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What's /biz/'s current lifestyle? Talk about how you cheated your way into your first job and share tips on getting away with being lazy.

I really should have done finance or CS.

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Why would any intelligent person want a job?

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27/software engineer/160k remote

Started out at more like 70k in summer of 2016, which I got by applying to a startup on linkedin and solving a quick take home coding question.

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Can you literally think of any intelligent people that don't work outside of trust fund kids or people born into wealth?

I shove 80% of my salary into index funds and crypto. I should be set in a few years but I'll do ten just to get over it.

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Fuck I just want to end it all right now, but also want to keep living to see things improve. the only thing keeping me going is the stock/ crypto chase

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>a quick take home coding question.
Damn. I should try this.

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25/“data engineer”/90k USD
I was interviewed by a fortune 100, told them I had another job offer waiting, didn’t even do an in person interview, was hired in two days. They reached out to me. Just graduated with my bachelors at that moment. Midwest USA.

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Same job and pay but I'm 23. Do you find the work incredibly simple as well? Part of me wants to get into real swe but collecting decent pay while doing easy work is hard to leave.

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I'm you 3 years ago and want to be you now. How'd you finesse the higher paid remote gig, just apply everywhere? I'm a landlord on the side and having a remote senior role is the dream, could move around to wherever I need to in my area.

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Just depends on the tech stack. Some projects are real easy. My only difficulty is the amount of work. I am managing about 100 separate reports, utilizing about 400 upstream DB tables from about 60 different sources... I am utilizing lots of SQL, PySpark, lots of AWS services and of course BI visualizations. Learning azure now.
Good for you anon, this is a great line of work. Learn cloud services and you’re future proof for 10 years.

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29 / Hardware Eng / 95k USD

My buddy worked on a formula car at uni, I told him I wanted to help him "work on the hardware" and brought his setup to a job interview at a big 3 auto company interview.

I got the job on the spot just by showing it to them, and they added 5k to their initial offer lel

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Nice, you definitely work with more volume than I do. I'm with a fairly new BI team so we're just getting started out on the push from on-prem to the cloud. Hopefully I'll get there eventually. I am thankfully working 100% in the cloud (AWS) which is cool. Thanks for the reassurance, I wish you well in your work.

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>Can you literally think of any intelligent people that don't work outside of trust fund kids or people born into wealth?

NEETs who hold link

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>I'm you 3 years ago and want to be you now. How'd you finesse the higher paid remote gig, just apply everywhere? I'm a landlord on the side and having a remote senior role is the dream, could move around to wherever I need to in my area.

Switched gigs twice since then. Startup wouldn't budge on my comp even though I drew the owl for us, which is when I got my first 2x by switching.

Then I networked with other young, like-minded teammates at the 2nd place and we followed the most senior one when he decided to upgrade. Full remote, even pre-virus!

So, I would say: be willing to move, be willing to switch and move *again*, network.

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I am making it seem worse than it is. I don’t have users for more than half these reports, and I have a team that supports me. Always glad to talk to another person that is in this industry. Best of luck to you too anon. You have an amazing start to your career. I work maybe 30 hours a week, and leave whenever I want. It’s barely wage slaving

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Oh I'll also say that companies that already have a product built are kush. Compensation is not based on how hard you work in software, at all. That's how FAANG companies survive the "women in tech" hype. For every person actually driving development, there's probably 3-5 people resting and vesting, tweaking shit, maintaining ok optics.

I did more in 1 year at a startup than 3 years at big companies. The startup was good for some resume bullet points and getting an understanding of end-to-end software engineering though. Now I'm just leveraging that.

At this point, I'm hoping crypto can get me away from low level coding. I just want to make strategic decisions, help with hiring, manage outage communications, run presentations, and so on.

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23/middle office/70k

debt free and stacking up the tendies baby please

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>debt free and stacking up the tendies baby please
stack em, bb!

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i plan to go to a data center in 3-5 years

oh just act competent

good luck

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24 Callcenter earn about 20K euro a year

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How am I supposed to buy more LINK if I don't have any money because I don't have a job?

I'm not swinging.

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31/DevOps/Cloud Architect/FullStack Dev/160K euro

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>160K base
cant believe I am still doing this shit

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if i made $100-120k/yr and worked remotely i would be happy.

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Redpill me on finance. I'm majoring in it but I heard the hours are long for most jobs

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make maybe 10% more than accounting. work is more predictable, endless fire drills becaues retard boomer directors want some niggerbrained analysis/projection NOW.

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10% more than a CPA? I'm really more concerned about the hours

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I outsource almost all of my shit to our interns and work around 30 mins to 1 hour a day remotely from home. Boss thinks I am doing overtime and going the extra mile. It is a small company and I work here since 3 years (started during my finance masters).

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>not getting on disability
>not trading options

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OP you can make a lateral move to financial analysis, at least if you get a MFin. If you got a alumni network you can see if anyone is hiring for it.

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Don‘t go into accounting, it‘s soul crushing and as boring as it gets. If you are not a complete aspie try to move into asset management or trading. Research what skills you need to develop (e.g. python) and start applying like a maniac. These positions are usually very popular but once you are in you are set.

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>it's barely wage slaving
t. wage slave

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27/project manager/80kaud

I made more money when I was 22 and had less responsibility

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25/Software dev/£54k

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35/software dev/110k
This is my second career after I took a meme bootcamp course. I was formerly an oil and gas business analyst, which I got through nepotism.

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Life is too ez for me so ill prolly rope soon

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29/150k/software/remote. live in an expensive ass place so it doesnt go very far. life still blows. health is more important

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thought about software dev as a 31 year old boomer but holy fuck is it miserable and boring.

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accounting major here.
should i switch to comp sci
wanna get into fintech

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>”Solutions Consultant” at a fortune 100
>(i.e. glorified/whiteglove/not pajeet product support for top-spend
>$92k, will be $110k in a few months.

Like other Anons ITT, I was hopeless/unemployed/depressed af in my early 20s. Just posting this to let you know that you too can make it anon. Being an awkward and lazy af INTP, I thought I wasn’t cut out for the corporate world at all desu.

Turns out, being a support main IRL is easy as fuck and pays incredibly well. Great opportunity to be practical, call the shots, but also not really work that much (4-5 hours/day). Outside of consulting, you also just file bugs on the product. My coworkers who play vidya are fucking 100x better at identifying bugs than my Stacy coworkers.

A bit cucking when you realize that you’re protecting millions in revenue for the company per quarter and still don’t get 6 figs, but I never thought I’d be making $90k+ by 27.

Any other cozy consultant / support anons here?

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33/Cloud Architect-DevOps-Lead Consultant/~220k AUD/160k US

Previously worked in broadcast TV not directly in IT, which was a dying industry. Mate told me to focus on cloud. Struggled to get in anywhere, did a year of a Masters of IT, came up with an ML idea, and mate got me into a consultancy. Then just worked very hard playing catch-up (faking it) for a couple of years. Now enjoying remote work doing not all that much for above pay.

Thanks, 4chan data miners.

