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So for the past twenty years since college (BA in Theology), I've just been managing my inherited properties as a landlord and expanding, getting a comfy 300k yr passive income (and growing it). But with corona, almost all of my tenants can no longer afford to pay, and I still have to pay maintenance, etc, utilities, and the state has cucked me with an eviction moratorium. I've gone through all of my savings and am still pretty overleverage on a lot of properties. I need a job that pays at least 150k y/r, but I haven't job searched for so long, basically just been a NEET that calls blue collar guys to fix shit and white collar guys/cops to deal with poor people. How do I leverage this into a real, good job?

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USPS is hiring

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AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH.... Well at least you studied theology, these are the end times friend. maybe make a youtube channel about that. My boomer mom eats that shit up.

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That doesn't pay enough, I need real solutions. It's only like 20 dollars/hr, I can't live on that and keep my properties.

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People in your situation should sell the houses to the bank and buy bitcoin while you still can.

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Go work at Amazon

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hahaha fuck you, you stupid prick, never had to work a day in your life, have you, you little bitch? Here's a little surprise: the pain is only just beginning

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try praying for it

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great larp. how could you be overleveraged if you inherited the properties in the first place? sage

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Same problem.


I don't want to sell, it's unfair, and I am too leveraged. I would be left with nothing. The government is the one doing this to me, aren't there like relief programs? My bank is offering a forbearance but with a balloon payment, I can't do that, I'd lose a lot. I just need a good job that pays like 75/hr. I have 20+ years experience with property management kind of. Surely that counts for something???

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Good b8

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evict your tennants look for tennants that pay

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I had to use my existing properties as collateral to expand because I wasn't gonna get enough loans if I just used my rental income. figured the economy was going to keep being great (Trump cutting taxes, etc, etc), home prices going up and up. Everything was fine and would have been fine if these stupid eviction moratoriums weren't put in place, like who could have predicted that? Everyone was saying it was just the flu etc. I still think the govt response has been terrible. And I still have to pay maintenance and everything.

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>Inheritance, never worked a job before
This is bait or you are pathetic.

Sell a house you fuck, do you have zero savings?

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>It's unfair
Welcome to Earth

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how the fuck do you run out of savings on 300k/yr?

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Obviously the government isn't fair.
You're a placeholder for them.
Get onto a decentralized consensus that can't be infringed upon by plandemic politicians.

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Based; fuck landlords.

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>delusional man has no silver spoon
>about to REKT
Just desserts taste the sweetest

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Welcome to the “risk” part of investing. Oh wait, you actually thought you were entitled to just keep cashing checks forever while bleeding other people?

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Its bait. Nobody with the brains to build 300k/yr in passive income would be stupid enough to make this post. Its one of the commies on this board posing as the strawman image of a landlord that they seethe at

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>landlord actually has to work
>has a theology degree
fucking kek'd

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>it's unfair
Fuck you, it's not fair being able to buy house that people need to survive so you can make easy buck

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This is unironically how mafias start. When the government starts fucking people like this, eviction and debt collection occurs through alternative methods.

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I can't my liberal governor has basically made it impossible and there are like no mob guys here I live in a super white area.


I had to use them all to survive these last six months, there were property problems I am still obligated to fix, no one is willing to give me more loans. I was sort of coping just barely with the +600 but the +300 trump is giving me plus the shitty independent contractor wage my state gives me for unemployment is just not working.


No seriously the govt can't do this, I wasn't a slumlord or anything, they are just fucking me over with this. There has to be a program or something or I can get a good job right? Not larp or bait. this is bull. I was a good landlord. where is my bailout? Wall st got 8 trillion from the fed and wasn't banned from trading stocks for half a year.

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Take matters into your own hands...

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you poor thing

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How the fuck do you spend 150K a year?

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>no skills
>wants entry level job for $150k

welcome to the real world. I’d advise selling if you’re that over leveraged. Put that money into bitcoin and start flipping burgers wagie. 5-10yrs you can retire

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if you live in an all white area and are looking for the mob then you need to talk with your police

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Had a few major maintenance problems I am obligated to fix ASAP that cost me 100k+ right off the bat. Then stuff for my wife and kids in a high tax state. taxes. paying mortgages, etc, etc. It goes by really really fast. I know 300k a yr sounds like a lot and maybe it is if you are like in kentucky but not here.


won't they be able to come after me in bankruptcy or put me in jail. I don't know anything about crypto can you buy it anonymously? idk it seems super risky too like I see shit dropping 10% in a day that seems very stressful.


i was fair it's not like I charged more than the market rate which is very high but I can't fall behind on just good will alone.


shut up you have no idea what it is like and what legal obligations you have esp when you have to go SIX MONTHS without income or ANY GVT SUPPORT. there is a reason SMALL BUSSINESSES like mine are DYING. Everyone else got a BAILOUT but not ME. This is going to KILL small times landlords who aren't greedy big apartment complexes. They are taking MY tax money to give it to banks who won't even give me a pass. I am not a commie I have been a good business owner.


Like I said it's super white here....

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startva crowd funding campaign and print out copies of it and hand it to your tennants. Maybe they’ll sympathize with you and you can cry on 60 minutes no doubt people will start to discuss what to do with this information

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it goes by faster then you think.


yes commie there is work involved.


I worked with a lot of contractors and learned to handle both blue and white collar people. I know basic excel. And have 20+ years of exp dealing with buildings and shit. Surely 150k+ that unrealistic for that amount of experience in a hcol state?

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Oh god, this is too much. Keep going, I'm rofl'ing my socks off over here.

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Lol get fucked boomer.

Are you a coder? Or an RN? How about certified nurse anastestist?

Get fucked lol

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The housing market is artificially inflated sell your shit you larp.
You don't need to get shady with it.

If you're worried about 10% when you just got bankrupted by the governemnt I don't know what to tell you.

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this is pretty weak bait my dude

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>BA in theology
>wonders why his life falls apart after supporting a system of usury
Top kek
There's a reason so many religions and peoples throughout history have forbidden (kikes being the exception of course). You get what you fucking deserve.

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Suck off married closet fags for food vouchers. Stop being Democrat.

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Project Manager:
Manage blue and white collar people to do jobs. You've been doing this your whole life.

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You're going to have to deal with the effects of the pandemic and use that passive income to maintain your properties. You're not the only going through this. Unemployment hit an all time high. Sorry to hear this.

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I know this is just a LARP thread, but on the off chance it isn't then I just wanted to state that OP is fucking retarded.

