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I've never seen a more stacked roadmap for a new project.

> v2 app launch soon
> $1m of RSV minted recently
> Unlocking a small amount of liquidity to provide to market-makers of new exchanges/tradepairs (Coinbase?)
> binance listed this month

Why has Peter thiel been advising Trump since he came into office?

Why did Trump, Zuckerberg and Thiel meet for dinner in Nov 2019?

Why did RSR moon after Libra was announced to be dead, and that PayPal will be accepting Bitcoin? Do you see the dots?

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What does this shit do

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who gives a fuck it makes us bizlets rich

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If you've heard of libra, RSV is a stablecoin that will initially peg off of USDC/other USD coins, and eventually move to a basket of assets (similar to how Libra wanted to be a basket of currencies)

RSR is the governance token. You can use it to arbitrage RSV. Right now you can buy RSV on Uniswap for $0.92 and get $1.00 of collateral from the Reserve vault. I'd do it right now if it weren't for gas fees.

RSR burns itself over time as more RSV is minted. Thiel, Coinbase and Paypal all have the network needed to launch this in poor countries where their money is no longer working. This has and will be the Libra successor.

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I guess all the anons bought the top and died on this small correction.

If anyone wants to discuss technical merits of the project or ask questions, now is the time.

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what will happen to the price of RSR if it gets implemented into USA and the dollar collapses (which it will)?

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RSR dumped 25% the last two days. Harder than most alts. Doesn't make me feel good

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That was genuinely my first concern and the reason I ignored this project a few months ago. Why would anyone want a stablecoin pegged to the USD if the USD will shit the bed in the next few years?

Read the phase 3 of this image, or read the whitepaper portion that talks about what will back RSV in the vault.

RSV is meant to outlive the US dollar, eventually a basket of commodities will back it (ex gold, wrapped BTC, deeds to assets, etc)

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Ok, how about non-technical? What does it do? Why did Peter Thiel and Altman invest into it?

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If the dollar collapses, you are going to have a lot more to worry about than the price of RSR. This is like worrying about old age anon. Just enjoy life and buy rsr (which will make your life even more enjoyable later)

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This is a two-token stablecoin system much like MakerDAO/ DAI tokens on ETH.

You hold RSR (today) as speculation but in the future you can arbitrage the RSV value vs the vault if it doesn't match. RSR used for this arbitrage is burned forever. As more RSV get minted for more market share/new countries/etc, more RSR will be burned as the peg continues to be held

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Thank you. My understanding is a bit limited, so could you explain one more thing to me? It seems like this puts it in the realm of something like xdai, correct? Why do you prefer this long term over a similar token?

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If you want to know why Thiel invested it, you should get yourself a palantir stone. Those things seem to know everything.

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Wouldn't that make anyone who accumulated even during phase 1 insanely rich come phase 3? Seems like by that point a lot of people will know about it

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Keep track on this little guy over here. It's the most important piece of the model:


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Two high level reasons, there's nothing wrong with xdai but its not exactly in the same space as RSV/RSR.

xdai targets $1 USD by design, I don't think they ever plan to move away from that. Not good if you don't think the USD will survive the debt apocolypse.

Secondly, xdai does not have the connections that thiel/altman do, relations to bildeberg, hands and ties to Coinbase and Paypal and the venture capital to start the bootstraping/onboarding process.

The connections/networks are primarily what make me bullish here. I don't doubt this team at all.

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Good enough for me. That is my sentiment as well. Thanks fren

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time to buy more

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What do you reckon RSR will be worth by EOY / EONY?

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0.05-0.10 personally. That'd be a 3-600m market cap. Barely larger than dogecoin mcap which is nearly dead and hasn't had a new client release in 6 years.

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RSR threads are low energy.

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I would rather get real info than pajeet hype ups. Thiel and Altman are in this project. People are tired of high fees, no?

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lmao. imagine buying something based on whether or not the energy you perceive on 4chan is 'high or 'low'

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I think RSR threads being low intensity is probably the only reason I don't think it's a scam. Pajeets would try a lot harder to convince you to buy their shitcoins.

So right now is time for the smart money to buy in then, while the price is bottoming. Gotcha.

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Lots of high energy shitcoin of the day threads. Go join your street shitter friends in them.

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I don't understand why people like to stay poor, I'm feeling comfy as fuck with my stack

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>I think RSR threads being low intensity is probably the only reason I don't think it's a scam. Pajeets would try a lot harder to convince you to buy their shitcoins.
>So right now is time for the smart money to buy in then, while the price is bottoming. Gotcha.

Unironically this. Nobody is going to beg you to buy RSR. Ever. This alone should at least intrigue you.