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Isn't asset management basically finance?

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If you think that then it isn’t for you. Personally I enjoy the problem solving aspect of it but really I want to make it and be a degenerate pothead that makes crypto web apps instead.

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>fintech consultant
MEng from a Russell Group uni as well just for this, should have messed around less while I was a student and done some internships at the top Jewish banks

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i didnt do finance per se but economics with a mathematics focus. i took alot of higher level stochastics courses and math courses in general. i thought i could get a good job in finance but i havent had any interviews or even responses. im doing accounting rn because its just easier to break into. i thought it might be my GPA (3.1) but its dead on average for my major. so idk what the fuck my problem is. i guess my entire graduating class is jobless or something. would learning compsci let me get fancy trading jobs? i have some experience coding and i like it

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comp sci minor*

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I live in a 3rd country (tropical paradise and strong economy tho), in a middle/high lvl house, with an anual income of 54k usd.
> 29
> mechanical eng

my tip is that, a job it is not only to obtain a salary, but it is ocuppational therapy... I was born in an accomodated family and could have gone my life without doing shit, but I was getting crazy of a lazy life.
so don't look at your job with hate.
Even if I made it today, I wouldn't quit my job right away, I would look to form a music school or something like it to spend the rest of my life doing something that I love while doing nothing at the same time

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>grad student researcher
>a stipend of about $900 every two week
at least I have no denbts

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29, living in great midwest city
Insurance, risk engineering related
$70k (my position maxes out at $100k)
I work maybe 2 hours a day and it is from home.

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my job includes some of what yours does but it pays less and I work 8-9 hours a day
also a lazy introvert but I can force myself out of the introvert part of that when I need to and it feels rewarding to do so
what positions did you have on the way up to what you do now and what rough timeframe and salaries did you have at each?

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>junior software engineer

Wasn't stoked about the initial salary but its a legit start up and I just wanted to get my foot in the door instead of continuing to sweat my balls off doing hard labor cause corona. Love the company and the work so whatever. Hopefully I'll get bumped up to regular SWE in a couple months and get a pay bump. Most importantly though I just want to write good code and not be a burden to the team.

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>sell shit on ebay, normally about $50k sales per year
>deliberately stopped selling stuff during pandemic because my suppliers were shut down and prices for both supplies and my product rocketed up, hoarding inventory that went from 15k to 30k since April
>been collecting unemployment
>got job with census on August 2nd just after PUA "boost" to unemployment ended
>been getting $24/hour to make sure addresses are correct, have talked to 3 residents total in a month of working

I'm feeling pretty fucking comfy.

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>that ID tho

This is now a frens thread. Post favorite frens.


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29/door2door salesman/120k a year

Work like 2 hours a day. Life’s simple

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what do you sell? crack?

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HVAC and insulation for homes, work with huge government rebate programs and 0% interest loans. It’s about making people feel like they have control of the conversation while you’re really in the drivers seat

>> No.22364607

How do I get into this?

>> No.22364663

marketing manager

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It’s pretty easy to get into, because most people are afraid of commission jobs/bad stigma of door 2 door. Search canvassing or door to door on indeed. You’ll probably find a lot of results. After that it’s just about getting good at doing it

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>23 (24 this month)
>Hotel Shuttle Driver/Houseman
It works. I live alone and pay all my own bills. But god damn, I wish my dad hadn't been such a pushy belligerent dickhead about teaching me about the stock market as a teen. If I had kept to it from my first job I would be doing very well, but he heaped so much boomer dad stress on it that I stopped alltogether.

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Bros I'm scared about my future I want to make decent money but don't want to work 60 hour weeks. I'm a sophmore in college studying business admin. and finance. I like it but there's so much competition. If I was to switch what should I do? I don't enjoy math btw

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£25k factory monkey

>> No.22364846

Taleb Nasim

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Nice. What sort of job did your buddy get?

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I guess there's law school and medical school, but they're pretty competitive too.
There aren't many options if you are bad at math and don't want to be in an ultra competitive field, since you will be competing against all of the other people who are bad at math

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Should I just end it?

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oh, for reference, the census job is $24.50/hour, $0.58 per mile driven, and bonus pay for weekends or working after 6 PM. If any anons have a chance at a temporary government job, you should take it. I have no qualifications apart from an irrelevant college degree and a car.

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you could always just learn math bud
any interest in law or medicine tho? they're good fields with high pay and minimal math

>> No.22365136

I wouldn't mind physical therapy and as for law it's very competitive and you need to be on call 24/7

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I'm convinced literally every nonroyal in the UK earns 28-32k/yr

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Doctors often start their own private practices as well, so you could venture into your own 'business' of sorts if that's something you're very interested in doing.
That being said, young doctors often have extremely tight schedules, I'd imagine the extent of which would depend on the field, but it wasn't easy for any of the doctors I know.
or you could just start some other sort of business, you'd have to figure out what kind of venture you'd be willing to put so much effort into tho.

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I hate my job and live way below my means so I can flip my house in 10 months and move out of state.

>> No.22365371

I have a cousin that's a literal brain surgeon. It's fucking killing him and he doesn't make great money.

>> No.22365394

I know what business I'd like to start and I know how to set it apart from others. I'm day trading now so I can get more funds to start it, it's an e-commerce business

>> No.22365445

30, I have a qualification in accountancy and recently completed a degree in engineering.

Cleaner, £9ph, fuck rona.

>> No.22365493

Is it your AAT though? Would be worth transitioning to ACA/ACCA/CIMA...

>> No.22365500

alright lad, sounds like you have a plan
you've just got to put it in motion
draw up a business plan, come up with a website layout, do some budgeting in excel and make it happen
yeah I've heard doctors can get all sorts of health conditions from the stress of it all
hard to believe he's not making good money tho

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Yes aat, and fuck no, why do you think I went from accountant to engineering, finance is such a fucking meme career , sure it can pay well but it's souless and your stuck working alongside Stacey's and Karen's the rest of your days.



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26/Mechanical Engineer/80k

Bros please, this field is filled with boomers. My brain is rotting away each and every day. I want to look at some sort of software job, maybe data science or data analysis, that will allow me to eventually do full remote work.

>> No.22365680

I've been putting it off because I'm 19 and I'm scared of becoming an adult already I guess, by that same token I'm also scared of spending 40 years working for someone else day in day out doing something I hate.

>> No.22365683

Where my construction supers at? Great pay, lots of free time

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>he fell for the masters meme
£60k loan here. The interest is fucking criminal 3-5%which will bait me into paying it off early which I will almost surely regret.The cherry on top is the investment bankers whose parents paid their fees so they don't even pay the 9% tax.

>> No.22365723

He went back to the same place he did an internship at to do validation for like 70k... Idk he wan't really motivated to get a new job since he already had the offer

>> No.22365747

19/Insurance Broker/ Fluxiates too much to have a yearly income.
My Father is a pretty successful broker himself, so he can assign me people to write up. Nepotism is how I got in, basically.

