or future competitor?

>> No.22477706

NVDA buying ARM. My port will coast on that a few days

>> No.22477709

I heard rallies ahead of a fed meeting are very rare. Likely today is just a morning pump, afternoon dump, and a bunch of crab shit until wednesday.

>> No.22477719

mind posting your 1W?

>> No.22477722

It literally just happened tho?

>> No.22477725

buy FNGU

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>> No.22477729

There isn't much the Fed could say anymore of any consequence. Everyone is just watching if they commit to "average money printing" instead of saying that they are going to REALLY REALLY hard this time.
Maybe we will get Fedcoin.

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are any of you guys profitable? if so, how?

>> No.22477741

it's still significantly below what it was before Q2, don't be smug you're gonna fucking bog me down

>> No.22477744

When did that news drop? Like February right? Just let go man

>> No.22477747

"It" isn't going to happen

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>> No.22477761

How high will ORCL get today? Already up 10% in premarket

>> No.22477764

QYLD loves you and wants you to be happy.

>> No.22477769

Well, in any case. I am personally still very bullish based on FA while the short term TA is still in no man's land.
I don't think today will be a rally though. I mean, maybe, anything can happen after all. Just my arm chair quarterback prediction

>> No.22477777

If I place a trailing stop to sell order before the market opens, does it use the closing price of the previous day for it's calculations, or the market price when the current trading day starts?

>> No.22477785


these links explain better



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>> No.22477795

Nobody here bought above $8. It literally just happened, time to retire the trip!

>> No.22477799

>not working out or meditating in the mornings

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>> No.22477818

i averaged up at $7.75.. kill me and my greed
My first chunk was under $6 though

>> No.22477820

I've been profitable all year selling really wide, slightly delta negative strangles (beta weighted to SPY). I find them easy to manage as if the market goes up, which is technically against my position, then volatility tends to contract. If the market starts to go down, the market moving towards my position often outpaces VIX when it comes to unrealized P/L. During VIX spikes I use more of my buying power to open more strangles on non-meme stocks with the highest IVR so when volatility begins to return to the mean then I get a nice payout.
March was definitely a big scare for me (everything moved too quickly in one direction) but the nature of being the option seller allows for me to roll positions and just wait until they're successful

>> No.22477821

Why is no one talking about ORCL

>> No.22477822

these goalposts will never cease to be moved
first it was $100
then $50
then $20
then $15
then $10
now $8 would be le epic short squeeze 10 bagger

>> No.22477823

Im sure your trip will vanish in a few days like every other retard bear tripfaggot

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Had better and had worse.

>> No.22477839

Swinging is the best way to trade NIO right now. Upside potential is that they actually produce cars and are supported by the CCP.

>> No.22477846

My penny stock advice for this month

KOdal minerals

Mining company for lithium in Norway, recently partnered with another mining corps and the stock is very very low right now, but they are making considerable progress.

Shanta gold

Gold company, found new gold deposits in Kenya and the stock is rising steadily

That is all

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>> No.22477861

my trip is specific to GME and i'm keeping it so that one specific anon will seethe

until GME hits $20+, this trip is staying

>> No.22477878

such a sad loser

>> No.22477879

Would appreciate a dip in DPHC desu feeling fomo

>> No.22477882
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>> No.22477886

You'll join the stop loss club soon.
>Big Sqeeze 2
Moving goalposts? I can do that too, by setting stop losses. You're the only one forcing ""IT"" like it ever meant anything other than gambling and profit.
I'll gloat now and I'll gloat more because I'm not selling until I'm trailing stopped.

>> No.22477888

>he thinks it’s morning for me

>> No.22477889

in other words, all of your gains depend on the current PM pump?

>> No.22477890

DHT! About to break even today wooohooo!

>> No.22477891

what are your positions against GME?
the other spamming retard >>22477856 is bagholding calls irrc, -50% down

>> No.22477909

but i'm winning, friend

mf if you aren't perfectly aware that GME shills were claiming retarded numbers then you either weren't here or you're a goalpost shifting liar

there is zero reason to be holding GME right now other than the fact that you fell for some bag holder's scheme

>> No.22477911

$100 goal post was too much for me to bear to put my money into. If it’s drop to $5 I think I could manage risking a bit for a realistic $8 now.

