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If BTC is about to go on a run like it's done after the halvening each time, it's going to suck the life out of alts for the next month or two, quite rapidly, before they shoot up. ETH will not do bad.

If you somehow think LINK will not get dragged in the mud starting today through all of september, possibly even october you are about to find out the consequences of there being a LINK/BTC pair in the short term. LINK $100 2021

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this is a solid realistic take for the medium term, in line with my own expectations as well. spergs on this board will not listen and will freak out as usual at every tiny price movement.

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Holding Link and BTC myself, but diversifying isn’t a bad idea.

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Maybe have some cash in hand to buy more LINK when it comes down on discount over the next month.

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whats the best way to convert erc-20 into BTC, without using a CEX?

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anyone know?

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While yield farming remains profitable, that's not going to happen

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So what you're saying is it'll be a great time to invest in alts when they fall in price before the big moon?

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>LINK $100 2021
oooooohhh nooooooooooo

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btc and alts have moved to the upside together before, there’s no reason why it can’t happen again. i would prepare for the opposite, though.

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we will find out very soon frens :)

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changenow.io, morphtoken, fixedfloat

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