>> No.22365750

* Studied informatics
* Started working as programmer
* Freelancing now $$

>> No.22365764

what's your exit plan

>> No.22365776

> office job at goverment, I have to work 8 hours a day but in reality I only work about 2 hours. 2200€ after tax
> During the other 6 hours, I make energy certificates. 2k after tax
> Buy hyped sneakers and resell them. 500€ a month on average
> Buy/sell/repair/service motorcycles as a hobby: 1000 and 3000 bucks a month from it

>> No.22365806


sry he's making 70k (((CAD)))... so I am making like 123 CAD for comparison. The ontario job market / wages are fucked

>> No.22365908

28, Supply Chain Specialist, contract job for $36/hr CAD (38-41 hrs a week)

Before this job I was at a 60k salaried job, working 55-60 hours a week no OT.

Honestly this job could be worse, but I've been working from home for 5 months. After my contract ends I have no idea what I'll do

>> No.22366038

Sales Engineer

Studied Economics, and did product marketing out of college. Transitioned to my current gig in martech by doing one of those coding bootcamps. My current job does not involve a super heavy amount of coding, though.

I currently DCA into BTC and buy heavy on dips. Also have the usual boomer stocks and 401k. Went up like $500k during altrun in 2017 but lost most of it. I stay away from shitcoins now. BTC will go 10X over next 5 years which is just fine for me.

>> No.22366070

I’m a 28 year yr old dad that recently just got his associates degree. Gonna go back to school to learn Cyber Security. Bro’s is it too late to go back? I don’t know what to do, and I don’t wanna risk it all just both stocks and crypto

>> No.22366081

Stories from your career wise old anon? How long you been in the industry

>> No.22366097

Not at all too late. Cyber security is booming. Smartest and easiest thing to do is to have a comfy job and invest <a lot> of it into BTC and stocks.

>> No.22366127

23/ IT Consultant / $70k USD
Employer required 3.0 GPA and I had 2.9. Photoshopped my transcripts and it passed the initial screening and never noticed.

>> No.22366130

hiw do you grt yr foot in the door

>> No.22366544

>$175,000 ($155k retail + prn hospital)
Pretty comfy so far at the company that I work for. I should've been fired years ago for making errors on patient prescriptions but I covered it up a bunch of times. I lucked my way into a prn hospital job for extra cash and experience. I don't know wtf I'm doing most of the time but they can't get rid of me lol

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doctor of pharmacy

>> No.22366661

almost everyone here makes $150k+. i need some poorfags to bring the thread average down before i kill myself.

>> No.22366684

>Managing Partner of a Professional Services Firm (Networking, VoIP, IT Consulting, Enterprise Systems/Software, Cloud Computing, etc...)
>$0 in cash, ~$400K in stock (based on 10X EBITDA)

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26/Electrical Engineer (Construction)/130k aud

Would be fine if houses weren't so fucking expensive in aus but whatever

>> No.22366752

Bootsraps kind of guy. I work hard and earn money, but I honestly need a fucking break. I know my company will probably lay me off come February. I've paid so much taxes so the dregs of society can live, eat, breed, smoke and drink for free. How do I welfare NEET fag for awhile? Is it even possible as a whiteman? I feel I've earned it. I've paid into the system sense I was 16, now I'm 30. I just want to be a NEET fag for like 5-6 months. Do I need to feign a back injury?

>> No.22366793

25/ Software Dev/ 70k /(not in the USA)
networth: 700k apartment, 30k cash, 50k crypto (80% BTC, 10% LINK, rest shitcoins)

I really need to move somewhere that pays me more

>> No.22366856

30, software eng, $200k, "working" from home since covid. probably only do ~20 hours of real work a week.

>> No.22366858

29/Data Scientist/102000 (excluding bonus)

>> No.22366899

I've been coding in C since I was 12, now 29 and know all the major languages

No one will hire me though, only have an associate's degree because my parents used my loan to buy a sports car and they kicked me out of college

>> No.22366993

Huh? You don't need a college degree to be a software engineer.

>> No.22366995

27/ Electrical Engineer/ $200k (not us)

Currently working from home and desu it is has been the same or better than working in the office. I don't go out.
Free time is spent in /biz/, crypto, writing, etc.

>> No.22367032

Well I'm getting real tired of going through 3 interviews to hear back nothing at all, rarely even an email saying I wasn't chosen or whatever

so explain to me the magic trick of getting a company to give a fuck about my skills. There's never even a test or demonstration or anything skill related in all their faggoty interviews

>> No.22367093

Wow I am a forklift driver in California

Make 18 an hour and love with my mommy

I have 50k link lol

You guys all love sucky lives. I love my job. It's graveyard and the time goes by so smoothly and I don't even have an ounce of stress.

Can't believe I make 40k a year stress free. I can't believe how good I have it.

Thank God I'm not in an office or work in retail or have any stress at all

Get fudked all you engineer losers

>> No.22367175

What makes you think office work isn't stress-free either? I can shit-post on 4chan all day and STILL get paid while you zoom around in your wagie-cagie

>> No.22367177

As a guy who just got laid off and feels great about it, just start acting flakey. Don’t go so far as to give them cause, but just act out in weird ways. Grow strange facial hair, fart loudly in meetings and laugh about it, occasionally start talking like Kermit the frog, that sort of shit. If you figure they’re likely to lay you off at some point in the near future, what do you have to lose? You might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb

>> No.22367215

Go to some shit startup, work for nothing and do wonders for them and have them shill for you

>> No.22367217

How can I get an office job while in college to do this

>> No.22367254

This is my first year of college, I'm attending a state university for free and majoring in Chemical Engineering, is there any hope for me or do I just end it?

>> No.22367277

same desuu except cs.
https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/ find the pay and figure it out for yourself

>> No.22367278

I am 28 and just started law school after working as a newspaper reporter then in PR for the last five years.

I was a bum for a year and it ruined me. I love the law. I hate work. I don't want to work. Ever. Get me out. What have I done. HELP

>> No.22367321

Have you considered doing an actually useful job?

>> No.22367383

not a supervisor but 28 doing scaffold for $50k

it’s not like you’re busting ass all day, the pay is high because it’s dangerous and a lot of people aren’t willing to work 50 hours inside a 100 degree shrink wrapped jobsite

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>the pay is high because it’s dangerous and a lot of people aren’t willing to work 50 hours inside a 100 degree shrink wrapped jobsite

>> No.22367522

I was a reporter then became a data journalist after falling for the meme and learning2code. My salary doubled kek.

Btw how did you manage to hide your power level on your outlet? People at my work would rope if they knew I browse this mexican gold libertad coins appraisal forum.

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>Menial office job
>22000 usd
I want society to die.

>> No.22367645

>People at my work would rope
Is it really that bad in that industry?

>> No.22367650

I was in your same position in 2010, anon. Things will get better, but you will need to start working sooner than later.

>> No.22367699

Youre not wrong UK salaries are uber cucked

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File: 202 KB, 933x933, DD26F9BA-6521-450E-953B-C083F85C964E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recent Grad here, 22, just finished College in May.