>> No.22477913
File: 39 KB, 482x302, A87DE4A0-A9AE-4FD1-A249-9F1F4DBAB0EC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really. You're starting to come off kinda mad though. Have a nice day

>> No.22477918

any help on getting approved for level 2 options at fidelity? apparently $100k income, 15-30k cash, and 5 years experience trading isn't enough.

>> No.22477920

I can't believe you are not tired of this.

>> No.22477922

My boomerfolio will literally beat any of your strategies over a long period of time. Now can the markets hurry up and open so I can buy some stocks and hit the hay

>> No.22477923

I'm sure it will at some point but don't expect anything significant

>> No.22477924

By Wednesday GME is going to be at pre-ER prices, around 7.70.
It'll be interesting to see where it goes from there

>> No.22477932
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Clackety clack

>> No.22477937

i have no position for or against it
i have never ever ever ever ever ever once said it was going to tank or that you should short it
my only claim has ever been that this retarded short squeeze that people were claiming was going to 10x it was never going to happen

and it isn't going to happen

>> No.22477942

everytings green what are you guys talking about

>> No.22477944
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Must be someone else, I’m up on spot bought months ago


>> No.22477945

Are people still on this? This will never happen, GME jumping today is just the bounce before it fades into obscurity forever.

Now let's all hold hands and watch the slow death of QQQ together.

>> No.22477963
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nice, dude

>> No.22477967
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Hey /biz/

Just learned about options and came up with this idea.

What if you buy a put option of a really volatile stock that is dumping and at the same time go long on this stock?

It either dumps and you make money with the option (and you close the long trade, when the dump momentum is confirmed) or it bounces up and keep your long trade. The worst case scenario is that the gains of the long trade in case of a bounce are less than the premium you paid for the options.

What could go wrong?

Only serious answers from experienced traders. Don't make me go to r/wsb

>> No.22477970

I think there are a few of us GMEEEE cooomers helping the cause

>> No.22477971
File: 636 KB, 1200x1047, 1599847525904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22477979

The people that keeps on buying shilled shit is literally playing with $20 or something, so no reason to care

>> No.22477989

What you're talking about is using options as a hedge against your primary position, which is the intended purpose of options. (insurance)

>> No.22477991

just to let you faggots and losers know, DPHC is worth about 50/share

>> No.22478005

It doesn’t work like that

Some other guy tried it on r/Wall Street bets and end up in bugging robin hood and getting $500000 dollar losses

It’s on YouTube brah, I’ll see if I can find the link


Look through this guy’s videos, he covered it

>> No.22478009

you've had a trip this entire time being so obsessed over GME and you don't even have any stake in or against GME? Do you realize how pathetic that is? Do you think retard bagholders who just bandwagonned in are going to so sad that they only made some profit by Q1 2021 instead of the pipe dream 10x?

>> No.22478011

>implying I don't wake up at 0300 to run 5k to the gym every day before work

because that ship has sailed anon, you buy the rumor, sell the news. The news is priced in already, there's nothing to discuss

>> No.22478018

It's embarrassing that I post on the same general as a guy who can't figure out that
>tiny squeeze chance
>decent upside regardless
were TWO SIMULTANEOUS GOALS and still are.
If you were here, and I know you were, then you saw hundreds of posts about the $8-$10 target.

You could have bought at $6, dood.

>> No.22478019

buying an option forr the same direactio astock is going is retarded have fun

>> No.22478023
File: 1.07 MB, 1795x1795, 30E0F42B-3EC8-4075-B3E0-BC923932C8F5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine thinking this oooof

>> No.22478025

Putting $2k into FCEL today, wish me luck

>> No.22478028

Do u guys ever jerk off in the mornings into a cup and drink the ejaculate? It realy helps me focus during the day and it serves as breakfast.

>> No.22478043

Longing gamma strategy and it works well IMO

>> No.22478045

Fcel is fucked dawg that company has no future

>> No.22478047

The only proven positions we have seen have been that size, so yes

>> No.22478052

Too bad ptg died huh

>> No.22478053

Any WMT bros?

