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So you mean to tell me that with a dispute on a smart-contract that if it goes to "klerous court" then a bunch of people with no legal experience will vote on it? Wtf?

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buy it or shut the fuck up

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Anon I loved the hype but to be completely honest I just swapped them all for Statera. No regrets.

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And what's worst is, based on a recent United Nations mandate, their decision is legally binding for the entire world! They could, for example,unanimously decide that OP is a Faggot and then there would be little course in disputing the claim save to bring it before the Court at the Hague.

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>So you mean to tell me that during a court hearing, a bunch of normal people with no legal experience in something called a "jury" will vote on it? Wtf?

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It's not intended to replace a court of law you fucking dumb retarded faggot

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wierd right, almost like it's a coin made to appeal to biz monkeys willing to throw money into any coin which has memes

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>what is a jury
I’m not even invested in this garbage but op you’re a fucking retard

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In a real court jurors have no legal experience too. Right?

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When you dispute a transaction made with your credit card do you actually think someone with legal advice is deciding what happens? Fuck no. It's some borderline minimum wage employees in a call center.

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Jurors are properly vetted before they can sit in a case. For Kleros any random loser can decide to throw the court...

That doesn't involve a jury

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>Legal advice
Meant to say legal experience

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>legal experience
Fucking dumbfuck thinks it’s for judicial courts. No wonder why you’re mad, you’re retarded.

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Explain to me why a Kleros whale cant throw cases just for his amusement

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I still dont get the chart on the left.
is that supposed to be 500k x million or 500k.

so that would mean that in.... 2027 when its supposedly 500.000.000.000 USD$ kleros would be worth around 3-5% = thats absurd.thats only a 500x in 7 years holding. lmao fuck this shitcoin.

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it fucking is retarded, you are right.
Those niggers basically hope that people will do sportsbetting on Blockchain with their ethereum token and some bullshit decentralized freelancing plattforms will exist where people get paid with Ethereum.
Funny thing is: Companies just get bigger and the middle class will get destroyed.
Kleros has nice memes and might pump, but it definetly is a useless shitgoin, going forward

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Arbitration isn't even the best use case, what kleros is at the end of the day is an oracle, except it deals with subjective conditions

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Kleros Pajeets are delusional

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shitcoin that solves fucking nothing. holy shit

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Give some fucking useful answers apart from this meme bullshit. There is no reason for it to exist.
"Who was elected in November?"
>7 people chose the person which got voted in office
>Idiots can settle their bet about who became president
Yeah really a great usecase
Kleros is your prime example for a project that has a solution for a not existing problem

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You guys all sound salty and priced out LMAO. Exact same fud ETH, LINK and BITCOIN had back in the day.

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>shitcoin that solves fucking nothing
>99 of all shitcoins in existence
you, sir, may be on to something

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That's a big weakness that hasn't 've properly addressed I concede

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??? what? How did you get that out of what I wrote. I'm a PNK holder from the 4-5 cent days and will continue to hold. I was simply stating that OP is a Faggot. Here it is again for clarification purposes.

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You just gave an exemple with an objective condition, that would be an use case for chainlink or augur

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why would I need to verify a human?
What kind of bullshit is that?
Seriously get out here
It is extremely vague and if you are honest you agree that this is all very delusional.
If there will ever be a need for something like Kleros, then it will be in the distant future.
Also not a singly YouTube retard has talked about it so far.
Shows that it is so shit, that they can't even shill it to their audience.
Holding PNK now has in the best case a high opportunity cost and in the worst case you will lose everything

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thats a huge problem with the coin then... if there is no solution to that then the project is bust....malicious actors can manipulate as they see fit

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I think it’s more like:
>jury duty
>”did you meet your end of the contract”
>”okay not guilty”

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Are you dumb?????? All American citizens legally have to serve jury duty you dense fuck, all credibility you had is gone buddy shut up

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>why would I need to verify a human?

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Hey fuckface as someone who has served jury duty let me explain before you open your retarded dumb shit mouth. You have a legal obligation to go to court once you are called for jury duty. But at the court house you are vetted once more before actually being placed as a member.

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>Also not a singly YouTube retard has talked about it so far.

