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What was the talk around town here about Bitcoin in 2012-2015?

How much FUD was there? Comparable to Link fud? What about Ethereum?

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you have to go back

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the first time i saw that image was on /b/ about a decade ago. OP could just be an oldfag coomer

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Was on 4chan since 08 but didn’t actually start visiting biz til 2017, I’m sure it’s quite common on this board

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Well what were people saying about Eth then? I was always on g or int

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Someone posted this pic to me in a MSN messenger back in the day. Around the same time Trollface surfaced iirc

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back in 2012 there wasn't a lot of talk about Ethereum on here desu

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Well no duh what about when it launched

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/biz/ was created in early 2014 after crypto spam became too common on /g/ during the 2013 bull market. Those were the days of dogecoin, pandacoin and other PnD projects that /biz/ would orchestrate. 'making it' back then meant earning a few Bitcoin or a couple thousand, anons here didn't have nearly as much purchasing power, probably because most of us were teenagers. Barely any crypto threads in 2015, the bear market had demoralized everyone. 2016 saw a resurgence of shitcoins such as Trumpcoin, Mooncoin, Bitbean until we transitioned to more serious projects like eth, chainlink, neo and this board has been a crypto stronghold ever since.

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you can use warosu for biz and rebeccablacktech for g, most of crypto talk was on g before 2014
i remember back then everyone was actually discussing mining aspects of bitcoin, not even considered buying it for fiat cash

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2013 was around when I started to look at other boards besides /b/.

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and this

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when did he neck?

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To play the devil's advocate eth was a trainwreck with an uncertain future and a lot of issues. Vitalik could of easily given up and ran away with the money as so many projects have done before and after him.

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