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>> No.22354694

I think i will buy visa today

update on the situation: it was the water in a flower vase

>> No.22354695

First for horsie

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>stocks up cocks up
i can't even get an erection these days and im only 23

>> No.22354731

GME looks pitiful, 0 dollars this time next year. Maybe now you guys will stop shilling this obvious pump and dump.

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So how long should I wait before reentering market considering the banks and the fed report next week + waiting for market to stabilize as tech hasnt even flatlined for more than a day without hard swings up or down.

>> No.22354743

What should I get for lunch lads I'm tried of eating chicken tacos for 4 days straight

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>the game

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Any NNOX chads here?

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Give me one good reason I shouldn’t make USO 20% of my stack

>> No.22354763

GME ""chads"" blown the fuck out today

>> No.22354766

It's barely down.
Next stop 100$

>> No.22354780

>Sold WKHS at $21.72 yesterday
When the fuck can I get back in, horse bros?

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It’s a crazy move. I wouldn’t fuck with a literally dead company like that

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This is the fakest gayest rally in the history of mankind. Markets don't gap up after a correction, usually there is some crabbing due to uncertainty. I don't trust this shit at all.

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Alright buddy, you get your (You)

>> No.22354818

ok so what do you do if Q2 earnings turn out to be shit
gonna make tech's bloodbath look like a tiny correction

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Daily reminder:
In the US, not being an actual retard is quite sufficient for a retail investor to make money - in the rest of the world, especially Europe, with all the commissions and exotic taxes you need to be above average to break even which is why retail investing is so uncommon - it's basically only worth it if you're rich from the beginning but it can't be used to build wealth with a small or median income unless you're an exceptional trader in which case you go pro and cease being a retail investor.
(I only do it because I'm a NEET, it's fun and less harmful to me than gambling or doing drugs.)
I'm fairly certain it's an intentional scheme to prevent working and middle class people from building a retirement and keep them dependent on gov pensions and gibs so they perpetually vote for the established parties.


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if your portfolio is green, you shouldn't be having any problem
you didn't buy bonds did you? bonds and other turboboomer investments kill the bonercycle vitamins in your bloodstream
you need to buy aggressive stocks BUT be careful; if you go all in on a zoomerfolio you will be too far on the spectrum and become tranny

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stay poor lol

>> No.22354835

That's pathetic. Horses cum within 5 seconds.

>> No.22354840

This >>22354285 gets ignored.
While these guys circle jerk in every thread.
As if the guy from CHWY is a two bit market manipulator.

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Nut up put your money where your mouth is and post pics of your puts or shut your faggot ass up.

>> No.22354849

100 dollars is impossible man, but maybe it'll get back to 9 dollars if they do well when the consoles release

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>> No.22354861

Reverse split

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Praise be our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


>> No.22354869

It's the main reason I'm hesistant. Id much rather watch it crab for a while than to go in and get btfo'd a few days later.

>> No.22354870

>softbank pumps with options
>all other hedgefunds say durr we can do it too!!

Do you really think there wont be more pumping

>> No.22354875

So your puts are making you a bunch of money?

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He sold ze bottom. Pump it.

>> No.22354887

It's hilarious thinking shilling on /smg/ matter at all.
Do some DD and ignore posts that don't give reasons.

>> No.22354898

Sounds like you fags need to quite porn

>> No.22354901

Tell me.how to succeed with 30k

t. U.S. citizen

>> No.22354903

just admit you got baited by the "short interest". This is the same company that tried to make stores into internet cafes (???) and keep alienating old customers trying to sell game insurance or whatever bullshit

short interest doesn't mean shit if the company is shit

>> No.22354906

is it bad that i got out with the expectation that it's gonna dump on earnings and then i can buy back in at a better price to wait for christmas? isn't the good ER going to be after christmas, not now? the consoles haven't even come out yet.

>> No.22354909

Pathetic? I call it efficient just like those new mail trucks.

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DXY creeping up

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>Frank Herbert's Dune?
>It's not Dune anymore...

>> No.22354926

Here in latvia you just have to pay 20% capital gains tax and that's it

>> No.22354931

Where can i see short interest, am curious.

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>> No.22354933

why the fuck would i buy puts right before an earnings announcement?
im just tired of you retards shilling GME like it's a guaranteed 10x

Like how delusional can you be

>> No.22354936

Because no one answered me before,

Any thoughts on ET vs. VNOM? Thinking about upping my position in one of them

>> No.22354940

What makes you think other hedgefunds weren't already pumping, and they aren't playing chicken right now to see who exits next?

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Betting against America never

>> No.22354962

Every earnings we have this same short squeeze shill so people who were duped last time can finally dump their bags onto the next baggie. Just google gamestop short squeeze and articles every year pop up

>> No.22354963

this crabbing is scaring me

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>ok so what do you do if Q2 earnings turn out to be shit
Since there's always q4/console peak and Cohen. "shit" is relative btw.

