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Is pedoflix fucked?

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Meanwhile mutts hold beauty pageant for 5 year olds twerking.
But reminding them that they have a culture of sexualizing children is BAD and must be punished however. What a shithole.

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Nope. Millennials and zoomers will get bored
in about a month and move to their next manufactured controversy

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I don't get it, why pay for that shit and give all your information and habits to a fucking evil corporation in the process, when you can literally just torrent this shit for free most of the times on the very same day it is released?

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Itll be out of vogue soon but not because of this hashtag. Society and the masses are fickle and will move on to the next fad trend activity.

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Does this guy not even realize that this is a feature length film and not a show?
It seems like most of the people virtue signaling over this shit just want to be outraged about random shit and cry on twitter for circle jerk internet points.
They do not even have a base line amount of information needed to form even a partially valid opinion. I am not talking about some jewish fuck kids propaganda here, moreover the absolute state of who people listen to on the internet.

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Normies are lazy bums

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LOL those girls were ugly as fuck.

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punching in your credit card details is somehow less work than clicking download?

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Anyone born before ~1985 or after ~2000 has no idea how to interface with computers since they either grew up without them or grew up on walled-garden mobile phones with big shiny buttons.

Doing shit that goes beyond the surface internet (facebook, youtube, instagram, netflix etc.) is absolutely impossible for them.

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well, I guess I am a hole in your theory for one

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Is anyone else a little suspicious that all this anti-pedo stuff is just an excuse for the government to implement more authoritarian police state measures, more surveillance, take away our rights? Yes, pedo is bad, but why not just let vigilantes take care of it, instead of the government? Does this sound familiar? Patriot act? Terrorism?

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Yes, because:
>hey anon you can watch whatever you want!
>you only have to pay for subscription and it's all legal!

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I would tend to disagree, but I fall within your bracket being born in 1999.
So based and redpilled!

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True but if it owns the libs it's ok

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I miss megaupload and megavideo

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To add my own anecdotal evidence, my classmates in college who are all zoomers, literally none of them know how to copy and paste or use Word, or save documents/files.
I've seen them try to type assignments and they literally look at the keyboard and peck type at a rate of 0.5 WPM.
It's actually astonoshing the level of computer illiteracy only so few years after the 90's kids.

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I miss megaporn, a bunch of great amateur vids that I bookmarked but never backed up, now gone forever

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thats some seriously low iq twitter post. everything has dumped the past week lmao

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Of course you are, you're on 4chan.

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Found the pedo

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Are you dumb? Torrents leave a huge paper trail. IF the corpos want to take you down, they can, now with the cops at their beck and call
>lmao just use vpn
90% of all cheap/free vpns are honeypots. And if you pay for the expensive but legit ones, you're an a cuck who's still paying (to pirate)

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what are private trackers
what is i2p
go with the time boomer and leave the board

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The vast majority of Netflix users don't give a fuck about this non-event.
This won't change anything
Most people are NPC absolutely uninvolved in politics, this outrage is purely virtual and blown out of proportion as some anons mentioned, shit like this is already everywhere in our degenerate society, just another example of this, nothing more.

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based i guess

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>private trackers
Sites that is held to the same laws as every other public space website
Just because you log in to your "secret" club don't mean nobody knows it exist. Hell, there's plenty of sites trawling them for magnet links bypassing the "security". And the best part is? Private trackers usually require you to have a large seed ratio, meaning you'll be easier to try in court for distribution.

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How does that relate to the fact that real living adults created and promoted this film and are not in prison?

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>everything's been raped on the market
It's like when /pol/ boycotted Sony in 2018, celebrated a "victory" at falling stock price that was sure to kill them. And now it's on an ATH

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investigations are running rn. we will see def some people getting charged with something

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>imaginary stonk number go down
>loss of 5 subscribers
>Gain of 50 pedo subs

I'm sure they're mortified their psyop worked, and it had nothing to do with money, if I haven't noticed corps laugh off billion dollars losses this year's they know it won't mean nothing soon

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Why? Do they show the kids having sex? Nudity of the kids? Or is merely showing that kids get sexualized by the society BAD?
But somehow letting kids watch people's brains being exploded or war crime shows is fine though.

