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Don't think I've ever been as comfy holding and accumulating anything since 2017 Link. Who else here /comfy/

XSN wallet update, new swap tab added for the normies.

-ETH integration
We are in the final phases of adding ETH private key support into the wallet. Look for this to come in V4.0.5 or V4.0.6
This is important as it will not only allow for storage, sending, and receiving of ETH and its tokens but also allow us in following updates to begin pushing special Raiden deployments to initiate a public test phase of layer 2 with ETH

at the current development rate RAIDEN INTEGRATION EOM IS NOW POSSIBLE


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Definitely comfiest hold I've ever had, blows the fuck out of holding ETH, buttcoin and any other shitcoin or token.

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This is huge my hands are stronger than ever
fudders btfo

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crossboarder here. Someone in our group has been telling people to buy ETH but i dont understand why. He said its one of those opportunities that you can miss that happens rarely. Mind spoonfeeding me the basic info that my pea brain can understand?

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Is Raiden coming to windows?

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too lazy to spoonfed you but heres a pasta

XSN Dex is a True Dex with no centralized point of weakness. It is a Decentralized Application (dApp) hosted on the Masternode Network and provides a means for users to trade crypto assets directly from their own Stakenet Wallet without having to hand over control of their assets to a third party. It utilises Lightning Swap technology to make trades instantly. The assets never leave the users possession with XSN Dex unless the transaction is completed, and as such, users can benefit from the utilities, features, and staking rewards of the coin.
Additionally, users remain anon as they do not have to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) details to anyone, providing complete anonymity and freedom to trade without fear or worry. All transactions are done on a Peer to Peer (P2P) basis without the involvement of a centralised authority, making transactions more secure and less expensive.
Lightning Network + Radian integration (ERC-20 token support) + hosted on a Masternode Network of 2000+ nodes = Stakenet Dex - bringing back the original vision of Satoshi!

if you want more details join the discord or check the medium articles

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Sure thing. Give me a moment.

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Linux first but yes it is coming to windows

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wallet update


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it's another dex.

just buy btc.

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seethe harder faggot, you had 2 years enjoy fomoing at 5$

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enjoy bagholding


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Oh alright i kinda get it a bit now
because of the upgrade there would be faster transactions and also people being anonymous makes the coin higher priced?
Maybe when it starts getting into the 100-200$ territory as some other anons say i might give it a shot.
i dont understand anon.

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just buy btc

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>Maybe when it starts getting into the 100-200$ territory as some other anons say i might give it a shot.
Absolutely worst thing you could do, are you trolling?

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Key, by then I'll be a multimillionaire and cashes out

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Im not trolling. As i said im a crossboarder.
Im asking for a legitimate advice. I have some 100$ disposable income which i dont care if i lose or not. I just want to try it out.

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Bascially the team is building their own blockchain with their own coin. The vision is to become the only point from which you can do all your crypto-trading needs. I.e. they are trying to position themselves as the sole arbiter of crypto trading by combining a multitude of previous developments in order to create the ultimate decentralized application: The decentralized exchange.

Previous attempts at building decentralized exchanges are in one word: SHIT. They either suffer from extreme trading costs, extremely slow confirmations when trading, or failing decentralization at certain points (They all require you to create accounts/do KYC/access throuch centralized websites etc). They are all so called "on-chain", and have not realized the importance of second layer solutions fast enough. While there are so called "dexes" (they are not) that are pumped out every fucking week, they all still seemingly suffer from these problems, in other words they are complete SHIT.

The Stakenet team had the foresight to combine different previous technologies (Masternodes, second layer solutions such as lightning network and Raiden) into technology which would allow for complete decentralization, and INSTANT transactions, settlements, and virtually zero transaction fees. While everyone else has been chasing pump and dump scams and yet another run-off-the-mill "decentralized" and centralized exchanges. Stakenet has created an actual, complete product which completely BTFO of
everything else.

Check out these two videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXj3_qKSUBk
Also, read the whitepaper: https://stakenet.io/Stakenet_Whitepaper.pdf

They are basically crypto wizards who are about to BTFO of the whole crypto space and fulfill bitcoins vision of a completely decentralized financial system.

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I thought you meant you were planning on buying once it hit $100. I realized I completely suck at writing shit so I'll post another copy-pasta which is pretty good.

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If Bitcoin begins to soar again, it's going to need a powerful Lightning solution or it will quickly become lethargic and expensive to send money with.
On-chain tx bandwidth needs to be ruthlessly optimized with priority to large sums of money. Sending $1 million? Do it on-chain and screw the fees. Buying a beer? Lightning.

If done right, Lightning channels can handle the heavy load of small, irrelevant txs, freeing up the pipeline for tx that genuinely need the benefits of on-chain.