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imagine replying unironically to the most obvious troll in weeks

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it's not funny at all. I have paid my taxes, everything, never fallen behind on any legal obligations etc. I have done my duty to society. why do you find this funny. i am a legit small business owner.

I have 20+ years exp like I said. i am not technologically minded enough to do that. people without STEM deserve a decent living too you know, esp with the govt fucking me over like this.


real replies please.


sorry I had to let go my maintenance guy and secretary. leave me your contact info in an email if i manage to get out of this...if you can do basic word/excel/handle calls...and I don't die maybe i can pay 35k y/r.


too overleveraged rn i can't just sell. I would barely have anything left and would probably owe banks money. plus i have to pay for a lot of fees which I can't do rn.


it's not I got a lot of leverage on properties in Dec 2019 because everything was cheap and going well and the economy was doing well and Trump looked like he was poised to win reelection. it was literally not my fault. corona wasn't a real thing, no eviction moratoriums, I was doing fine, had a profit margin of 20% usually, had six months of living expenses and was just enjoying life since my retirement was covered and everything. then my libshit governor shut everything down and literally made it impossible to evict people like the government is actually killing me.

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living and business expenses* six months, which is more than most small businesses in my city had!

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your greed and hubris were your downfall. i would've just taken the inherited properties and lived off the rental income without trying to get more like a greedy faggot. reap what you sow

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okay do you have like any tips of which industry pays well to be a good project manager in. like do you think i could do construction or something. or maybe cuck out and work for a property management company...(I don't think they are hiring though?) thank you for a real reply. I thought /biz/ was filled with business people not larping millenial cunts, i haven't been on here long. i usually just go to /v/ and /a/.


Seriously is there ANY govt aid for me, federally, since my state hates landlords? like idk like a PPP for landlords? expanded unemployment? this is shit. I ahve no passive income like 90% of my tenants refuse to pay and are just saving money and I literally cannot do anything about it. i am still obligated to pay for all maintenance and all utilities too. literally no actual small property owner can handle this...

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How does someone so naive find their way to 4chan? This is comedy gold, assuming it's not a LARP.

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You went all in on an unsustainable jewish system.
Live and learn.

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You may not be real, but I am just salivating at the thought of boomer landlords realizing their skills are worthless, and that they only survive by leeching. Your time has come.

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this isn't funny you cunt. you trying to be a landlord these days without a huge ass company bankrolling you. it is a nightmare. it would be like if the govt took your job away then gave you no unemploment money. i was responsible i had 6 months of expenses saved up, more than a lot of my tenants and small business owners.


what am I supposed to do, the CoL in my area has skyrocketed and property taxes go up each year. trump even though i voted for him removed SALT which hurt a lot too. i have to leave something for my children and expand i have 3, if i didn't do anything it would have just been what i inherited/divided by 3 and they would be worse off than me which no father wants.

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>Seriously is there ANY govt aid for me
The govt is not gonna bail out your shitty investments unless you're a bank. You invested, with risk, possibly not truly understanding, but you took the risk. And it fell through. You won't find a job for 75 an hour much less half that. You're just in denial

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Suck 15,000 dicks for $10 cuck landlords can do one

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i am not normally on /biz/ or anything i bought some crypto in 2017 which didn't do too well (the vechain and some real estate coins) so I thought i would stick to what I knew. i am usually just on /a/ and /v/ because I like video games and stuff. occasionally /pol/ in /ptg/.


You had to go in to survive and leave shit to your kids see


pls I need help not moral admonition.



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I haven't looked for a job for like 20 years but I know it was okay even after the 2001 recession and all even for new grads. It's not like i am a new grad either i have 20 years of project management like that guy said. are you seriously tel;ling me i can't find a 150k job in a hcol state with 20 years exp?

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>I've never done anything wrong because I pay my taxes
>landlords that own property solely for rent are not leeches
Nice try, scum

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you are a leech, you inserted yourself as a useless middle man to make it harder for people to house themselves.

>> No.22184161

Find a way to liquidate pennies on the dollar if you need to. Have any rich friends you could unload on?

>> No.22184172


we provide a real service, eg a safe place to live for people that cannot afford to buy or choose not to. i am not a leech. how is that wrong

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>are you seriously tel;ling me i can't find a 150k job in a hcol state with 20 years exp?
Yes, because you dont have "20 years experience" lmao just fucking try it and see

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You've ordered people to do everything. Well now the government has ordered you to get fucked. Deal with it.

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And why do you think those people cant afford somewhere to live? Oh right, it's because all property is owned by landlord leeches like you so property values are driven up by fake demand

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I really hope this isn't LARP I am rock hard

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I am NOT, I provided a valuable service see



i have a bunch of other landlord friends like me but a lot are in the same boat. not quite as bad but some have lost 50%-60% of their income for six months. they are barely keeping themselves alive with our libshit governor. i think some will have to sell a lot too if this keeps going on much longer. we had hope that we would open up soon/trump would force it with schools but our bitch teachers here decided not to open up again so now no one is. it is bullshit we are getting no help while everyone else gets huge gibs esp banks and the stock people. this is going to destroy the economy unless we get help. i have emailed my rep so hopefully something gets done if the democrats wouldn't stop obstructing everything. and pennies on the dollar wouldn't help i would still be bankrupt.

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Hey, it's the end times. That degree is about to come in handy.

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I am sorry the government has elected to fuck you in the ass, I agree it is pure bullshit.

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You got greedy and bought the top of the housing bubble with debt. Sell all your properties now, get out before it all collapses. You should have saved and invested with your own money, instead you decided to "play the market" with leveraged trading, and you lost badly. Get out while you still wear pants. Just cash out and get a job or start an actual business.

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Look man the market will always last longer than you. You are the weakest link here the unnecessary one thus you will inevtiably be the first to get thrown overboard. My advice is to not depend on other entities as you arent really important to them(the logistics of landlording are really simple anyone can do it and if u collapse no one is affected). You gotta think this through man and make prudent decisions.

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I hope you, your wife and your kids all starve and die slow, long deaths. Slow enough to really think about all of your poor decisions that led you to overleveraged real estate investments in a bigger housing bubble than 2007. You deserve everything

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There are no good landlords that have mortgages. You leveraged your properties, which is betting on black at the Casino, and lost. Deal with it, pay your debts and get a job nigger. No I don't want fries with that burger.

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It was real experience, I did it, does managing people not count, what do executives do then?


like i said this is not fair there has to be a program to help people like me righh

>>22184190 see above


i am not a big company buying up all this property with infinite credit. i am a small time landlord. i worked hard to acquire the home i did with loans etc, building enough equity to use my inheritance as collateral. don't blame small time landlords like us for what central bankers do. we need help too.


why do you jack off to small business dying? who is going to invest in your coins if people are broke and getting fucked like me?

