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After LARPing all day as an XRP fudder (holding 380k) I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of you asshats have no idea what is going on.

You mellon/baba fucks are just as bad as newfags who fud just because that's what they see others doing.

Where the fuck are my fucking chad maxis that have actually studies the pieces of the puzzle?

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XRP is a scam you fuckwit

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Then move on friend.

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I havent found anyone who likes babacuck.

I bought XRP researching the implications of it being implemented on a global scale. later found the XRP schizo threads and found them very comfy.

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Can you tell me where all the XRP shills are coming from? Is it Reddit? Pretty sure most people who have been here for more than a few months know it's a shitcoin and never will get used by banks on a large scale.

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Oooooo ya we gunna make it.

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explain your reasoning why they won't.

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Checked. And echoed

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Mellon and uhnwi are stupid fucking larps.
I have xrp because of the jew connection

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>holding 380k
thats not a lot you know....

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This is not a spoon feeding thread.

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its funny to see cripple still get shilled after so many years.
still at square one, no banks are interested, many rejections.

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Hey thanks for stopping by.

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>Things that have been since the 70s will continue indefinitely into perpetuity because I'm a stupid fuck with hardcore normalcy bias


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im just saying, you wrote you have 300,000 XRP like thats some proof of credibility. I have way more, so that would mean the info i believe is more legit than yours

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American Express
Standard Chartered
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
PNC Financial Services
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
Star One Credit Union
CBW Bank
Cross River Bank
Royal Bank of Canada
DH Corporation
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Bank of Montreal
ATB Financial
TD Bank Canada
Euro Exim Bank
Bank of England (Central bank)
Royal Bank of Scotland
Credit Agricole
Banco Santander
Banca Intesa Sanpaolo
Reise Bank
Fidor Bank
Erste Group AG
Credit Suisse
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB
Bank Leumi Le-Israel
National Bank of Kuwait
Kuwait Finance House
Bank Dhofar
Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (Central bank)
First Bank of Abu Dhabi
Al Rajhi Bank
DBS Group
United Overseas Bank
Singapore Exchange
Bank of Thailand (Central bank)
Bank of Indonesia (Central bank)
Siam Commercial Bank
Cargills Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank
IndusInd Bank
Axis Bank
Yes Bank
Faysal Bank
Shanghai Huarui Bank
Woori Bank
SBI Holdings
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Fukui Bank
Star Bank
Aomori Bank
Ashikaga Bank
Awa Bank
Senshu Ikeda Bank
Iyo Bank
Oita Bank
Orix Bank
Gumma Bank
Keiyo Bank
San-In Godo Bank
Sikoku Bank
77 Bank
Shimizu Bank
Juroku Bank
Shinkin Central Bank
Shinsei Bank
Hachijuni Bank
Michinoku Bank
Mizuho Financial Group
Musashino Bank
Nomura Trust and Banking Company
Seven Bank
Sony Bank
Yachiyo Bank
Tochigi Bank
Bank of the Ryukyus
Chiba Bank
Chugoku bank

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Daishi Bank
Daiwa Next Bank
Hiroshima Bank
Hyakugo Bank
Suruga Bank
Yamaguchi Bank
Hokuriku Bank
Nishi-Nippon City Bank
North Pacific Bank
Resona Bank
Shikoku Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
Toho Bank
Tsukuba Bank
Yamagata Bank
Bank of Yokohama
SBI Sumishin Net Bank
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Macquarie Group
National Australia Bank

You're right anon, better pass on this one.

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Here’s what I’ve been able to gather. Fill in whatever you think is important
>treasury seizes IMF or something
>IMF very much so in the mix with ripple
>Ripple provides ODL
>ODL uses XRP in (20%?) of its transactions as of now
>some level of price suppression is in place
> price could pop if that stops

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Your reading comprehension is astounding. Truly. Congrats.

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credit suisse is the only one that is not a scam, and they are a neutral party

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these are all RippleNet.
>I have 300,000 k XRP, Im a big bad rich insider bros
why are poorfags so dumb?

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answer me this OP
what's the coin that topped at 20k sats
bottomed at 2k
and has a realized capitalization (meaning: most holders bought at this price) of 1 dollar

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>I have 300,000 k XRP, Im a big bad rich insider bros

Literally made up by you. You are unironically here arguing with yourself. Congrats.

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>After LARPing all day as an XRP fudder (holding 380k)

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October 31st will be the last chance you can load up on XRP below 0.30c

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Unironically you’re a retard. Most the people who claim they have over 100k post a photo with stamps like the bro’s with 254k and 290k.