I was in Accounting, but switched to “Information Systems” my Junior year. Got an internship, and now I work for the same company as an engineer.

My advice. Life is picking your “shit sandwich.” You get to chose the “bad part” about your job. So pick one that you don’t mind. People get paid what they’re worth.

In my opinion, learning code / something that is hard for normies is the best strategy. Good Luck have fun.

>> No.22367751

Hmm what do you do as an information systems engineer?

>> No.22367757

Journalists are the opposite of 4chan posters in all regards. I tried talking a fellow pokemon fan into going to /vp/ for ez trading since he didn't have friends with the opposite versions and he called me a racist fuck for suggesting I lurk here.

>> No.22367776

I worked at a small town paper in rural Colorado. My readership was deep red. My reporting was always objective.

I should have gotten into data journalism. Say that trend blowing up but it looked hard lmao

>> No.22367787

>Autobody Estimator

Started cleaning cars for dirt and worked my way to estimating damage on vehicle collisions. Absolutely draining work dealing with public, insurance companies, and technicians. Living at home so basically no bills. DCA into Bitcoin heavily. Started online courses learning Python for fun looking for career change but not many jobs in my area

>> No.22367914

To clarify, I walked into my internship with no prior “applicable” knowledge.

My major was “Information Systems” pretty much “Half-IT” “Half-Business” for kids who are not good enough at math for Computer Science.

My current title is Network Engineer. I work with Cisco products. I manage VoIP services, Troubleshoot Routers and Switches, manage WebEx profiles, and occasionally work on infrastructure projects.

Essentially I’m the guy they yell at when the “internet” is slow. It’s a good 1st job, no complaints.

Switching from accounting was one of the best decisions I ever made.

>> No.22367941

>HVAC Engineer
>75,000/year in a low COL area
>They don't make me work more than 40 hours a week and if I do, I get paid for it

It's very rewarding work. My answer to "what do you do?" is "I build hospitals." I don't spend even a third of the money I make.

>> No.22367966

Yep, I don't blame you, accounting is boring as shit. I'd get a cathartic feeling when I'd finish an accounting exam I knew I did good on but christ is it boring. I honestly don't know if I'll stick to business admin and finance, but I don't know what else I'd do.

>> No.22367969

Office job or tradie?

>> No.22368051

Ngl it was hard for me because I was retarded at math but then I realized most of the devs and programmers are always looking shit up on Stack Overflow/Google so I learned the basics (scraping, data analysis), worked some pet projects and got hired in a bigger outlet. I miss having a beat though.

>> No.22368082

75k motion designer. Sounds like a lot but I live in NJ near NY. 1040 dollars a month gets me an apartment that is literally one room. Fucking hate it and want out, but I choose a career tied to dumb cities.

>> No.22368156

>Game tester at EA
>25-27k year

Have a college degree and the opportunity to work in the family business but decided after doing it for 2 years that it wasn't for me. Made a down payment on a house 3 years ago and have been living here doing random slacker jobs while room-mates and gf pay the mortgage. I have to be very frugal every month to pay bills but I have a paid off car and a roof so I can't complain.

>> No.22368222

I don't have any hope of getting a professional job. What's the best shit-tier wagecage to get into? No security because security jobs in my state are a racket.

>> No.22368225

>160K euro

>> No.22368228

>tfw everyone ITT is earning above the national average

i have my doubts

>> No.22368248


Office job. The kind you need an engineering degree for. Although, HVAC techs make pretty good money for a job that doesn't need a degree. They actually have to work for a living though. I just sit and think all day and get paid for it.

>> No.22368258

im an hvac tech is it required to get a degree to be an hvac engineer?

>> No.22368269

financial analyst

>> No.22368297

Just come to europe, everyone here makes 40k

>> No.22368326

>cheated your way into your first job and share tips on getting away with being lazy.
fucken slave.
You're why employers can't get much done and don't respect you. Low self-esteem chunk of shit.
I work for myself mostly due to pure luck and i love it. I paid a team of guys to remove a palm tree from a back yard through a narrow access path up a hill and they did it without a chip or a speck left behind. People like that rock because they are a team that can get things done.
Then there's ghosts like you, looking at your phone as soon as you think nobody's looking.
Not only will you never 'make it', your grifter attitude will make not 'making it' really feel like a miserable grind.

>> No.22368329


I make 70k anon don't worry.

>> No.22368344
File: 204 KB, 1320x1312, EV1WxXPVAAEOc3q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

23 Deloitte consultant, first fulltime job. Working from home so currently in bed trying to get rich while my computer mouse is sitting on my watch so it moves every few seconds.

Been dumping all my paychecks into BTC, trying to learn more about Bitcoin. Maybe I should make some defi shitcoin...

>> No.22368372

30/police officer/80k cad

hopefully i can hit it big in crypto to quit earlier, shit is no fun currently.

>> No.22368384
File: 232 KB, 378x498, 1595602403461.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why the fuck did i study so hard to get this 45k/yr job moving files on a fuckin computer

>> No.22368408

I'm sorry shits so jew'd and their pet niggers and pet media are raping you guys
We back the Blue here

>> No.22368452


"Building engineer" does not require a degree. That is basically an HVAC tech for a big building, like a hospital or a hotel.

My job, yes, BS in Mechanical Engineering is required and I use my education every day. The closest thing somebody can do to my job without a degree is become a CAD drafter, but they often went to a 2-year technical school.

If you can keep up in the classes, you have the free time, and you can find a way to do it without going in debt, I'd say it's worth it to get a mechanical engineering degree and become an HVAC engineer. With your hands-on experience, you'd dance circles around the basedboys who think a P trap is spelled pee trap.

>> No.22368476

thanks man, means a lot

yes we're getting fucked by the media, the policitians, our chiefs, the population... starting to think to switch to become a prostitute, at least i'll be paid to get fucked

>> No.22368625
File: 18 KB, 534x483, 1592181217772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we with u brotha

>> No.22368632

thanks anon

>> No.22368674

How much do you work and do you enjoy it?

>> No.22368717

29/web dev/$75k CAD (which is like $40k USD)

My shit ass job froze our salaries for the year and I'm desperately looking to get out. Fucking Canada sucks and I want to make the big bucks in the States but it's hard to make the switch right now due to a combination of things, including the border being closed.

>> No.22368719

Get a load of this faggot.

>> No.22368744

seethe and gimme my check paypig :)

>> No.22368749

based thanks bro. ive thought about getting an engineering degree and now im sure i want become an hvac engineer. ill probably take classes during the slow season jan-april.

>> No.22368794

Imagine actually being stupid enough to pay your loans back.

>> No.22368813


>> No.22368848

32/product team non dev/160k$ ex bonus. I fuckin hate it though, bad boss bad team and work 50+ hour weeks and am thinking of quitting. Was completely honest interview wise about skills/lack of and they hired me anyways and feel in over my head most days.