>> No.22184638

God you're such a fucking faggot, I hope this is bait

>> No.22184667

>be actual small biz owner
>scrimp and save for years
>literally 90% of my income to savings
>work 80 hours a week
>didn't use debt to over expand
>getting through this just fine

>be you
>inherited properties
>use debt
>have no real skills
>horrific recency bias; RE goes up forever and ever
>completely discount tail risk events

enjoy bankruptcy. you got lucky and actually suck at business.

>> No.22184703

Welcome to the kike world, when your bank depletes nobody cares about you

>> No.22184722


You daft cunt, you don't have a business. You don't build the houses and you don't maintain them. The bank buys the houses in your name and the blue collar guys fix it. It it wasn't for assholes like you borrowing up to their eyeballs to deny people affordable homes for personal profit, the housing prices would be 90% lower. You can wait for that correction and starve, or you sell your houses and start a company that actually provides goods and or services. Or flip burgers.

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Look OP ill be a good samaritan here. Send me your coinbase account and password and Ill give you one Chainlink (ticker : LINK)
By the end of the year it will be worth about 1 hundred thousand dollars
Best of luck my friend

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thank you for understanding. a lot of these kids have no idea how hard it is for people like us to


I can't just cash out i would still be bankrupt. I did save and invest! no one could predict thisn black swan and the govt LITERALLY killing my business. a REPUBLICAN govt, literally the "pro business" party, trump doing NOTHING to override my libshit governor. i literally bought in like all my friends and everyone else no one could have predicted this, we need govt help or i need to lvg my job.


it's not the fucking market it is the govt if this was a normal market i could evict people. the market was great before the liberals shut down everything.


it was not overleveraged we were in a great historic boom economy led by strong growth due to trump's tax cuts. and the onl;y reason I am here is because my gov won't let me evict.


most small people have to lvg in order to survive.

>> No.22184761

>I thought biz was filled with business people not larping millennial cunts
>t. Larping millennial cunt

Doubt you'll make 150k easily, but companies use project managers for everything. Manage a group of contracted interior painters, manage a group of any type of remodel work really. You most likely have to know somebody or find an in somehow

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>for the past twenty years
>300k yr passive income
>I've gone through all of my savings

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You don't deserve shit, enjoy your surprise homeless sex you piece of shit

>> No.22184831

hahahaha people dumb enough to take loans deserve to lose everything
No loans, EVER.
That is the golden rule.

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copy pasta

>> No.22184857


Christ dude, anyone can do your job. Literally anyone who owns a house does all the shit you do. You are worth less than minimum wage.

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Dont wanna get fucked? Dont get into debt. This is a valuable lesson, you would do well not to immediately reach for daddy gubbmint to give you a break of that KitKat bar. Sell the property you dont need, or the ones that are not reasonably profitable, and cut down your spending otherwise. You dont need steak every night.

>> No.22184930


it is not bait i need help finding a good job (project manager) so I can survive this until our libshit gov gets voted out and the eviction moratorium is lifted or i need to find some bailout program if you have ideas.


how are you "just fine" as a small business onwer this has to be a larp shit is all down unless you got your free GOV BAILOUT (PPP) which I am NOT QUALIFIED for. i respect you saving but not everyone is able to save enough to keep up stuff especially in a HCOL area. Why should you get a GOV BAILOUT and not me????


I do maintain my houses! I am not a slumlord i literally spent 100k in maintenance just this year that I had to do. wtf. i do a lot of work to keep my houses nice and remodel them occasionally. this is just an unfair characteristization of landlords. i provide a real service like I said. where is mybailout


i don't want to lose my stuff. i am down 40% on btc and a lot more on real estate coins and Vechain....

>> No.22184945


Just sell your properties bro. If they are really generating 300k a yr they should be worth 3million at least, possibly much more

>> No.22184966


You don't own anything, the Bank does. As you'll soon find out. You made a deal with the devil and the price is the souls of your children. Time to pay your dues. You could have made real money but you were too busy with aggrandizing yourself as some kind of genius who knows hownto pick up a phone and say "shitter's clogged again".

Nobody will hire you, even for volunteer work. You fucked up. Debt collection is here, pay up.

>> No.22184974

Kek underrated and based

>> No.22185022

>tfw landlord and got a real job
I don't get how you retards can at all feel safe not working. Even if it's a super part time on call type gig. Sure being a NEET is fun, but so is having money to spend and lie back on.

>> No.22185030

checked and based

>> No.22185037

kek real estate coins, big yikes

>> No.22185064


okay...thank you for real actually useful advice that is not go die because you are a landlord.


you are only supposed to keep six months to a year in savings and invest the rest that is how you get ahead. it wasn't 300k/yr always i have grown and expanded from a few houses to some dozen. my area has always been in demand even through recessions. i would literally be fine without thios stupid eviction shit


you HAVE to in order to expan with property everything costs a lot. do you not understand how mortgages work these days


i manage like 20+ houses that is a lot harder than just one.


see above and wtf. so all other small businesses can get a handout and BANKS CAN GET A HANDOUT and you are FINE WITH THIS but not a small time guy just trying to provide a better life for his wife and children????

>> No.22185065

If you put everything you own into Chainlink (ticker: LINK) I promise you good fortune will come your way very soon. You dont want to miss this.

>> No.22185073

I know this isn't real, but if it is, I would be remiss to waste the opportunity to say Ifeel no sympathy for you. You should have almost a million in savings AT LEAST in 20 years of 300k/yr earnings. Do your family a favor and kill yourself, you are less than worthless. Even penniless neets are a better asset to humanity because at least their upkeep is comparatively negligible. If your theology hasn't made you an atheist, than you shouldn't worry about what is waiting for you on the other side if you do rope, as that was your destination anyways. Cut the chase.

>> No.22185080

i'm doing fine because i own more than one business and live WELL below my means.

did you see the part about me saving 90% of my income.

if you want to party it up and use debt, this your mess to clean up. you sound exactly like the idiots pre 08 housing. RE retards never learn.

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>no skills jew wanting a 150k job out of the gate


>> No.22185106

>biz full of NEET's who hate jobs
>biz full of commie fags who hate landlords
>biz full of people who work 2 hours a day and get paid for 8

>> No.22185122

>timmy got an ice cream! Why cant I have any?! WAAAAAAAAA
Be a grown ass fucking adult. Try being a property manager for someone else if you're so fucking good at it, you could easily make 50-100k.

