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I feel like we are turning into the new XRPschizos. We’re talking about theories, looking for signs where there are no signs, and coping harder than those schizos.
This seems like an actual sell signal boys. If nothing changes by eow I’m out.

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XRP schizos are all correct though. not sure what the fuck you think is the longterm potential of LINK is.

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The difference between Link and XRP is that our investment has only gone UP from the initial investment. XRP has literal bagholders who can't accept they've made a mistake, hope this helps.

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Don't you get it?
Google needs an unecessary middle man to jump in and take a cut of their profits.
It makes sense bro read the white paper.

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Linkies are the OG schizos. After seeing Linkies shill LINK in a schizophrenic manner for years, XRP shills thought they could copy us. It won't work.

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this. its kinda cringe watching them put together nonsense thinking it makes sense
xrp holders are mostly low iq niggers and shitskins

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Xrp schizos need to take their meds
Yeah but why hold something that isn’t going nowhere?

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Link price action is all memes. The hype and Norman shekels pumped it to $20 and it maintains its price because it has some adoption with some shady cross armed Asians. Their whole SWIFT partnership was confirmed months ago to be larp. Google is larp too. XRP on the other hand has had a 3 year bear market because it was designed to dump every month, yet we see the adoption being set up, and we all know we just need regulations and a clear legal definition to what XRP is for it to moon. You can’t even compare the shizoposting. Chainlink is all hexagons and 77 and stupid shit like that whole XRP has pic related

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>xrp holders are mostly low iq niggers and shitskins
I feel like there are a decent amount of white people in this coin desu. Most of them are the type of people who would attempt to be a real estate agent for a few weeks and would fall for Tai lopez esque scams.

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$81,000 is not "nowhere"

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You're nufag we always hunted for crumbs. Kys

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Nobody is going to buy their 3 year old bags.

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This is the schizoposting, no actual source just “muh standard”
Xrp level retard

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All in xrp. Meds sold for xrp. fight me.

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You took English as a second language in middle school, didn’t you shitskin?

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The CEO of ripple being scene multiple times with high level executives is nothing? Let me know when Sir Gay gets to be within 1 mile from the IMF you gargantuan retard

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14 post
>4 post by this I’d

Buddy we get you’re poor and can’t afford shit. We get your mad you only have $1,200 from the stimulus in your name buddy, some people just won’t be a part of the financial reset, it’s ok anon. It’s ok.

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Until they need to dump more coins to purchase another useless vaporware project.

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thinly veiled xrp shill thread, go back to twitter faggot

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The hype is over. Chainlink is just going to slowly fall until it reaches ~$8.50

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Lmao in what world does that matter? Is your cripple still useless and worth nothing? Cope retard.
If I was poor, I’d invest in xrp and pray for a moonshot like you, retard.

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It is not enough that Linkies should succeed - Ripplecučks must also fail.

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I’m really not digging your bait, you’re obviously some fucking loser who needs attention haha.
>no American bank uses xrp hurdur
What are regulations?

I’ll ask again.

Call others retards but obviously you’re a fucking uga duga iq idiot.

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Don’t even bother with a nameless document.

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Absolute fucking retard in this thread lmao. Oh wait you created it. Fucking thread died for a retard like you.

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So when are you actually gonna show something with “ripple” on it or just gonna keep being a conspiracy nut? No? Then keep coping and being an angry broke bagholder. Retard.

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> Keep being angry
Why do water ripples trigger you, anon?

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>I need to be spoonfed. I am incapable of rational thought. I cannot connect real world events. If it isn't directly spelled out for me I cannot comprehend.

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Homie you’re really a fucking retard, you’re not even fudding you’re crying wahwahh from just ur post I can tell you have an iq of 65.

I’m not spoon feeding you.

If you’re to retarded to do it yourself that’s on you.

If you think I’m a conspiracy, you’re actually to retarded to use your brain and think for yourself and make conclusions on research. I didn’t invest in any virtual currency because this board. I invested because NOTHING can stop what’s coming.

Argue and cry because your poor to other people.


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I was one of the pre ico LINK buyers. I sold at $4-6. Yes, LINK has done extremely well, nobody will deny it. It will probably go even higher with BTC, no doubt. Having said that I think XRP is a good buy right now. Stable coin at worst but upside potential is there with Flare, Defi and new retail idiots coming in and buying up "cheap" coins as BTC goes towards 100k. Probably better to make gains on other projects right now but I'm certain XRP will get it's pump eventually and everyone here will be jumping on as it goes towards $3 and higher, doesn't matter how hated it is. Doesn't matter it has 45b coins. Doesn't matter that it gets dumped daily. 3rd biggest blockchain, smooth transactions, Ripple, new people will throw money in eventually. Doesn't matter how much you shit on it, its never going to 0.

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everyone knows xrp > link. dont be retarded

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Still no proof, just more connecting imaginary dots. Imagine calling someone poor, but praying daily for their 30 cent coin to magically fire up to 2000 after years and years.

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LINK has loads of development stages it still needs to reach and is already a working product, but it will only get better and better from here.
XRP already kinda is done and is serving its purpose.

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Ive been holding link since early 2019 and I can start to see what you are thinking. Ive been lied to alot on the coin with swift partnerships, google, docusign. I feel like we are soon going to crash cuz people will realize it mooned on hype. But then again I have said this at every ATH only for it to be broken, I wont sell though thats something I will never do

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I sold my ripple for linkies years ago anon kek
> Are these 30 cent coins with us in the room right now?

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In that picture I linked to you

Do you know who those people are? Do you know what positions they hold, and what positions they used to hold?

Do you know whos in that portrait?

Do you know what that man is responsible for?

Answer me those questions correctly and I'll spoon feed you.

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by eow its already going to be sub $10 lmao

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What about these people? Do you know who these people are?

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Don’t need to, cause I don’t have a flow chart on my wall like a schizo trying to justify why I held a stable shitcoin for many years after its violent dump. Go ask /pol/ why the holocaust was fake.

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These pictures show up a lot, but have you ever actually took the time to type their names into google to see who they actually are?

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So basically you are proud of your ignorance? What exactly would constitute "proof" for you?

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> We have to make your printer brrr twice as fast as his does

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So you’re admitting you have a flowchart for your 2000 eoy theory? Dear god.

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Stop spoon feeding these hungry niggers they only eat Russian shit topped with chink coom

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Oh I see. I guess I'll have to try to communicate on your level.



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I mean if I had to rely on xrp gains to feed me, I would have starved to death.

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