>> No.22478066

i'm not obsessed with GME
it just isn't going to happen
some anon wanted to bet me, and we agreed to both trip
he almost immediately disappeared, and i am keeping the trip until retards completely stop shilling this retarded scheme so i can be 100% certain that one particular asshole is either dead or capitulated

>> No.22478078

anyone claiming it was going to 50 or 100 are delusional, but the top of $40 could be reasonable

and reminder its not going to happen in a week or a month, it might take until the end of 2020/Q1 2021 to short squeeze

>> No.22478081

blah blah blah
no one would give a shit about a $8-$10 target, and neither would i
there were actual fucking morons screaming $100/$50/$20

now you're here saying $8-$10?
absolute peak of cope

>> No.22478086

If you aren’t stacking safe dividend stocks for your family you are fucking retarded.

>> No.22478087

It just happened tho.

>> No.22478089
File: 179 KB, 1242x1544, A0774F4A-46AE-4B9D-85EC-BA4C0989DCDC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ORCL potential moonshot today
>you retards are only talking about your GameStop bags

>> No.22478095

>but the top of $40 could be reasonable
THIS is why i keep the trip

>> No.22478097
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Are we buying Oracle today or is it too late?

>> No.22478114

im too ashamed to post my GME positions until it's back over $7 since I averaged up too hard, but it's definitely more than $20

fuck the retard who sold me 1 share though on my limit buy

>> No.22478118

Isn't there still a vote to be had?

>> No.22478119

dividends are shit right now, no point

>> No.22478130

why would you buy a company that willingly bought chinese spyware?

>> No.22478142

>tiny squeeze chance
>decent upside regardless
>You could have bought at $6
Basically your trip says "I don't understand anything"

>> No.22478159

s&p 500 will beat most people here lmao

>> No.22478177

Could be a nice p&d when people see the news

>> No.22478178

>decent upside regardless
you're retarded
gamestop is a fucking husk

>> No.22478182

No they aren’t. There is no reason not to stack KO, WMT, And DUK set to DRIP in a portfolio for your children.

>> No.22478191

Nice 4 figure account. GME moon confirmed

>> No.22478193

It already mooned and died on premarket.

>> No.22478200

lel, that guy's never gonna show trip unless GME hits 10 or something ridiculous like that

>> No.22478218

It already happened and is still happening thanks to the magic of trailing stops, deal with it.
You were around for the DD discussions, might as well stop lying about things you can't control.

>> No.22478223

even then he won't because he knows damn well he was claiming $50

>> No.22478227

Well made lunch money for myself today anyhow. So there’s that. Now onto trying to make real gains.

>> No.22478229

short term high strike call is the play, not the shares then

>> No.22478237

did you even do your DD? It's such a fun contrarian play now that Cohen's been added to the mix

All the problems with Gamestop right now stems from their mismanagement. Good thing we all bought in when it's still priced as if it's going bankrupt despite the financials and balance sheet telling otherwise.
here I'm even going to spoonfeed you the shareholder presentation that was basically a hate letter against Gamestop's retard management in an environment where it should be booming with corona.

>> No.22478239
File: 75 KB, 602x462, GNUSmemer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The GNUS stocktwits page is still such a treat.

>> No.22478250


>> No.22478252
File: 86 KB, 1390x836, Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 8.01.30 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

burry kept it alive, but he can't make it thrive
going the way of TLRD

>> No.22478275

He's seen it all, he's just one of those people who can never be wrong about anything. If it hits $25 next year he'll pull some $200 squeeze prediction out of the archive, he's married to it now.

But not married enough to short. How about that.

>> No.22478278
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how do you shave with a turkey neck like this

>> No.22478287

Fuck u talking about

>> No.22478289

my position has never been that it is going to suddenly tank
my position has always been that the retarded predictions people were throwing around here were never going to happen

GME = tankers

>> No.22478290

Nobody bought 5Y ago.

>> No.22478293

Based, this is the only sensible strategy

>> No.22478301

or 4Y ago
or 3Y
or 2Y
or 1Y
but 6 months ago somebody did
and then they shilled morons into believing it was going to moon, so they could drop their bags

>> No.22478302

>24 posts by this id

>> No.22478303

Hes such a disgusting kike. Id like to put a bullet through his face and then fuck it with my big european cock

>> No.22478311

>Companies that actually make money
>no point
Anyone who pushes the argument that dividends are only good if you have a huge portfolio and can live off the dividends is ridiculous. Everybody says they're going to do something risky until they "make it," and then switch to something safer. The truth is you'll blow up your account nine times, finally catch a big gain, and still have less than the guy who took the same amount of money and bought things that consistently pay and grow their dividends. You're just letting impatience and jealousy steer you into a get-rich-quick mindset.