>> No.22185126

not trying to be a cunt but how do you make 300k a year prior to this and then burn through it in 6 months? Sounds like you're living beyond your means

>> No.22185130


You're not obligated to fix the house if the tenants aren't paying

>> No.22185163

I guess there is a reason why 70% of families lose their wealth in their second generation. Welcome to being a statistic anon. Your parents should have left you with a smarter investment portfolio and not shitty boomer housing.

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Everybody hates landlords. You're on your own faggot, it's about time you took some of the shit you throw at others. You reap what you sow. Welcome to the real world.

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Tell me where you live. I wanna see your properties on foreclosure and buy it dirt cheap. Then tear it down and sell off the plot of land to some niggers in need.

>> No.22185205


Bruh I made 3 million dollars in the last month alone, you are just bad with life in general. There is no crisis, there is no economic problem anywhere. You are just a rentseeker who wants to tax me because you are spoiled and lazy. Fuck off, keep your hands off of my wallet.

You make bad decisions, you deal with the consequences. How long has your state had liberals in charge and why didn't you pack up and leave years ago?

>> No.22185213


the bank i ahve loans for got a massive bailout surely this is some condition tied to that right like not fucking us business owners over? i tried to get more details from my congressman but he hasn't gotten back to me. i am not aggrandizing myself being a landlord can be hard work sometimes. and if ebt collecton is here why not all the actual big corps go under and all the stocks die why do my taxes pay for them?


15/hr is not an efficient use of my time if there was not eviction ban.


i thought they sounded like a good idea...like i said i am not so great at stocks or coins.

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>OP right now
I'm lolin. I own a rental but I got a day job too lol, in this situation just sell a house to cover it, you gotta take a loss man.

>> No.22185267

good for you making that money, but there is objectively an economic problem right now

>> No.22185279

this is probably your move unless you can get gobermutt $

>> No.22185303

Yea no.

>> No.22185319

biz is full of insufferable rentfags

>> No.22185363

This is definitely some LARPing reddit commie


>> No.22185388

This wouldnt happen if rent prices were fair. When I make it, I'm going to make rent cheap as fuck, with thorough background checks etc. of course.

>> No.22185404

Get fucked leach

>> No.22185409
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Uber bro or gig work freedom to make your own hours until you figure out the next thing. Wage slaving is not easy . I just want my investments to 10x man so I can get out of the matrix.

>> No.22185421


i don't want to put all my eggs in one basket also it is down 15% today??? and i don't have a lot of liquid capital.


i wasn't always making 300k a year like i said that is what I was making before the eviction moratorium i started off with a few houses and then got up to around 20 or so. it is not like i was just sitting with 300k every year.


sorry saving 90% of your income is impossible here in real states not kentucky or whatever the hell you are in


i have skills like i said i managed property.


it seems like this sadly except a few people.


i need more than 100k...maybe i could get my wife to work but she is a SAHM without a college degree...so...not a lot.


I wasn't making 300k always see above posts i have been expanding over the yrs that was what i was making just before the eviction moratorium. it has been a steady climb up but in order to maintain growth and a lifestyle in a hcol area i kept to the 6 month savings rule. no one could have predicted this honestly.


yes in my state I am. i have tried to not....


they were not stock people just regular people it was better to get properties.


okay do people hate entertainment people to? they make nothing of real value whereas i provide HOUSING for people to LIVE. stop being a bernie supporter or whatever.


it will probably be in the news soon...hint it is a big state.


3 million in what paycheck protection program or tech? not everyone is a coder some of us have real problems in the real world.

my state has had liberals in charge for a while. id din't leave because it is where my family is and i don't just abandon them for money.

>> No.22185422


You are what is called a Statist. You worship big daddy Government as your God who should provide for all your needs. Well, your God has decided your family is too White to live any longer and has consequently decided to prevent you from getting an income. What are you going to do? Fight your God? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

You're never getting my money, fuck you

>> No.22185441

>never worked ever
It seems your NEET days are over OP. To the wage cage you go.

>> No.22185449


Fucking kek, you're not a business owner you're a leach and you never had to work a day in your life. Thanks for the LARP.

>> No.22185458
File: 1.99 MB, 370x323, 1595718422400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually most of biz lives with their parents. They know renting is super lucky. Also most landlords deserve the rope.

>> No.22185465

How could you possibly need more than 100k?

>> No.22185488


No, there isn't. I'm only making this kind of money because I bought silver, crypto and the right stocks as well as other investments and businesses. My system is entirely based on mutually beneficial agreements, unlike OP who scalps houses.

>> No.22185549


even if i sold most of my properties i would be in debt and sales are slowing down where i am rn and there have been 20% price cuts. it is crazy. i would be fine if i could still charge rent even like 60% of what I normally would. it would be tough kids would have to leave their school and wife would work and i would still get a job but this is just devastating. the fact that like i lost 90% is crippling.


go fuck yourself this is a real problem i have


i guess so they don't understand how much risk and work landlords take if they want to be full time


get fucked commie


it is fair i only make 20% profit margin a month off each property on avg assuming no huge maintenance bills.


landlording is quick way to do this but unfortunately commie govs are terrible and everyone hates on you for just trying to make it

>> No.22185550
File: 168 KB, 1024x958, 1595652085918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget to never over expand. You can live comfy and not need 3 boats. Had a friend who was a faglord who boat a new boat and increased everyones rent to cover his insurance needs.

>> No.22185553

See ya at the temp agency, landcucks. Hope you like stacking boxes for 15/hr, we can eat ramens and drink nasty beer together in our shared basement apartment together after work.

>> No.22185583

You gotta cover your expenses. In my area, 6% cap rate is considered good.

>> No.22185605

>a lifestyle in a hcol area
party all the time!!!! your dumb ass was confusing wants with needs. you need very little in life in actuality.

no mercy for you. i've living like a fucking homeless person because i plan on semi retiring in 10 years.

debt is a two edged sword. it's cutting the other way now.

>> No.22185617

The fact that you made great investments has nothing to do with there not being an economic problem. Not everyone has the capital or the smarts to make the investments you did.

>> No.22185638

You just hit peak risk realization.

Oh wait you just said 20% cash flow this is a larp or you are a dick.

>> No.22185640
File: 86 KB, 1200x1000, 1596341540863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cucky* there is nothing lucky about paying rent.

>> No.22185644


says kid who probably got a govt BAILOUT that is rich


i AM it is WORK to be a landlord.


most landlords are good people just trying to get by and make a life for themselves and their children i know this doesn't fit into your reddit view of the world but that is how it is.


