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This project is going to rid the #DeFi space of Rug Pulls. Low Cap Gem (400K). Launched 2 days ago. Just locked their first project ( $YFT)

Partnered with DEXTools


Website: https://team.finance/

Telegram @team_finance

Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xb05af453011d7ad68a92b0065ffd9d1277ed2741

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Thanks, $TEAM's marketing department. I didn't know any of this.

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Glad I got a bag already, this is easy 3m mcap soon. Then the shilling starts lmao

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Damn, finally

That trust score thing looks dope

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same person KEK

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No kidding. Not too mention, unicrypt already exists

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Got in at 50c, 71 now lets goo

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