>> No.22478319

Why do people act so shocked when a Pump and Dump dumps?
By the time the general population (aka all of us) finds out about something it is already too late.
Also, in regards to why no one is talking about ORCL
>buy the rumor
>sell the news
Oracle buying TikTok is the news. If you buy it you are the bagholder.

>> No.22478329

So was theirs.
You were here when every post about the squeeze said
>I don't really understand it
>Seems unlikely
>If it wasn't for Cohen and $10 target I wouldn't do this bullshit
You saw it. We all saw it. Now you lie about it like we all leveraged our houses on $100 calls. Seethe forever at my trailing stop.

>> No.22478333


>> No.22478335


>> No.22478337
File: 23 KB, 991x147, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oof.. the ACB part hits me hard. My first FOMO mistake back in 2018
i didn't know what DD was, what stop losses were, and my idea of diversifying was going 50:50 into WEED and ACB (though granted that did save my ass somehow). Yet I was fearless enough to jump in with 10 grand immediately.

By the time I learned what stop losses were, I didn't use them properly and got kicked out prematurely when both would continue to moon for another +30%. Can't believe I still managed to break even after bagholding at -40% unrealized for months. Retard strength.

>> No.22478339

Markets already fumping all pm gains. DIE QQQ

>> No.22478341
File: 164 KB, 850x1417, _yuigahama_yui_yukinoshita_yukino_and_isshiki_iroha_yahari_ore_no_seishun_lovecome_wa_machigatteiru_drawn_by_kujuu_shikuro_three_schhol_ponk_blazer_squre_patterned_skirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the most nervous +% Ive seen in some time. Tbf. It's the first +% we have seen in some time.

>> No.22478351

Intelligent post. I’m going to give my children a passive income when they set out on their own. 15 years of DRIP and my regular contributions will give them a leg up on their peers

>> No.22478353

nice dude

>> No.22478354

So I just got into option trading, are covered calls literally free money?

>> No.22478356

>The person who dumped $30 bags for $6 is smart
>Not you idiots who bought the $6 bags
Basically every post from you is post-truth, it's crazy!

>> No.22478359

Pretty bullish

>> No.22478360

Risk and volatility are different.
I used to be part of the dividend mindset but it makes no sense if you are just trying to establish yourself.
I'm riding FNGU, TQQQ, and TSLA until the wheels fall off.

>> No.22478363

>Work from 1pm to 9pm
>Go to bed at midnight
>get up at 8 am
>jog before market opens
>Watch market from 9:30 to 12:30
> buy the lunch dip
> Still red no matter fucking what

>> No.22478364

True and not true. IMO, the best strategy is to use dividends to gamble with, while buying the dividend stocks with the contributions. Getting lucky with a good gamble can really accelerate the amount of dividend stocks you have.

>> No.22478369

HMJI (inverse marijuana) is one of the few inverse ETFs that trends upwards over the years.

>> No.22478370

I had sex with my dog

>> No.22478373

Prepping for the end of week rugpull when the FOMC and banker meetings happen.

>> No.22478377

>$30 bags
what in the actual fuck are you talking about

>> No.22478385


>> No.22478386


>> No.22478388

all this time I thought you had puts or something in GME at least, i just think it's really silly you're so obsessed over GME faggots when you literally have no stake in it no matter where it goes. Why are you wasting effort?

That anon you buttblasted is obviously too ashamed to post right since the Q2 coinflip was a bust so he'll just have to baghold for a month (or heck maybe just a week if this rally continues), but like ok why are you still posting with a trip

>> No.22478397
File: 194 KB, 600x600, 1587899664596_izogpr5lx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Threadly reminder GME holders

>> No.22478399

Depends. When the strike blows past the strike like a rocket. Just takes two days of +2% and you would have been better just hodling.

