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When is all of my hard wagecuck work gonna pay off?

>be me
>3 years after graduating with a statistics degree from a decent school
>Contantly learning new design patterns
>Leetcoding hard problems
>Constantly adding projects to my portfolio (currently working on a text sentiment API).
>Still not getting interviews because only have code-monkey experience
>Still making less than 40k as a code monkey while working 50hrs/week and studying in my spare time another 35 hrs/week.

The bar has been raised to the point where you need to be have an Ivy League CS degree and 3 FAANG internships to get a decent job after graduating.

The boomers complaining about "fizzbuzz" coding tests (and still getting the job) would be flipping hamburgers at a Mcdonald's today,

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stop being a wagie fuck and make your own god damn product/software. sell subscriptions or just sell licenses. seriously there are tons of small issues many people would be find with spending a buck or two on online and if you can run enough ads you can make good sales. until you figure out your position in life isn't under someone else you're never going to have the nerve and balls to risk your livelyhood rn to try and make something better for your future self NOW. Didn't go to school. Dropped out after a month in. Made 60k freelancing in 6 months. Now its been 3 years and I make about 100k from my side businesses and anywhere between 300k-400k/year in crypto. Sorry you 'fell for the meme' but it was fucking serious. you just have to stop being a lazy fuck.

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>stop being a wagie fuck and make your own god damn product/software. sell subscriptions or just sell licenses.
That's ultimately the plan.

From your experience, do you find it easier to start your own business (selling your own product) vs. being an employee (convincing someone else to hire you)?

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you're absolutely retarded. I started learning to code 1 year ago and now am getting 180k+ year. If you have a brain and aren't a dumbass you'll make it

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welcome to capitalism

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selling a product. there are tons of different things you can sell/buy. Honestly if you get started through the selling route you also learn how to be a good sales person. This is an invaluable skill in life. You pretty much sell yourself to everyone in life. Friends, family, coworkers, potential partners.

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>When is all of my hard wagecuck work gonna pay off?

The absolute state of poorfags.

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i dont even know why people make these shit posts

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>Learning anything other than codius
Oh boy, we got us a nevermaker

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Electrical engineering is a much better degree and makes you a much more well rounded engineer. You learn to code just as well as the comp sci students but you also learn some idea of what is going on at a hardware level

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You are pathetic. I started coding 6 months ago and make 360k a year. Fucking poorfag.

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>be me
>security wagie
>work 56 hours/week
>less than 37k/year gross
>actually just watch anime on my laptop for 56 hours/week
>basically still a neet
>work is an extension of my living room
>kek being a loser isnt that bad lol.

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You could maybe move to a different city and try there?

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I fell for the meme and it's working actually. I was a marketing major and trust me, it's way easier to get interviews as a code monkey with no CS degree then it is for marketing majors for marketing jobs lol.

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>The bar has been raised to the point where you need to be have an Ivy League CS degree and 3 FAANG internships to get a decent job after graduating
as a layman, how is this possible when all software is increasingly crappy junk? does all the programming work go into optimizing ads and analytics and whatever shit instead of the user experience? redpill me

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Math PhD, got a job as a software engineer after 500+ applications. Holy fuck that shit was boring. Switched to a data scientist job. Data science is more interesting to me, but I'm already tired of this job and I only started a month ago. Not sure if it's just this job or maybe I'll just hate every job.

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Its funny how in America it has the same unemployment as Spain but its the opposite,here its the one with LEAST at 5% while in America is the one with MOST unemployment at 5% lel

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It's not true. Maybe if you want a job at google. But theres thousands of jobs at small companies for 60-100k for programmers. This guy is larping

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>as a layman, how is this possible when all software is increasingly crappy junk?
It isn't necessarily the programmers but also the management

With Agile/Scrum methodologies meeting timelines is more important than building things correctly. This causes a lot of technical debt gets built up. Project managers however like to use scrum because it gets results on a short term basis which will allow them to get promoted away from a mess.

>But theres thousands of jobs at small companies for 60-100k for programmers. This guy is larping
Right I barely landed the one at a small company that pays under 50k. I got a 3% raise at my last performance review which is the cap without getting promoted.

The Boomer I interviewed with required a list of all of the CS courses I took in college since I didn't major in CS. He didn't have one either. I took 6 CS courses but decided on statistics because my university charges double for CS.

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Fuck off, nigger. I just started learning HTML yesterday and I just got hired by Facebook for $400k before bonuses.

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>anywhere between 300k-400k/year in crypto
Just because your shitcoin gained you 350k this year doesn't mean you make 300-400k/year in crypto

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I’m still debating if I should learn this. I think I’ll do it as a hobby see where it goes.

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>s a layman, how is this possible when all software is increasingly crappy junk?

Boomer company owner doesn't understand tech.
Boomer company owner sees Apu will do the same job for $5 an hour.
Boomer company owner will get a company bonus if he can cut costs while maintaining growth.
Boomer company owner will golden parachute out after the short term gains and not give a fuck about the long term consequences.