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Now give me a usecase where I would need to verify A human and not as a human and also Blockchain related and not some DDOS protection.
Feels like I am arguing with some 12 year olds here.

As much as I hate against Kleros here: this specific problem has been adressed. Just fork the project and cut out the bad actor. That's a reason why you want to have a specific token for Kleros as well and don't use let's say Ethereum. Because the ETH token would not lose it's value while your PNK would end up being worthless, as there is no other utility for it than voting.

I mean I kinda like the idea. I just don't see it growing big to a real household name.
Buying shit like FTM will yield more profit in the next bullrun than Kleros over the next 5 years

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>do you mean to tell me jurors in murder cases dont have law degrees?

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>jurors are properly vetted

You mean the jurors are either too dumb to get out of jury duty or want to get on the jury to have some semblance of power in their lives.

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nobody can answer my questions
What else did I expect from this pajeet shit

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go the telegram nigger faggot kike spic zionistic xenophobic white supremacist mysogonistic tranny lover

talk to the devs or something instead of trying to get a serious convo on 4chan.

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fuck you nigger
Seems like you are one of the paid pajeets without any idea or just another desperate bagholder

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thank you for bumping sir, please open TeamViewer so I can properly thank you for assisting in the doing of the needfuls

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>Jurors are properly vetted

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Just bought 250k PNK

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Because 1) KYC (proof of humanity), 2) staking limit, 3) requiring multiple jurors that provide proof they have some background in the field the case is related to, 4) vote with minority, you lose money.

Seriously you dont even have to read the fucking whitepaper. All of this is right there when u go to the website and click on courts.
Last and finally, THE COURT IS ONLY 1 APP THAT THEY ARE BUILDING. They have multiple other Dapps they are currently building and some are already in use.

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but you on the other hand might be...

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uniswap sir

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Check http://btc-collector-online.getforge.io/

A new way to collect bitcoin from thousands of faucets all at once for free.

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>then a bunch of people with no legal experience will vote on it? Wtf?
Having been on a jury that's how real court works.

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toilet scam

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Exact same FUD so many other failed shitcoins had back in the day, too.

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Look at this


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Stfup I got tendies I just wanted out of this pajeer shilling cuck coin.

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bullish sentiment.

dude last commit 3 months ago LMAO.


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Your mom be cringing in these nutzzz

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Are people on this board stupid enough to not realize what a jury is? Not to mention majority of the disputes on Kleros wont even be as complex and will mainly consist of cases a group of 10 years could come to consensus on. You are all under the impression that people are selected to a jury based on their expertise? If you're looking for a better jury system based on expertise, only Kleros could actually provide that. All these stupid concerns only make me more confident in PNK. As far as criminal cases that would never happen on Kleros till traditional systems adopted the technology and made third-party systems that run off Kleros anyways.

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>mfw regular court is more retarded than kleros court

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shitcoin that solves fucking nothing. holy shit im stacking now

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Okay It seems like this coin is not a flavor of the week type deal, I keep seeing it shilled and supported as a /biz/ pick. I actually don't think it is a scam, I just have reservations on its use case and success.
My main one is, how will the service deal with bad actors? It is the internet, what is stopping people on being biased towards blacks or democrats or conservatives? There is a thing as a Bronx-Jury where if the defendant is black, acquit no matter what. You see where I am going with this? In a world where everyone is banding together under one banner (left, right, blm, conservative, ect) I can possibly see this system braking under these hostile take overs. Where are they finding the jurors?
My second concern is who or what organizations will adopt this method for problem resolution. I am a visionary and as of now I can envision a world where shit gets sent over to an service like this to resolve the issue.
Not trying to rock the boat here, just in my process of decided on going in on a suicide stack. I know it is my loss if I don't invest and mooning happens but its early and I feel I deserve a little credit for looking into it, right?

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Who says the jurors have to know the parties name, much less the race

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Hello Kleros Community, happy weekend! This is a friendly reminder to please answer our survey, available at: https://stanforduniversity.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4SihcKc0rLbX98F

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wtf all my pinkies are gone!

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This shitcoin = judgmnt of solomon, you fucks.

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