I don’t believe some fucking retard with no proof.

You’re a absolute larper and an absolute fucking retard.

Kill you self and go back to working ur slave wager.

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>Most the people who claim they have over 100k post a photo with stamps like the bro’s with 254k and 290k.
How poor are all the XRP holders here when 290k is some outrageous number thought not possible? LMAO

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Actually the least retarded post so far.

However, past performance is not indicative of future performance ESPECIALLY in a transition between a speculative and adopted/utilized asset.

You realize one of literally the most valuable companies in the WORLD took a huge shit and was flat for a fucking decade right?

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Yup $100k in fucking xrps not a lot, anon this board is full of fucking retards buying pajeet projects with the only 1k in their pocket.

Are you fucking retarded too?

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Checked. Got me a tasty stack and will buy a couple grand more if it dips to 0.20. Seems like this will be a long term hold for what they're attempting to pull off. Talking 5-10 years.

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Please point out how any of that translates to either:

A) Rich


B) Insider

Nope? Cant? Ok, have good night anon.

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fucking this. I'm driven away from news on the project by the bipolar idiocy.

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>comparing stocks to a commodity
just dont. this hurts to read
if youre not rich or an insider your opinion is hot garbage. Its funny how you shit on Mellon and Babacugs, even though
A) Babacugs has been doxxed and is a 8 figure millionaire
B) Christopher Greene says $2000 XRP too and touts the insider
meanwhile, big retard you say
>lol, my poorfag ass knows better than those two

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How's that working for ya

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Its completely obvious to anyone who has an above room temperature IQ that ripple is up to some big shit with the XRPL. Its almost certain at this point that they are going to capture the entire derivatives market and consequentially all the money in the world.

I already view it as the derivative of the value of the global economy and I expect the normies will identify it as such after the dust settles.

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I have 300...
Just 300

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>plebbit spacing

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When the fuck you gonna post ur wallet with a time stamp. You legit claim to be a xrp fud larper, you think the retards and schitzos of this board wont call you out for ur fucking larping of “ i own 300k xrp” hurdur.

Fucking absolute larper anon.

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Yes because wealth is the absolute measure of due diligence.

You probably think fucking Charlie Ward is a genius too yeah? Did you hear the part in his last video where he says his guys on the inside is a 5th dimensional being?

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No time stamp claims 380k holds 300k

Photoshop faggot

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> Nostro Vostro Mumbo Jumbo banks will buy your bags of XRP
And not a single bank uses XRP after Brad Garlinhouse guaranteed dozens of banks would use XRP by the end of 2018 and a magnitude of banks would be using XRP in 2019. Ripple has been scamming noobs with the bank adoption of XRP use case for 7+ years now

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>Its almost certain at this point that they are going to capture the entire derivatives market and consequentially all the money in the world.
yet, only people buying XRP up are schizos on twitter and no Wallstreet kikes at all.
>Yes because wealth is the absolute measure of due diligence.
it is
>You probably think fucking Charlie Ward is a genius too yeah?
he is.

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>.21 average
>all in
>no more spoon feeding, only throwing my feces at retarded fudders
>XRP is the standard

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You know they have these things called exchanges right? Where you can keep holdings that you are actively trading?

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baller post id

>> No.22150827


This LARPerino is gettin digits like a son of a gun! Kudos to your future billions

>> No.22150842

I w a n t p r o o f

>> No.22150846

So every fuck that inherited family money is automatically a genius as well then I guess.

Dude just stop.

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LOLOLOLOL ok Thank you. Have a great day.

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They use xRapid or xVia you stupid cunt. He wasn't wrong at all.

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Thats like 3 decent sports cars.....
3 or 4 houses ?

>> No.22150879

Sure thing faggot fuck. If you bought xrp two years ago to the day, you’d be at a loss. Kys loser.

>> No.22150880

Gosh you drive a hard bargain sherlock, what will satisfy your search for absolute truth?

>> No.22150884

>So every fuck that inherited family money is automatically a genius
they are more connected to insiders than you will ever be. You are nothing but a poorfag. I love how you post this >>22150376 like this was supposed to shut people up, even though youre attempts that shilling is actual fud, seeing how all these "partners" are Ripplenet, not ODL.

poorfags like you ruin the XRP community. Just shut the fuck up, and let people who are actually rich and connected speak

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don't give a shit please and thank you

>> No.22150897

Sorry you're salty because you bought the top. Some of us have been in since .17 and DCAing ever since

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Yawn. You’re a homo

>> No.22150927

>thinking you need insiders to see the writing on the wall

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These people sure are upset. Sounds like they need to take a computer break and get some fresh air.