Historically just writing a 5% monthly on SPY brings in money though. So here it's the closest thing you can get to free money.

>> No.22478401

No because you can sell call with strike that is lower than your cost basis with not high enough premium.

>> No.22478405


>> No.22478415

How can I make money off of this

>> No.22478423

Anyone else have old family members that fucking BRAAAP constantly? My grandpa walks around and rips loud ass farts in front of everyone and its fucking cringe.

>> No.22478426
File: 46 KB, 468x750, 1584715227913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are retarded, that would be buying a call option in this case




>> No.22478434

Imagine thinking like this, you want Burry to come on 4chins to shill his position? Or any else for that matter? Lul

>> No.22478435

Is SQQQ a buy right now? Thinking of selling my bags. I'm only up $0.30, barely even.

>> No.22478438

>GME has ceased to exist on any other board including /v/
>GME autism is now on /biz/ alone
At best it has one last hoorah this holiday season but holy shit is that a boring and likely underperforming position. Like all the dividend chasing retards

>> No.22478440

Your strategy is unintelligent. Your chasing stocks that have already mooned. Tech’s rapid rise this year is not sustainable.

>> No.22478448

if I had known about HMJI sooner I would have bought in for sure.
Speaking of inverse ETFs, HND is for natural gas and seems kinda cool for swingtrading in a wealthsimple account or something (since that should be commission free for Canadian ETFs I think?)

as another side note, I'm reminded of my friend who's bagholding fucking HNU right now and is probably down $20K by now, still waiting for the next 2x peak like in 2018 which he didn't take his profits on because he's retarded.

>> No.22478452


Big brain move.

>> No.22478453

It's called hedging. No, it's not new.

>> No.22478457

Rug pull? It clearly will pump up.

Not that I can prove it but neither can you. Not even economists can understand what or even "if" something is going to happen kek

>> No.22478462

Wrong. Tech is the only sector that can scale with any amount of money thrown in.

>> No.22478475

Yep, stonks only go up. Everything else is just autistic bear cope or galaxy brain lower cost basis plays.

>> No.22478480

You showed a 5Y graph to back up your thesis about buying at $5-7 being stupid.
All you do is lie and say the craziest things. You lie about the targets and the DD we all saw including you. You play stupid about the small squeeze chance && safe upside being two simultaneous goals. You lie about $100 exits being the only play. You play stupid about $40 exits being ruled out.

Seethe at my trailing stop forever, bitch.

>> No.22478485

Just one slip of the N word or not kneeling enough to BLM and we’re fucked bro. He’s speaking for two days.

>> No.22478486

Nice talking point. Going to go to Walmart and buy some coke and take it back to my house that receives electrical power from NEE

>> No.22478501
File: 79 KB, 1024x576, 1547847085463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oil not up yet
>crash is basically imminent
it's time to start praying to cunnygods

I don't want to die bros

>> No.22478508
File: 699 KB, 1536x2048, F77F3386-8897-4B55-8CAF-4B6C7AE1E406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22478512

i'm going to enjoy watching you burn

>> No.22478517


>> No.22478522

JPow is guaranteed to use the N word at least once during the meeting. I think they'll let one slip go though

>> No.22478526

Prove me wrong faggot

>> No.22478530

Why? You honestly believe that diminishing returns don't apply to tech companies?

>> No.22478533

Not going to happen

>> No.22478535
File: 2.30 MB, 1500x2122, 1600017675489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Long term yes
Short or mid term plebs like us might as well predict dice rolls.
People don't even know if Brexit will pump or dump the pound.

>> No.22478536

My bet is on volatility and precious metals.

>> No.22478537

there is a reason, you can make way mroe money with that capital for your children by putting it into AAPL MSFT and taking advantage of the infinite tech gains of the last 6 months

>> No.22478539

>stocks that have already mooned
Yeah because innovation is dead and everything has already been invented.
Let me go ahead and invest in dollar menu cheeseburgers, trash trucks, and scotch tape.
Boomer stocks are dead and the only good news they could possibly have in regards to innovation is just going to make the tech stocks I already own more money than it's going to make the companies buying and implementing their tech.
Enjoy your 30 cents per share bro

>> No.22478540

>as another side note, I'm reminded of my friend who's bagholding fucking HNU right now and is probably down $20K by now, still waiting for the next 2x peak like in 2018 which he didn't take his profits on because he's retarded.