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Whats this trend called?

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Low volume. It's still minimum three days before index will give me buy signal. So i wait. Watch palladium be indecisive. Watch airlines crab it up.

>> No.22354985

>3x etf + leaps
Anon give me an example on a strike along with some math this sounds risky.

>> No.22354986

why is smg so active today and yesterday on such calm low volume days
also, is wkhs being manipulated right now to create downwards pressure?

>> No.22354995

Did I miss the bottom for tech? I caught falling knives on the way down. Who here /notselling/

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Merger memes are easy money.

>> No.22354998

I don't trust it either. The channel has been broken and it closed on the 50MM support yesterday. I'm not making any moves yet but I've liquidated my positions. I'll decide what do to do depending on what happens tomorrow or Friday. But I think bulls are being trapped so bears can unload their profits.

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>> No.22355008

Next week is the big one.

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is this bullish?

>> No.22355029

Short interest is number two, Ryan Cohen is number one. The people dropping DD especially Seeking Alpha have put 1000x the effort into their arguments as you.
If Q2 is good what do you think you're going to pay to buy back in at open tomorrow?
Anons have been begging, it has to be too good to be true, but evidence has yet to come up that it's not severely undersold for the new generation of consoles plus Ryan Cohen involvement.

>> No.22355041

>i've broken even

>> No.22355043

Given a real squeeze it's not too far of a stretch since the share structure is quite claustrophobic.
I will sell based on momentum and volume( + other context shit) instead of price targets though.

>> No.22355048

Call option value being suppressed despite market gains

Prepare for the EOD dump

>> No.22355059

Look up Ryan Cohen especially the Seeking Alpha articles. I'm just following the big brains on this one, it's your risk to take.

>> No.22355060

How much of a newfag are you they did a 1:8 reverse split in April

>> No.22355079

why would Q2 be good though? consoles haven't come out yet. that said i'd rather miss out than get BTFO, you do you though, gl anon.

>> No.22355089


The rally has been going since end of March, the correction was fake, no the rally.

>> No.22355096

Just like how all the good earnings this year had stocks sink.

>> No.22355100

>Ryan Cohen

>> No.22355101


>> No.22355115

ok to be honest i'm really just tired of the GME COOOOM posting and im trying to devil's advocate now
I actually am risking some gamble money in GME

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I think any time there is a large market correction people from other boards migrate here - especially from /pol/.

>> No.22355117

Bullshit, Dune looks incredible. Because of the absolute state of movie theaters though I wouldn't buy Wanda Group. If COVID wasn't a thing I'd put up a couple thousand.

>> No.22355123

How does capital gains tax work? Am I taxed when I sell or when I withdraw the money from my broker?

>> No.22355125

>populism is right wing

>> No.22355126

Because people are bored and they got a lot of govermnent money and they will waste it on iPads/Netflix/Vidya? I dunno but kinda makes sense to me.

>> No.22355129

check balance sheet. ET is bad and I'm bagholding. Oil/gas sucks now

>> No.22355135

upward facing crab.

>> No.22355144

Isn't Germany coming out with some fuck law that you can't deduct losses in derivatives trades starting in 2022? Will this affect options, CFDs, and futures?
Look at the TQQQ 1/21/22 75 call. The delta is 85 so you would lose very little to time decay even if it crabs and you wilk be hardly affected by IV. This gives you about 1.5x leverage on top of the 3x you get with TQQQ itself so effective is about 5x. Since it's so deep ITM the price will move in lockstep with TQQQ itself so no surprises. Even if TQQQ takes a shit as long as it is above 75 at expiration you don't lose it all and, anon, it's gonna be a lot more than $75 by then

>> No.22355146

>Prepare for the EOD dump
prepare for me to EOD dump in your mom

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>> No.22355160

Holy fucking shit use google before you do anything.

>> No.22355168

Dune looks bad, Timothy Chalamet is a dogshit actor. The worm looks more CGI-fake than anything i've seen in a marvel film, I thought this director was support to be an Auteur?
How do I short Dune?

>> No.22355170

seems there are more threads today than yesterday

>> No.22355172

The fucking stroke

Diamond hand edition

>> No.22355174

>Having capital gains to tax

You must be new here

>> No.22355176
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>be market watch
>Facebook is Right wing cancer
>not a liberal shitholes

Its like they want Biden to win with bullshit desu

Seriously considering pulling out even at a loss before the election.

>> No.22355178

I'm not too much into options so allow me this question. What's the point? Shouldn't IV cancel out the extra gains you would get from the 3x vs the underlying?

>> No.22355180

Buy ITCI puts, you literally can’t lose. Massive pump and dump.

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How are my fellow WKHS chads doing today?

