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>food scams mooning left and right
>sitting on my $2m link stack
>could have made $10m-$50m from 1 food scam flip and retired already if I had the balls
>paralyzed by fear of losing my linkies ive held so preciously for 3 years
>probably gonna make it anyway but it'll take years instead of weeks

its an abstract kind of feel

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atleast when you get rich it'll be from selling your stake in a legitimate project with partnerships instead of ampleforth copy cats that only serve to leave people dumped on with bags and no teams or any legitimate backing. Money carries energy

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that doesnt make me feel better

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Yeah dude shut up, dumbass. Whats wrong with you?

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>have $2m
>buy scams ponzi shitcoin
>destroy the order book and multiply the price by 50x
>get dumped on by bots instantly
>lose everything

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