>> No.22478541

Holy shit, you literally don't know what a trailing stop is.

>> No.22478550

Or you can pull up doordash and have some wagiecuck to bring you coke while you shitpost about how overinflated tech is.

>> No.22478556


I’m playing it safe, all cash through it too many other dumps during fomc and bank repo ops (((overnight))) gap downs to chance it. I’d rather not make 5% today to save myself from a 10% dump after hours

>> No.22478557

Fucking disgusting. Absolute disgrace to our species. Unnatural and severe mental illness.

>> No.22478561

These trips nullify your dubs.

>> No.22478565

you'll cancel it
your loss porn is going to be the sweetest

>> No.22478571

Do you mean a strangle? It's buying a call/put similar distances from market value and banking on a heavy move in either direction.

>> No.22478574


>> No.22478576

What are the exact days of the repo ops and what is to be expected?

>> No.22478580
File: 251 KB, 1125x1500, 1586543732851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

come by the thread please and we ll discuss about it.


unlimited lambos await

>> No.22478592
File: 32 KB, 637x405, Screenshot from 2020-09-14 08-23-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Boomer stocks
MSFT and AAPL are literally boomer stocks.

Pic related is 100 years old and predates boomers.

>> No.22478601

and post your epic GME gains for the next week

>> No.22478612

Fucking Christ. There is so much degeneracy here, I'm wondering why even visit this place. What have I done with my life. Jesus

>> No.22478620

S&p500 is 30% of my boomerfolio. 60% blue chip growth and 10% shiny yellow boomer rock

>> No.22478623

what’s the play on Nvidia?

>> No.22478624

>A company that can't turn a profit despite abusing employment loopholes to get around minimum wage laws
Enjoy your 'innovation' being legislated out of existence.

>> No.22478633

Show shorts oh wait you don't have any!

>> No.22478640

>What have I done with my life
I don't know, post positions

>> No.22478642

Buy it last Friday

>> No.22478653

If you think doordash is going to continue to do so well after this gay corona shit you are lacking

>> No.22478672

i don't have any
because my statement was, and remains, that your retarded 10x short squeeze is never ever going to happen

>> No.22478678

His greasy bangs are so fucking disgusting.

>> No.22478679

Is it a waste of time
Should I bail now

>> No.22478685

Can a kind GMEbro please screen and save my convo with this trip? I am a boomer phoneposting for the first time because CALIFORNIA, WHO NEEDS ELECTRICITY ANYWAY?

>> No.22478689

What did you learn?

>> No.22478694
File: 295 KB, 490x415, my first market.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22478696

Sell pre market and buy Amazon

>> No.22478706

Definitely not spics.

>> No.22478708


>> No.22478710

I’m a filthy phonefag due to work but it’s all recorded in my noggin’ GMEbro

>> No.22478716

bro calm down it's just a random person online, no one's going to give a shit later on

>> No.22478720

How's SNSS Anon doing? Haven't heard from him in months.

>> No.22478721

the point isnt that doordash is doing amazing, but rather how tech is able to scale and come up with innovations for any situation that comes up.

i'm not saying to buy specific tech shares, but to invest in the sector overall and that it is still drastically underpriced and always will be.

>> No.22478727
File: 55 KB, 900x316, Screenshot from 2020-09-11 23-13-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22478731

The calendar is right on the feds website

16, 17, 18 are key dates
16 powel speak
17 H.3 - Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institutions and the Monetary Base -could be good or bad
18-H.8 - Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the U.S.

Banks have been a shit show as of late and are already peeping to be dumped on. Report will probably be terrible as lending is already down.

>> No.22478733
File: 1.63 MB, 1029x772, CEE8FBC6-550C-49A2-A126-EFEA9ABA2F83.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SOLO they have more in the works than their cheap entry to corner Asian markets.