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XRP chad here, posting about XRP makes biz seethe.
I wonder (((((Why)))))

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>buying xrp
Kek my worst performing shit coins did better than this trash and they did it an hour, not 2 years. You’re a delusional faggot that has no clue what’s going on. Cope harder hahahahahaha get BTFO beta boy

>> No.22150961

you dont know what the writing on the wall is. You have no idea whats going to happen when you think >>22150376 this actually matters.

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>xrp number go

>> No.22150978

Soooo, no September moon mission?

>> No.22151004

UHHH yeah muh quantum financial system mark of the beast, christs second coming coin

Get the fuck out of here dude. You're too gullible to hold this shit

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The moment I read that you can print xrp I stopped reading, who ever wrote that or started that thread is a fucking retard.

Xrp followed btc to $3 along with normie money. No one pumped it but bitcoin fucking sped. K y s k I k e

Fucking dumb niggers on this board I swear to Mellon.

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This is the 66th post on this thread

>> No.22151027

Just tuck it away and forget about anon. Flip shitcoins on the side to pass the time and someday youll wake up a rich man.

>> No.22151038

real schizo hours

>> No.22151052

>claims im too gullible to hold this
>thinks RippleNet = ODL
kek. How does it feel i have more than double your XRP? Even if XRP moons, i will be infinitely richer than you

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Yea hard to forget when I have like 90% of my money in xrp. I think ill take a few hundred out the next pump so they dont shut my power off.

Better be soon, god willing

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I will be honest. It was the best incentive is no incentive speech that truly put the subject to bed. There of course are a million literal other reasons, but the critical and precise nature that DS described the necessity of a non custodial incentive based structure that got me all in.

>> No.22151109

Now you post ur xrp stash faggot

>> No.22151125

You know what the word schizo means pre babalon tower?
It was the word for the sky king crystal power
Schi = CHI/Power
KO = Earthly king power
Thsi =Sky and wind / communication power,

The Schikothsi are a power sect of communication wizards who have domenion over the energies of earthly powers, Tread lightly friend, if I was forced to use any of my power on you you would decenergrate probably

>> No.22151126

You just posted cringe.

>> No.22151142

I love it when you talk dirty to me

>> No.22151143

Bro the fact that you think that even matters just highlights your little baby dick and fragile ego. You made all these assumptions and your still literally just fighting with yourself.


Yeah and you're gonna be an even bigger bitch than you are now

>> No.22151149

The hatred and concern trolling only makes me buy more.

>> No.22151161

DS is a fucking legend

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File: 166 KB, 404x717, 28BCE02C-A580-4496-A4EC-60AF24DBC2F5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>printing XRP

>> No.22151185

Sorry to hear that friend, I hope you make it.

>> No.22151192

>Yeah and you're gonna be an even bigger bitch than you are now
i didnt think it was possible to cope this hard. I love this.
Your precious XRP will moon, and you cant even celebrate, because you will always think back to me; the one person who called your retard ass out.
Believe Mellon
Believe Cugs
Believe Greene
Believe Ward

>> No.22151193

I have 1k

>> No.22151222


Yeah that talk was based.

>> No.22151223

oh yeah? well my dad can beat up your dad!

I put all my fiat funny money that isn't used to keep me alive into XRP.

>> No.22151237

I'm in pretty heavy and not selling a single one but goddamn when is this thing going to budge?

>> No.22151242

Ok ur a retard bud for sure.

>> No.22151251

I am poorfag as well. I am playing the balancing act of a lifetime to reach 5k by november. I am at 2k now....

Honestly this is the most fun I have had in a long time. It is a rush.

>> No.22151262

Already 4th, was 2nd on December 2018.
It's going to be 6th eoy, out of top 10 in a year.

>> No.22151264

>poor people calling others retard

>> No.22151269

Oh yeah that's what I'm gonna do anon. I'm gonna cry at home and think about that time on biz when I got totally owned by the giga chad.

You're gonna masturbate to this thread later aren't you?

>> No.22151289

2k EOY Jesus Christ is Lord.

>> No.22151293

>because you will always think back to me

Maybe you should find people in real life who think about you so you don't have to do this, anon. No one cares if you get rich. There's so much money in the world. There will always be a bigger fish.