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Games in which brains are "being exploded" are usually off-limits for people under 18, but OK. Usually depicting children in sexual poses is enough for a conviction BTW. In many countries at least. Even if the don't fuck.

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>more authoritarian police state measures
>more surveillance
unstoppable at this point
>take away our rights
Depends what rights your talking about. The right to defile children? Good.

I will defend free speech to death (fuck the CCP) but God knows society can use a bit of authoritarianism these days.

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everything is bleeding during this timeframe. let's not act like retail sellers disgusted with pedos are driving this price decline.
that being said, behead all pedos.

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why take r/jailbait from me then allow Netflix to post jailbait:the movie

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dipshit. the fucking internet was CREATED by genx. that is those born between 1965-1979.
we were fucking telnetting into servers and shitposting in 1993 when your fag ass was sitting in your shit-filled diaper staring at your homo brainwashing "teeeveee cartoons"

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Sure, let's turn them into sexual toys at this point, i mean we're very progressive aren't we?

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>they're all are deformed ugly blobs
This is why it's actually dumping, the pedo billionaires are not pleased with the titlebait

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Zoom out.

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imagine living in a society that let's a company release this kind of film without killing everyone involved in mind craft.

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Don't know why you're pretending there's only "one side" who wants this. Hell, it's them who is throwing up a fuzz over THINK OF MUH CHILDREN REEEE SEX BAD

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The pedo networks that traffic kids, produced and promoted cuties, and do those disgusting pageants are different arms of the same octopus. They all get the rope.

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My church pastor is a 69 year old boomer who has absolutely zero computer science classes or relevant work experience. He runs a secondary VM with Tails OS and TOR and urged us to do the same.

It really is just a matter of putting in effort to learn things. Most people are just too lazy.

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M8 there were like 3 of you doing that. Everyone else was busy living in real life. The children of that generation adopted it. Much like crypto. Zoomers and the next will truly adopt crypto without arguement.

>> No.22459275

THAT pastor definitely has a sizable CP collection

>> No.22459303

This. Nobody else uses TOR but to trade cp ever since the silk road got closed

>> No.22459312


>pastor into opsec

yeah he’s a pedophile

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>political dissidents around the world just don't exist all of a sudden in your mind

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i dont get why anybody would even use netflix or in general streaming services
after you watched like the few big popular series like breaking bad there is no reason to keep it
most series on there are shit and consuming a lot of passive low quality entertainment is really degenerate anyway

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Because it's France. They didn't even have a age of consent until 2018. They did literally nothing wrong legally according to french law.

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But of course, that's exactly why his pastor would use TOR. To "dissent".

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Of course, the bulk of their computer literacy is texting CP selfies to their friends

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Fuck their pedo progressive laws. The only laws the world follows is the laws of the USA, and if you don't like it, then fuck off back to Mecca

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fuck i miss silkroad

>> No.22459514

but he cute

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hum no thats bs but expected from usa

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My normie brother cancelled today. I don't know how well the campaign is working but it seems like they pushed even typically braindead normies too far.

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They're not because NFLX price will go back to 500 in a few weeks when everyone forgets about Cuties. Either that or institutional investors will just buy the top.

If you're an average person there's only two ways to hurt Netflix. Either don't have a subscription which I'm sure is the case, and demand that lawmakers/senators/the DOJ investigate Netflix which is already working.

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Nah, it'l' be fine. Same shit happened with Facebook. Stocks tanked when that privacy scandal happened in in 2018. Strong recovery. Same thing will happen to Netflix. Exploit the short-term rage discount for the long-term moon.

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>They didn't even have a age of consent until 2018
stop making shit up. the age of consent in france has been 15, like most of europe, since 1945.

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I’m thinking of ditching my Netflix sub and switching to Prime instead when my free trial runs out. It’s cheaper and I get free, one day shipping on cheap shit from China. Talk me out of it

>> No.22459636

I personally got two people to cancel. I might add that I find it fascinating how the only “conservative” commentator on the right who defended it was the Jew Shapiro.

