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I came to the conlusion that it's a complete meme, and TA is astrology. You can't "make it" as a daytrader without the scam community with paid membershipm, or without stealing the super large margin to hedge both ways.
It's impossible.

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trade 1: +20% -1% fee
trade 2: -20% -1% fee
you are now down 6%
so being right 51% of the time is not enough.
you need inside info OR be smart enough to tell a good scam from a bad scam...

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You buy below the median line, sell above

farm tiny profits back and forth its easy

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You close the loosing trade and ride the winning one to oblivion since it's perpetual.

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spread + $5 fee
can be 0.5-1% for someone like OP

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There has to be multimillionaire anon that figured all out. Please tell us about daytrading as it is no sugarcoating? Should I participate in some satanic ritual ino order to make it trading? Tell us all secrets, we're not gonna livefor long/.

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They worship our lord only savior.

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Explain this matherino to a dumbolino, please.

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just get luck lmao, that's all there is to it

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It's pretty profitable, today forex daytrading is my main income. Just spent months studying and trading in a demo account until you feel safe and don't be greedy, that's all. Besides study you need consistency, patience and discipline. Don't study on Youtube, it's stupid and pointless. In a good day I can make $500 and in a bad day I lost $50 and then I stop trading at that day. Don't trade when the market calendar is fucked up and withdraw the money as soon as you can so you don't fuck it up.

Also don't listen to anyone here, I'm here only to learn about crypto that I'll never invest.

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That strategy sucks! All it takes is for it to keep going down and you lose weeks worth of gains AND that's without tight stop losses. If you set up tight stop losses you'll probably get wrecked right at the start if it keeps dipping. Congrats you either baghold or sell for a loss.

Reeeee i want to be financially rich but dont think its gonna happen.

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You have to identify a reversion signal and hope that enough people identified it too, so the illusion becomes real, it's not that complex. And even if it's a small signal you can profit from the "false reversion". Basically don't be stupid neither a bitch and remember that the market is a bunch of people betting on their beliefs and some huge guys manipulating it on the back.

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like a couple anons have pointed out, you start underwater on a lot of these trades with fees and gas, or even worse if you don't even have crypto at the moment and you're fomoing in with instant purchase fees.
Yes the scam communities probably help but I never paid one to know for sure.
It seems you've gotta hit that one trade first where you make tens of thousands and you can literally gamble away 1-3 eth without caring and lose it a few times before hitting again.

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daytrading is for loosers its worse than having 9-5 job

You pick solid investments and ride them for gainz, you just have to watch your money grow

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I meant when "day trader" makes paid discord and scams people into trading and collects money without trading himself.

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And yeah, "one lucky trade" seems more sane out of all of the ways to make it. I had coupleof those

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