The thing is that there is so much evidence for what is going on that you don't need to believe these people. They are irrelevant. They don't matter to my belief structure. They compliment it but I came to the proper conclusions without the need for "insiders". wealth doesn't equal intelligence, don't trust people just because they have wealth.

>> No.22151368

As a fellow XRP holder, all the signs point to Ripple (and likely XRP) being utilized heavily, possibly cornering the derivatives market.
If you don't believe in the shizo stuff (I do) then what do you think XRP will be at EOY?

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File: 140 KB, 1080x1080, 1589573528391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do fudders think Banks only using Ripplenet is bad, and that its impossible that they would eventually start using XRP once they have a trusted relationship with the company? Do they just expect Banks to yolo all their assets into XRP right away?

>> No.22151395

>The thing is that there is so much evidence for what is going on that you don't need to believe these people. They are irrelevant. They don't matter to my belief structure. They compliment it but I came to the proper conclusions without the need for "insiders"
wrong. the insiders are the only thing that give XRP value at this point. Anyone here whose going to talk shit about the insiders better be rich or connected themselves already because they know nothing.
XRP is supposed to be fundamentally shit from a surface level
>RippleNet uses no XRP
>ODL completely dead now
>Jed dumping
>none of wallstreet kikes, warren buffet, or anyone buying up XRP when its supposedly going to be huge
XRP is fundamentally shit when you look at like any other coin.
Only insiders give it value. XRP is the schizo coin. All the people who look at XRP for the technicals are just closeted Linkies or algo holders and should just sell their stack now.
The only thing worth discussing about XRP are the connections and who knows who. Not whether Satander bank plans on doing ODL in god knows what month


>> No.22151417


Digits of destiny.

>> No.22151422

>claims he holds more xrp than op
>>Doesn’t post proof

You’re a retard trying to call people over the internet poor when you can’t even prove you’re not poor yourself anon.

You are what we call delusional and a retard.


>> No.22151432


>> No.22151457

>you can’t even prove you’re not poor yourself anon.
if the insiders are correct, I will post proof of me cashing out all my XRP, including the exchange i use it to cash out on and some screenshots of my bank.
I will screenshot your post and be back December 1st.
Godspeed poorfag. Hope you arnt too mad that im really not larping lol

>> No.22151491

as a REAL insider here, you "insiders" posst a hella lotta cringe. You make all of us real insiders look bad

>> No.22151519

> Real insider
> No proof at all

>> No.22151522

Anon I have no fucking clue. I don't have a crystal ball and I'm not gullible enough to believe what you believe.

All I know is token price on the ledger is a function of its throughput and global adoption significantly increases throughput enough that I will never have to work again in my entire life if I don't want to. The actual number makes no difference for the goals I have.

If you want to believe it's going to be $2000.00 on the dot because some flashy rich bald dude that thinks president trump is sent by god to save the world from an elite lizard mafia said so...

Go for it.

>> No.22151527

You're going to cash out? What the hell is wrong with you? Flare network is coming out with card support so there won't be a need for cashing out to shit fiat.
Seriously get on flares discord and ask the development team

>> No.22151530
File: 54 KB, 392x354, 27014A9F-F8CB-4B5C-99E1-05E2E097EBAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Screen capped, can’t wait to see you cash out 500 xrp.

>> No.22151535

the banks own the swift network...why the fuck are they going to use a competitors product (who's owner is an alt-creg wright style tard)?

you guys are fucking completely delusional. anytime this issue comes up you absolute mongrel retards say: ""But xrp is cheaper than swift!!""
thats the point dummy. the bank owns swift. you want to cost them money?
and that money....the fucking CUSTOMER pays that.

>> No.22151547

Yeah, you telling me what does and doesn't matter to my belief structure is not a thing you get to do. I didn't need these "insiders" to arrive at my conclusions and you certainly don't get to tell me I needed them to arrive at my conclusions.

Basically at this point I am going to have to tell you to fuck off, retard. You've said some real stupid shit in this thread but this really takes the stupid cake.

>> No.22151572

Oh shit bro, you just went full retard, I'm out. It was fun while I thought you might be an actual person but this... just... wow.

