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>move in with girlfriend into her apartment
>she expects me to pay half of the rent
>she always leaves drops of pee on the toiletseat and bathroom is a mess


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>always leaves drops of pee on the toiletseat
bottle it

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>he moved in with a w*man

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>imagine not being attracted to your gf pee.
She’s just marking her territory, anon :)

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hows the smell?

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how the fuck do girls leave pee on the toiletseat... ur "gf" has a dick dude

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sounds like your gf is a man anon

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Women shed like dogs

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Checked and imagine

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Shit in the shower.

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Nah my grandma always leaves piss on our toilet seat

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Lick them Anon That’s hot ..

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he got trips OP, answer him

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based and imagined

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Period blood too?

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jeezy break up with that dumb whore

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Mine does exactly the same. They told me girls would clean. They don't. And they pee on the seat

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some women can be surprisingly unhygienic, which is unfortunate

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My wife cleans but she’s a goblina. There are trade offs.

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is ok op. just tell her you don't have it this month (even if you do) and then fuckher harder than any other man. She'll put up with it for a month or two so basically you get a couple months of free rent a year. Repeat every single year on a staggered basis so she doesn't catch on

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Women over 400lbs have their vaginas enclosed in folds of fat and skin, and when they pee it channels through canals of flesh before reaching its state of lowest gravitational potential energy. Those channels don't always outlet above the bowl.

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I never really understood dudes that think about their wives like this. Serious question why are you even married?

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Do you still fuck her Anon ? How bad are we talking here post a pic ad an example.

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There is nothing wrong with loving someone but being painfully aware they're not conventionally attractive.

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pro tip its not a woman

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You think you got it bad buddy? I pay all the rent and we need to order new bed sheets.

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You're dating a man.

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You just know.

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this, unironically. I love her so much, but I haven't been physically attracted to her for > 2 years. She knows how I feel (I've literally called her that before), but wants to "work on things" blah blah blah. It's the same talk every time. I think about it constantly, and it's fucking exhausting to be honest.

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haven't had sex in maybe 6 months? no way in hell I'm posting a pic. she's cute, but no boobs, tiny little booty, short, etc.

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When you connect with someone emotionally it's so hard to look at them, see them smile and say "....think you could shave that stache?"
Fun fact, women can grow facial hair sometimes.
Not so fun fact, as a male you are not allowed to inform them about it.

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>boyfriend moves into my apartment
>he is neet and relies on me to pay for everything
>i leave pee around the house and in his food to assert my dominance

i don't think he has noticed yet

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>Calling his wife goblina
absolutely based. but I do hope you’re joking and you love your wife

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Fun fact, you’re patchy facial hair isn’t cute either sweaty

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Right but if that were true nobody would lose any sleep telling me about it.

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I mean she had a long ass nipple hair on our first date. I'm not deterred by hair that much (no hairy legs and keep things nice and trimmed). if she would stop plucking her eyebrows that would be nice.

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I had to break up with my gf because she had major trust issues and was controlling. she got me isolated from my friends for a while and it took me a while to snap out of the spell I was in.

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You guys should've smartened up and married and Asian beauty

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Women these days are fucking lazy and disgusting. They are happy to live in squalor with trash everywhere and an accumulation of dust on every surface. And they eat like shit because they don't know how to cook. The modern woman is a fucking disgrace

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Set boundaries.
Pay half the costs, assuming your incomes are fairly equal.
Set standards about household tasks. Have a cleaning day each week.

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You have to set boundaries. Women are like children, they'll test you to see what they can get away with

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*American women

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I married a Korean. It's fucking hell. Korean women are stubborn and her family is rude and nosy.

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lmao, dudes live like that too

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>>she always leaves drops of pee on the toiletseat
That's a man

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Yes, that was the joke...

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My fiance is from Myanmar (formerly Burma). Her family has been nice to me so far.

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Probably coz you're their 1 way ticket outta poverty lmao

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lol I pin my gf down and remove hers with tweezers. It's like a wierd s&m thing.

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Nah, they do real well actually. Which is crazy considering they all just moved here since 2010.

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If you let her use your tongue like toilet paper then you wouldn’t be in this situation OP

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>justifying modern women basically being men with vaginas
dating a trap is starting to make sense

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expert analysis ITT

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I love 4chan

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