For Lightning nodes to do this effectively, they need liquidity. That source of liquidity remains a subject of controversy, and rightly so.
It burdens the end-user to provide their own liquidity in a way that's inconvenient and hardly profitable, which beckons centralization on a massive scale.
In other words, you either have something that's decentralized and doesn't work, or something that's extremely centralized and works well. 1000s of water pumps atop 1000s of drying and shallow wells that can't provide liquidity, or a massive water company that's monopolized the water supply. It could turn a desert green, but it could become corrupt and start ripping off the town.

What's the way forward? You can't change how LN was implemented on Bitcoin, but you can work with it independently.

Masternodes are excellent LN routers, namely because they're
>run 24/7
>evenly spread out all over the world
>provide collateral - "Alice and Bob" only have to worry about securing their wallets and making good backups

If you put an entire masternode network to the task of doing this, you get heavy collateral that provides serious liquidity for small off-chain Bitcoin tx.

tl;dr - LN flows like liquid, and your options to scale liquidity are
>1000 pumps on 1000 shallow wells
>a water company that holds the town hostage
>a deep underground water reserve that's in one pool, possessed by no one, directly accessible from the surface

This is what Stakenet has been building.

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We're gonna make it iykyk
There are no words to describe how undervalued this tech is.

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This is never gonna make it.

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We sure are. It completely baffles me how unknown this still is. Not a single youtube influencer video or anything. Completely under the nose of everyone. If you know you know.

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For any noob traders who don't understand this. It basically means that people who put around $3,400+ into this growing, only small hands and swingers are ever selling.

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They say power lowers your cognitive abilities, that must be what's happened to me after going all in on XSN.

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to da moon

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I think a huge draw is that you're trading with the aggregator to connect to multiple CEXes. Therefore, their DEX doesn't rely on its own liquidity to be usable

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everything crash, xsn OK


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Fellas I'm tired of fudding this now. It's been a fun ride arguing with you all these past few years. I finally finished my stack. 25 MNs. Good luck boys and I'll see you at the mega yacht parties.

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Based. Please invite me as well, I've only got three masternodes.

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My friend, I'll own the harbour we dock in, its you who will own the yacht. Of course you are welcome to attend.

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The only good part about this projet is raiden and they have their own coin

Road to 0

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>Fellas I'm tired of fudding this now.
Thank you for your free fudding service.

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Well, you know raiden is open source right?

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Ngl thats pretty based

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this is pretty neat then. It might even replace paypal for payments. I hope this really blows up.

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Yeah, essentially Stakenet takes the latest tech and solves the main critiques heaved towards it, i.e. the liquidity problem for the second layer solutions. In addition the tokenomics are really strong and there is a very big incentive for people to hold XSN, and especially a masternode (15000 XSN). Every masternode owner will get a part of all the fees from the dApps, for their service of hosting the network and dapps. (Depending on the fee structures of the dapps running ontop of them). In addition, the system will will market-buy XSN in order to pay the fees to the masternode owners, in other words there will always be an upward pressure for XSN to go up as long as people use the dex. In addition, people holding XSN may stake their coins, either on their own, on the XSN cloud staking service, as a masternode, or from cold storage by means of TPOS (Trustless proof of stake).

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Mind you, it's not an ethereum token, it's its own coin and blockchain. See the pic related chart for potential masternode rewards and gains from trading on the decentralized exchange, depending. The chart is not the best, as the rewards depend on what the trading fees on the dex will be, as well as the number of masternodes currently operating, so the gains will probably be a little bit less.

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My question is. Will banks adopt this system? so you can withdraw your money. Sure we have our coins trading and stuff. But if you're living in a third world country or people with low IQ that doesnt know how these things work or havent adopted it it might be a problem.

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>Will banks adopt this system?
No idea, a major point of the vision of crypto itself is to basically btfo of banks. If decentralized finance exists the only thing they will be able to do is to cope, and try to fight it back with regulations. However, point of decentralized finance (E.g. the Dex) is that it's not possible to regulate it, meaning if this takes off there might be huge backlash to make crypto/trading/XSN completely illegal to hold etc. But at that point we'd be rich as fuck either way, not to mention every previous attempt they've tried and failed at. Just move to another country that isn't cucked, or something. Whether the third world will adopt it or not remains to be seen, I guess. However, remember that countries such as Kenya have very high levels of mobile smartphone payments. Highest in the world a few years ago iirc, surprisingly enough. I guess the third world countries might in fact be the ones most willing to completely adopt crypto in the future. Dunno lol.

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luxury yachts are quite possibly the most expensive assets on earth.

it's entirely possible for a luxury yacht to cost more than many marinas.

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Bug people not ever welcome
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shit chart is shit, use this for block rewards

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and here's the trading fees estimate.

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Also, in addition. One of the main points of second layer solutions (lightning network and raiden) is to allow for crypto to be used as a day-to-day currency. This is not possible currently with the problems that doing stuff "on-chain" bring. If the vision succeeds, then you might not even have to "cash out" in the future. However, until mass-adoption becomes prevalent, there will still be crypto to fiat-bridges, centralized exchanges and other services through which you may cash out. Obviously the banks will not like this, but they will have to cope hard.

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