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>chainlink is still under $100

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china asshoe

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every big government is asshole
there is nothing you can do about it

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Literally who

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So us laggards still have time to fill our bags. We're moving up, Monday at the most, sorry for the inconvenience.

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price suppression

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Because we are at the mercy of the people painting the parabola, we will moon when they want it to

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Chinese Christmas time. Everyone needs gifts so crab city.

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>ctrl f chainlink
>zero results
every time. stay deluded

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token not needed

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Still just announcements of announcements

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literally W.H.O.

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basically this

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Because its a useless token

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Correct. Binance put on the cuffs. BitMEX added leg irons. LINK's price can now be walked around at whim.

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Look around you.
You see that average guy over there?
Does it look like he is about to invest in Link any time soon?
No. He is actually thinking what he’s going to have for dinner this week, and the next. Then he is going home to jerk off to some rough pornographic images playing after one other, 25 frames per second.
You are early. Really, really early.

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ohh you want uh rick muh asshoe preee?

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bullrun starts mid October

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Of next year

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everyone in here shut the fuck up

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cucks selling

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I'm so tired bros

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It generates no money
founders extract money from the market
nodes extract money from the market
early buyers extract money from the market
result: ponzi
people willing to finance all this are, empirically, running out of money

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Link is unfuddable

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Cope what

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Avocado will be bringing next level #defi , hefty rewards , flash $sale defy is hot but uni- swap is old and Sushiswap got sold welcome to #avocado OR $GUAC for bright future
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Within 12 HOURS you will receive $GUAC in same wallet!

1 $GUAC = ETH 0.00017


*Uniswap/Sushiswap listing on 24/09/20

- pm for enquiry/questions/issues

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but he just posted irrefutable fud

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But link is unfuddable

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He posted false information

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Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. God. No.

> China Standard 2035

> 2035

and they’re leading the charge. Kms bros. I can’t wait that long. I’m about to cry.

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Serious answer. Link is being price surpressed by large Banks. Just hang on frend. It costs them money to price surpress, and it cannot werk forever.

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Jeff Bezos.

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Because margin trading and futures came out on it. Welcome to the reason bitcoin tanked at end of 2017. Time for chainlink to get milked and manipulated non stop

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It got too big.

A couple months ago CMC's on-chain analysis showed that 100% of addresses with a balance of tokens were "in" the money.

Not it shows 22% "out" and 10% "at". 32% of chainlink is some poor sap's bag and he cant wait to unload it. I would guess you are one of those poor saps.

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how you know fren?

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Because it's promises nothing more. 100$ link on speculation alone would mean the mother of all bubbles. The current price is too high from an objective stand point. Not fudding.
>2017 buyer

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i still think $300-$1200 is on the table for the peak price at the end of 2021/start of 2022

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>Mfw I need 150 to make it
Please let this be true

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I cAn’t man. I’m dead serious. What kind of sick joke is this.

Why didn’t I think that bridging all systems of the world would be much more fucking complex than simply creating a new type of network (Btc) of a new type of dev platform (eth) when they are standalone. Fuck. Seems so obvious looking back. It really will take 15 more years. I am honestly feeling crushed right now. This was it. Still is, but, not sure I’ll be able to wait that long.

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Just sell then faggot

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That’s not the point.

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