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Reminder that most of you are ngmi. Most of you will cash out for dollars and cents to pay off your credit card bills. The real special kind of stupid among you will cash out for an entry level luxury car. Only the chosen few with tungsten hands will make it to the end and escape the trap.

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What about a used luxury?
Cause that's been tempting.

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>was thinking about cashing out some stinkies for an Acura TLX Type S when it comes out
I feel personally attacked.

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>ripping up his golden ticket at financial independence for a leasemobile
This is why you are poor.

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LOL unironically could not agree more.

Theres no incentive for me to cash out. 10k 50k? Thats chump change. 1mill is the minimum, just stick that in a high interest savings account and live off interest dont even need to play with ((((((((((((STOCKS))))))))))))))))))

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I'm about to sell 5000 LINK, feels bad, but it's worth it for me.
I was really hoping I'd be able to hold longer

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I can guarantee you that whatever you think is "worth it" for you actually isn't.

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How do i become a special kind of stupid

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Exact one isn't an ex-lease mobile, but point taken. :)

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In this case it is. My wife is employee #1 at a company now valued @ 1.5B. It costs 85k with taxes just to buy 1/2 her stock. I wish I could wait longer but they are going through another valuation cycle so the cost is going the increase again in a week.
/humble brag

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How does her ass smell
pls tell us anon :)

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Like an ass, but I still eat it when I'm feeling frisky

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Exercise costs don’t change you numbnuts. If she honestly thinks that then she’s retarded and so are you for letting her.

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You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. When you exercise your options you have to pay taxes on the difference between the excise price and the current valuation.

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how long will link take to 'mostly' come to fruition? what's the roadmap look like?

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We still got another 18 months to go.

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Anon you can't really marry your hand

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imagine thinking 1 mil is the min
must not hold LOKI

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what about a brand new lambo huracan, cause somehow with my crypto gains i can afford that.

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I just want it to have a fucking stick shift like my current '07 TL Type-S. REEEEEEEEEEEEE

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You could rent it out on turo for 600 bucks a day.

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When is link going to be really high? 5 years? I am a poorfag but my 100 linkies are all I have and I am not selling them for anything

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I wish my hand was that rich. She makes like 3x my salary

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>oh no I have to pay more money on tax because I made a lot more money
You’re retarded

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Link cant even reach 20 dollars.

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if u buy a lambo u made it u fuckin faggot

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Shit, DeFi already pay me out more in interest than what I make at my job. Why anyone find it attractive to cash out to worthless fiat is beyond me

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Link most likely wont make it past 50 dollars or so at the very most.

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after the first week of driving youll realize the mistake you've made when you traded a million dollars for something that you just take to go get mcdonalds in.

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>get first repair bill
>have to sell the car for half its value
>made it
What did he mean by this?

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What's your current interest %?

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yeah but the cashiers at mcdonalds will think im really cool

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They still wont want to fuck you though.

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>The real special kind of stupid among you will cash out for an entry level luxury car
Whatever happened to the threads where we picked out our future lambo's colors?

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checked.. Best project in crypto.

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>The real special kind of stupid among you will cash out for an entry level luxury car.
so sergey is stupid? cause hes cashing out 7 million a week

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LOL @ trying to convince ppl to hold ur scam bro. It's fucking over. Muh oracles!

No. Muh prison sirgay 2020

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thats ok, I'll get plastic surgery on my soul and someone will love me

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Lets turn this FUD into one! I'm thinking a nice green, cause goodness knows there's not enough of them!

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What FUD?

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You sound mad

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