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Thinking of selling everything to get 1 btc and the rest in link. I’m a poorfag and every little bit counts. I just want a mattress at this point.

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Might as well go all in link. Link's going to 1k before BTC gets to a million.

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Keep some ETH too desu

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ETH will outperform BTC in the next year.

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is link at 1k a meme?

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eoy is a meme. 1k is not. warosu

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^ What this fag said

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buy the top, sell bottom to get predictable results

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dont listen to eth fags. you shouldnt buy anything else in crypto until you have one btc. might as well hold the link, too. and snag 500 xrp m8

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1 BTC and try to get 32 ETH as the next goal.

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At the end of the day, If BTC falls, Crypto Falls IMO

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1k eoy is a meme, but 1k could eventually happen

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Yes, but if that happens crypto will eventually get back up, and once BTC falls, it falls for good.

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yeah but if crypto pumps btc stays the same

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So either 1k link or 1btc? Seems like link is going further down no?

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At the end of the day in USD falls we're going to be killing each other for food scraps

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keep your link. start building your btc stack.

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So basically impossible?

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shut up maximalist faggot

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>maximalist faggot
>says buy a small bag of xrp

pick one new fag

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Hard to predict... altcoins have been around since 2013ish. If you look at historical data to project future outputs, it's really hard to imagine what anythib will be like 3-5 years down the road.

There's a lot of exponential growth potential in crypto though.. just imagine what shit is going to be like in 10 years

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Based on this the best guess for an exit price is $80-$100

Thanks lad

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