>> No.22368929
File: 39 KB, 1024x672, 1598750731233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>full-time daddy
>wife makes $175K/year

She's home all the time though b/c of the CCP virus and the baby is getting difficult to manage, so I need to find a job soon. I was a higher-up admin in my previous job (we moved), but I have no connections where I am now so idk what to do.

>> No.22368961

I always feel inadequate when I see the burgers posting their 100k salaries. For some tech work. £24k factory worker here

>> No.22368968

30 / IT Tech (government) / 72000usd

I cheated me way into the government system by getting a $7/hr job at a gym on a US military base in Germany. 8 years ago, damn...
Anyways I thought that was the ultimate lazy job, getting paid to unlock the doors, work out, eat, browse free wifi. Even collabbed with my co-workers to take 2 days off every week. We covered double shifts for each other and had a good scheme going for years.

Now I'm still military civilian getting paid way more to do even less. Completely unsupervised and zero effort work gets me awards and shiet.

>> No.22369021

Ha ha you are me 10 years ago. If I could tell my 10 year younger self anything it would be cut your losses and drop out now. Look into corporate sales dude, or try finance investor relations. Sunk Cost fallacy damage midlife is fatal.

>> No.22369091

>finance investor relations
>drop out
you know you actually have to know finance for that right?

>> No.22369159


currently 22 in aus, how do I make more

>> No.22369180

most of them are larps. just like everyone on the internet has a 6 inch dick and is 6 feet tall making 6 figues.

>> No.22369193

just lift bro

>> No.22369230

It's the Democrat virus.
Not the CCP virus.

>> No.22369291

7 inch thanks

>> No.22369500

19/Warehouse Wagie/25k

>> No.22369533
File: 179 KB, 254x423, ApplicationFrameHost_vY2YUmQWCK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Video game QA
>10000usd (twice the minimal wage in my poorland)

>> No.22369548

Looks fade and holes loosen, anon.

>> No.22369582

24/ security officer/$15-17/hour
I can start working full time, but I would have to drop one or two classes to manage my college schedule. I was suppose to graduate (late) next spring, but if I drop some classes, I'm looking at end of fall maybe. Should I do it for the extra money?

>> No.22369681
File: 1.01 MB, 789x608, F35A0F13-E6C9-4CD9-8C09-454BFDFD4DB1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

27/graphic designer/$73k remote

Design is fun and my job is cushy af but I’m already on the upper end of pay (relative to my city) unless I jump to a manager or art director role which is waaay more work. I could move to NY or LA and make more but the cost of living is too high to not live like shit. Not to mention design in corporate marketing is the most shallow arbitrary bull shit in the fucking world. I wish I had gotten into finance in highschool but I was a rebellious stoner nerd and thought the idea of a ‘normal 9-5 desk job’ was the worst thing in the world. What’s annoying is I come from an affluent area outside New York where all the Wall Street boys live and commute in to the city, I could have leveraged my nepotistic connections in a fucking heart beat to score a solid job out of college. I’m thinking about learning financial analysis and moving back home to leverage that but I’m afraid I’m too late in the game. Might fall for the code meme and do a boot camp. What do you think frens?

>> No.22369752

tips for lying on your resume? I got fired from a job last September and didnt get a new one until February. Then I lost that one a month in due to covid. I'm stretching the dates on my resume and have been getting some interest, but will most likely get fucked once they try and call my old company.

>> No.22369769

wagies should just stake coins like SUTER desu

>> No.22369838

Why lie in 2020?

>> No.22369840

I think you're lying about your income.

>> No.22369883

Are you certain that you'll have a decent paying job about graduating? If yes, it makes sense to graduate earlier.

>> No.22369916

>metal fabrication
I got my a huge pay bump by lying about my salary at my last job when applying to this job. I went from making $25k to $42k basically overnight.

>> No.22369935

Lol nah tech marketing pays well, especially in seo. I wouldn’t lie when I’m genuinely seeking advice/opinions

>> No.22369954

>get interviews, but might have the job yanked at most reputable places if HR does their job
Tell the truth:
>get totally ignored and dont get a job anywhere regardless

What do I have to lose really?

>> No.22369994

What field do you work in? In design I chalk up any employment gaps to “freelance and creative consulting”

>> No.22370060

Anyone have any advice for someone who's trying to break into IT?

I have an unrelated bachelors (music) with decent GPA, currently studying for my A+ certification which I should pass, have years of shit job customer service experience I think I can leverage as "soft skills" and have programming experience with Python coding for my dad's business.

I'm just trying to get a slightly better job than I have right now (make 18.50/h in LA) so I can spend my free time working on music and my time at work less suicidal.

>> No.22370066
File: 84 KB, 514x900, 059436E4-A8ED-4333-9DF7-8558F5DA02DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boo hoo. You’re a cop in Canada, what’s the worst you have to deal with? Strung out natives?

>> No.22370103

accounting/finance. Though I'm looking at joining the military now because of the horrendous economy and the soul sucking nature of accounting.

>> No.22370131
File: 2.65 MB, 320x240, 8758.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And tomorrow you guys woke up and the dream ended. No company will pay over $60 per hour some code monkey where they can get people from oversees that will do same job for $10 per hour or less. Whats funny people always brag how much money they make but they will never show their pay stubs, because jobs like this does not exist.

>> No.22370135

I agree I feel like they expect you to lie almost. The requirements are retarded. Why would I want to work for 45k if I had 5 years professional software engineering exp

>> No.22370178

What you said. Not to mention corporate autism where a 3 month gap in employment 2 years ago is a death sentence

>> No.22370202

>Doing their job

You're in for a real treat if you don't want soul sucking.

>> No.22370225

...bro there's so many fucking software dev jobs that pay 150k+. will it last forever? idk but honestly probably yes it will. cope.

>> No.22370261

build something, or else we all know you aren't cut out for it

>> No.22370262

I'm working on a BS in operations management with a minor in intl. business (Japanese concentration), I have supervisor experience, and I even considered learning to code to boost my chances. At this point, I just want to finish, but burn out and personal shit has kept me from graduating on time

>> No.22370350


Like what? I've built a computer in the past, not sure if that counts.

>> No.22370475

This, my bro is a cop. Fuck antfia and fuck commies.

>> No.22370499

26 / Professional brewer / 31k USD

I did this to myself.

>> No.22370525
File: 118 KB, 1042x1408, B6FAA110-FCAE-458D-893E-19C2F8C54F4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it worth getting an MBA for biz/fin experience if I wanted to switch careers or start my own creative agency?


>> No.22370574

MBA's are a meme if you want to start your own business. If you want to work for someone else? sure.

>> No.22370575

Fuck are you literally me? Except I live near NY and only make 75k. How are you making that away from the big to "le oppurtunity centers" I fucking hate living in cities as I was born in back woods. I like being a "lead" but I fucking hate interacting with clients. You can get them on board with the coolest shit and at the end of the day they just want their logos moving in a square.