>No, there isn't. I'm only making this kind of money because I bought silver, crypto and the right stocks as well as other investments and businesses

so things the govt bailed you out on and suddenly I AM THE STATIST! That is RICH!

>> No.22185662


Without the government printing money and bailing out the banks since 1913, younwould never have gotten a single mortgage. You received your homes from the government, and now it is taking them away.

>> No.22185677

I really dont see the point in spending more than 50k unless you have kids, or crazy medical bills. I really dont care for things as long as I have a steady income, and people in my life whom I love and cherish. Also, I'm not a retard who puts his inheritance up as collateral.

>> No.22185680

Fuck you I actually like budweisser.

>> No.22185707

If you own the property outright the only thing you have to worry about is taxes and repairs

>> No.22185710

Has to be a larp... you're not gona walk into a job over 100k y/r

>> No.22185723

Budweiser is unironically the BEST cheap beer in America and tastes great

>> No.22185747


why are you so hateful. i spent two decades getting to where i am now...and i may lose everything.


>debt is a two edged sword. it's cutting the other way now.

except for big corps right?


that is how i made 300k y/r after taxes and everything else before this shit hit. like i said hcol area which lets you make a lot without being too greedy. never had problems before without eviction moratorium. and i am not making as much as my friends some get as much as 30%-40% above mortgage before this eviction ban

>> No.22185760


All I did was never take on any kind of debt and create mutually beneficial situations at all times. That's it. Nothing more. I always made sure my partners made more profit than me, so everyone just throws ideas at me, which I help realize in exchange for a small cut. I even fund half these ideas myself.

>> No.22185779


Go invest in kneepads and charge $10 a pop. You just need 15000 clients or 3000/household member

>> No.22185787

Coors banquet is better

>> No.22185801

>Caring about double standards

>> No.22185827


There is no such thing as a bail out. The government has no money, it has tax payers. What you are asking for is for the government to rob people who saved to pay the interest on your personal debts.

>> No.22185846


my state has median househol income of like 70k+ surely with 20 years of exp i can get like 2x that right


>Without the government printing money and bailing out the banks since 1913, younwould never have gotten a single mortgage.

how can you take the moral high ground when the FED is LITERALLY PROPPING YOUR STOCKS UP? And you do nothing but leech off profits of company! i do a lot more work to make my living than you who scam people on coins and stocks and then need taxpayer bailout

>> No.22185862

Hateful? If anything I'm grateful that another soul will be wise to the real workings of the world. Once you've learned the struggle, you will never look at the people at the top the same again.

>> No.22185872

Asking how to get a 75/hour job with no experience is like asking how to turn 1k into a million dollars. Get realistic. You're going to have to get your hands dirty or you're going to have to be real good at sales.

>> No.22185878

So not just through investments then?

>> No.22185915


the fed printing money and buying your corporate debt is not a bailout? the gov giving free loan that will probably be forgiven off my tax dollar so stock buyback can happen is not a bailout for your stocks? free PPP money to them so stocks go up is not bailout? You are a massive hypocrite.

>> No.22185919

household income is not just one person, and what makes you think you deserve double the median considering you have no quantifiable skill?

>> No.22185940
File: 98 KB, 640x457, 99D1287E-EFBD-4E81-85BB-0FC407F72989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ll hire you. We’ll just need the $75 non-refundable application fee, one months salary as deposit, credit/background check, and payment if you’ll need parking

>> No.22185949
File: 87 KB, 640x356, 1595304570937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Redditview? kek. No, few landlords are good people. I knew one in a small country town she was amazing and helped those who needed a leg to stand on to ger back on both feet. You, like most current day landlords looked at it as an opportunity to make more than what you actually needed, and viewed as a passive income. I have more respect for people renting out their mother in law suites than money hungry fucks like you. Why dont you publicly announce how much you charged a month, how much you increased rent at the end of every lease, and what the median income of your tenants.

>> No.22185961


i have 20 years managing a business and properties that is real skill, same with doing taxes etc. dealing with contractors. how is some coding kid who just take up a book on javascript or html producing more value than that.

>> No.22185992
File: 17 KB, 500x441, 1595465327713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heiniken and Rainier for life!

>> No.22186002

You've been making 300k a year after taxes and it never occurred to you that it might be a good idea to save some back up money and assets?

>> No.22186025

Landlords get the rope, your pathetic - passing landlording off as a "business" you're are in the business of exploitation and you deserve to rot.

>> No.22186081

The coding kid has real skills and is producing real tangible goods such as apps that other people want. Can you produce anything of value? Do you have the skills to build a house? What value could you actually bring to any company?

>> No.22186084

>BA in Theology

Sounds like you only studied judaism from your post. Maybe you can start a career in usury.

>> No.22186086
File: 99 KB, 1148x746, 1595303107923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You want real advice? Invest 100K into XRP right now.

>> No.22186114

when you owe $10 000, it's your problem.

when you owe, $10 000 000 it's the government's problem.

>> No.22186121

Kek, OP mad cuz my style he's admirin' confirmed.

>> No.22186151


And here comes out your real personality. The thin veil of victimhood has fallen off to reveal the angry manchild beneath. I've helped start and expand legitimate crypto projects like Orion Protocol, as well as many businesses and metal mines over the years.

Everyone must be bad like you, otherwise you'd see you have made the wrong sacrifices, like Cain who was jealous of Abel. People with "fun" jobs suffer now. I've never avoided suffering. I've never looked away from Evil. I have travelled to the bottom of the Abyss and returned. You made bad choices, to trust in the wrong institutions. Until you remedy your misunderstandings of how the world works, you will suffer. You already know who I am. Causality.

>> No.22186177


you think you are funny but those are necessary costs of doing business. nothing is free unless you are


who gets stock bailouts by taxpayers like me.


am i not entitled to prosper just because i own houses wtf.

okay fine i will not tell you how much I charged because i do not want to be dock. but i increased rent avg of 7% per year from 2001-2019. less at beginning and less in 2008-2009 ofc. a bit more under trump since he made the economy boom and everyone was getting big wage increases and stuff. median idk off top of my head but they could cover it with 35%-50% of income to rent which isn't unreasonable for the area.

>> No.22186200

it's obvious bait, its so clearly derogatory that i have to imagine this is somebody posting about someone he knows to satisfy some shitty bitter wagecuck grudge he has

>> No.22186230

Speaking as a guy who has a 150k+ job at a f100 co in tech - you’re fucked man lmao. I wouldn’t hire you to jock excel - if you can’t tell me the difference between a vlookup and an indexmatchmatch you aren’t even halfway to competent and get absolutely mogged by zoomers at 70k annual.