Do you still have your $2-$3 averages, or did you sell above $20 and buy back in lower?

As for me, I don't want to risk missing the ride up to $30 and higher.

>> No.22355183

Doesnt show me what percent of shares are shorted any idea where.i can find this?

>> No.22355185

People fall for this shit? The elites are the ones that planned it all. Even Rockefeller paper explained it in detail with their lockstep model. The two side paradigm is a joke.

>> No.22355187

so the secret it buying long term ITM calls? interesting

>> No.22355190

When you sell you “realize” the income. This is when you are subject to the tax on your gain.

>> No.22355191
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>> No.22355192

You still holding that SNSS?

>> No.22355204

a dividend portfolio doesn't beat s&p500 on any timeframe!
threadly reminder!

>> No.22355210

This is a possibility. I have no clue what will actually happen. ZM beat earnings, Slack failed, all on stay-home hype.
They sold a jet, that frees up some cash. Yes they had a jet lol.

>> No.22355213

Started buying at 5, 600 shares now, average $14

>> No.22355222

By the way, something I just noticed. Amazon is following perfectly the Nasdaq Composite (IXIC). Every signal is almost the same - RSI, MACD, MA.

>> No.22355223
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just bought my first option. how retarded am i?

>> No.22355224

Jesus Christ CNBC has been talking about blacks for almost two hours now. I really hate that they're owned by NBC.

>> No.22355235

wtf I love Edward Bernays appeal to (((experts))) now.

>> No.22355243

"Save" democracy by voting only the approved way. Hmm

>> No.22355246
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Oil/gas is a great buy rn if you get the industry leaders. Price will recover once countries start opening back up and Russia/Saud have stopped dicking around in their price war. Mid/late 2021 you can expect +50% or so to RDS, XOM, CVX, etc who will also buy up the little guys that don't have the balance sheets to weather another few months.

Turning the spigots on just consolidates the market now.

>> No.22355250

Thx for the info. Makes sense.

Ive been btfo'd by an itm option albeit it was barely itm (apple 130 strike when the stock was like 131). So basically i look for an option that has a higher delta. Cool thx.

>> No.22355252

making FUD out of completely normal mechanics of the greeks nice you must have a particularly long nose

>> No.22355260

It's just the shares short number divided by the entire float(minus locked up shares by insiders). The entire float is about 64 mio shares right now. Almost every site has thise info( except shortsqueeze for some reason) like yahoo and tradingview. It's also in the SEC filings.

>> No.22355262

Even the div aristocrats etf has. Somebody post the chart.

>> No.22355264

is there a way to short podcasts? I feel like no one listens to them anymore and not even Cum Town is enjoyable

>> No.22355269
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What do you guys use to watch stock prices in realtime? There's always a minor but annoying delay on fidelity

>> No.22355274

I don't think they will kill earnings but given how pessimist they look, I think it's worth the risk. It reminds me of MUSA, for whatever reason (I also suspect it fired up after earnings due to short sellers getting fucked badly).

>> No.22355275

To make AFAGMANGAYMVP. Turns out there aren't many decent looking tickers to make GAY desu

>> No.22355276

Rate my portfolio
>V- 41%
>PLUG- 9%
>BAC- 42%
>ET- 5%
>cash- 3%

I know financial institution heavy and tech light. I plan on adding VOOG to get some tech exposure

>> No.22355278

>that break even price

>> No.22355289

Also how profitable is this strategy say over a 3 month period?

>> No.22355297

>appeal to experts
It's not a bad argument you're making.
I just don't think Cohen's in it for short term gains. Burry maybe.

>> No.22355298

i'll tell you what, i'll compromise. i was in for 300 shares before. if it gets back down around the LoD today i'll buy 100 shares. that way if it beats and takes off, i make some money off of that at least. if it dumps like i expect, i'll buy the 200 shares lower down in the previous range it was in. simple, yeah?

>> No.22355300

I bought GME at 8.09

>> No.22355301
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Line below

>> No.22355305

>get out of market yesterday
>this happens

>> No.22355306


>> No.22355318

>he didn't buy the dip

>> No.22355319

That's not going to hit, and apple is not going to magically crash like that without the entire market being fucked.

>> No.22355326


Sold GME, turned around and bought some miners. Immediately started turning a profit.

>> No.22355328

Average is $7, I haven't touched it since.
I do kind of regret not selling at $20 and rebuying at $15 for cheapies but I guess the low price per share eliminates risk

>> No.22355335
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Buy Artificial Intelligence stocks


>> No.22355336
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How does it feel to get BTFO in 30s by a dirty phone poster taking a shit?

>> No.22355339

This coomer shit isn't doing us a favor

>> No.22355344
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>> No.22355356

Anon, i'm going to tell you something. You"re not going to like it but you need to hear it: you married this stock. Never ever ever marry your stocks. Married bagholders often watch their positions burn to ashes in disbelief, refusing to admit they were wrong and unwilling/unable to get out at modest loss before things get truly dire.