>> No.22370577

$150k makes an owner of Mcdonalds. 150K software developer is a 4chan meme. Union construction worker makes way more money than ANY software developer. All computer jobs are being shipped to third world countries, but go ahead and spend 100k for your college and try to find a job as a computer programmer, your degree will be wort as much as an art degree. Good Luck

>> No.22370583
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 8E8FA7FF-D9CF-47CE-B920-A46F2784FE47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw work from home

I just found this board. What should I blow one years worth of salary on?

>> No.22370627

The stock market. Don't listen to the meme coins, if you don't get out as soon as you get in you'll lose money, the shitcoins are volatile which can be good if you actively trade it, which a lot of people on here don't.

>> No.22370700

I’m more of a set it and forget it kinda guy. I’m thinking 20 Bitcoin and 600 Ethereum.

>> No.22370706

late 20's
investment banking
~$12K/month but get a big bonus every year thats pretty nice desu

>> No.22370728

How's the 100 hour weeks?

>> No.22370742

get at least 1000 link too

>> No.22370780
File: 51 KB, 680x677, image0 (52).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm planning on going to a tradeschool to become a technician or a welder. Something dumb and easy for me to do. I don't really have any passion for tech, I just want easy, relatively clean money.
How much does everyone here actually have a passion for what they are doing, or is it 100% just the money that keeps you going.

>> No.22370784

Haha sounds like it. Clients are annoying, I’m glad I’m in-house in corporate now, everything is internal. And Yeah NYC sucks if you’re making less than $150k, I was there for 3 years after college making $60k and felt dirt poor working my ass off and would get so mad seeing obese lazy families of 8 buy junk food with their gib stamps. Once I felt I had the experience i gtfo and moved to Utah for a nice balance of innawoods shit and a metro economy. Would recommend. But not here, we’re full, fuck off.

>> No.22370813

Just lost my job. Wanted to go into IT/tech, any advice?

>> No.22370844

100 hour weeks is such a larp btw. Maybe 70-80 hrs/ week on avg, 100 hour weeks for the first couple years only. The paycheck is nice though, and worth the trade off IMO. I don't have any hobbies besides finance and investing and this year's been a fucking drag but it is what it is, still waiting for these model women that are supposed to be hunting for IB guys.

Last date I went on was in Feb and I scared her cuz I slipped up and made a joke about Jews

>> No.22370868

kek, not a bad way to filter out future wives imo - what was the joke?

>> No.22370876

I belong to Virginia. But I'm sure Utah is nice. I miss shooting guns and riding dirt bikes and doing redneck shit.

>> No.22370949

Nice. How'd you land a IB job? Internship?

>> No.22370959

same but earning 20k lmao

>> No.22370977

I said someone was a "fucking jew" which is how I talk around my bros but apparently her best friend was a jew and she said "why does it matter that he's jewish" and I think I let on too much.

I kinda sperged out bro idk. You'd never guess I'm such a fucking weirdo because I'm good (really good) at superficial socialization but like one on one or in small groups I come off like a fucking weirdo.

at work everybody loves me and thinks I'm funny and cool but if you really get to know me my disdain for jews and nogs comes through

This site has ruined me.

>> No.22371012

Most people have a high tolerance for bullshit and like the money.

I wouldn't mind working so much if I were left to my own devices most of the time. But all the jobs I actually can get are grating against my autism. Customer service is a hard no. Warehouses are a struggle because I'm too clumsy. Delivery is boring. Everything is just too God damn boring and I can't get a mentally stimulating job because those are all for overachievers.

>> No.22371016

I’m from ritzy ass Connecticut so I like oysters, sailboats, and dressing up but I also riding my drz and shooting my .357 and eating mushrooms in the desert, can’t wait to snowboard all winter though. You’d probs like Utah fren, good economy out here too.

>> No.22371034

This 1000% me, except I don't feel ruined I feel awakened
These current events have activated my fucking Viking Blood or some shit, I've never been more ready or high on life

>> No.22371035

yeah not to get too specific here but I worked my ass off and got my foot in the door, no big family connections or anything

>> No.22371071

we're gonna make it, heads down, nose to the grindstone and we'll get there, nothing will make you more antisemitic than working in finance I swear

>> No.22371072

Delivery Driver
About 30k

>> No.22371083

>70-80 hrs/ week on avg
>Still finds time for 4chan

>> No.22371099

I too like snowboarding, there's a good place that does artificial snow not to far in winter so it's always powdery. We don't get that much snow but we get some. I got a hunting bow recently and I recommend it for fun. Fishing is great, you sound cool and I hope you make it someday. I only know how to identify that one mush room that looks like a volley ball and kinda tastes like nothing.

>> No.22371101

How did you get through school?
I mean I went to a private school filled with niggers and spics for punching a VP and it was still boring as all hell.

>> No.22371107

>you fell for his shit
>spends all 80hrs on biz

>> No.22371137

somebody's gotta show you nerds how its done

>> No.22371144

Accounting tends to be repetitive work. Workload really depends on the industry.

But there is a lot of potential to automate most of your busywork.

>> No.22371146
File: 719 KB, 500x500, Krusty Krab Pizza.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pizza delivery driver and doordash fag. How do I make the investment monies for the big capital gainz so that I don't have to be a wage slave anymore?

>> No.22371175

Nobody pays $60 hour for a code monkey. However, they will definitely pay that much for someone who truly knows large scale architecture that pajeets are incapable of learning

>> No.22371180

Finance friend not accounting

>> No.22371244

I was in accelerated classes and I just daydreamed all day, but often my thoughts would turn extremely negative. Eventually my teachers would let me play DS and shit after I finished all my work because I usually finished faster than everybody else. I didn't really like school, I just suffered through it because I assumed it would get better and I was okay at it because of episodic memory. I didn't really learn I had ADHD until after I finished college with a bogus degree and didn't figure out that everyone else in CompSci (which I dropped out of because I hated coding) was abusing Adderall.
My problem is that I can work well for like... 2 hours I'd say is my max peak motivation time, and after that I need like the rest of the day off, maybe get another 2 hours out if I have a good break and talk to some people, but all the jobs I've been capable of getting have required my utmost focus the whole 8-12 hours with miniscule breaks, nothing to keep my mind focused, and constant social and sensory pressure.
My parents and I just assumed I was ready for the real world because I had gotten through high school by dissociating so hard from the constant stimulus but doing it 8 hours a day 5 days a week with no end is killing me.

>> No.22371250

The local university offers a masters in finance. but as far as i am concerned, rarely anybody at my company makes such a jump.

>> No.22371286

Ooh fuck yeah I have a bow too and I got into fly fishing since I moved out here. Great quality of life but I can’t help but feel like something is still missing though. I believe we will both make it, cheers friend.

>> No.22371295

buy some STA right now, yield farming just got released

>> No.22371297

Classic /biz/ larping again. Worked as a captive agent before moving into real estate. At least youre interested in pursuing sales at youre age but look up the time frame for obtaining the licenses youre larping about before you put your age.
t. Former insurance fag, current realtor.

>> No.22371325

Would it be retarded to get friends to pool money to buy some realty just to rent it out like kikes?

>> No.22371349

for sure, even kids with mediocre grades in CS seem to have more potential than us.