Maybe try to manage someone elses property since you know how to do that. Or start a youtube channel.

Also you’re still a parasite :)

>> No.22186261

Why are you so against coders and traders when you've literally made all of your income through inheritance?

>> No.22186328


Who do you think pays most of these progressive taxes to begin with? Keep making excuses, I'm done. With this attitude you are not qualified to run a hotdog stand.

>> No.22186350


i wasn't always making 300k a year and you need to keep expanding to be competitive in a hcol area.


how am I exploiting i give people a place to live. i am not forcing them to live there.


i know how to remodel, handle contractors and realtors, etc. sometimes i helped out there with contractors on stuff like drywall. these are actual skills used in real world that are specific to an area and take knowledge not something someone from india could do for $20. i bring my knowledge and experience to the company.


if i had 100k to spare i wouldn't be here asking for advice.


yes and they do not want to bail out people like my friends and i. when the economy dies and all your stocks go down because of this, i will laugh at you too.


> I've helped start and expand legitimate crypto projects like Orion Protocol,

what so a trading platform you can scam people off of, wohoo.

> many businesses and metal mines over the years.

list them and we will see if they are productive and didn't need bailouts from the gov.

>> No.22186371

This must be a larp.

No one could seriously expect to be handed a 150k a year job with no skills. Also didnt save any money from 300k passive income for years..

I dunno duded. If youre serious youre rither going to have to sell now or lose it later.

>> No.22186375
File: 69 KB, 600x632, 3372CA8D-A52B-46C8-B292-3762D4A7909E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t think it’s funny, we’re just looking to hire respectable, trustworthy people. If you’re not hard-working enough to apply, then I’d say get some real qualifications. Maybe you have a guarantor who can help you out?

>> No.22186377

>7% annual rent increases

My dude plug in 1.07^20 and see just how bad it is for everyone you claim to rent to. You’ve participated in rugpulling the country for your own benefit. Nobody is this dense, gotta be a larp.

>> No.22186395


90% of coders never get anywhere and more than that in traders lose all their money in the first 21 days

If it's so easy, why doesn't everyone do it?

>> No.22186445



>> No.22186454

>but i increased rent avg of 7% per year from 2001-2019. less at beginning and less in 2008-2009 ofc. a bit more under trump since he made the economy boom and everyone was getting big wage increases and stuff. median idk off top of my head but they could cover it with 35%-50% of income to rent which isn't unreasonable for the area.

All of this is scummy shit and I hope you arent a LARP and lose everything. 50% of someones income for housing is goddam ridiculous. And you raise costs because people are making more, not because youve actually done anything to improve the property. Fuck right off.

>> No.22186455

buy an ar15

>> No.22186489


because i produce real value,i give people a place to live. coders just make stupid sites and apps an indian could do and rip off companies for money. traders just steal money from institutions that have 401ks and stuff then cry when things go bad and demand big bailouts for their fake money shit. the fed has spent 8 TRILLION dollars propping your stocks up, but they can't even the banks to pause my mortgages until eviction moratorium is up? stock traders are the real parasites and coders just exploit companies.

>> No.22186528
File: 84 KB, 500x500, brillian darkness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best thread on biz.
OP sell everything and invest in kneepads before its too late.

>> No.22186529

Gotta admit, this is masterful bait have another (you)

>> No.22186530


i didn't always make 300k learn to read zoomer kid. i built that up through hard work as a landlord.

>> No.22186639


it is not bad people do it in my area. if it was so bad i wouldn't have hundreds of apps in my area and that is just avg of what people do here yoy.


it is not ridiculous it is the avg here, i am just doing what the free market said to do before the liberal governor shut everything down. and i do improve property i do maintenance and remodel from time to time.

>> No.22186690

ok larp is obvious now, y'got me

>> No.22186789

1.07^19 is 3.61 - are you providing 3.6x the service you were 19 years ago? Are people earning 3.6x their salary then? Assuming inflation it should be about 1.5. That extra 2.0 on top is why people fucking hate you and they’re not wrong to.

>> No.22186850


it is not larp explain to me the value stock traders do to society. and explain to me why an indian can't just make an app like uber or a business website for much cheaper. the only coder who are not leaches are maybe the cybersecurity guys who stop hackers from russia and china and the military ones. maybe some of the video game ones who are skilled but like i see on /v/ many companies are hriing devs from poland/russia who are just as good if not better for 1/10th the price.

>> No.22186914

Nah, the world is full of people this delusional. Money and religion are the most powerful drugs on Earth.

>> No.22186961


house inflation has gone up more i can't do anything about that, that is central banker problem, i have to raise rent more so i can keep expand and be competitive and have good lives for my children. is that so bad? i can't fix all problems of my country.

>> No.22186965


>> No.22186996


>> No.22187035


fuck off this is not larp. i am still waiting for actual good advice maybe 3 people here have actually helpful advice finding me a job. i wouldn't be sitting here for 2 hours otherwise.

>> No.22187182
File: 243 KB, 720x960, 1598594308210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fake and retarded larp

>> No.22187188
File: 103 KB, 680x732, 1597106263146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i told you real advice. Buy Atleast 10k in XRP. You will make it.

>> No.22187222

i don't own any stock lmao. i own businesses with no debt. my main assets are off books and i can declare bankruptcy to start over again. because i have savings.

>> No.22187300

kkk. but what if.....you bought more houses?????

you can solve debt with more debt!!!

>> No.22187331


i have no liquid capital really


>my main assets are off books and i can declare bankruptcy to start over again. because i have savings.

so you are a tax cheat. great.

>> No.22187532

If you have to sit on biz for 2 hours to find a job you're not worth 150k y/r

>> No.22187570
File: 72 KB, 250x250, 1596843574951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very committed LARP. Even this big dump isn't enough to keep you entertained anon? Your dopamine receptors are fried, take a break.

>> No.22187630

No central banker made you raise your rates. You chose to take on that leverage, not them, which in turn means you need to keep raising rates to take on more leverage, etc etc. Don’t try and hide behind wanting a better life for your kids this is your own dumb shit fault with not being content and arrogantly running super thin margins with 6 months of personal not business expenses socked awY. You want your kids to be do-nothing inheritors as well and it’s led to HUBRIS and now you’re getting fucked and instead of your kids “just” splitting a smaller pie 3 ways now they get all of a nonexistent pie. HUBRIS.

>> No.22187728

If you’re not lying that means there are many more like you yet it hasn’t shown up at all yet in house prices. Think about it this way. 2/3 rent and nobody is allowed to evict. Yet somehow house prices unaffected? You think you’re alone in your predicament? Sell it all now. The music is about to stop.

