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My parents insist that pensions are the way to go. That feels like boomer logic that made sense in the 80's and 90's but no longer is applicable to the economy. What do you think?

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sure, if you can get one

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Pensions are a myth

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Did you ask your parents why if they think they have it all figured out they're still poor?

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and it didn't even made sense in the 19th century. A pyramid scam stays a pyramid scam

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Government jobs.

They aren't quite poor.

See private pensions are definitely a pyramid scheme when they can fold any minute.

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Do they still have to work to make money, or can they live off their capital? If they still have to work, they are poor.

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They live off of their pensions.

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My dad works in a skilled trade and was a union member for 25ish years. Pension is $2200/month. Combined with social security my parents get over $5k per month. Also live in flyover nowhere so that's comfy as fuck. Pensions seem pretty based to me.

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And did they get their pensions in their 20s, or did they have to work their lives for them?

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government jobs are moving away from the pension system. they're legacy agreements for people hired before a certain date in certain cases.

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I don't think they'll be there for us desu. Flyover country or pensions.

They weren't born rich and didn't win the lottery, what are you even trying to say?

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This is an anti-wagecucking board and no one here is dumb enough to waste their lives in a job until they're old. You have to go back.

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dunno, i cant park my yacht in my jacuzzi with pension

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And aside from speculative gambling or being lucky enough to have a skill that pays at least seven figures a year how do you propose that one acquires sufficient capital to live on for the rest of their lives in their 20's? Trust fund babies need not answer.

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True but I'm guessing you aren't doing that anyway.

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government pensions aren't? lel
With public debt at an average of 200%, public pensions falling into the 30% Gibs of gdp a year and holes in the pension systems as big as whole countries gdps. I repeat my self, a pyramid scheme stays a pyramid scheme. Governments and political systems have never been build to last infinite, even less if they bas their legitimacy on scams

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federal government pensions are solid (currency will be debased before they scam employees like that). State government pensions are about to fold.

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okay zoomer.

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When I retire there will be no social security, pensions, 401ks will have been even more cucked at matches will be like .5%.

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>He doesn't regularly plunder his 401k to remove more capital from the pension system and have it crash sooner and triple his funds investing in something useful, instead of Boomers

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The world will have become one with an omnipotent ASI in a couple of decades. What the fuck do you think your boomerfund and it's 3.5% average annual returns will matter at that point? Invest in companies that can pivot and scale. The world will change more and more each year and new technological innovations will pop up at an ever increasing pace. You need to start thinking "how relevant will this company potentially be in 10 years".

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