>> No.22151594

Ask ur mom I'm REALLY deep insider her

>> No.22151645

I might hold on longer for Flare, but if the insiders are right, i wont need flare money
only cashing out if insiders predictions come right, so if XRP is still 30 cents December, dont try to look for me.
anyone who is not fully in on the mellon larp are useless shitposters.
Sell your XRP for LINK, you arnt gonna make it.

im out too. my final warning: do not talk about XRP if you dont believe in Mellon

>> No.22151654

fuckin checkd n kekd when he interuptd the android autistit. Nothing better then seeing an Autist like DS shut down non com speakers and lay foundation. That is what makes this work, those whom are already sold and vetted. .

>> No.22151665

fuck off and die

>> No.22151687

You tard, even after collecting end user fees it is still cheaper and less volatile for a bank to use xrp

>> No.22151714

Bro you literally just said "Mellon larp"

Goodnight anon

>> No.22151760

>If you want to believe it's going to be $2000.00 on the dot
Checked, partly that but partly because the $2000 number allows XRP to be efficiently used on the XRPL. Lower $ like $20 would mean the burn rate would cause the system to be useless within 10 years

>The actual number makes no difference for the goals I have.
Fair enough, I can only afford 30k XRP, if I liquidate some other assets I could push to 50k XRP. Will that be enough to retire if it only hits $30 or less? Maybe

>> No.22151774

>Goodnight anon
its not night here, burger.

>> No.22151792

Well look at it this way. The indian (dot not feather) fellow from ripple lays out the primary goal. Actually only goal. Resolve the remittance industry liquidity issue. This issue is 155 TIO $. W/ a cap of 50BIO, that gives u a cap of 3100 per xrp, however w/ the monthly escrow a 1500 run @ total 100BIO. So avg looks to be 2K. Take that # and realize ODL liquidity solution, which is now proven and scalable/sustainable can be applied to 1.4QIO in derivitives/CDOs/ etc you have your long term 10K adoption. when u really pull back the curtain you realize this is not google as much as this (xrp) is actually the wheel.

>> No.22151825

Why do you believe in Mellon anon?

>> No.22151834
File: 12 KB, 439x222, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22151843

Oh my bad dude, I got your blue ID confused with that other guy.

I totally agree a high token value is mechanically better for the ledger. Like I said, it all hinges on use or rather scale of adoption. There is no mechanical reason why XRP cant be worth 2000 or even more. Higher value equals less slippage and lower burn rate.

>> No.22151869

Yes I am supposed to know that and change my salutation based on your time zone.

Goodnight anon

>> No.22151913

Ripple's XRP is the most well placed crypto currency to work with international banks, and that would cause XRP'S value to rise, I just don't know when.
Some insiders namely Mellon and Cugs say it has to happen this year and cannot afford to be delayed past 2020, any idea why that is?

>> No.22151932
File: 308 KB, 950x767, goldman-sachs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are moving the worlds factory to India. Accenture is working on a "cutting edge" system in BoE and BoI. They are probably doing the same in BoA. Accenture implements the XRPL.

They were also moving literal metric tons of silver over the XRPL DEX in august. That and they were testing china coin a lot.

Just some interesting nuggets

>> No.22151993

Brian brooks basically said that they are going ahead with what they sought out to do and that they need to get it done before the election because if trump loses the election then they will undo all the work that have done. Brian brooks, the head of the OCC who passed regulations that allowed banks to custody cryptocurrency. I'll try to find the document.

Basically, financial warfare.

>> No.22152056

I hadn't seen this article. Good work anon.

>> No.22152253

Is this what eating your own poop does?

>> No.22152319

XRP schizo threads always bring the digits

>> No.22152328

What's happening? Why did you eat poo?

>> No.22152347

>he took it literally
Kys newfag

>> No.22152366
File: 75 KB, 1080x787, 53116D88-4044-4586-99AE-A94445FE8641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder if you put $1000 into xrp 2 years ago, it’d be worth less than that. How do you guys cope with this?

>> No.22152395

Thanks for stopping by rabbi.

>> No.22152442

>if you buy high and sell low you lose money


>> No.22152454

Guys... I want to believe in XRP but it's literally just a conspiracy coin that will NEVER moon. Do you not see how hard Ripple is suppressing its price?? They don't want it to moon because they need it to constantly be affordable for banks to buy into. It'll NEVER moon.

The only time the XRP value will go up in any way is to adjust for the inevitable devaluation of the USD cuz the US government that we pay taxes to are fucking retarded and want to destroy the nation.

It will NEVER have any fucking value my dudes, ever.

>> No.22152480


>> No.22152523

Thanks for the concern troll honest anon.

I will sell now.