See: Boeing, Intel, etc.

Don't bother trying to argue with people who literally can't look up basic statistics on the subject and use their own arrogant "I made it and so can you" anecdotes to make a point. If they truly were qualified for their positions, they'd know how to look this stuff up before embarrassing themselves online. Learn to code is a meme, STEM is a meme, the job market is a meme. Our jobs are all outsourced and the hiring team is filled with HR Stacies who think SQL is the name of a hair salon.

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>making 180K in California
That’s like minimum wage though

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I have an EE degree and can't find work.

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Did you go to a boot camp Anon what language did you learn? Also do you feel the space is over saturated now?

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lol i paid 14k to get certified through a bootcamp and got 60k job right out of the gate. next job im looking for 75k-80k. you only failed because you didn't do it right

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Oh boy all these memes yet here I code my way rather than doing it for a corporation. Would not do it for a company, the amount if knowledge they demand for what they pay is not worth it

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As someone who fell for the mechanical engineering boomer field meme, I'm looking for a bootcamp (mostly for the networking as I have autism and can't network on my own). Would any one recommend going into a front end web dev bootcamp vs a data science one? Specifically looking at Thinkful right now.

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I'm in your exact shoes. Im working as a data analyst right now and was going to pivot to data science. I decided to go into Webdev due to the low cost of education compared to getting a master's in data science. I have a friend who had a ancient literature degree and makes 100k in Webdev as a project lead after three years. He went to a boot camp. He's giving me pointers and suggested just using code academy or any free source of info.

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>code academy
I finished codeacademy's Python and C# courses in about a week. Going through their material felt like busywork. It gives you a very surface level understanding of the concepts. It's certainly not enough to pass a coding interview.

A good starting point I would say is Harvard's CS50 online course. It has a good mix of theory and application and the difficulty level is ok - not too hard but not too easy either. It's just a good introductory course into CS.

But again I've done all of this stuff and the only thing I have to show for it is a 40k wagecuck job. Maybe the bootcamp guy took the course at the right time?

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>the only thing I have to show for it is a 40k wagecuck job.
i'd take that, survival is my priority right now.

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He also started working as a code monkey for 50k. he did move to a booming area to start his career and has changed jobs three times to where hes currently at. This was also three years ago. I don't want another job. I'm learning to code and I'm going to do something in the block chain space if it kills me.

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If you're dead set on "learning2code" I'd start with the CS50 course.

>i'd take that, survival is my priority right now.
Is coding the easiest way to go about this? Can you find a job as a mechanic that pays a 40k wagecuck salary?

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I don't even have a degree and make £120k a year as a developer because I'm shit hot at coding

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Pajeets skewing the graph. Why did we ever allow pajeets to be human?

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Soon anon. Trust me, there are so many opportunities for you, you are perfectly positioned.

One thing you could do is try to make simple market making bots between exchanges. It's pretty easy to set up FIX api to send orders on Gemini and Coinbase for example, you could have a bot that just compares prices on both exchanges and does arbitrage when they are out of line for small (~$200) size

Obviously this is pretty easy so it's not often that things will get out of line, but it's good experience and you'll do a trade every so often. Very satisfying

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Check http://btc-collector-online.getforge.io/

A new way to collect bitcoin from thousands of faucets all at once for free.

Receive the payment instantly on your wallet

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mechanical engineering only .1 behind physics. holy shit what a fucking meme degree fuck me

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comfy job

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Fucking amateurs, I just learned Hello World in Java five minutes ago and was instantly wired a million dollars by Elon Musk.

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Depends on school/program
CEs kinda get as much coding experience as software/CS students. EEs don't get that at all and basically take applied physics courses

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I got into a good company with a few years experience. I went to a no name public school and got a 2.6 GPA so no good company would hire me. I ended up getting a job at this super small company that literally made wagie punch clocks. Did my time there for 2 years making jack shit ($62k). Did another 2 years at startup making jack shit ($80k). But once I got enough years everyone stopped caring about my GPA and I started getting interviews from all the top tech companies. Memorized all the whiteboard problems, aced the interviews, and had my pick of jobs that paid more than double what I was making. Now if I had a 3+ gpa from an ivy league school I could have skipped the 4 years of low wage code monkey hell, but you can still make it even if you didn't go to the best school or get the best grades.

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An $80k salary is not "jack shit"

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I just turned on my computer and Bill Gates wired me $1 mil, step up

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the market for web dev is still better than ever and growing. i quit my job in 2018 to self study for 3 months, went to hack reactor bootcamp in 2019, and im now making 90k working from home as a full stack devvie

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Its ok for a bachelor out of high school I guess, but not if you want a family or a house down the road.

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Lmfao fucking pleb I started coding 3 months ago and take home 720k after taxes

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>phd in math
>300k starting

lmao 80k

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