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Reserve isnt targeting crypto geeks. RSV aims t be a stable coin for IRL people who know nothing of crypto to use for savings and spending. People who live in countries with shitty / mismanaged currencies.

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In summary- backed by Thiel and Altman, and unlike something such as xDai it will not be tied just to the dollar, but instead a basket. Governance token.

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>Reserve isnt targeting crypto geeks.
more more specifically RSV.

RSR is for us crypto geeks. but front-end users who use RSV won't need to know about it if they dont care which most people dont.

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Dominates every country on the planet.

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So what the hell is the point of buying RSV lol

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if you live in a 1st world country there isnt one. Its people in venezuela/argentina/turkey/lebanon that all have cell phones but their shitty government is debasing their currency every single day.

They want something that is stable.

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Theyre targeting countries where USD is hard to buy so people can trade their fucking shit currency for RSV which is stable at 1$.

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Oops, I meant their RSR token, what's the value of holding this? Is it their form of gas?

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this, if usd collapses after rsv is finished untethering itself to fiat it's a real contender - that's the crack moonshot scenario that all crypto fags fantasize about though, it's not like any of us are gonna get fucked by fiat dying

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It'll get used to keep RSVs value at $1USD (or whatever it gets pegged to later) through a system that allows you to trade $1USD of it for 1 RSV. The mechanism that does this burns some of the RSR to incentivise investment.

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It's very similar to makerdao/DAI tokens, a two token stablecoin system powered by arbitrage except RSR gets permanently burned

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The RSR utility token is used by the protocol as a fallback means of acquiring additional backing for the balancer pool and for helping manage the supply of RSV by doing what >>22206475 said.
It's also essentially the representative token of the Reserve project, and entitles you to some rights of governance.

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stop these gross imperialist memes

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my only regret about RSR is that I don't have the spare cash on hand to buy more right now, while it's on sale

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So if I'm buying I buy Rsv? Cause RSR is just a stablecoin?
Or do I have that backwards?

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RSV is the stablecoin, RSR is the one you want

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You and me both. I've got 10k, but 50k sounds nicer

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It's all falling into place now

XRP will be some global digital coin with links to gold, with the likes of RSV coming to the rescue of individual countries to replace their terrible corrupted currency

Certainly links up with so many heads of central banks calling for a digital currency, and these projects are literally the only ones getting looks into those closed door meetings

Thats why Russia will outlaw crypto to keep the public under the usual fuckyou control, they don't want their currency replaced by some global coin.

Australia entered recession this week, so many different financial dominoes falling together.

I've been waiting for this.

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Um no sweetie XRP will never be used for anything and will always be worth less than a dollar. Keep following random schizos and holding out for dates when nothing actually happens like a Q boomer.

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Reserve only thread, gotcha!
No other coin will go global, RSV only lol
Markets usually create competition, keeps people playing the game, there will always be 2 global coins for this reason, not saying it'll be XRP but gotta admit, both Reserve and Ripple have way higher level connections then most

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>feeling comfy on a red friday


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XRP will be used primarily by financial institutions to move money.
RSR supports RSV
RSV targets 3rd world shitholes + California
XLM is the missing piece to your puzzle.

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i love this list but it's nt helping today AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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XRP holders are almost as bad as TRX holders lol...still stuck in 2017, the moon mission is always right around the corner


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Love it

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I honestly think the time table is pushed back a bit now,
But that doesn’t change anything. I’m the AMA yesterday Nevin or whatever his name is said that the new app update that’s commi my up will still remain in private beta mode. So still only 5000 downloads with the option that current users can give referrals to people they know in real life. So basically the app will hardly be available to most people in the world still at least into Q4.

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You realize financial institution won’t even be using XRP, the largest bank partnered with ripple (Santander) in spain just recently announced they will not be using the token because it did not have enough of a wide spread user base to be relevant.

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imagine the delusion holy keks

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They're waiting for regulatory clarity. It's political posturing.
The second regulations are clear financial institutions will use XRP because of the savings that will come with it.

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>rejected by popularity
So a bigger fish other than debt ridden Spain has to host Ripple, got it.

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Too long and autistic. The old one was better

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>worst day in the stock market since corona crash in march
>BTC & alts down 20% across the board

I'm sure its unrelated anon, please sell

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>Unlocking a small amount of liquidity
nigger an increase of circulating supply by 26% is a small amount of liquidity?

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>>worst day in the stock market since corona crash in march
Fuck. I don't even look at my Robinhood anymore. I was down 14% this morning. QQQ was down 6%. Wtf happened?

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They aren't fucking dumping the supply. If you've ever done marketmaking on altcoins you need a float on both sides of the pair. How can you get an RSR position for marketmaker bots/new exchange listing without completely spiking the price?

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What does it mean?

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