>> No.22355357


>> No.22355360


>> No.22355362
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TQQQ now up 10% what a clownshow

>> No.22355367
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"Time in the market beats timing the market."

>> No.22355368

I mean isn't there a ton of money to be made on waiting for the singularity and then just shorting these AI stocks? I mean after the AI gets lose and fucks the world up we can just profit off of the falling stock price when the company that makes it gets sued into the ground.

>> No.22355370
File: 87 KB, 640x778, 8OLh1N_seVhuBt44TEAxb-vGL1iPHNlCmK5ZuXCrfzs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or is the Nasdaq following the Amazon Composite (AMZN)
think about it

>> No.22355373
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>> No.22355374

>2.6% div yield
wait what? that's considered divvy portfolio??? I thought we were talking about garbage like REITs.

if you consider that divvy then apparently I'm actually a divvy king with my TSM shares

>> No.22355382

Imagine if even more people short the headline without doing DD.
I admit I don't understand this stuff at all. I like the small downside / big upside.
It's your risk. Only shills tell you what to do, friends drop DD and tell you what they're doing.

>> No.22355389



>> No.22355396

I'm the OG HorseChad here and that conference isn't going to have anything important.

>> No.22355397

What do I do?

>> No.22355403

Wtf? This is fake?

>> No.22355408

I refuse to believe /smg/ shilling works.

>> No.22355414

Rolling for chicken tacos

>> No.22355421

Aren't most tech companies 'Artificial Intelligence stocks' in some way?
Well, except for Apple maybe

>> No.22355423


Not true, just buy Investor and Novo Nordisk you doofus. Don't invest in shit indexes, just park your entire portfolio in Investor and enjoy the gains.

>> No.22355436

Useful post, thank you.

Worthless post, kill yourself cunt

>> No.22355439

Tradingview is real time for US equities and indexes. It will specify if the thing you're watching is delayed or no.

>> No.22355443

I didn't start those ads. I just happen to have some shares because I think that it's a good trade.

>> No.22355444

Is it over for sqqq?

>> No.22355451

Based fellow 30 year old shitting phone poster

>> No.22355452

>$7.50 stock turns to ashes
Let me live with the consequences then. I decided to baghold through November before buying. At the height of console season, if the loss is more than $2.50 a share I'll be surprised but I'll live with it.
You're the one telling people what to do and trying to engage emotions and biases.

>> No.22355459

>just let me casually move the goalposts
That's 50% higher than the S&P 500 average anyway, but I guess if it isn't your cherry picked trash it won't fit your argument. I can show the same shit for another 30 high yield funds and I'm sure it still won't be good enough.

3/10 for response tho

>> No.22355460
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Cut your losses and buy EZA calls.

South Africa has weak dollar and cheap oil going for it, and EZA is full of materials and gold, good for inflation plays.

>> No.22355466

Listen you fucking coomer trash. Short the shit out of ITCI. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. Save this post and I’ll see you faggots tomorrow after it crashes.

>> No.22355468
File: 373 KB, 1440x1009, FA2C1AEC-B99B-4B69-AC38-C3872C89993A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but its like 7 months out bros.. i thought i just had to approach the ITM price or else i lose leverage. and sell slightly beforehand for max profit, i.e. 170 which doesn't seem unlikely for AAPL

>> No.22355473

How do I long the Japanese Adult Video JAV pornographic adult industry?

>> No.22355475

No, calculate it yourself brainlet


>> No.22355476

Anyone else thinking Apple could be sub 100 end of year? Honestly considering loading up on $125 puts expiring EOY and just holding

>> No.22355483



>> No.22355485

Cboe is free but mostly used for arbitrage, therfore the price always looks a bit pennystock like but live nasdaq/nyse data is only 4 bucks a month.

>> No.22355486

When you buy so deep ITM, IV (and theta) has almost no effect because most of your premium is intrinsic value. The price of the underlying will be what moves the price of your option and since you will effectively be 1.5x leveraged, that's what you will actually get, i.e. a 1.5 times 3 equals 5x leveraged TQQQ.
It certainly helps
It's just a matter of the leverage. The option I quoted gives you about 1.5x so over the 3 month period you can expect the option's price to move up or down 1.5x whatever TQQQ moves. As an option gets closer in expiration its leverage will naturally increase and as the option moves deeper in the money its leverage naturally decreases. I would expect the option in question to be a wash and probably maintain 1.5x over most of its life

>> No.22355487

more delusional that the GME bulls on stocktwits, just admit you fell for the short interest and move on

>> No.22355489

I still have some in the fridge...

>> No.22355491

The real worthless post is a dumbfuck newfag not reading the OP for his retarded dumbfuck question that anyone should already know before they invest. Stay poor faggot.

