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I'm down to my last 2 ETHs
I suck at this
Help me choose the memecoin on which I'll gamble the last of my money /biz/

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ICO ends in 12 hours
90% sold out, 9001 total supply

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YEET seems popular for memeing

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Not a meme but DEXG

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Never sell.

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We are all gonna make it my black brother.

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Statera or Kleros Sir do the needful and 2 ether will be 20000000000000 ether soon

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Be careful, anon!
Everyone wants to scam you!
ETH seems like a "safe" bet.

Always DYOR and trust no one, not even me :D

No let me shill my bags. Check out Algo and Quant. They seem legit and have connections to the goverment. However, it might take a while to see them moon.

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you seem like the type of retard who can't handle money or make good decisions in general
just give up, buy a nice wig and suck some cock

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Or nothing

>down to my last 700 dollars

Do people really put their entire savings into shitcoins?

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Holy fuck just give up you arent cut out for flipping shitcoins. Get some longterm holds and go live your life

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Dont gamble

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This man is being kind. Listen to him

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Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm going all in on nyan. I'll see you at the soup kitchen.

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Don’t forget to buy BREEV and sell it on the 16th for a quick 20x.





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Difficult atm. Shit either crabs or bleeds, some random shitcoins moon for no reason at all just to go down again immerdiately or slowly bleed, same as it has ever been except a few weeks ago you could just throw your money at any random shitcoin and in 75% of the cases it was decent profic if it wasn't an outright pajeet scam.

If you don't want to gamble keep you ETH for the time being until the market decides where to go. If you want to gamble buy some YFI clone and hope you are lucky (I'd keep away from most of that, though, once bitten twice shy). PNK has potential but will not moon soon, look at it as a longer term investment. I am not convinced that STA is going anywhere at the moment, still hold my bag, but only because it is a 8c stablecoin and I haven't lost anything. I'm not shilling LINk to you, you missed the dip and now it's not the best time to buy some. DYOR and look for shit where you don't have to pay insane fees.

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Seriously? Should have done that a few days ago fren.

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PNK was my biggest hold until the crash two weeks ago. I sold my stack with the hope of making back my losses on a shitcoin so I could buy back into PNK at the new low prices but instead I just lost almost everything

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That sucks, sorry to hear that Fren. It was heavily bleeding during the dump and will take a long time to recover. I'm not certain where Nyan will go, was thinking about gambling 1 or 2 ETH on it myself, but feel I'm too late to the party. Good luck to you.

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Buy and hold melon until your 2 eth turns to 40+

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>this fucking article
Which huwhite supremacist is behind this?

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Buy $XHV on trade ogre you weak sorry piece of shit. Hold it for a week and you’ll have 7 eth at least. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4qU8-uQfKPo

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ICX and hold you fucking retard. 13% yearly returns and its been around longer than all these fucking food meme coins.


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$YEET- pre sale about to end
Aiming for total supply of 9001


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If you look at coin histories you'll see that they're tied to the stock market in 2020. Stocks go down in march, people get scared and sell their coins. Stocks go back up in spring, people start buying their coins back. Stocks go down in June, people stop buying coins. Stocks go up hard in July-September, people buy tons of coins in July-September.

June and September are "profit-taking" months, when people stop hodling stocks and sell off. If you look at US jobs numbers and how the unemployment rate is projected to fall back to 4% by November, it becomes obvious that once September is over then people will stop selling their tech shit and buy into the greater market. 30,000 DJIA is possible, which means accumulating now is a good thing- coins of all kinds will rebound back to where they were and balloon even higher.

The question here is if it'll crash like in 2017 when stupidity in the coin market+the market falling caused people to pull out their money out as quickly as possible and crash the price.

But anyone who thinks the market won't rebound is silly.

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How about stop gambling on scam coins and pick some half decent projects?

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ETH is going to $20,000
2.0 release is being strategically timed with the upcoming crypto bull run

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What anime is this whore from?

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