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why is link doing so fucking bad compared to other coins?

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Because I prayed to God to let it dip so I could stack

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cuz it's dead senpai, buy tron

>> No.22180742

It was the first major coin to start shitting itself. Logically it will be the first one out of the shit around next year when you turn 17.

>> No.22180794

Because it was already in a downtrend, btc recovering wont help that much

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Mass of threads screaming and crying because link went parabolic are not even three weeks away

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It pumped from like 8 bucks to 20 in a couple of weeks for literally no reason.

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That's because it's the only legit coin out there. I'm still perplexed on why it isn't even at 100

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because 2/3 of the supply is yet to be released and sergay is selling some every week

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