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I'm in enough shitcoins.
I believe in this project and 80% of my port
has been moved to fiat.
I'm making a decision today

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do you want us to make this decision for you then lets roll for it.

TRIPS decide what OP is going to do. i say dont buy it

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OP invest in the best rope you can find and then jump into said rope

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buy ada if you want your stack to slowly bleed out while the rest of the market pumps
>i only want whats best for you op

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I wouldn't go all in, maybe a tiny stack

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Rolling but as a ADA holder for 3 years even I know theres a better place for your money out there

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why would you invest in butthole coin? literally tranny and basedboy devs

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That's what I did and it worked out perfectly as planned.

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This is a good plan, I held ada and xlm for 3 years, it worked perfectly.

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all in phaggot op

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Based for me it was ADA, XLM and ICX
Couldn't have gone better.

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Cardano might be tranny coin, but it does have a shitt tone of devs, it will probably pump very hard, but Im unsure whether it will stay the king, probs just sell out at 2025 when speculation hits its peak, and swap into Elrond or VeChain or something.

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You know it has potential because biz can't find anything actually wrong with it so they are forced to resort to personal attacks on people's looks

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There ya go OP, better listen to Satan.

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Lets be real though, they don't actually have much of a product yet, they are taking too fucking slow, yeah they wanna do it all scientific or whatever, but Elrond is just better.

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gougen will basically make or break it, I'm expecting a nice pump from that update

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it would be nice.. they are out of money and maybe you can keep them going for a few more weeks?

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Fake video and you know it, fuck off Stephen. You've been posting this video for so long that IOHK wouldn't be operating right now if it was true.

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and then a slow bleed when nobody uses or adopts it because the design is a fucking joke made to shill not to actually function. plutus will fail

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this was only a couple of moths ago.. he is supporting the 50 rent seeking unproductive "academic" devs with his own money and crying about it in this video.. tick tock faggot.. and who is steven? ur bf?

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>>22094938 You should buy in because as you see there is a legion of trannies trying to FUD this coin. I wonder why?

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I wouldn't all-In but I'm Hodling.

Lamden TAU

are my altchain products

I want to do DAG coin but IOTA's Ternary fetish and reinvent-the-cryptography-wheel bullshit is absolutely going to bite them in the ass. Bosch sort of tacitly refusing to acknowledge the partnership is evidence enough that people don't like what they're seeing. Hedera is probably a great product but holy shit those tokenomics are such a fucking joke.

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cuz a few ppl see thru this retarded scam now that has been stringing ppl along for 5 years with increasingly fake claims, moving goalposts and zero delivery. if you wanna miss the defi pump sitting in some irrelevant scamcoin plz do.

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Fuck off tranny. Cardano will win, it will kill Ethereum and it will go to $1K EOY

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>the cardano fanboi persona

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hahaha.. ok I'll cap this with the other ones so I can mock you publicly in a couple of months when it's 3 cents again

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Based satan

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thoughts on cosmos?

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That's alright. not everyone will be able to live on Mars with us

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Imagine buying vaporware in 2020.

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instinctively i stay away from cardano. instinct hasn't served me too badly in crypto. i'm all in on Aave and imo you should be too.

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Cardano is just Diet Doctor Ripple

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10k Cardano and 10k Ripple here

Those 2 and Ethereum are my holds

Stay poor

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Dubs you go all in and become a millionaire

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ADA is 30% of my portfolio. I'm confident in Hoskinson's vision and decision making. if ADA succeeds it will change the world for the better. Short term there's probably better investments but next year will tell what Cardano is capable of. Personally I will just hodl for years/decades.

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This shit was 2 cents like a month ago. Don't throw everything into some shitcoin that you know nothing about.

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I'm baffled by how anyone who believes in IOG wouldn't invest at least partially in Ergo.

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I almost missed out on $PHR because of shitcoins but guess the Lord saved me

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