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fuck this market im getting out before BTC dumps below 10k

>> No.22316459

how much u make

>> No.22316527

about 150 grand. not fuck you money but still did well

>> No.22316562

Why not sell like half

>> No.22316578

God this is such a cursed wojack

>> No.22316589

I'm either getting out with enough to buy a house or I'm not getting out at all

>> No.22316597

BTc can't go below 10k anon.
You already saw that's is a strong as fuck resistance.

>> No.22316609

thats enough to get a nice off grid set up going

>> No.22316615

ima be on the grid hard nigga on grindr suckin

>> No.22316617

see you below 10k

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the fact that it keeps going back to high 9k and has super weak pumps isn't bullish in my book

>> No.22317013

titanium resistance at 10k
no matter how many times you try bobo

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