>> No.22478736

The days of MO, T, XOM and GE are gone. We’re in a new boomerparadigm of HD, V, TGT and AMGN

>> No.22478741

99% cash right now. Got out in time, kudos to Becky's indicator. 1% is 20 shares of SPCE at $16 because I like Chamath and don't care

>> No.22478746

oh I have doubt the company is total bullshit
It's just going to get squeezed to fuck all the shorters

>> No.22478754

He 10bagged on GENE but he bought the "dip". Should only be a 2-3 anymore. He's still holding most of SNSS. Should be down ~60%

>> No.22478759

>the west is fed up with china bullshit
lmao so fucking what???
not a single western county has a bigger middle class than China, the biggest companies in the world can't ignore them
also, semiconductors aren't even a problem. China advanced in 10 years what took western countries 50.

>> No.22478763

Buy it last year

>> No.22478764

Yea I don’t give that many shits I know you sweating

>> No.22478765

that trying to cash in on the next big vaccine is a huge gamble

>> No.22478772

Your tears will be the sweatest.

>> No.22478781
File: 29 KB, 474x266, 1559148263488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BIDU gang rise up

>> No.22478788

Ohhh yes the zips are soooo smaht would you wike another bat or human fetus soup sir? So good for your health it will never start another meme plague sir

>> No.22478792
File: 169 KB, 828x1239, 007BEA5E-3591-44F3-89D3-AF79B7053CE3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I understand tech will make some gains going forward. You need to understand that not all tech companies will succeed. Tech is undeniably overvalued right now. I can’t tell you for a fact which tech companies will make it going forward. I can tell you for a fact that WMT, KO, DUK, NEE, V etc will continue to grow and they pay healthy dividends as well

>> No.22478794

>Going up AFTER spending a fortune to acquire another company
Stay away

>> No.22478796

You got me there!

>> No.22478799
File: 819 KB, 346x495, 1529449770824.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

plz sell your tech "bags"

ill be enjoying my 50% margin for next 100 years.

>> No.22478802


Workhorse is right, where you think the peak will be?

>> No.22478811

Him and the others still ranting on stocktwits how "MMs keep the price down" for whatever reason and how "obvious manipulation" is great because they can buy more at a low price?

>> No.22478818

>he says while his country is controlled by jews and convulsing with nigs rioting
US had a good run

>> No.22478830

Yeah, kinda. Izvestor is the worst of them.

>> No.22478836

you're right, dude
it's a new paradigm
they've got it all figured out this time
all we have to do is figure out how to get absolutely everybody invested into tech and we will solve poverty over the entire planet

>> No.22478842

Yeah, sweating tons because some random anons will lose or gain a few bucks. I don't know if I can handle this

>> No.22478852

That's literally just a straddle option.

>> No.22478856

>everyone else arguing about niggers and dividends and chinks and trannies and bubbles
>I’m just over here waiting to buy $2k of Home Depot at market open

>> No.22478858

This year? 30-40

>> No.22478859

Banksters wouldn't live in a commie dystopian shithole. US is the only game in town.

>> No.22478861

Tech tards are the fucking worst. One bull run after a black swan event and they lose their fucking minds

>> No.22478864
File: 17 KB, 600x450, IMG_6875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>buy TQQQ at 176
>TQQQ tanks since

Such a dumb fucking buy, why did I fall for the bait

>> No.22478871

Should have just bought HD like the rest of us

>> No.22478880

PTON is my current single largest holding. Of all of those it’s the long term investment.

SE is good but already giant.
NNOX could be a meme.
PTON is the sweet spot of not a meme and small enough for life changing gains

>> No.22478888

Because you and most tech heavy investors have only been at it for a few months and have a distorted understanding of the market

>> No.22478892
File: 116 KB, 750x1124, Ehr6LS_WkAAlBM8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Admits truck was rolled down a hill
>Admits inverters are outsourced
>Admits GM is building the entire truck and NKLA is just slapping a logo on it
This response was just as bad as the other ones. They had all weekend to just film a video of the truck driving on it's own but that's impossible because the truck is fake. I think anyone buying right now is covering shorts

>> No.22478902

Thats only the dumpster fire lib cuck cities

I live outside a major city every business was surrounded by trucks filled with armed men.

All they did was tip a dumpster by Taco Bell.

>> No.22478922
File: 74 KB, 828x640, IMG_6788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ohmy Starz, that would be wonderful

it would be better if they started paying divs, but Ill take big-time growth for sure

>> No.22478924

>pic related

>> No.22478927

Bullish on Durex and planned parenthood!