>> No.22187816

Why do you think this

>> No.22187969

i spend all my money on hookers and gambling. lost it all :(

but when i made that money it was through business. i seem to have squandered it tho. :(

sorry i'm now bankrupt. :(

>> No.22187971
File: 241 KB, 400x400, TVb1XgOL_400x400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lisa Abramowicz's
Oooooooy veeeeeeey. She a cutie

>> No.22188190

I don’t usually post but here goes....

>> No.22188246

sometimes you gotta do shit u dont wanna do an who told you life was fair,faggot man up

>> No.22188266



>> No.22188268

>what is the free market

>> No.22188384

>My boomer mom eats that shit up.

>> No.22188407
File: 111 KB, 885x1024, 1588747625314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you used bank money to make money make money for yourself which is absolute parasitism compared to a programmer who creates actual practical value and you whine they leaches oh man i felt bad for you but you are dillusional greedy and overvalue yourself and now i dont care what happens to you. a programmer is more valuable to our society than a landlord by far. hell even a farmer is.

>> No.22188462

what fucking maintenance cost 100k??

>> No.22188519

>Maybe try to manage someone elses property
This exposes how much OP's skills are actually worth on the market. The rest of it is the leverage game. He's got 40k a year worth of skills leveraged to a 300k in passive income because of funny money.

I'm not criticizing OP. It's the best game in town, but we've got a black-swan event. I just wish they'd loan me $1mil at 2.9% so I could uby mutual funds and go chill.

>> No.22188544

he needs to maintain his lifestyle!

>> No.22188561

The root of the problem here is the government. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s it folks. The government is not allowed to pick winners (banks) and losers (small businesses).

They have to prevent people being evicted because they are preventing these people from working...and why? COVID-19 death rate statistics are low, does anybody read those?

If I want to go outside and risk dying so I can feed my family, that’s my choice, not a liberal governor‘s choice. I dream one day of living in a libertarian society where people are free to take their own risks. The government is fucking you over and there’s no other way to put it. I’m sorry for your loss. It makes me sick to my stomach that the government is bailing out high finance bros who make way too much money a year, off of the back of regular Americans that don’t realize their taxes are going to pay for some finance bro to make way too much money.

So how do we solve this? Three ways:
1. vote libertarian
2. Run for office
3. Give 100% of our effort to making sure that the government doesn’t steal our money through taxes to give to lobbyists, beuracrats, and bailouts.

You’re fucked OP. You’re only hope is investing in crypto and hoping for a 5-10x when the market collapses from inflation and foreign debt waking up to the weakness of our dollar. Lookup XMR to avoid taxes. Do your own research about crypto privacy and security. Fuck everything in this broken ass world that reward immoral opportunists and fucks working-class Americans while masquerading as the opposite.

>> No.22188659


You could also try to hold on for as long as possible. It seems bleak right now, but if you can hold on for another 3-6 months you might get through it without full bankruptcy. Literally don’t pay for any utilities or maintenance until a judge is in your face about to sentence you to jail. Pass the buck onto utilities companies and have them whine to the corrupt govt

>> No.22188695

anon I'll give you 150,000 if you let me fuck your wife

not even fucking joking

i'll give you 150,000 worth of BTC if you let me have free access to your wife whenever I want for the whole year.

>> No.22188740

hello fbi?

>> No.22189062
File: 154 KB, 2048x1536, hehe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll pay you $150 an hour to be my foot stool

>> No.22189394

lulz,bingo time to downgrade

>> No.22189413

$5000 of maintenance costs across 20 houses over 6 months is about what you can expect. Any number of things can break and any new regulations you have to spend out of pocket to be in compliance of.

>> No.22189673

lmao, and I bet whenever one of your tenets asked for a reprieve in the past you bitched at them for not having an emergency fund and then evicted them

Why don't you have 6-12 months worth of expected expenses in cash or liquid assets? You overleveraged yourself and now the music has stopped and you're holding the bag

>> No.22190117

>BA in theology
>professional usurer
>gets smited
I hope this isn't a larp, it's too poetic

>> No.22190723

>basically just been a NEET that calls blue collar guys to fix shit and white collar guys/cops to deal with poor people. How do I leverage this into a real, good job?

And you expect sympathy? Is this not the price you pay for getting that opportunity? For 300k/year you should have invested enough to cover yourself better. If not invest in a $$$ sense, then certainly a skillset

>> No.22190982

You're a landlord therefore a bad person.

this is america, land of the free. you should house people for free.

by society's logic, anyone making money is a bad person.

We need communism now! it might not be ideal, but it's fair.

>> No.22191753

Here’s what you do OP
You have to take a bridge loan to cover your short term expenses
With the state of you and more importantly everything else your loan won’t come cheap, you’ll run at probably break even for the next 5-7 years I bet but you’ll survive and start making middle class profit again after that time is up

>> No.22191796 [DELETED] 

Become a lawyer. I have to index invoices and they charge like 600 for 3 hours of job.

>> No.22191806

this post was beautiful, anon.

>> No.22192026

whats the alternative? government owns housing?

>> No.22192064

You could grow and sell bathtub catfish

>> No.22192095

Is the offer valid to non landlords too

>> No.22192185

sell some of the properties. if you are getting 300k/yr then with a 10% roi you have 3mil in equity. sell worst performing property. in the meantime use this time as a lesson for another future mishap and go get your law degree or something. JD goes perfect with real estate.

>> No.22192339


>> No.22192544

>have skills like i said i managed property.
gr8 b8 m8

>> No.22192570

>okay do people hate entertainment people to?
Yes. We hate every subhuman member of your tribe.

>> No.22192813

Here is the most sincere, well-meaning advice that I can give.

You mentioned that you want to be a good father and leave your children better off than you were. This is your opportunity to do so. Tell your children: "Learn from my folly. I was left all the opportunity in the world, and I squandered it because I didn't understand the value of what I was given, or how to protect it." At the same time, set a good example for them by humbling yourself, owning up to your mistakes, and learning the value of hard work. Show them that a real man accepts the consequences of his actions. Also, teach them to diversify and hedge their investments (and to always work a menial office job before investing so you understand exactly what $15/hr. actually means, and what you're trying to avoid.)

Remember 1 Corinthians 7:29 --

"What I mean, brothers and sisters, is that the time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as if they do not; those who mourn, as if they did not; those who are happy, as if they were not; those who buy something, as if it were not theirs to keep; those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them.

For this world in its present form is passing away."

I will pray for your family.

>> No.22192887

Leeches get the rope.