>> No.22371412

sneaky. usually, they would require official transcripts.

>> No.22371474

>DevOps/CICD shit
>78k base + 5k bonus
>Boring job thus far hopefully it becomes more exciting

>> No.22371480

33/Heat treatment technician/~130k aud pending hours

Basically cook thick steel in oil/gas/coal. Dogshit places to work, pretty dangerous work in major hazard facilities. Hours 36-90+ H pw. Been working 85/70h rotating weeks away from for last 3 months.

Back to school / uni / self taught coding I think will be on the cards very soon.

>> No.22371505

literally the exact same story except I got diagnosed when I was like 8.

Don't worry though. Just like school, you'll numb to it. It's better to be numb now then homeless later

>> No.22371536

normans always bullshit a bit.

if you got hired after an internship, put you got hired fulltime staff at your original start date. inflate your gpa a bit.

if you got an online degree don't mention it's online.

>> No.22371542

What ruined me was college. I learned that not every moment of my life had to be painful tedium. The problem is I don't think I can do this painfulness very long. My Dad did 20 years as a pharmacist doing 10 hour shifts and he suffered massive burn out as a result. I definitely can make the tolerance level higher but I'm not sure I can make it high enough to deal with most jobs. I've done two call center jobs and I just can't do them again, it's not possible, I left after two months at both.

>> No.22371554

Depends on how good these friends are and how you lay out the title (joint tenancy v.s. tenants in common). You have to calculate your roi for the investment property, divide it by how many investors are involved (assuming equal split) then subtract your yearly mortgage payment and taxes. Depending on your area I would recommend looking for a worn down investment property and try to bid under market for it and renovate it with the difference then rent it out. Ideally youre looking for duplexes and triplexes. I dont know what your budget is or how much work youre willing to put into property management.

>> No.22371581

This is what I'm worried about. I don't enjoy working and to have to work more than 8 hours I think I'd end up killing myself

>> No.22371614


Hey guys check out this impressive boomer who told some dudes to dug up a tree

>> No.22371663

how do you guys survive?
I somehow manage to find a girl that falls in love with me and doesn't care if I don't work much or at all
And no I don't creep online like a predator looking for a girl with money, I've just always met one when I'm absolutely down on my luck and like basically homeless (or actually homeless in 1 case)

>> No.22371668

It sucks I can't get welfare without going to therapy for another 6 months and that costs money and its barely anything anyways. I'm pretty sure if I don't get a job my family will disinherit me too. I have a 4K LINK stack but I don't know how much longer I can wait for 1000 eoy.

>> No.22371717


>Software Engineer
>77.5k US American Dollars/yr

>> No.22371722

Doesnt everybody live at home?

>> No.22371742

>Age: 69
>Income: <30K CAD annually working sporadically for my dad
I live at home and thus save 100% of my income.

>> No.22371746
File: 308 KB, 719x721, link kitterbmac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would do WHATEVER it takes to not sell my crypto right now
I'm serious I'd rather be homeless in a cold ass State than sell the crypto I hold right now

I used to just hang out at 24/7 places like McDonalds or Walmart at night and sleep at my Community College in the day. 10/10 would do again over selling my Link right now

>> No.22371751

>useless master's degree (with honors)
>like 7k in crypto, 25k in a vanguard account
>work under the table construction jobs
I have no idea how to get out of my parents house until I make it.

>> No.22371770

tax free construction money? how tf are you unable to move out ?

>> No.22371774


Hi Nth "cloud architect" here

My job is to tell the people overseas what to do and provide the go between US boomer managment and actual workers.

>> No.22371783

I'm calling LARP. You claim to work in investment banking -- being a Jew is practically a requirement. At the very least you need to know hot to suck Jew dicks.

No goy investment bankers will ever dare say anything against Jews, since they dominate the industry and will blackball you.

>> No.22371788

26 / Software Eng / 300k

my job kinda sucks though and is stressful so... just wanna be rich already

>> No.22371807

Idk what to major in
I was doing English cause I wanted to be a professor, but talking with other professors they told me it's pretty much impossible to get a good position, so I'd be in school for 6 more years for a maybe at best

I have a high gpa but I'm not amazing at math, no debt

>> No.22371837

>I was doing English
stop, you're going to ruin your life

if you're not completely retarded do CS or engineering and thank me later

>> No.22371838

What should I do senpaitachi??? My unemployment is running out soon. I haven't worked in a year. I have no college degree. I'm terrified. I hated work so much. I've been so happy this last year, so little stress, very healthy. Are jobs more fun when you have a degree and do something rigorous?

>> No.22371862

>stop, you're going to ruin your life
I know, I should have made it more clear that I'm gonna switch majors, but idk what to

It's really annoying and insulting because talking with advisors at every school or this gay mentor program at my Uni they all say to just do what you wanna do and that English is a good major. But talking with two professors who I got close with they both said it's a huge risk and is paying off less and less

>> No.22371869

>. I don't have any hobbies besides finance and investing and this year's been a fucking drag but it is what it is, still waiting for these model women that are supposed to be hunting for IB guys.

Maybe you should do what you want to and not what society expects of you? Idk i dont get the whole IB grind things seems like a lot of shit to deal with in hopes u get into PE or whatever the fuck the goal is that makes you lots of money (probably sales...)

Idk us software peasants work half as much for more than half the pay

>> No.22371877

Because its spotty work with my 65 year old family friend who got extensive back surgery. I might make like 300$ a day but its every two to three days right now. Plus, why the fuck WOULD I move out? I'm not paying fucking rent, I'm more worried about how to pivot to buying a house.

>> No.22371878


>> No.22371896

your choices are sexpat english teacher or nothing.

only women can get away with making dumb choices in life and get subsidized for it.

>> No.22371923

>I'm not paying fucking rent, I'm more worried about how to pivot to buying a house
I mean that's fair anon, just seemed like moving out was a priority to you
Real Estate is on sale cheap as fuck and probably will be a ways into 2021

Now is the time to be looking for a house for sure, great investment

>> No.22371962

Yeah but I need to at least keep my computer and somewhat of a standard of living. I'm going to see if I can subsist on unemployment for a while. I just really don't want to have to get another fucking awful job. My last resort is asking my grandparents for money but that's not going to happen I think.

>> No.22371963

learn to code if you can, seriously. it's not that hard and majoring in cs was probably one of the best decisions i made financially

>> No.22371979

Go into sales. Pick something and commit to it like your life depended on it. Closet thing youre going to get to the illusion of not really working but in reality working harder than any wagie. Insurance is good because commission keeps rolling in year after year at a declining rate as long as your policy is still being paid. Real estate is god awful competitive but the commissions are big enough to make up for it. I know friends who became car dealers. Really any sales job beats a real job.

>> No.22371986

I’ve heard many CS majors can’t find jobs.

>> No.22371991
File: 83 KB, 1459x861, 9U03P28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$90 a month from subscription model...
I rent a PO box, forward pwople's mail, and advertise myself as a Regus clone, lolol

>> No.22372015


Not entirely theres anglos and irish too....

