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>$1k EOY is FUD
>the strict minimum to make it is 10k LINK
Which one is it?

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i have exactly 9k
i think i'll be all right

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Eh, I'll check. But I don't know man, price action has been really disappointing lately, looks like it will take some time to get over $15 again, if ever. Will defo try to buy the $5 retest though, just hope it won't crash right through it. Oh, and nice pic btw

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>x100 in less than three years

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Nice trips
It's both, its just 10k makes it at 1k, then you have to wait longer if you have less than 10k.

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checked. dub 88s answers OP's question, pic related

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Make it means being able to dynamite yachts, waking up with 3 new whores everyday and generally nigging hard like your life is a rap music video. Most people would be fine with an upper-middle class life minus the waging. Most people do not need fuck you money. Just enough that money is no longer an impediment to self-fulfillment.

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I pray Bree moves quicker than link and I can finally make it to 10k

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The fuck is bree

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What you're describing IS fuck you money anon
Making it means modest generational wealth, which smart financial planning can accomplish with $10mil from selling 10k at $1000. Modest trusts for your kids, generation-skipping trust for posterity, multi-million dollar home with a vacation home or two, fun toys, $400k+ annual passive income for life. I guess you could buy *a* yacht, but it would represent a sizable portion of your wealth and you'd probably want to recoup some of the annual upkeep by chartering it
The ones buying yachts without a second thought are anons who bought 100k Link at $17k-30k
Suicide stack is 1k because back when Link was $0.17-$0.40, why not spend a couple hundred bucks on the chance at becoming a millionaire? There are anons on here right now who bought a suicide stack with birthday money in 2017 and just check in periodically to see if it's worth a million dollars yet

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both are true. $10,000,000 USD net worth is required to truly 'make it' in the West these days.

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for me what I make off link is just enough to start a 9 digit business

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ceci n'est pas une meme

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i have a never gonna give you up stack which i bought and will hold indefinitely, but all the other link is for funding. I can approach a VC now but I don't think they'd approve me based on the current circumstances and other factors.

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You haven’t made it until you build a gothic cathedral and then build a tomb for yourself inside and pay the church enough so that monks have to say mass everyday in your side chapel for a hundred years...and you get one of the big iron sarcophagus medieval style where you have you hands folded and are laying down on top with a bowl cut

That’s making it

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my fucking sides
these days most quality content like this just ends up deleted by jannies or autosaged by shill posts. feels bad

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>he doesn't account for the coming hyperinflation
it's both, faggot.

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Implying $10 million is make it money.
Get a perspective. Anything under $100 million is still poorfag cope

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100k is a comfy stack price, 1 million is a make it

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Call me schizo or whatever but I only listen to digits.
Also, sn =sn.

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