>> No.22355500

>not doing us a favor
Implies it can have an affect at all.
The COOM guy is a shitposter but the GME TANKING TODAY guys are clearly seething shorts who think shilling /smg/ works.
If they really wanted to save us from ourselves they'd drop DD.

>> No.22355501
File: 229 KB, 1242x1059, 4976BC7C-66D2-412E-B661-7303B775CAFD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based coom poster. This shit is way more fun than poker.

>> No.22355504
File: 14 KB, 300x229, BabyGonzo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and divvypilled

>> No.22355520
File: 39 KB, 1240x644, dividend delusion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao, yes it is fake
dividend cucks are braindamaged

>> No.22355525

Imagine being an apple bagholder. That would be one of rarest creatures in the history of investing.

>> No.22355528

when did i move goalposts?

>> No.22355533

>Implies it can have an affect at all.
That's not the point. It just makes everbody who is posting about gme implicitly look ike a tard.

>> No.22355535

BIDEN IS GOING TO DO A "28% corporate tax rate, plus a 10% "offshoring penalty surtax" ON ALL BUSINESSES IN AMERICA HOLY SHIT


>> No.22355539

>GME has one (1) bad day of poor growth
>rest of the stock market this entire week

Lmao, they hate us cuz they anus GME bros

>> No.22355542

Do y’all intentionally shill bad stocks or all y’all just gambling too?

>> No.22355543

So you don’t think it’s a good idea?

>> No.22355551





>> No.22355555
File: 234 KB, 1242x1228, CEA23E54-35AB-4237-BD3F-3D8053A2B6B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s funny how my 1 Tesla loss is for $130, represents my entire dip

>> No.22355556

Where's the argument?
I'm tired of this. When I want to waste three hours on "NO UR WRONG" posts I'll go to /pol/.

>> No.22355561

Hey hey people

>> No.22355562


>> No.22355569

Does that mean, that if I have a portion of my portfolio invested in more risky stocks, and the rest in an index ETF, I would actually be better off moving my 'safe index' part into a dividend ETF instead of SPY?
I was considering doing something like that anyway, because there is obviously a considerable overlap between my growth stocks and the S&P 500.

>> No.22355573


>this mad about GME


>> No.22355581

Do you feel better about yourself when you make these posts ?
I'm not the anon you replied to, you're just a nasty fellow.
Attitude is everything, champ.

>> No.22355584



>> No.22355585

>intentionally chooses the bottom of financial crisis in some awk af 13 year timeframes to suit argument.

Cool, now do 10, 15, 20, and 25 like someone that isn't retarded and account for DRIP and link how that goes.

>> No.22355588

Crap I'm getting tired. Meant to say after you've bought the option and as it moves more in the money the leverage actually increases as the delta increases. Time to go to bed. It's all still mostly a wash though. 1.5x

>> No.22355589

Is that with DRIP on though brah

>> No.22355592

no i hate it because i bought at 7.6 yesterday

>> No.22355597


>> No.22355598

Go back newfag.

>> No.22355602

Yes. So if anyone is in fact paying to shill for or against a stock, that's how they would do it, engaging your sense of shame and triggering imposter syndrome.
Presumably you knew the risks when you bought GME, so did I. I am an emotionless bagholder until November or the very low likelihood of a squeeze, whichever is first.

>> No.22355611


WHOOOOO CAREEEEEES, just baghold and console season should make you break even, if not turn a profit. it's one fucking day of trading, stop being such a pussy

>> No.22355619

Is really nobody else bearish on Apple or just me? I think it’s just gonna crab the rest of the year or fall below 100.

>> No.22355631
File: 27 KB, 510x673, 47657197-1576693707048314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, we are just in the longest, most insane tech bull run in financial history right now. Look at sector history for longer timeframes to get an idea of how the market reacts over time. You are talking about something called a barbell strategy. I do the same thing, it works well.

>> No.22355635

Dubs says chicken tacos

>> No.22355641
File: 42 KB, 1244x672, dividends are for shitbrained cucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dividend shitters can't even beat a pension fund like SPY

>> No.22355642

what stock is this horse stock

>> No.22355643


>> No.22355644


a garbage divvy portfolio is buying anything high yield. A good divvy portfolio includes things that grow AND pay dividens. JNJ is a typical choice.
Yield 2% and yearly increasy, I'll take that.

>> No.22355653

Guys SRSLY what should I have for lunch im starving

>> No.22355655

What is your thesis for this? Are you another person who believes that apple has "peaked?"

>> No.22355661

i know but i dont have anything else to do but complain and wait until 5pm for the real coinflio

>> No.22355666

Ironic to the max.

>> No.22355668 [DELETED] 

I really need to stop listening to others for stock advice. Keep getting btfo'd by taking someone elses opinion. Whose opinion has also been the literal inverse of what happens soon after. Fucking reeeeeee why can't I stop taking others opinions into account!?

