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I get 2.0 is the proper scaling solution with baked in sharding , POS, and validators.
But why not just double or triple the block size for now to deal with the traffic?
There is no reason to let your infra be constantly overloaded, put a fucking band aid on it until you roll out the next version.

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that's a gook
mexican girls are built like rainbarrels

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What the fuck is a rain barrel?
I have tap water you fucking street shitter.

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spoken like a true city faggot, what's your pronouns?

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Post a picture of what you mean by that ..

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Geee yeah I wonder why its weird they wouldnt fix this very profitable problem to appease poorfags

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It would be similar , people would still fight with gas prices you would just have more throughput and more transactions processed per block.
You also have to look at the angle of how much shit is not happening simply because people second guess the transaction because of price.

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mexican girls are like redheads ugly or hot
the dice roll is higher for them
they doll themselves up like drag queens if they got anything going on

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Kek your world point of view amuses me Anon . Time to order a barrel and fuck it.

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