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My boss just texted me implying that I will be fired if I go on vacation for four days, even though I gave two months’ advance notice. My family already purchased the tickets and everything. Is there anything I can do?

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Kill him

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ohhhhh wagie
get in cagie

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You have two options
>be a limp-wristed beta libcuck bitch and cancel your vacation
>be a chad and send him a dick pic with the beach/mountains/city in the background

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Sounds like a shit job, go on vacation anyways.

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If you don't go on the vacation you might as well walk back into work with your pants down and anus visible because you're his faggot now

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Search for another job, go on your holiday, come back and quit like a chad

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Remind him you gave notice and that you expect a corner office upon your return.

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tell him to fuck off

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Tell him what you told us and go anyway. Fuck him. Never let a boss fuck you over like that. And find a better job

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You gave notice which i assume was accepted. Go, they will get over it. If they really need you to work 4 days they are hardly going to fire you and have you work 0 days from now on. Management should get their shit together, staying home to work only discourages that

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he can't let you leave because he doesn't have anyone to pick up your
work load. so what are the odds he'll actually fire you and then have to replace you and train the new guy?

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Rape him.

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Apologize to your boss and suck it up. Don't listen to another anons here they're unemployed idiots. Your family might be sad at first but they'd be much happier with you being gainfully employed. Hell, acts like this can earn you a promotion a few years down the line. Keep your chin up

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Why? Is there something super critical happening at work right now where you need to be there?
If not, find new work ASAP, bosses like that don't lead great teams to victories.

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>vacation for four days
the state of wagecucks

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I would do it anyways. Americans being butthurt about vacation is a national past time.

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You know what you have to do OP

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this, fuck him. he can go find some nigger to do your job at 1/4th the capacity

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if you're from the UK, he can't fire you because you are taking time off you're legally obliged to take and that you were already authorized to take, you can take it to court if he does

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Unironically this. If you cancel, your boss literally now owns you and your soul. If you go, you will set boundaries and have them realize that they can't treat you like a subhuman. Go on your vacation, enjoy time with you family, relax, and take in the sights and sounds. It will all work itself out.

Also this >>22067345

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Your boss texts you at night?

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If there is a digital time system screenshot request and approval dates.

Other than that fuck it.

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Based and experience-pilled

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You better go on vacation or you're officially a punk ass bitch

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You should probably get another job.

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Will you even see your boss between now and when you go on holiday? Just say you never saw his text kek and avoid a conflict altogether

There is absolutely no way you should cuck to him in this situation though. If he makes a big thing about it then hand your notice in immediately. It's not worth having a job like that

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I just took Thurs, Fri and Mon off and my boss is pissed. He asked me to come in today but I didn't text back. I got it approved a month ago and Thursday was the first day off I've had in 9 months and they act like I'm fucking them. Fuck them all these employers think us employees should thank them daily and give them our all because they pay us to work. I just cashed out$7K of my crypto profits and I wish I didn't because I need to make $60K so I can become a day trader and tell work to fuck off. Take your days off if you're sure you can get another job but either you're in a lose lose position. Either your family gets mad at you or your employer who can make your life hell gets mad at you. If your with a big company talk to the big boss and ask them if they can handle a few days without you and if not explain your reasons and maybe take one less day or atleast tell him you'll try to come back early.

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this 100%

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If they fire you for taking leave they either hated you and wanted an excuse or are full of shit. Reminder it costs them money and lost productivity to replace you, if they do that willy nilly they are retarded and headed for the dumps anyway

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Don't underestimate ego from wage cucks.
OP is a wage cuck, but so is the manager most likely.

I'm so fucking glad I own my own business, fuck being somebody's work bitch.

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Seriously fuck waging, I have several stories like this and worse. One day I’ll be free.

Ps. Don’t cuck out like I did. Enjoy the time off.

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This is all well, but the court can't stop your boss from fucking your asshole until u either quit or retire.

Some of the posts on here clearly underestimate how little value wage cucks have.

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Unironically light his home on fire with his family inside. in minecraft

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thats what i was wondering
>b-but Boss, its only one Fri-Mon
>once in 5 YEARS..
tell that cockgoblin where to fucking go, then wipe the PCs and shit in his drawer before you leave. All the PCs, every drawer

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Which country and what type of work? McDonalds? Office admin? Some fancy white collar shit?

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fpbp and checked!
you know what to do OP

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I remember this thread.

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Can't ignore the trips OP, you know what to do...

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Digits confirm. RiP in piece boss guy

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based kek endorsement. kill all toxic males

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