>> No.22355669

i'd like to see them return to that pivot at around 90 on the daily in all honesty.

>> No.22355673

you aren't funny retard

>> No.22355676

If you have a local zaxbys, that. If not go cook.
(This was my decision today)

>> No.22355679


fair enough, anon

>> No.22355681
File: 74 KB, 600x900, IMG_20200816_184554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22355688


>> No.22355690


bullish for Trump

>> No.22355693

Faggots like you are the reason these threads have gone to shit.

>> No.22355696
File: 174 KB, 387x350, 1596206195216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought sqqq
>get bogged

Every time. Someone please show me meme lines that indicate a bull trap.

>> No.22355697

>he was told about NAK
>he didn’t listen

>> No.22355698

Don't you just love it when the headline makes a statement?

>> No.22355700

well honestly i do like the idea of buying growth stocks with decent dividends. TSM didn't dip much during the tech bloodbath so im happy, and its growth is on par with MSFT

>> No.22355704
File: 1.07 MB, 1795x1795, 34F6B7A1-3B23-45FE-8430-BE9F97F6E1AB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22355720

Because their product pipeline is stale and realistically how much more growth is even possible for them?

>> No.22355724


You cunts made me break out the Bloomberg

>SPY returns 14.47% over the time period in question (beginning of year 2005)
>VYM only goes back to 11/16/2006 and returned 6.97% annualized from then.
>SPY returned 9.02% in that timeframe

Your data source is /trash/ anon

>> No.22355727

If that happened the stock market would be the first thing that is overtaken by the ai. Should have bought gold.

>> No.22355728

what kind of fucking rally is this? How the FUCK is TQQQ up so much? FFS i didnt buy the bottom now im about to get BTFO.

>> No.22355730

Take the plank out of your own eye before worrying about the sawdust in mine.

>> No.22355731


>> No.22355739

What app is this?

>> No.22355741

Earnings expectarions are negative and have already been adjusted upeards from -$1 to -$.32


Its a gamble for sure. But the upside is huge

Nobody is shilling on smg for pnd. We dont have enough volume to effect the market

>> No.22355749
File: 829 KB, 1242x2046, 0A7B8D91-2ED9-47E9-9AD4-02666F805B8D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What stocks go on an EV list? I think i got most of them

>> No.22355758
File: 1.54 MB, 190x300, angrytrumpetjihad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw shorted qqq

>> No.22355763

I still can't get over nikola's name.

>> No.22355775

Jesus Christ I hate tourists.

>> No.22355778
File: 30 KB, 440x644, screenshot_929982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to release badly. Going to order from the catalog, 60 for half hour FS. Wish me luck boys..

>> No.22355796

You’re joking right

>> No.22355797

Every crash is a bulltrap on a long enough time scale.

>> No.22355798

You did buy the dip right, anon?
You didn't really think tech was over, right anon?
You do know that the fed is committed to rising interest rates which raise asset prices right, anon?
You remembered that the entire strength of the S&P500 is on the back of FAGTMAN right, anon?
You didn't actually sell, did you, anon?

>> No.22355800

i like how i can google "angry trumpet guy" and he comes up first result lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha7smLPz2GY

>> No.22355802
File: 156 KB, 304x325, 1C18FCAF-A544-4C4B-A17F-03C4B889DCE1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw /smg/ is just stocktwits

>> No.22355804


This is the worst time of year to bet against Apple. They’ll announce 5g phones and whatever else in the coming weeks snd Sky rocket. Until something else overtakes them as the trendy status symbol phone/brand don’t bet against them. You aren’t a Bear you’re a contrarian.

>> No.22355806
File: 8 KB, 485x272, div aristocrats vs sp500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

zoom out fren

>> No.22355809

Keep projecting buddy, I'm really enjoying this back and forth.

>> No.22355812

If you wouldn't you aren't an incel

>> No.22355813

I found this more funny than it really should be.

>> No.22355823
File: 778 KB, 768x643, 1597682292862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I just say thank you to the fren that shilled me on ASPS?

>> No.22355824
File: 72 KB, 352x886, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you know that's outdated garbage right?
We need someone with S3 or something to update us.

For now I'm using IBorrow as a rough estimate. 200K shares available to short now, up from 10K yesterday so people are starting cover their shorts and may explain the small premarket pump.

>> No.22355826

This is a 10/10 for the divvy gang.

>> No.22355832
File: 998 KB, 500x250, 875.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22355837

>everything slowly recovers
>except Tesla
This is delicious, Reddit must be devastated.

>> No.22355841

a generic stock site with back testing
this will look the same on any of them

>> No.22355842

Microsoft Paint

>> No.22355855

Kill yourself

>> No.22355858


>> No.22355860


>> No.22355866

my QQQ puts are fucked. ill never buy a put again

>> No.22355868

Even if it “skyrockets” I doubt it’ll be over 140 EOY.