>> No.22372026

it most certainly is anon, but it might be a mid-term goal. I could move out pretty easily, but end up spending possibly 1k a month to just move into a city for no real reason. I really do not want to be at my parents the next five years, but I do not see the point in moving out if it is just to go rent an apartment. It just is not worth it. But with my lack of career path, I don;t know where I even would want to buy a house. It is a bad kind of double bind.

>> No.22372052

I've been coding my ass off since I was 12, still do. No one is hiring for fucking jack shit they all want me to have 10 years executive experience to fucking install AV software on a single computer

>> No.22372062


they have the worst unemployment rate on this late.

>> No.22372074

Get into an owner/tenant occupancy. Get a shitty duplex and fix it up, then rent one unit out while living in the other.

>> No.22372092


Youre gonna make it anon

>> No.22372098

>the next five years
>lack of career path
Man if you're thinking in terms of 5 years, I'd spend 2 more doing what you're doing, seeing where the world goes and GOING BALLS DEEP IN CRYPTO

2 years of good investing and you might able to move out into a semi-normal world with some fat pockets

>> No.22372109

sucks to suck i guess

>> No.22372121

How fucked am I finding a job after I graduate this semester?

>> No.22372131

26 // Electrical Engineer // 135k in LCOL area.

>> No.22372140

damn anon idk what to tell you, i've been on easy street when it comes to my job. i get at least 5-8 recruiter emails a week asking me to apply

>> No.22372149

How much drawing and geometry would I have to do as a engineer?

>> No.22372161

This was an idea of my uncle's that I found to be a good move, just would need to find an area I'd like to live in. I am more partial to rural or the countryside though.

>> No.22372166

Was the job entry level? Currently in the Midwest and trying to pivot from a SQL/SSIS implementation role to a more formal data engineering role.

>> No.22372179

Depends on type of engineer and area of interest.

>> No.22372192

none for CS beyond i guess prototyping sometimes but your drawing can be absolute shit as long as you convey your idea. idk about actual engineering.

>> No.22372221

apply your balls off, leetcode like mad, and try to get referrals

>> No.22372240

idk man I think it really matters where you live
Where do you live generally? idk man I'm losing my mind, the worst part is I have sick fucking skills

>> No.22372251

Fuck me, out of all the jobs you could recommend. That's exactly what I did before. Sold cars. I hated it, a lot. Made a ton of money for no college degree, but working 50-60 hours a week talking to tards and assholes couldn't be more demoralizing and soul crushing. It's a problem when your fake laugh has become your real laugh.

>> No.22372252

30 / 78k base plus bonus (0-300k)
Quant trader

Amazing job. Im just not THAT good at it.

>> No.22372274

I have no idea how people do work. I can barely do the dishes. I have the two most dysgenic parents ever can't I catch a break?

>> No.22372279

How do you even do something like that, and is trading actually just a meme?

>> No.22372280

You think 7 years military will help?
I’m in Fort Worth but moving back to Colorado Springs. It’s just so much government work in COS and it’s not very interesting to me lol

>> No.22372312

east coast. lots of jobs in NY and boston, big companies too


>> No.22372314

36/sysadmin/81000usd (total compensation, including stuff like bonus, 401k match, etc.)

i'm actually pretty lazy, but because i take things seriously, i'm not sure how many people really notice.

>> No.22372334

If they are filthy rich you totally should.

>> No.22372340


>> No.22372382

What’s the role before systems admin typically?

>> No.22372385

Yeah but they're already paying my Dad's way with like $5,000 a month. Which it was my intention to try and move in with him because he's an autist hoarder too but there is no way I'm going to be able to clean up his place alone and no one will chip in the money to get it cleaned.

>> No.22372401

Swing trade stablecoin pairs with a script, withdraw the profits.

>> No.22372467

You automated trading? Fucking how?

>> No.22372532

>clinical psychologist
>started my own clinic
>30 years old
> 100k
Pretty comfy desu. I have several days a week where I only work 4-5 hours - could make a lot more but the trade off with low stress is worth it so far

>> No.22372542

Where can I find legit info on how stablecoin pairs work? Tether and all that shit seems like such a scam but apparently anons who know are making money.... The scripting I've done
it's not that hard and has been around for ages, usually people use Python but I've worked with bots/scripts written in C, Javascript and others
Look at Binance api's for super basic intros

>> No.22372546

binance api! :D

>> No.22372559


highly variable, because the job varies a lot depending on the IT structure of the employer. some value experience above all else, some require education/certs, sometimes just a general aptitude for tech will be enough to land a junior/assistant position.

>> No.22372655

Is it lucrative automating it?

>> No.22372678

This post made me realize something about someone I love a lot. You’ll figure it out man. Don’t stress too much. >>22372559
Ok cool. If you needed a certificate for sysadmin which ones are best

>> No.22372693

if you write your bot well of course it's lucrative lol

>> No.22372716

Yes but I don’t know how to program. How long would it take to learn and how much could I make off a 10k investment?

>> No.22372761

idk man depends on your mental abilities. Look at Binance's api and see if that looks like something you could work with

If it was easy though anon we'd all have bots running and be rich

>> No.22372776

I’ll give it a try thanks for reminding me this exists I remember hearing about it a while back

>> No.22372842

pick up a language, even bash... read the api parameters, and develop your script according to strategy.
as lucrative as your initial deposit, and beating the fees.

is my unemployable neet high-school diploma ass more valuable than most of you???

>> No.22372898

What is your win/loss ratio to break even.

>> No.22372901
File: 31 KB, 500x492, pepe-crying-eyes-closed-meme.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

19/movie theatre, working towards bachelors in IT/$12.65

hope i can make it - end goal 100k+ annually.
any advice biz?

>> No.22372919

>What is your win/loss ratio to break even
What? It's not a casino it's a bot.... doing trades....

>> No.22372953

yeah buy crypto now that will stick around
Dev Protocol

>> No.22373017
File: 3 KB, 125x122, pepe-crying-laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FUCK crypto generally speaking its degen gambling not looking to gamble especially with those shitcoins you listed

>> No.22373151

Like if you make two trades at 3.5% higher than bought for. Then when you sell you’ve lost -1%. Making the net profit 2.5% before taxes.

Then set your losses to automatically sell at -1.5% From your original price.

Basically you only have to make two good trades to make up for three bad trades (with a little leftover).

Also fuck you dumbass.

>> No.22373310

Keep up the great work man, you have my support!

67k USD

I would say network. Go intern if you have time. Get to know people. I wish I started interning earlier. I didn't get into this field until I was 25. Already behind my peers by a few years in terms of income

>> No.22373469

I just want money for drugs and not working and I don't have stress anymore and I can focus on literally anything but gaining weight.

>> No.22373534

well now you know why you're poor. idk why you're even on /biz/ if you're too retarded to invest in crypto seriously
None of that is a win/loss ratio though.. it all matters on movement
And idk why you sell the dip instead of buy it, your swing targets should generally trend upward lmao

>> No.22373648

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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