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I want to start a tech company to be a counterbalance to the absolutely pozzed companies in California. The main focus is going to be on AI, and AI-related products like robotics and office task automation. Where should I base this company, and where is a good non-pozzed source of capital? I need easy access to smart, non-pozzed employees, and investors who won't try to sabotage the business for not being woke enough. I'm thinking maybe Utah in the SLC area.

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create an ai that will decide for you

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America is the best place. Maybe texas for tax reasons. You should create an AI that face tracks porn stars and connects their face to facebook/instagram profiles. We need to thot patrol all the whores.

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my fellow americans...

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kek he thinks he can compete with Open ai and Google Deep Brain.

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I have a new deep reinforcement learning architecture that beats the results in their current papers, so yes. Though the RL stuff would (mostly) be for PR purposes initially.

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>then sell it to google and live forever without stress ever again

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Why do the blacks exist?

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I hope you succeed friend. It's about time someone takes on the established tech companies.

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the main problem with your idea is that conservatives are retarded. You have to be retarded to be a conservative. The entire ideology is so stupid and blind that actual smart people reject it within moments of understanding it.

so you're not going to find any staff. If you do they'll be the very bottom of the barrel that somehow got an engineering degree because of retard quotas or something.

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Don't start a tech company, ride the bubbles that aren't bubbles yet. Much easier, safer... ARPA = MPC bubble in 2021-2023-ish. Consider it.

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Algorithms aren't patentable and I've had bad experiences open-sourcing them in the past. We /tradesecret/ now

I have lot of evidence that goes against this. They're being actively suppressed in academia and industry.

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SLC & Utah is unironically a big tech hub

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Has it been taken over by Californians yet? I only know about it from driving through on road trips to the grand canyon.

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I remember anon saying to replace the “boot stomping on the face forever” with a black woman twerking on the ruined ashes of America forever but I didn’t think I’d actually see the video

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I don’t know, I visited for Tech training (from CA)

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>pozzed companies

You aren't anywhere near tech company culture if you think that most of the employees aren't hardcore Libertarians of some sort.

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Outside of administration there aren't any great number of conservatives conservatives in academia and high level industry because educated people don't fall for the kind of shit required to be a conservative.

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yet fall for the kind of shit required to try communism again, with apparent ease lmao.

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Do you even know what Communism is?

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Been wanting to do this for ages. Start it in Utah so I can help out

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>not pozzed
Back to hacker news, faggot

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wtf, i hate free speech now

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kek fpbp

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Why does this perfectly represent America?

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something that wasn't truly tried lmao

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Salt Lake here, let me try and understand you, you want to be non-pozzed? That wasn't quite clear enough.

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trying to pass cherry picked anecdotes as "evidence" is part of what that guy is talking about. Retards might look at it and say "wow this is a real eye opener!", but non-retards don't even consider it. Goodbye retard.

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If you think everyone who disagrees with you is stupid, then you have the mental maturity of a 12 year old. Only 12 year olds could turn California into a failed state, with rolling blackouts, air that's too smokey to breathe, and a literal layer of human shit coating all of your cities. Now sit in the grave that you dug yourself, enlightened retard.

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