>> No.22152730



All banks are broke or about to be, that's like trying to convince you have made great deals with candle factories 10 years after the light bulb was invented.

>> No.22152839
File: 30 KB, 600x300, us-candles-market.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The banks will not lose in this.... I assure you.

>> No.22152949

high energy post

>> No.22153093

>all that "interest"
>$0.20 stablecoin

hmm something doesn't add up

>> No.22153125

The price is suppressed and manipulated.

>> No.22153132

Hmm it’s a stable coin the banks would never prefer a less volatile coin over a super volatile coin.

Hurdur I’m a fucking retard hurdur
What’s regulations ?

>> No.22153177
File: 150 KB, 666x386, OJAWEGUIa19E0fNefpHBTiWjnpPKDi_mL9DiXIPeIt0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems like all these threads we spoonfeed these people, and they jump through loops to not see what could be seen with 15 hours or so of research.
Same FUD every thread.
Same explanations.
Same references.
If they do not see that xrp is the standard by now they never will.
XRP is a comfy hold. XRP'ers are blessed schizos. XRP threads are the most fun.

>> No.22153483

A s c a m

>> No.22153495

The NPC-like fud is annoy but otherwise, very comfy and very fun.

>> No.22153603


>> No.22153634

Lurk moar

>> No.22153796

>XRP is a comfy hold
>XRP'ers are blessed schizos
>XRP threads are the most fun.

>> No.22153850

ok so why would you invest lol

>> No.22153968


Is in the top 5 in case you didn't notice

>> No.22154074

Yes it is.

>> No.22154114

Stop spamming the board with your scam and people will stop calling you out. You're worse than xsn shills.

>> No.22154135

Then move on friend.

>> No.22154139

Ooh the anger in this little nerd.

>> No.22154196

Well there's still time. If you decide to.

>> No.22154223

>post the cRipple chart
>paid shills call you a fudder
top kek

>> No.22154235

Got that right, keyboard tough guys.

>> No.22154255


>> No.22154259

I was enjoying the back and forth you guys had but damn what is this...

>> No.22154270

Tbh you need to be willing to wait. This 2000 EOY stuff is a valid prediction, but I'm preparing to just forget about it and hold for a few more years.

However it is still without a shadow of a doubt, the standard.

>> No.22154330

Math Check... .27 x 560,000...

>> No.22154366

Because it's the best investment in the history of investing. And despite the fact they have had plenty of time to make it in this tiny downtrend, they never will. Keep winning XRP Chads

>> No.22154369

Why would banks use an existing xrp blockchain and not just clone xrp and start a new ome without xrp bagholders? You know like LTC is BTC clone, they will make SuperXRP and will use it between banks only.

>> No.22154422

Larping like you FUD XRP
Price has been low for years
Everything else has mooned why would you FUD something that’s cheap as dirt?

>> No.22154450

I'm just trying to make money on some other coins before getting back to xrp simple as that.

>> No.22154461

It's just triggering that the people who are fudding XRP have literally no knowledge of it at all. But hey, I know I shouldn't care. Let them find out for themselves.

>> No.22154519
File: 97 KB, 500x435, step-1-how-how-to-spoon-feed-an-adult-55502233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has been answered numerous times in this thread.

>> No.22154587
File: 190 KB, 617x622, 1598957020285.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are only interested in
Don't fret man, we are all investors. XRP FUD anons are the ones super angry that we are investing in something we know about. They are the same ones who would invest in hotdog, chickenrolls, poopee coin. They may turn a profit, good for them. Eventually everyone will invest is xrp, whether they were FUD in the past or not.

>> No.22154623
File: 14 KB, 320x351, Grayons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22154668

Wait sorry wrong thread. Anyway...They did. It is called xrp.

>> No.22154754

I did this and Im still holding it...

Should have put all that money in LINK instead :(

>> No.22155090

checked and can confirm, literally nobody likes babacucks, he's just a tool I use. I let him do all the thinking and wasting time while I play games and enjoy life until moon, kek.

>> No.22155173
File: 328 KB, 800x778, 1598537989982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Never selling my skitzo stack

>> No.22155569

380k XRP

Give me a break. Come back when you’ve made money.

>> No.22155965

Link to speech/video? Actually sounds really interesting

>> No.22156352


>> No.22157211

You can filter XRP threads out, you know.
Or are you too retarded?

Hang on, I take that back. You are definitely too retarded. Google it. Save us from having to read your dribble in future.

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