>> No.22355870
File: 607 KB, 828x1792, 2B66F048-F67E-41EE-936A-6A38ADF8310D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re welcome friend that was me with this pic I believe

Worst part is I didn’t even get in on it lol

>> No.22355871

Why would it be different?

>> No.22355872

i dont see how tesla is not recovering

>> No.22355879

Excellent repose
Brb grabbing my 9mm

>> No.22355884

nah, we at least have bears here unlike stocktwits

>> No.22355885

It’s a weird week since I’ve played all my cards since last Friday buying dips, now it’s gonna float for the next 2/3 days so I have no moves unless I sell

>> No.22355897

That's what divvvynigs (similar to goldtards and anti-leveragefags) always do: lie, male things up, compare apples to oranges, and so forth.

>> No.22355900

/smg/ runs stocktwits

>> No.22355903

i told you GME was not going to happen
if you're even close to break even, gtfo
you guys are as bad as the tankies

>> No.22355904

I don't trust any week where VTSAX goes up more than 0.7% for any given day. "Too good to be true" gains for total market etf in one day is always followed by crazy up-down volatility for the next N days.

>> No.22355907

That’s what you get for being a faggot bear. Line only goes up bitch.

>> No.22355912

More proof of your faggotry.

>> No.22355919

yea repost this shitty tiny img with no source of what it even is again it will totally prove your point

>> No.22355922

Probably because they're making the same amount of profit now as they were at their peak two weeks ago: zero.

>> No.22355927

Give me one good reason that Tesla is worth more than Toyota, Volkswagen, or even Ford?

>> No.22355929

SOXL can you come back down a few dollars I want to buy a round 100 of you but you went up really fast while I was buys this morning now you're up an uncomfortable amount to buy in

>> No.22355937

i would have lost like -15% anyways if I hadn't sold my tech stocks for GME

>> No.22355939

Yes, it takes divvies into account.

>> No.22355943

Stocktwits is somehow even more retarded
Set your Limit order on gnus to 10 retards

>> No.22355952

uh bros the rug is being pulled

>> No.22355954

line go down now?

>> No.22355957

Tesla makes spacecships

>> No.22355960

As soon as I buy TQQQ it dumps seriously what the actual fuck

>> No.22355967

Okay, nogunz

>> No.22355972

Fair enough. I was more responding to the VYM vs SPY debate but I have confirmed this us accurate

>> No.22355974

>you guys are as bad as the tankies

why are people this butthurt over what other people choose to do with their money

>> No.22355975

I wish I was but sadly this is what I can afford atm. My gains haven't been too stellar and although I was one of the rare anons on here that didn't get rekt on TSLA or AAPL I did get chin checked with my boomer calls on WMT. Made some decent dosh with my puts on Tuesday and a little this morning and willing to treat myself. Was going to meet up with this asian whore at the motel I frequent (literally a motel for whores lol) but she told me she was dealing with a regular client and had to bump me so I got mad at her over the phone and called her a chink cunt (she's korean) and blocked her number. Long story short I still had Iris saved on my contact list on my burner phone. Iris is reliable, she's cheap and no nonsense. She also hosts out of her apartment which makes me feel a lot safer because with the motels you risk getting into fights with other John's or getting shaken down by pimps. It's a real mess. Anyways Iris agreed to see me this evening for 60 bucks for the half hour session which includes prostate massage, blow job without condos and full sex. In terms of getting a bargain deal you really can't beat it.

>> No.22355978


>> No.22355979

Shit i miss zaxbys so much

>> No.22355981
File: 280 KB, 1298x1522, Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 1.19.48 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get ready to pass under the MA50

>> No.22355986

Post a pic of what the most expensive ones look like

>> No.22355988

Thank you for your service now I can buy

>> No.22355990

Market is not done crashing. Don't worry. Might take up to a month to hit bottom.

>> No.22356001

if they were only choosing to do it with their own money that would be one thing
they are attempting to dupe others into wasting their money as well and that is fucked up

>> No.22356004


>> No.22356013
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, 95491D07-B98E-4A4F-B1DF-EC915A5EDF3B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s over

>> No.22356019

I threw in like 15% of my port at it yesterday at 11.6, expecting it to surge for the three-ish days. Currently sitting damn pretty, will sell if it hits $14, and wait for a lower exit point.
I've always loved how some fellas get along in these threads while others can't stop fighting.

>> No.22356029

>they are attempting to dupe others

By doing DD? Nobody's forcing anyone and all the info is freely available. GTFO commie

>> No.22356038
File: 109 KB, 1107x1041, if only you knew how bad things really are.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he bought the bull trap

you guys know the banks are liquidating their stock positions to neaten up their balance sheets before sending them to the FED, right?