>> No.22459653

No, consume whatever you want faggot we aren't your mom

>> No.22459674

haha that's the first thing I thought too

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>if you don't completely trust the government with all of your information you are a pedophile

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Imagine FANG stocks and the whole market finally collapses because a bunch of Qanon fags created a moral panic over a retarded French art film

>> No.22459756


don't worry about if we're glowies or not, worry about if the kids in the congregation are getting molested

>> No.22459784

That would be based ngl

>> No.22459820

Sorry Ms. Sandy Vagina, I’m just saying Netflix has a shitty value prop

>> No.22459824

What exactly would a devout servant of God hide from the world? Hmm...

>> No.22459841

>secondary VM with Tails OS and TOR
What does this mean? Excuse my ignorance

>> No.22459929

Cuck slave. Government rapes children on a daily basis and you want to give them more power

>> No.22460037

He's a boomer with Alex Jones tier boomer politics. Thinks the "Deep State" wants to spy on everyone and the NSA and FBI office go on red alert every time someone googles ammunition prices.

>> No.22460081

he isnt wrong

>> No.22460107

That's a weird way to act and be if you're a servant of God to be honest. But that does sound like a typical american mentality thing i suppose.

>> No.22460245

what about being a servant of god means that you should let the government spy on everything you do? ultimately you will face justice before the judgement of God, he can't hide from that. but he can stop evil people from spying on anything and everything that he does

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lighten up

>> No.22460630

Wait, I can LITERALLY torrent it? Wow. I've been settling for figuratively torrenting stuff my whole life.

Thank you for opening my eyes you illiterate faggot

>> No.22460722

I have a hard time believing this. Kids today have their own laptops that the school gives them

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Goddamn the load i blew to the little blonde one as she twerked in front of the camera, marking her pure little cunny butt, was the most divine release I ever had

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Everyone is sperging our point out exceptions to this - of course there are expections you dumb fucks, the question is, is it broadly true? I think it 100% is, and I never thought about the impact iPad-style interfaces were having. I know tons of zoomers who are pure shit at computers and I always assumed each generation would be more tech-savvy. This makes total sense.

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Friendly reminder

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Literally all stocks dropped on Friday retard

>> No.22461808

how is the first reply always some fag like this

same is true on /pol/ also


literally every thread

>> No.22461862

>cancel culture is okay when it fits MY conspiracy
Kek, you niggers are so easy to play.

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Oh no line went down, that'll show them

>> No.22462090

imagine not spoofing your seed raito lmfao ishygddt

i have 50TB+ seeded on most private trackers when in reality i've never actually seeded a single byte

you're a fucking retard mate and proving his point perfectly ;)

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But nflx continued diving when the others recovered a bit.

>> No.22463047

How might one go about doing something like this? Asking for a naughty, frankly awfully naughty friend

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VM means virtual machine, which means running another operating system inside your current one. Tails can be run alongside the other OS so it doesn't actually have to be a VM. Tails is an OS that always uses the TOR network to connect to the internet and the tor network is complicated but basically the funny browser for buyung drugs

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Ur friend sounds gay

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> born 1984
> grew up on windows 3.1 and a 486SX

Those younger don't know the struggle. You're talking out your ass son

>> No.22463987

it's so fucking stupid when twitter/reddit activists try to take credit for market moves that have nothing to do with their pet causes. None of your boycotts actually fucking do anything. The entire NASDAQ is down 4% over those 5 days

>> No.22464374

They are very incompetent but anon is being hyperbolic.
Like, there are semester-long uni courses on how to use Word or Excel at a basic level. "Here is how you insert a graph" etc

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This whole operation was set up from the start, maybe?

>> No.22464495

I was born in 91 and dad got an it gig mid 90s so i remember fucking around windows 3.1 a lot.
>zoomers will never know the joys of putting a magnet on the crt monitor then getting your ass beat for it
Good times

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Want something done right gotta do it yourself

>> No.22465011

>he actually thinks normies care about paedophilia and aren't just pretending because everyone else is
Netflix sill be fine.

>> No.22465173

good time to buy

>> No.22465204

This is an example of lefties making a fake news story, the whole fucking market is correcting, nobody is cancelling their subscription because of a fucking show

>> No.22465330

the idea a company is worth $200b when they were crying muh piracy 10 years ago is comical
fucking jews

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