>> No.22478937

I've seen this man's asshole and I can't forget it.

>> No.22478946

>GME up 12% premarket

We really do live in a clown world

>> No.22478947

new thread when

>> No.22478950

imagine being GM mgmt, i can't see how this isn't complete utter stupidity that will cost gm holders a few scalps

>> No.22478958

>sub 100k sales last quarter
>dividend anytime soon

I’ve been long on horse since $9 and I’m extremely bullish but this is retarded

>> No.22478963

In 25 posts.

>> No.22478968

speculators gonna speculate

>> No.22478969


That would've been a way better move, fuckkk

>> No.22478975
File: 124 KB, 600x400, coffeePep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/coffeegang/ I hope you have a wonderful day today. I have to go in for work sadly and cannot watch the market.

>> No.22478976

except if they sue nkla and receive in comp more than the initial investment, which is genius if happens

>> No.22478979


>> No.22478984

Don't worry coffeebro. We watch it for you

>> No.22478991
File: 76 KB, 1280x720, IMG_6361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.22479008

i hope you make it bro
but i know you won't

>> No.22479013

Nikola is just a customer. They got $2 billion free stock and $800 million cash to build and rebadge Canyons. The deal will likely fall through but GM is taking literally 0 risk.

>> No.22479017


>> No.22479023

Profits would be neat but the real treasure is the banter GME is creating :’^)

>> No.22479027

it's all math, those short sellers have to cover eventually, and it's possible it'll go up another +5% from premarket from the smarter shorts once they remember the next negative catalyst isn't until December which would be long after the console releases

pretty damn comfy and I don't understand why idiots who have no stake over which way it goes are so obsessed over it when everyone else in it understands it's a degenerate gamble (so only risk what you can recover from).

>> No.22479038

It's not over valued. The valuations are based on 5+ years out which is fine because the comparative low risk assets like bonds are trash for the same time frame.

>> No.22479053

>2b in stock and 800m cash + risk of no delivery/legal fees down the drain/reputation probs/pr expenses/probably a buy back = no risk

>> No.22479055

because bag holders are trying to shill more people into losing money by promising retarded games

GME = tankers

>> No.22479059

All things equal dividends are just a forced sale since the stock price goes down the exact amount of the divvie. It's worse than actual selling though cuz in that case if you take a loss you can deduct it. In the case of dividends it's always counted as a "gain" even when it's really not. Basically a scam that investors ask for. The eternal boomer is once again to thank for this

>> No.22479063

Can you give me insight on why this stock price should be worth more than it was last year, when hundreds of stores weren’t closed yet, when more games came out and when it wasn’t a pandemic and economic crisis for retailers? Especially after they keep proving that they will never make what they used to and their big pile of cash will burn out fast... I played the squeeze to over 8 too but I think this shit is dead. Too many nails in a coffin

>> No.22479072

Already happened.

>> No.22479074

Ugh you sound like my friend. Dumb asses the both of you. China's "tech" is nothing more than the stolen IP they take from other countries around the world

>> No.22479076

> have to cover eventually
not if their ave px is 15 and continue to short every bounce

>> No.22479090

unlike other pump and dumps, this is the situation where pumping is actually sustainable because of short sellers.
Never mind the billion dollar revenues.

>> No.22479098

>GM has any reputation to lose
Theyve declared bankruptcy like 5 times and are mostly owned by the fed, you think they give a fuck what anyone thinks?

>> No.22479101

You guys know that we have a new thread, right?

>> No.22479102

no. i can't tell you why it should be worth more than it was last year
because i don't think it should be

i mean LOOK at this shit
>already happened
the cope is unbelievable

>> No.22479112

Is WKHS literally only doing well because DPHC is doing well? what do they do outside of get money off of DPHC's sales?

>> No.22479116

Look at the charts. If you don’t understand what overvalued means than stop posting. I better not see you in the next thread

>> No.22479151

i think you don't know what overvalued means, care to explain

>> No.22479338

>Take Adderall
>Smoke weed
>Alarm for market open
Yup. Stock trading time.

>> No.22479603

10 years from now everything today is so cheap. Definitely not undervalued. Buy buy buy

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