>> No.22356041

>down $2 so far

>> No.22356042

why would someone buy into a pick without understanding the risk-reward and verifying the DD themselves

oh right

>> No.22356043

false alarm, its BACK

>> No.22356049
File: 32 KB, 508x510, CheckEm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should get some asian cusine because of doubles and like fuck it.

>> No.22356050

now line go up?

>> No.22356053


>> No.22356074

Wait was this a bull trap all along!!?

>> No.22356076

poorfag with a hi point

>> No.22356078

Not if you aren’t in gay meme stocks. My portfolio is all commodity based.

>> No.22356080

DD in this place involves looking for sequential numbers in the post.

>> No.22356091

0% reserve requirements.

>> No.22356098

Sell a put.

>> No.22356100

i never bought SNSS you methhead schizo

>> No.22356101

im waiting for a return to the 200 myself.

>> No.22356103
File: 38 KB, 648x486, screenshot_827771234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The most expensive? That I don't know, but the MOST I've spent for pussy was 120 for half hour. Her name is Crystal and I see her whenever I make around 5 grand for the week. Haven't made 5 grand weeklies in about 6 months so I couldn't justify seeing her. I've resorted to picking up crackheads and getting 10 dollar blowjobs and when I couldn't be bothered to waste gas on driving around looking for crackhead streetwalkers I called up Iris for the 60 dollar special or tried my luck at the asian spot for the 80 dollar massage and suck. This is a recent picture of Crystal, she's very tight and she specifies no black guys on her ads.

>> No.22356104

I want to fomo back in so bad but this is one of the few reasons im trying to not buy back. They have until end of next week to liquidate their positions. Its why im terrified of touching anything while also being terrified of missing out

>> No.22356111

the stocks app on my iphone lol

>> No.22356112

First the Yamaha tranny poster and now this fag. STFU you aren’t helping your mediocre stocks by being a fucking twit.

>> No.22356120

somebody make a new thread please

>> No.22356123

I dont think you know what the purpose of the report is anon.

>> No.22356126

I just sold everything after making 5%
I want this to be a dead cat bounce. Tomorrow let's see it crash again
I want fear on that CNN gauge

>> No.22356142

WKHS needs to dip to $17.XX one more time after I'm able to drop some bags.

>> No.22356144
File: 39 KB, 700x420, Biden-Harris.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Biden Crash is coming.

>> No.22356145

Good on you anon, jelly of the gains wish I shiller myself harder lol

I’m going to wait for a bit of a dip then just put in 5k for a 3-5 year hold for those sweet sweet 1000% gains

Take some profit rsi is high anon, I shiller you before I’m shilling you again

>> No.22356147

>i never bought SNSS you methhead schizo
ok turtle spear, you're not fooling anybody.

>> No.22356150

no more fear
only love now

>> No.22356151

>Earnings expectarions are negative and have already been adjusted upeards from -$1 to -$.32

Fucking jews. It's clear they want to snatch this for pennies.

>> No.22356153

Nah, a few Sigs

>> No.22356155

learn how to day trade, anon. then you can still make profits while avoiding overnight risk during this time, and enjoying the likely higher volatility.

>> No.22356156

yeah I was considering it

>> No.22356161

Just go pull some fat chick at a bar you fucking chump.

>> No.22356163

that could come by the end of the week if govfuckers pontificate about never getting a deal done

>> No.22356164


>> No.22356182


Its time to move


>> No.22356189

what the fuck are you talking about?
go take your meds schizo

>> No.22356190

cheapies for me

>> No.22356198

and catch the covid?

>> No.22356204

i just determine the price point, not when it gets there.

>> No.22356221

I wish you would trip faggot.

>> No.22356227

holding gme til earnings
dont you retards shit your pants on me

>> No.22356235

I'm just wondering how the fuck you assess leverage and risk when you're not obligated to measure leverage ratios because the controlling entity of monetary policy decided that it's okay not to have any reserves to back your entity. I wonder how many banks are going to get monkeyhammered by the Fed for excess risk. Then they'll cop-out with some shit like "everybody was doing it!", "competitive enterprise, can you blame us?".

>> No.22356250

>paying for that

>> No.22356260

Actually, I think I will. This put selling stuff is nice.

>> No.22356299

Not paying for that

>> No.22356320



>> No.22356341

is that an apple app because im on android ):

>> No.22356348

how many shares holding gme

>> No.22356397

J-jesus fucking christ dude why do you do this

>> No.22356408

my 10 shares are ready

>> No.22356481

Why I expect more from /biz/ is beyond me.

Are you so ugly anon that you can't get a girlfriend? I don't condone fornication, but if you're going to do it, surely you can do better than whores.

Imagine the disease!

>> No.22356763

same but with a put I had from last week

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