>> No.22192896

hate to break it to you man.. I really do.. but.. 75/hr jobs don't just fall from trees. Especially not at the moment.

>> No.22192911

wow this is gay even for biz, fuck off little christ cuck

while you ascribe your middling wealth that'll die in a single generation to your wisdom, the clintons fuck kids on a private jet on their way to a satanic sacrifice. fuck your dumbass moralfagging.

>> No.22192946

Sounds like you're getting what you deserve, leech. What a glorious post. Thank you for sharing.

>> No.22193006

>i want to make 150k with no job experience
>also i cant code
non stems "should be paid well too"
ah... this bloke has never felt pain in his life. hes about to.

>> No.22193057

So after 20 years you still don’t have savings? Tough luck bud that’s a free market for ya
Enjoy the soup kitchen, potato tonight

>> No.22193273
File: 49 KB, 225x393, 20200829_163542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmfao you're going to lose it all, welcome to the club bitch.

>> No.22193320
File: 3.01 MB, 350x193, 1562511661766.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22193420
File: 2.85 MB, 480x270, 1585078215002.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your children will suck my cock for pennies lmfao

>> No.22193490

>landlords but up houses like crazy, driving the price up so high the avg person can't afford one and needs to rent
>Finally gets what's coming to them and realized all the people he was forcing to pay rent have more skills than he does

>> No.22193511

How nice are your wife's milkers?

>> No.22193537

You're in a position of advantage here, with many options, you are OK.

>> No.22193596

>I pray to God that my children will be humble because I made them work an easy office job at above minimum wage to show them how the peons live.

Fuck you holy types are insufferable. How do you tie your own shoes in the morning?

>> No.22193624
File: 55 KB, 457x534, 1595747477084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22193716

unironically best plan ITT
Go full preacher, man. Youtube has a lot of opportunity for this.

>> No.22193749

You should have been a cop

>> No.22193752

Sell "your" properties, leech.

>> No.22193797

This is actually a legit idea for OP.
My gran loves that shit too. Especially videos about revelations and end days

>> No.22193875

You sound Jewish, I can hear the Jewish nasal whinny voice through the post.

>> No.22194072

You engage in predatory practices and keep houses off the market. If it's not a primary or vacation home I'd like to see shit taxed to the point you go bankrupt. You're a fucking piece of shit. Apartments and du/triplex I can't complain about as much because it's not really meant to be a place for people to live, but single family homes should not be a business model for shitstain kikes to hurt people like this. The only thing worse than renters are the house flippers who take a cute place and make it ugly then charge a 150% the original price for ruining it. Anyway fuck you, hope your dog dies hope your kids die hope your wife dies and hope you get crippled in a car accident.

>> No.22194353

Kek’d and checked

>> No.22194491

Drop your email

>> No.22194500

We really are in late stage capitalism. Everything is going to collapse within the next decade. I think UBI will be the only thing capable of preventing a mass uprising.

>> No.22194559

>vote libertarian
kek. The last two times the Libertarian party made the news, it was their candidate not knowing wtf was going on in the pivotal battle of the war against ISIS that was raging at the time, and some fat guy at their convention doing a strip tease while the audience begged him to put his clothes back on. The libertarians are a joke.

>> No.22194601

College freshman detected.

>> No.22194679

Just ask mommy and daddy for more of nana's money like every other time idiot.

>> No.22194825

You might be able to get a property manager job that pays like 25 an hour. Not 75

>> No.22194942

Can’t wait to see more overleveraged faggots lose everything in the crash.
The biggest jewish scam is being overleveraged in anything.

>> No.22195016

Best troll or you're the world's greatest faggot

>> No.22195052

Don't overleverage with inherited properties lol. Obviously they're inherited, because you don't know dick

>> No.22195824

OP lives in California.

>> No.22195887

ahha you have to sell and become a wagie

you fucked up

>> No.22195960

>good business owner
fucker you own a house and people pay you to live in the house. you don't own a business you neet.

>> No.22195961

>had six months of living expenses
correction, you had (6 months of living expenses - debt)

>> No.22196030

California is 'super white'?

>> No.22196092

everyone here is shilling BTC on you and I think that's a good call but since you are a neet you might want to look into stuff like VRA and YFV
Might be up your alley

>> No.22196114

Staking Suterusu is my job. I suggest you do the same on this dip.

>> No.22196118

He said a super white area, not a super white state. Find me another "big state" with a democrat governor and at least one male congressman.

>> No.22196147


What you want is voluntarism

1. All agreements must be mutually beneficial
2. Do not initiate force

With force defined as the removal of choice through manipulation, threats or violence.

Unlike Lolbertarianism this actually gives you responsibilities.

>> No.22196218
File: 203 KB, 1704x1317, mp14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related.

>> No.22196423
File: 16 KB, 480x496, 3FEAFBCE-BCD2-4F1A-8DD6-A47E82AC11C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Topkek great thread

>> No.22196490

Unlike everyone else who is replying to you I'm not a triggered zoomer. RE is a great investment and completely legit. Wagie renters deserve to seethe.
You need to sell a property though or offer cash for keys to try and get a new tenant. If all your properties are occupied by people refusing to pay, you probably did a bad job screening and/or own properties in shit areas. You're overleveraged, cut corners and not diversified at all. If the punishment for all of that is only losing one or two doors, you're getting off easy. Consider it a cheap lesson

>> No.22196525

Sell all the assets needed to pay your fucking loans and money to hold 6 months... learn to code and read about ethics so you can stop being an asshole.

>> No.22196580

>i increased rent avg of 7% per year from 2001-2019
complete ripoff

>> No.22196748


>> No.22197122
File: 7 KB, 225x225, images (4).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You are lost.

No one hires at these times for such income levels.

Take out a loan and mortgage back secure it with one of your properties.


Fire your tenants who dont pay. (at least you can now search for paying tenants while not having maintenance costs that big at all)

other plan

Sell all of your property , pay the bills and then you search for other real estate objects and start from the bottom.

Start small so you can pay off small maintenance work.

other Solution

Get out of real estate completely but keep the house you live at and start a normie life.

This means 9 to 5 standard Job probably at McD as Burger Boy (since you dont have any experience)


Apply at real estate agencies and tell them how good you are managing properties but corona and nigger tenants ruined it for you.

Last solution could be robbing your tenants when they not home

The very last solution is still kys

>> No.22197183

Lmao u should have cut losses and dissolved the company

>> No.22197929

>tfw when tenants don't pay
>tfw the non paying tenants are subletting/apartment sharing and earning profit.
>tfw no evictions.
>tfw when tenants are setting houses on fire.

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