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Unironically BTC or ETH?

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ETH for more risk, BTC for boomer stock tier gains

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Unironically BTC or ETH?

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If you believe btc will get overthrown for #1 spot in next couple of years, Eth if not BTC

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Normies are all in on BTC, that has lasting power... at least for a while

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LINK nigger

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If i was starting from scratch I'd go 50-50. As it is I'm all in BTC.

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>Normies are all in on BTC, that has lasting power... at least for a while
Wow! Genius strategy! I guess just buy the highest price asset that all the normies already own! Weird thing is, this failed miserably for me with Tesla... Hmm... maybe I should be buying things BEFORE the normies do...

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1BTC and 32ETH if poorfag this should be your minimum.
Increase it in the same ratio.
10BTC 320ETH and so on.

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Tfw 1btc 32 eth 10k xrp

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>10k xrp
loooool. Getting desperate.

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1 btc
32 eth
1k link
10k pnk

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allin ETH

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why PNK

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BTC's future trading is the only one above mark price (implying a positive sentiment). ETH's future price is considerably below market price. Also top holders are just .04 over 1/1

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Read the yellowpaper. Smartcontracts need PNK to function in any non-financial situation. You need external data on-chain and link can only solve very simple problems, such as price feeds. PNK can bring complex human thought on-chain in a decentralised, reliable manner.

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